As a survivor of the mutant virus, make your way through the city and wipe out the hordes of flesh eating mutants. Teamwork is the key to survive the DEAD HORDE...
Análises de usuários: Ligeiramente negativas (451 análises)
Data de lançamento: 27/jul/2011

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Sobre este jogo

Como um sobrevivente de um vírus mutante junto com seu parceiro ou sozinho, você precisa fazer seu caminho pelas fases da cidade, com cada nova área revelando novos desafios para superar e mutantes para destruir. Com uma imensa variedade de armas à sua disposição, juntos vocês precisam derrotar uma horda de mutantes sedentos por carne. Trabalho em equipe é a chave para a sobrevivência em DEAD HORDE...

Características do jogo:

  • Dead Horde é um jogo de tiro de horror e sobrevivência com visão do topo, cooperativo e cheio de ação
  • Jogue a campanha sozinho ou no modo cooperativo - local ou online - com um amigo
  • Faça seu caminho pelas fases com uma imensa variedade de armas. Use rifles de assalto, escopetas, granadas, metralhadores e muito mais armas para serem desbloqueadas durante o jogo
  • Ação rápida com hordas de mutantes que parecem nunca acabar.
  • Mutantes evoluem ficando, maiores, mais ágeis e fortes durante o jogo.
  • Use veículos sozinho ou com um parceiro para lutar contra os mutantes
  • Ganhe dinheiro matando os mutantes para comprar e melhorar armas

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP Sp3, Windows Vista Sp2, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 duo 2.4Ghz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader 3.0 or better, NVIDIA 8800 GT 512MB RAM or better, ATI 3850HD 512Mb RAM or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB Space Free
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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Publicada: 13 de fevereiro
Resumo:Jogadores ficam sozinhos em cidades e precisam sobreviver a hordas de mutantes

Jogavel:Tanto co-op como singleplayer

Controles:Rola andar wsad

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Publicada: 11 de novembro de 2014
pew, pew, pew, roll, pew, pew, roll.

That is all you do in this game, literally. On top of it being about as fun as masturbating with a cactus its also chock full of bugs, I found 4 in the short time i played it - one a was a game breaking bug. If you buy this game you have made a grave mistake and show very poor decision making, your life is probably a mess, if you get it in a bundle don’t bother installing it.

Anyways, in short, I didn't care much for this game.
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Publicada: 3 de novembro de 2014
This game is one of those rare instances where you can tell the developer didn't quite understand(or care) about the engine. You don't have to play for more than five minutes to see that the physics of this game were probably moddled from a racing game of some kind. All characters "drift" instead of making proper turns, enabling you to get some cheeky circle moves in, completely defeating the AI, which seems to be the "run diectly at the player" variety... which is fine for a zombie game.

The Good:
-This is a Zombie Shooter, and is fun in small bursts.
-Once you adapt, the controll is very good.
-It dosen't look that bad on lower settings, and runs fine on my toaster of a computer.
-Enviroments are very well crafted, and some simple but nice puzzles

The Bad:
-Seemingly little variety in enemies.
-Game flips back and forth from mind-nummingly linear to "where the heck do I go now".
-Small, repetitive selection of sound effects.
-Some sound effects are played in ambiance, and then used to trigger doors and such.
-Devoid of story,

I love zombie games, but I wouldn't recommend this one. For a quick multiplayer it seems good, but as a singleplayer experience it's not, and that's my drawing point. If you're looking for a story, pass this one by.
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Publicada: 4 de abril
I hate giving bad reviews, but this game is pretty bad. Repetitive, lackluster, and clunky.
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Publicada: 19 de abril
Why does this game have negative reviews?

This makes no sense to me. Sure, this type of game is so incredibly common and overdone that it gets boring. For some reason, this really hit on point with me. If I have a few minutes to kill, it's going to be great for that. In comparison to other games in this exact subgenre, it's great!


Don't know. I almost always mute the sounds on this type of game, because I know what it's going to be. Zombies groaning, guns shooting, maybe some heavy metal or spooky music. The end. I'm not going to use that as part of my judgment.


