As a survivor of the mutant virus, make your way through the city and wipe out the hordes of flesh eating mutants. Teamwork is the key to survive the DEAD HORDE...
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發售日: 2011 年 07 月 27 日


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As a survivor of the mutant virus together with a comrade or alone, you must make your way
through the city levels, every new area uncovering new challenges to overcome and mutants to
destroy. With a large variety of weapons at your disposal, together you must wipe out the hordes
of flesh eating mutants. Teamwork is the key to survive the DEAD HORDE...

Key features:

  • Dead Horde is an action packed, co-op top down, survival-horror shooter
  • Play the campaign in single-player, local co-op or online co-op with a friend
  • Make your way through the levels with a huge variety of weapons. Use assault rifles, shotguns, grenades, mini-guns and a lot more to unlock during the game
  • Fast paced action with seemingly never ending hordes of mutants.
  • Mutants evolve and become bigger, faster and stronger throughout the game.
  • Use vehicles solo or with a teammate to fight the mutants
  • Earn money by killing mutants and buy and upgrade weapons


    • OS: Windows XP Sp3, Windows Vista Sp2, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 duo 2.4Ghz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader 3.0 or better, NVIDIA 8800 GT 512MB RAM or better, ATI 3850HD 512Mb RAM or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB Space Free
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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張貼於:07 月 1 日
As a zombie fan craving for zombie games I would say Dead Horde is a huge disappointment. Not quite the Dead Nation that I was expecting! Maybe I was expecting too much... maybe not since Dead Nation is also an indie game...

Aside from the poor graphics and art style, my main concern with the game is the gameplay itself. The shooting kinda feels tedious as the weapons sound bland and have a low rate of fire. Also, killing bullet sponge zombies is just unsatisfying even when the weapons are upgraded to their fullest.

The most satisfying parts of the game are when you get the opportunity to drive armored vehicule as they allow you to take down hordes of zombies with a mounted machinegun. Unfortunately, the horde setup feels terribly uninspired as pack of zombies always appear after picking up ammo, money and health boxes laying on the ground.

Overall, Dead Horde offers no sense of danger and terror that would come with a zombie outbreak setup. The lack of work on the environment makes every level generic at best. Not to mention the poor storyline which give no sense of progression.

If you want to play this game because you can't play Dead Nation on PS3 then restrain yourself and do everything you can to get a hold on Dead Nation. I'm dead serious.

Rating :
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張貼於:06 月 13 日
Well I thought its cool retro zombie game, but this is hmmm I dont have word how bad it is. If u have too much money and u want to laugh with your friend how bad is this game then I recommend to buy it :)
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張貼於:08 月 30 日
This game would be ok for the 10 year old me.
I used to love flash games, and simple games were enough.

But I've played many zombie games so far and this one is really bad.

You don't have an invetory, it's not necessary once you have only 2 itens, gun and grenade.
Almost no ammo management once your first weapon has infinity ammo.
No scavenging, no itens to pick on the floor or to find in the map.
You can upgrade your weapons in the shop, more damage and realod speed, but the zombies will get upgraded too, so it's useless.
You can't enter any building.

I gave up after 20 minutes, I think I saw everything the game has to offer...
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張貼於:09 月 8 日
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18.4 記錄時數
張貼於:11 月 18 日
Just a game for kill the time (with or without other player)
Horrible graphics, sound and gameplay
Buy it ONLY when is cheap!!!!!!!! (Also, if you want to make all the achievements)
OOOOOR, live some funny moments with your friends (yeah, the game is for laugh xD)

score 4/10
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