Werk samen of sterf alleen in deze epische zoektocht om het tij te keren in the War of the Ring.
Grotendeels positief (192 recensies) - 77% van de 192 gebruikersrecensies in de laatste 30 dagen zijn positief.
Grotendeels positief (5,455 recensies) - 78% van de 5,455 gebruikersrecensies voor deze game is positief.
Releasedatum: 1 nov 2011

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Over dit spel

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is a co-op Action RPG that immerses you and your friends in a brutal new chapter in the War of the Ring. Snowblind Studios is in the unique position of drawing inspiration from both the literary and film rights to world of Middle-earth, allowing players to bloody their axes on a wide range of deadly enemies and traverse both established and never-before-seen locations. The result is a journey that is both epic and intimate, familiar yet unexpected.

Key Features:

  • Action Meets RPG - Intense, visceral, and satisfying combat. Rich, layered, and impactful character progression. In War in the North, you get both. Find and equip the best loot, upgrade your hero using a wide range of skills and items, and feel the intense satisfaction of rushing into real-time battles with friends by your side. Fight through the brutal realities of the war on all fronts that were brought to life in the lore. Immerse yourself and make your own mark on Middle-earth.
  • Co-op at its Core - Build your own fellowship of three heroes to confront the growing army in the North. The survival of your group and all of Middle-earth depends upon your uniquely skilled heroes working together. You must fight together or you will die alone, and these high stakes make the experience of playing together both socially engaging and incredibly satisfying. The first time you rescue a friend who has been grabbed by a troll and is desperately yelling for help, you will understand what we mean.
  • An Untold Story - While much attention and focus has been placed on the journey of the One Ring, the assault on Middle-earth hits all corners of the map. War in the North turns our attention towards an integral part of the storyline that is grounded in details within the books and various appendices. This is not someone else’s fight. This is your own effort to forage a way through the dark, dangerous, and unknown landscape, defending all that is yours. This is your war.


    • OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD 64 X2 4400
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:2006 or later GeForce 8600 or Radeon HD 2600
    • DirectX®:dx90
    • Hard Drive:10 GB HD space
    • Sound:100% DirectX 9 compatible Audio Device
    • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 3 GHz or AMD X2 5000 or AMD Phenom X4 9600
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 2xx Series or Radeon HD 6xxx series or greater
    • DirectX®:dx90
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Grotendeels positief (192 recensies)
Grotendeels positief (5,455 recensies)
Recentelijk geplaatst
1.2 hrs
Geplaatst: 17 juni
This is one heck of a game. It is an great game. Good gameplay, awsome action, grea looting mechanics. All and all, great
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
57.2 hrs
Geplaatst: 25 mei
this is one of my favorite games i ever bought :D
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
1.0 hrs
Geplaatst: 3 mei
Fun game but it crashes a lot on my PC, anyone know why?
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
0.7 hrs
Geplaatst: 31 januari
nice game ,
only a little bit to simple
you have to stab them 20x before they dies
also i have some fps lags in that game
but its lotr so i love it :)
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
16.6 hrs
Geplaatst: 25 december 2015
Great game!
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
0.2 hrs
Geplaatst: 19 december 2015
this dev is bad. they blamed me for having a AMD card. so why dont you optimize your game for this? dont buy. this is a laggy game.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
Ray Mundo
15.6 hrs
Geplaatst: 5 november 2015

Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
33.9 hrs
Geplaatst: 7 oktober 2015
The best Lord Of The Ring game played so far!

I enjoyed playing this fantastic game.

I recommand every fan of THE LORD OF THE RING to play this one.

8/10 overall


Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
15.2 hrs
Geplaatst: 30 september 2015
Het is een gave game, met mooie graphics! Ook het verhaal is spannend.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
25.7 hrs
Geplaatst: 25 september 2015
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
Meest behulpzame recensies  Totaal
4 van de 4 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
2.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 8 februari 2014
Leuk dat het een aparte verhaallijn is dan dat we al kennen.
Was deze recensie nuttig? Ja Nee Grappig
3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
16.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 7 december 2013
Good Co-op
Was deze recensie nuttig? Ja Nee Grappig
3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
11.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 21 december 2013
Geweldig spel, simpel maar leuk!
Was deze recensie nuttig? Ja Nee Grappig
2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
273.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 15 december 2013
nice game . I hope they wil make a game like this from the hobbit
Was deze recensie nuttig? Ja Nee Grappig
2 van de 4 mensen (50%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
1 persoon vond deze recensie grappig
1 van de 3 mensen (33%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
1 persoon vond deze recensie grappig
1 van de 8 mensen (13%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
1 persoon vond deze recensie grappig
Niet aanbevolen
0.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 10 december 2013
highly confusing and not that much fun. it was in a humble bundle and it said rpg... well, there are little rpg features in it so don't buy it for that.
controls are also a bit fiddly.
Was deze recensie nuttig? Ja Nee Grappig
15.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 5 januari 2015
Best game ever! Especially for someone who likes Lord of the Rings!
Was deze recensie nuttig? Ja Nee Grappig
26.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 25 september 2014
Great game !
Was deze recensie nuttig? Ja Nee Grappig
11.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 22 december 2014
I dont get why some gamers dont like thiss game, sure voices are not the real actors.
but who cares, its a decent rpg and the story follows the movie/book story, and adds more to it that we didnt know!
Co-op as more games should do it aswell!!
if i were to give a rating i would say 7.5/10 would play again in co-op
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