Als Überlebender eines mutierten Virus' müssen Sie sich einen Weg durch diese Stadt bahnen und dabei Horden fleischfressender Mutanten beseitigen. Teamwork ist der Schlüssel zum Überleben in DEAD HORDE...
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Veröffentlichung: 27. Juli 2011

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Über dieses Spiel

Als ein Überlebender des Mutanten-Virus, müssen Sie sich alleine oder gemeinsam mit einem Kameraden einen Weg durch die Stadt-Levels bahnen, in denen jedes neu entdeckte Gebiet neue Herausforderungen zum Bewältigen und Mutanten zum Vernichten enthüllt. Mit einer großen Auswahl an Waffen die Ihnen zur Verfügung stehen, müssen Sie gemeinsam die Horden von fleischfressenden Mutanten auslöschen. Teamwork ist der Schlüssel zum Überleben der DEAD HORDE...


  • Dead Horde ist ein actiongeladener, Co-op Topdown, Survival Horror Shooter
  • Spielen Sie die Kampagne im Einzelspieler, lokalem Co-op oder im Online Co-op mit einem Freund
  • Bahnen Sie sich Ihren Weg durch die Level mit einer riesigen Vielfalt an Waffen. Benutzen Sie Sturmgewehre, Schrotflinten, Granaten, Miniguns und viele mehr zum Freischalten im Spielverlauf
  • Schnelle Action mit scheinbar niemals endenden Horden von Mutanten.
  • Mutanten entwickeln sich und werden größer, schneller und stärker im Spielverlauf.
  • Benutzen Sie Fahrzeuge, ob alleine oder mit einem Kameraden, zum Bekämpfen der Mutanten
  • Verdienen Sie Geld durch Töten von Mutanten und kaufen oder verbessern Sie Waffen


      • Betriebssystem: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7
      • Prozessor: Intel Core 2 duo 2.4 GHz oder höher
      • Speicher: 2 GB RAM
      • Grafik: Shader 3.0 oder besser, NVIDIA 8800 GT 512 MB RAM oder besser, ATI 3850HD 512Mb RAM oder besser
      • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
      • Festplatte: 1 GB frei
      • Sound: DirectX 9.0c kompatible Soundkarte
    Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
    15 von 20 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
    0.3 Std. insgesamt
    Verfasst: 30. August 2015
    This game would be ok for the 10 year old me.
    I used to love flash games, and simple games were enough.

    But I've played many zombie games so far and this one is really bad.

    You don't have an invetory, it's not necessary once you have only 2 itens, gun and grenade.
    Almost no ammo management once your first weapon has infinity ammo.
    No scavenging, no itens to pick on the floor or to find in the map.
    You can upgrade your weapons in the shop, more damage and realod speed, but the zombies will get upgraded too, so it's useless.
    You can't enter any building.

    I gave up after 20 minutes, I think I saw everything the game has to offer...
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    5 von 7 Personen (71%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
    30.6 Std. insgesamt
    Verfasst: 4. Dezember 2015
    VERDICT: Dead Horde is a barely average apocalypse themed twin-stick shooter with limited gameplay and dated graphics. Most gamers will find gameplay too repetitve and frustrating. Graphics are dull and the sounds basic. It is remaniscent of 80s style video games.

    The game relies on fast moving zombies/ mutants, ambushes and a sprinkling of bosses with unique abilities to create the overall challenge. Bad pathing & line-of-sight, slight stuttering animations and slow controls can cause frustration. Leading to frequent mistake-induced insta-death. That is until you get used to the mechanics.

    However its not all doom and gloom. It has a nice amount of weapons and upgrades. I had fun playing through it but only when I worked out the game machanics. It definitely has its moments but ultimately there are better games of its type out there.

    If you can overlook the gloomy graphics and the lack of manual save, and if you are a hardcore twin-stick shooter enthusiast you may find the difficulty that much more satisfying to overcome. Otherwise I would recommended only if old-skool games appeal to you. If you arent convinced then definitely look elsewhere for a better or modern variant.

    ... More info below ...

    01. GENRE: Old/skool, budget, linear, 2.5D twin-stick shooter

    02. SETTING: Military themed mutant/zombie apocalypse

    03. STORY/BACKGROUND: Weve seen it before: You are a soldier whose team was sent to investigate and stop a mutant infestation from taking hold in your area. Seperated from your squad you must now single-handedly (or with teammate) make your way through each area crawling with fast-moving enemies, while avoiding ambushes in order to rejoin your comrades and continue the mission. Along the way you earn cash to purchase weapons from a decent-sized arsenal and collect pick-ups to boost your ammo, cash and health.

    04. GAME MODES: One nine level campaign designed to be replayed four times with ramped up difficulty from easy to insane. It has coop or single-player modes. Had difficulty in finding a partner though.

    05. GAME/LEVEL DESIGN: Levels switch between linear corridored maps where you must get from A to B, to arena type zones where you must kill waves of progressively harder enemies. Some levels are a combination of both. There are a few sections where you can drive a vehicle, where you can slay mutants at will. These were fun. If only there were more of these sections!

    Range of design is limited if mixed up fairly well to compensate. There is no manual save so once started a level must be completed. Check-points allow you to restart if you die. But if you quit the game this progress is lost. Aggravating if you have had enough of dying and need a break!