Fast paced and fun, you can upgrade your weapons in a number of ways, and you're not given a ridiculous onslaught with too many options. You're not presented with totally unrealistic weapon choices (at least not where I'm at in the game, at least.) It works!


I think it's worth it, and I know I had to get this on sale or in a bundle. For sure, in that context, it's great. I'm not looking at the full price, but I would say anything in the 10 dollar range is worthwhile.

7.0/10 - Pretty good.
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Publicada: 8 de fevereiro
I remember when this game first came out, it was buy two for 7.99. My husband and I were excited to play this. Our excitement quickly fizzled as we found out how thrown together this game was. You are chained to your partner and can't cover a great deal of territory, the zombies are as fast as you, and there are too many of them even with two people. There is no save option, so if you want to leave the game after doing half a map, prepare to do the whole map again when you come back to the game. The game doesn't look bad, but there needs to be a save option, and a better co-op experience. This game is not passable in the state that it's in, since there are other games better than this.
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Publicada: 21 de dezembro de 2014
This garbage wouldn't even make a good free flash game. Awful mechanics, the zombies are faster than you, you can't stray too far from your partner or neither of you will be able to move, zombies take too many bullets to kill. This seems like someone's poor attempt at their first try at making a game.
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Publicada: 16 de abril
Dead Nation is WAAAAAAY better. (At least for these kinds of games that I've played.)

After only being able to make it 3 levels in. Here is what this game is. It's a Zombie game... That pretty much sums it up.

Story is exactly like every other D-Movie zombie storyline. 100% you can skip. Nothing of interest to note.

I'm pretty sure the store screenshots of the Graphics are a LIE! I was not able to get those graphics no matter what I did. The graphics are so choppy and glitchy it isn't even funny. You will have things blocking your view so you can't see your character or zombies. The shadows tend to glitch and stretch randomly at times. Textures are more plain and dull than Slender Man's face.

The camera is jumpy and laggy. I don't suffer from motion sickness, but oh my god. Moving the camera too fast made the camera jerky and jumpy so bad, I felt like throwing up. Adding in the terriable graphics and glitchy shadows, taking a knife to my eye sockets would have felt better.

The sounds in this game sound like they were recorded with a potato. They just sound horiable. The world also has a lack of sounds 99% of the time. There is only 1 music track in the entire game, and that's only when a "Horde" of zombies randomly spawn to mob you. I ended up muting the game and just have my own music playing... Even with that, this game SOMEHOW managed to make Foobar2000 fk up and repeat songs or skip parts of songs.

There isn't really an options menu to speak of. I've even had my key rebinds change randomly on me.

There is a coop mode in this game, but I could not get another poor basterd to play with me. But from what I hear, it's a "Same Screen" coop mode. That sounds lame.

Yeah the achievements are easy as fk, but I do NOT want to play through this game 4 times! Difficulty achievements do not stack, and Hard and Insane are locked untill you beat Normal and Hard.

No Steam Cards, for those people that care.

I honestly don't remember where I bought this game or why. I would guess that I got it in a bundle of some kind, so I probably only spent <$1 on it. Either way, I do not recommend this game. Delete it like the rest.
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Publicada: 23 de novembro de 2014
You can't even full screen this game at full resolution properly. Not high enough and parts of the screen hides away.

I had played some arcade zombie game like this on PS3. It looked a lot prettier too, and it wasn't too recent.
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Publicada: 28 de fevereiro
M4a1 ? checked
Zombies? checked
Driving? checked
Decent no-brainer action isometric shooter? checked
Leaderboards and achievs.? checked
Cheap? checked
Better than COD? checked

I don't understand the bad reviews.
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Publicada: 5 de março de 2014
Achei o Jogo bem fraco. Não tem história, missões, upgrades.. Nada! Vc simplesmente sai andando e matando zumbis, e é só isso. Não cheguei a jogar online por que o jogo é tão popular que não tinha nenhum player online para jogar comigo. kkk
O meu conselho é que peguem o dinheiro que estão pensando em gastar com esse jogo e comprem tudo de balas e chicletes no bar da esquina. :/
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Publicada: 19 de dezembro de 2013
A mecânica deste jogo é bem simples, anda, atira, anda, compra arma, anda, atira.

