As a survivor of the mutant virus, make your way through the city and wipe out the hordes of flesh eating mutants. Teamwork is the key to survive the DEAD HORDE...
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リリース日: 2011年7月27日


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As a survivor of the mutant virus together with a comrade or alone, you must make your way
through the city levels, every new area uncovering new challenges to overcome and mutants to
destroy. With a large variety of weapons at your disposal, together you must wipe out the hordes
of flesh eating mutants. Teamwork is the key to survive the DEAD HORDE...

Key features:

  • Dead Horde is an action packed, co-op top down, survival-horror shooter
  • Play the campaign in single-player, local co-op or online co-op with a friend
  • Make your way through the levels with a huge variety of weapons. Use assault rifles, shotguns, grenades, mini-guns and a lot more to unlock during the game
  • Fast paced action with seemingly never ending hordes of mutants.
  • Mutants evolve and become bigger, faster and stronger throughout the game.
  • Use vehicles solo or with a teammate to fight the mutants
  • Earn money by killing mutants and buy and upgrade weapons


      • OS: Windows XP Sp3, Windows Vista Sp2, Windows 7
      • Processor: Intel Core 2 duo 2.4Ghz or higher
      • Memory: 2 GB RAM
      • Graphics: Shader 3.0 or better, NVIDIA 8800 GT 512MB RAM or better, ATI 3850HD 512Mb RAM or better
      • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
      • Hard Drive: 1 GB Space Free
      • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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    ほぼ不評 (550 件のレビュー)
    ( 記録時間: 0.5 時間 )
    投稿日: 6月22日
    You can download Unity, grab some free asset packs and copy some basic code and create this game on your own in a weekend. Its boring, you just run down a specific path and point and shoot. The shooting does not feel right, the sounds are generic and there is nothing different to see other than things on the side of the road. After the first 3 minutes of play, you have seen everything this game has to offer. When 66% of the reviews are negative, it is for a reason. I got this game on sale for $2.50 and still feel like I got ripped off
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    投稿日: 4月1日
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    ( 記録時間: 10.3 時間 )
    投稿日: 3月30日
    When I first reviewed this game a year ago with a negative rating, I had not beaten it. Now that I have beaten it, I would like to still give it a negative rating but thoroughly explain why.

    First off, the price tag is wrong. This game should be in the $5 bin. I don't say that because the lack of story (you don't play a game like this for story), or for the graphics (I don't mind the old look, I rather like it.). This game is literally a one trick pony. In each level you fight zombie runners. Lots of them. Mobs. Oh, and they are just as fast as you. A zombie is as fast as a living trained soldier. Yeah, makes no sense, but it sure makes the game unforgiving and just plain stressful to play.

    The look of the game is rather dark. The levels are huge, and within each level you work your way from checkpoint to checkpoint, clearing zombies until you reach the end of the level. One of the major issues is that the levels are fairly long, and there is no save option. Even though the game saves the checkpoint, it only saves it while you are in game. If you leave the game, you will have to restart the whole level over again.

    The controls are very simple and I had no trouble playing the game. The dodge button is your friend, since you cannot outrrun the zombies. The sound effects and soundtrack left something to be desired, since only one song plays briefly when a horde rushes you. I really wish they could have come up with a few more tracks to change it up, but oh well.

    Now to fight zombies you need good guns. You start off with an Assault Rifle with unlimited ammo. This serves to be your primary gun. There are stores scattered amongst the levels so you can buy upgrades for your gun and buy new guns, such as a Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, a Lightning Gun, and a Minigun. There are also different kinds of grenades to purchase. The major damage weapons don't appear until near the end of the game. This game is so difficult that honestly the upgrades are not too noticeable.

    The "mutants" of this game are identical to the ones from Left 4 Dead, with the exception that there are no witches. So imagine the runners of Left 4 Dead with the mutants and thats who you fight, with little to no variance. Just zombie mobs. For every walker, there are at least 100 runners coming at you. I'm honestly scared to see how this plays on Normal difficulty. As you kill zombies, you earn money and sometimes health packs are dropped if you need healing.

    Honestly, the whole time I was playing this game, I kept thinking about how great the games Zombie Shooter and Zombie Shooter 2 are. They are basic zombie shooters (soldier trying to stop a zombie virus), but it has RPG elements, like choosing stats for your hero (male of female). Not only that but you can pick fun perks that enhance your character. You get to buy guns and equipment to help in your missions. The soundtrack is great, a pumping techno/rock mix that is just great for killing zombies. The games definitely have more of an arcade look to them, but the level design is a lot more interesting then Dead Horde. Plus, you can get Zombie Shooter 1 and 2 for the price of Dead Horde (if you buy the two pack). Seriously, check those game out instead. There are even free demos so check it out. I wish Dead Horde would have had a demo, because that would have saved a lot of people's money.
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    投稿日: 3月29日
    Played 45 minutes through various checkpoints came back next time to resume game... Start from beginning again... Uninstalled.
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    ( 記録時間: 1.4 時間 )
    投稿日: 3月23日
    bad optimize
    got low framerate even set everything to low.
    seem lags every movement

