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L'équipe qui a recrée The Secret of Monkey Island® a créé Lucidity, une plateforme de puzzles dont on ne peut pas décrocher et qui nous entraîne dans les paysages de rêves enfantins surréalistes de la petite Sofi.
Date de parution: 7 oct 2009
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À propos du jeu

L'équipe qui a recrée The Secret of Monkey Island® a créé Lucidity, une plateforme de puzzles dont on ne peut pas décrocher et qui nous entraîne dans les paysages de rêves enfantins surréalistes de la petite Sofi. Sur cette plateforme de puzzles stimulante, c'est votre mission de protéger Sofi alors qu'elle dérive toujours plus loin dans le nouveau monde étrange de ses rêves. Doté d'effets visuels remarquables illustrés à la main, d'une bande originale envoûtante et d'une jouabilité de plateforme de puzzles unique, Lucidity défiera votre intelligence, testera vos réflexes et vous ensorcellera.

Partez en voyage dans les paysages de rêves enfantins et surréalistes de Sofi, une petite fille obstinée par son désir d'explorer de nouveaux mondes et de surmonter tous les obstacles placés sur son chemin. Testez vos compétences sur cette plateforme de puzzles dont on ne peut décrocher et où, par de rapides réactions et un placement de morceaux de puzzles uniques, vous créez un chemin pour aider la petite Sofi à traverser en toute sécurité les 27 paysages de rêves remarquables illustrés à la main.

  • Un Rêve Surréaliste Lancez-vous dans un voyage fantastique avec la petite Sofi, alors qu'elle dérive dans un monde de rêve frappant, où, attirée par les gentilles paroles de sa grand-mère, elle apprend à surmonter ses peurs.
  • Des Paysages de Rêve Fascinants - Comme un livre d'histoires d’enfant qui prend vie, perdez-vous dans les paysages de rêves fascinants dessinés à la main dans un style d'art contemporain.
  • Une Bande Originale Envoûtante - Doté d'une bande originale riche qui va vous attirer dans le monde des rêves de Sofi.
  • Une jouabilité de Plateforme de Puzzles dont on ne peut décrocher - Des morceaux de puzzles adroitement placés pour faire avancer la petite Sofi d'une plateforme suspendue à une autre, pour la faire passer sur ou sous des obstacles, dans un effort visant à la maintenir en mouvement permanent et la faire arriver saine et sauve.
  • Succès Déverrouillables - Collectionnez des lucioles au fil de vos aventures pour déverrouiller des niveaux de bonus supplémentaires et des succès pour parvenir en tête de liste.

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Windows XP Service Pack 3 ou Vista
    • Processeur : Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz ou AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    • Mémoire : 256 Mo RAM, 512 Mo pour Vista
    • Graphismes : 128 Mo avec capacité Shader Model 2.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (Mars 2009)
    • Disque dur : 520 Mo
    • Son : Carte compatible DirectX® 9.0c
    • Contrôleur : Contrôleur Xbox 360
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I wanted to like this game but it is terrible. A polished turd.

An otherwise solid game set back by a completely broken game mechanic. It's a nice idea but just doesn't work. This should have been canned when the first playable prototype was made. I can only imagine that the team didn't realise this until there was too much invested in it.
Posté le : 1 février 2014
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This game is so boring... Played for 10 minutes and I should've deserve a trophy for that.
Portuguese: Esse jogo é um saco. Joguei por 10 minutos e merecia um troféu por isso.
Posté le : 18 mars 2014
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Lucidity would simply be about grief and loss if it were a book or a movie. The protagonist, Sofi, is a young girl who loses her grandmother and then determinedly journeys to find her while struggeling to come to terms with her death. Lucidity is a not passive linear media, however, but instead is a game, and its specific gameplay is very much about quick thinking and adaptation, as the player is asked to help Sofi navigate constantly changing environments using a continually randomized set of tools.

These themes from story and gameplay seem to be oddly paired, especially at first. As the game begins, and Sofi starts marching forward on her own, the player is taught how to use certain tools to keep her safe until she reaches the end of the environment. Sofi is not entirely helpless (she’ll climb up small rises with ease), and the game might look much like it belongs in the platformer genre when viewed from a distance, albeit one that plays itself. If left alone, however, Sofi will die, and on later levels, die often, falling victim to giant enemies and treacherous falls. It will be up to you to keep her away from those living dust bunnies and spiky pits by placing things like staircases, fans and slingshots in her path, enabling her to jump and climb past danger.

Lucasarts described Lucidity as a “challenging puzzler,” and, well, I agree. The puzzle to be solved is fairly straightforward: get Sofi to the end of the level safely, navigating through a sometimes dangerous environment and around always dangerous creatures. I think it is important to point out that this particular puzzler does not derive its challenge from obscure solutions or mind-twisting scenarios; indeed, the game thrives on offering the player a multitude of solutions at any given moment. If the ground is covered in deadly plants, you might slingshot Sofi past them, build stairs to let her climb over them, place a jump pad to let her climb to a higher level of platforms, or bomb the plants out of existence. All of these actions would probably work with some degree of success. The challenge lies in choosing the best solution with the current tools available, and then in implementing the solution before Sofi runs into danger. The time pressure makes the relatively straightforward problem solving thrilling.

Lucidity deals with is treatment of grief by cleverly separating the bereaved character from the player, casting the player as the one helping the main character through her pain. The player must continually adapt while the playing field and pieces change, as Sofi must learn to adapt to the concept of death. The symbolic journey does falter a bit toward the end as the narrative pulls apart from the gameplay, unfortunately.

There are a few technical quirks that impact the experience enough that they bear mentioning. Because gameplay essentially involves placing level pieces on a grid, a gamepad offers a smoother experience here compared to a mouse (having a mouse cursor constantly snapping to a grid is an alien and unnerving sensation).
Posté le : 3 décembre 2013
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Don't bother. I liked the concept, but controls are frustrating. I don't mind failing at puzzle games when I am to blame, but when I constantly feel like I fail because of problems in the programming, then I'm done playing.
Posté le : 8 décembre 2011
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Lucidity is a short game in which you fate of Sofi; a little girl who is searching for her grandma. Although the game may look like a platformer, it is actually more of a puzzle game as you do not actually control Sofi but place objects in her path which cause her to change her behaviour. This is a very short game - you can easily complete it within a couple of hours - but to get the most out of this game, it is worthwhile 100%ing it by collecting all the fireflies you can. It will only take a few more hours to do so, but the challenge is worth it.
Posté le : 5 février 2011
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