O enredo não existe (não que seja requisito em jogo de zumbi). O que é meio estranho é você ter que comprar armas num trailer em mundo pós-apocalipse numa cidade que só tem zumbi. Com quem?

A jogabilidade é muito basica e facil. As hordas são até boas em quantidade, mas se torna muito facil quando você enfilera eles na sua linha de tiro, pois acerta todos ao mesmo tempo, ai é só ir andando pra traz e atirando, depois pra frente denovo, o que torna o jogo enjoativo.

O som é bom no geral e até impressiona a primeira vista principalmente nas telas de menu.

Os cenários são bem detalhados e a qualidade gráfica não é de toda ruim, mas não é algo que seja um diferencial. Talvez por isso o jogo seja bem leve.

O destaque é no multiplayer que até da pra perder umas horas, mas como no singleplayer, também enjoa em poucas partidas. Tem um sistema de ranking bem legal.

Eu recomendo esse jogo pra quem não tem uma maquina muito poderosa e tenha algum amigo para jogar junto, pois dificilmente vc vai jogar mais de 1 hora sozinho esse jogo. Se esse não for o caso tem muitos jogos de zumbi por ai na mesma faixa de preço e bem mais divertido.
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Publicada: 28 de outubro de 2014
Bird's-eye view, Survival Horror e zumbis.

Dead Horde veio pra contribuir na saturação de jogos com o tema "Zumbi". Jogo extremamente fácil e repetitivo com uma jogabilidade dura (melhor termo que encontrei). Existem muitos jogos melhores e F2P aqui pela steam, mas pra quem é fã incondicional de zumbis, há muitos deles nesse jogo.
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Publicada: 20 de julho de 2014
Este jogo é uma peca de dinheiro! :/
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Publicada: 29 de novembro de 2013

I'm going to be honest with you. I sat down to write this review for Dead Horde the top down, run and gun shooter from DNS development, but I had a tough timeplaying this game for the 18 hours I put in to get 100% completion. Iit's not that the game has complex themes of survival that are hard to sum up or anything like that, it's just that it's such a boring paint by the numbers experience that I often had trouble remembering just what happened during my time with the game.

From blockbusters like Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead to indie darlings like I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!!, there are a lot of zombie games on the market, and you're going to have a hard time finding one as bad as Dead Horde. It's predictable, has no personality and does nothing that the...excuse the term...hordes of zombie games has done before it.

Dead Horde places you as one of the lone survivors of a zombie apocalypse and your job; your only job is to shoot and blow up as many zombies as you can to survive. Sound familiar? Dead Horde employs a top down view that finds you holding down one button to shoot and another to move forward and that's it. Sound familiar? It should. It's all been done before in games like Zombie Apocalypse and I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!!, but the key is that those games did something to inject the formula with a novel feeling. Zombie Apocalypse for example featured four player co-op (as opposed to 2 player here) and I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!! was just plain silly, here we get none of that.

And there we have the key problem with Dead Horde. It's obvious that the developers have played the key zombie shooters of this generation and have lumped all of their key features into their game. For instance there's an almost carbon copy of Left 4 Dead's Boomer in the game. It's a pretty widely accepted fact in the gaming industry that the zombie shooter is a dated and stale genre and it's titles like these that offer absolutely no new ideas that are the perfect example of that.

Throughout Dead Horde you'll gain the option to upgrade weapons at certain points and while it's a cool addition, in reality it does nothing for the gameplay. All of the weapons feel the same and lead to the feeling of merely grinding through each section from beginning to end. There's no real reason to explore, and you'll find yourself holding down two buttons and moving in one straightforward direction (well, except when you'll have to back pedal from enemies). You know, it's funny - I never thought that the zombie apocalypse would be this boring.