    10/10 'cause i didn't bought myself \o/
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    ( 記録時間: 0.8 時間 )
    投稿日: 3月22日
    Well, after playing it with friend for a few mins we both agreed, that this is another pointless shooting game where you just need to hold your LMB while trying to run away from zombies that are constanly running directly towards you. I don't know if you have to play more of this game to unlock more features, but it was very bad expirience. At least I'm happy that I paid only 1€ because paying full price of 10€ for this is ridiculous.
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    HeadCrab Burger
    ( 記録時間: 0.6 時間 )
    投稿日: 2月22日
    Worste game ive ever played in my life
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    ( 記録時間: 11.4 時間 )
    投稿日: 2月9日
    This game is a buggy mess, its horrible and i can cheat engine the hell out of it along with making the cars go through walls and squeezing them in doors like in my halo days. Its so horribley bad.. and thats why i love it, its so bad and buggy that i just love cheating it and playing with my friends. its so bad. so bad.
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    ( 記録時間: 10.2 時間 )
    投稿日: 2月9日
    10/10 great game to use Cheat Engine on and dingaling around with a mate for a few hours.

    Without cheats? Ew, no, what are you doing.
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    投稿日: 2011年8月15日
    ossan A「最近見下ろし型の3Dゲームが流行っとるらしいなあ。オレらも作ろか!」ossan B「おお、ええやんか。どんなんがええんや?」A「やっぱゾンビやろ。こっちむかって、ぎょうさん襲ってくんねん。で、ゾンビ多かったらBGMなるようにすんねや。Rockなもん流したったら、いやでも盛り上がるで。」B「武器は買うて強うなるようにするわ。でもこれ重ないか?」A「かまへんかまへん!2011年に出たヤツやからゆうとけばええねん。」B「ええやんか!お前頭ええなあ!」
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    投稿日: 2014年11月1日
    Time is Money…
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    投稿日: 2011年8月22日
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    投稿日: 2011年8月14日
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    投稿日: 2014年6月20日
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    記録時間: 18.3 時間
    投稿日: 2013年11月29日

    I'm going to be honest with you. I sat down to write this review for Dead Horde the top down, run and gun shooter from DNS development, but I had a tough timeplaying this game for the 18 hours I put in to get 100% completion. Iit's not that the game has complex themes of survival that are hard to sum up or anything like that, it's just that it's such a boring paint by the numbers experience that I often had trouble remembering just what happened during my time with the game.

    From blockbusters like Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead to indie darlings like I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!!, there are a lot of zombie games on the market, and you're going to have a hard time finding one as bad as Dead Horde. It's predictable, has no personality and does nothing that the...excuse the term...hordes of zombie games has done before it.

    Dead Horde places you as one of the lone survivors of a zombie apocalypse and your job; your only job is to shoot and blow up as many zombies as you can to survive. Sound familiar? Dead Horde employs a top down view that finds you holding down one button to shoot and another to move forward and that's it. Sound familiar? It should. It's all been done before in games like Zombie Apocalypse and I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!!, but the key is that those games did something to inject the formula with a novel feeling. Zombie Apocalypse for example featured four player co-op (as opposed to 2 player here) and I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!! was just plain silly, here we get none of that.

    And there we have the key problem with Dead Horde. It's obvious that the developers have played the key zombie shooters of this generation and have lumped all of their key features into their game. For instance there's an almost carbon copy of Left 4 Dead's Boomer in the game. It's a pretty widely accepted fact in the gaming industry that the zombie shooter is a dated and stale genre and it's titles like these that offer absolutely no new ideas that are the perfect example of that.

    Throughout Dead Horde you'll gain the option to upgrade weapons at certain points and while it's a cool addition, in reality it does nothing for the gameplay. All of the weapons feel the same and lead to the feeling of merely grinding through each section from beginning to end. There's no real reason to explore, and you'll find yourself holding down two buttons and moving in one straightforward direction (well, except when you'll have to back pedal from enemies). You know, it's funny - I never thought that the zombie apocalypse would be this boring.

    If Dead Horde had a saving factor it would be the vehicle sections which do tend to offer a break from the monotony of the game. It's quite fun to mow down the undead in a jeep or utility truck - the first few times, but when it happens again and again, it loses its appeal quickly. It's also important to note that the vehicle controls never really feel as tight as they should, and they often feel like you can't get control no matter what you do.

    You've already played Dead Horde, even if you've never touched the game - it's all of your favorite parts from all of your favorite zombie games, only here they aren't done as well and have no personality. Dead Horde is an obvious attempt to grab a piece of a large yet dwindling audience. There are a ton of great zombie shooters on the market; hell there are a lot of competent zombie shooters on the market, why choose this one?
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