    06. GAMEPLAY/MECHANICS: The basic dynamic is to move forward slowly. Group of mutants are alerted by your presence. It pays to be cautious as weapons only kill a few at a time. Every so often ambushes are triggered by location. Backpedal while shooting, move faster when running away or eventually get caught. Roll-away periodically handy for getting out of trouble fast. Trust me... you will be running back the way you came alot, alternating between backpedalling, running and rolling away. Watch out for zombies that avoid your line-of-sight by running behind objects so they cant be seen until too late.

    In terms of equipment you can buy ammo, weapons, grenades and upgrades periodically when you encounter a supply kiosk. Weapons include: assault rifle, shotgun, frag nades, mines, buzzsaw, rocket launcher, minigun, lightning cannon and kids toy for distraction. Each of these has a range of upgrades including: damage, clipsize, total ammo, and range. These cost cash to buy. Cash is earned through killing enemies. Moreso with limited pick-ups scattered around each level. Pickups also include: health boosts and ammo recharge for all but your assault rifle which has unlimited ammo.

    You die. Die and die. Its one of those games where you need to learn and use the glitches to kill the bosses. However if you perservere there is some decent gameplay to be found, even if after the second playthough it becomes repetitve.

    07. ENEMIES: There are only a few variations in the enemies faced. They are all zombies or mutations thereof. Each has their own strength of threat; the zombies tend to hunt in packs, some are faster than others and should be prioritized, The large bloats need a few clips emptied into them to avoid the green goo they vomit on the player. Dont let the slashers get to close as they damage fast and hard. While the leapers can jump from far and send waves of concussion towards the player if they get to close.

    08. A.I: The A.I. is super-heightened relying on the players proximity to zombies for them to activate and chase the For the most part the A.I. is simple yet effective.

    09. CONTROLS: Probably the worst part of the game (along with some of the animations). They can be sluggish and annoying. Frustratingly as so if and when you mess up you will get punished... badly on higher difficulties.

    10. GRAPHICS: Dated but well-drawn back in the day. The range of environments, furniture and models is frankly better than alot of modern games. Really keeps visuals interesting especially across levels. Definitely a plus overal. Resolution is limited to 1366x768.

    11. SOUNDTRACK & AUDIO: Minimal. A nice use of music when ambushes occur. However sometimes these cut out and are truly ♥♥♥-♥♥♥♥ed by a group of mutants. Not good!

    12. VOICE ACTING: There is none. Likely due to its low-ish budget. Frankly you wont miss it. The story [what there is of it] is so short that you can glaze over the text in a few seconds between levels.

    13. CHALLENGE/DIFFICULTY: Borders from easy to very difficult. Mostly due to the issues with controls and lack of smoothness in the animations. Game relies on zombie speed being faster and able to outrun players for the most part. Learning curve is okay but hard until mechanics are understood. Had the hardest time on Normal learning how to and when to; move and dodge, and learning glitches to take down each type of zed in every situation. Once you've got this nailed its just a question of applying them to encounters with more enemies.

    14. PROBLEMS: It plays well and is stable on my not so modern Core i3 PC.

    15. ACHIEVEMENTS: Most of the achievements you will get on your first playthrough. 100% completion will take some effort. Campaign must be completed on each difficulty level: easy, normal, hard and insane. Afterall four you will still need to farm another 2000 or so kills for the hardest achievement.

    16. DLC: None. If you want more there is a sequel of sorts called: Primal Fear.

    17. ONLINE PLAY/COMMUNITY: There is coop but after posting for some coop help I got no reply in over a week so you may be forced to play this singleplayer Im afraid. Thats a shame because some of the youtube videos of coop play take the game to a different enjoyment level.

    18. ENJOYMENT/APPEAL: Will mostly appeal to hardcore twin-stick shooter lovers and/or fans of old-skool games. Just dont expect much and you wont be disappointed.

    19. PLAYTIME/LONGEVITY/REPLAYABILITY: It maybe short and you can complete the campaign in a few hours but the game is designed for at least four complete play-throughs and with a Coop partner Id imagine its a lot more fun. If you are a casual gamer or not a big fan of twin-shooters you may be satisfied with only one or two tries. Otherwise the challenge with each difficulty is there for hardened veterans of such games.

    20. VALUE FOR MONEY: I would suggest getting this in a sale. Though its not far off being a good price for the content there is.
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    2 von 2 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
    4.3 Std. insgesamt
    Verfasst: 17. August 2015
    good game for the right price.

    * fun to kill zombies always.
    *These zombies were once rich people.

    * No atmospheric music, only a damn track that play when things are to get dificult and main menu music.
    * Upgrading weapons is really expensive.
    * Enemies can take a lot of bulltes to kill (but quite easier to kill enemies compared to Primal Fear).
    * Enemies are faster than the playable character.
    * Quiting a mission in the middles ends up in restarting the whole mission, check point only works while in the mission.
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    1 von 1 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
    11.4 Std. insgesamt
    Verfasst: 9. Februar
    This game is a buggy mess, its horrible and i can cheat engine the hell out of it along with making the cars go through walls and squeezing them in doors like in my halo days. Its so horribley bad.. and thats why i love it, its so bad and buggy that i just love cheating it and playing with my friends. its so bad. so bad.
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    1 von 1 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
    1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
    10.2 Std. insgesamt
    Verfasst: 9. Februar
    10/10 great game to use Cheat Engine on and dingaling around with a mate for a few hours.

    Without cheats? Ew, no, what are you doing.
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