If Dead Horde had a saving factor it would be the vehicle sections which do tend to offer a break from the monotony of the game. It's quite fun to mow down the undead in a jeep or utility truck - the first few times, but when it happens again and again, it loses its appeal quickly. It's also important to note that the vehicle controls never really feel as tight as they should, and they often feel like you can't get control no matter what you do.

You've already played Dead Horde, even if you've never touched the game - it's all of your favorite parts from all of your favorite zombie games, only here they aren't done as well and have no personality. Dead Horde is an obvious attempt to grab a piece of a large yet dwindling audience. There are a ton of great zombie shooters on the market; hell there are a lot of competent zombie shooters on the market, why choose this one?
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Publicada: 3 de abril de 2014
A most marvelous mixture of BLAND, TERRIBLE, and POOR CRAFTSMANSHIP.

The game is a sorry excuse for an isometric twin-stick shooter: the controls are sluggish, the guns offer no gratification, movement is awkward and it's SUPER EXCITING to trundle through levels such as TOWN, HARBOR, and FACTORY that are right out of a Blender tutorial.

The graphics are the absolute bare minimum: every single enemy is dark grey, the game takes place at night and there's barely any light. Also, trees cover about half of the screen whenever you run into one.

Among the sea of regular zombie gray, you'll occasionally run into big fast gray, barfing fat gray and leaping gray. That's it.

And it's so well optimized, you'll find yourself enjoying the 4-5 frame animations in glorious 10-30 frames-per-second.

tl;dr: You've been warned - this game is a heap of dried up dung.
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Publicada: 8 de junho de 2014
Análise de pré-lançamento
Do not waste ten bucks on this horrible game.
I think I have never seen a game performing this poorly before.

You might think: "Oh what´s going to be THAT bad about a Coop top-down zombie game?"
Do not underestimate the terrible development of this game.

Nearly nothing works as it should, in this game.
I don´t even understand how this game got into the Steam store. I guess they don´t check for quality.
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Publicada: 16 de julho de 2014
Right now. 5/10

Fun, cool, and has a challenge.

But some stuff makes no sense. All zombies go faster than your character and take tons of bullets to kill.

The fat zombies can some reason move 3x the speed of anything in the game and takes like a quarter of your health out if it touchs you.

Plus I noticed pushing dive or shoot, it takes some time to respond.
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Publicada: 26 de novembro de 2013
The game is OK but is repetitive. Go forward, if zombies appear keep shooting going backwards so they get in line and kill them all in the same spot, then continue move forward. You'll get bored quickly.
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Publicada: 28 de abril de 2014
Here it goes. I spent enough time in the game (Roughly 30 minutes) to make a decent review. The game is not that bad, but it's repetitive. There's a clear lack of content in the game which developpers could've worked on more, by that i mean there is only two type of ennemies for example (Regular mutants and Mutant Dogs) even though some could say some mutants get tougher with time. I managed to complete te first level on the normal and easy difficulty, there is indeed an easily perciptible difference between the two difficulties, i would never picture myself playing the game on the ''Insane'' diffuclty as i'm already haveing loads of difficulties on both normal and easy difficulty. Core gameplay is far from innovative, top-down repetitive shooting with questionnable gun animations. I must admit i enjoy shooting mutant hordes with my M16, it is really enjoyable, but you must do this ALL the time. There goes the levels: Kill, Kill, Kill a horde, Kill mutants in vehicule, press a switch and wait for horde, kill horde, finish level. Indeed there is vehicules but the poor controls makes them less enjoyable than you'd think and the game also suffers of a low variety of vehicules. I took a look at the achievements to realise there isn't that much levels, and some managed to easily finish the game under 50 minutes which is a really poor time for a 9.99$ game. In all honesty it is the kind of game i would enjoy buying at 1.99$ and playing on my tablet or my cellphone. Other than the joy of shooting hordes with your M16, the game is, let's be honest, bad. It could've been more developped content-wise but also gameplay-wise. I had luck to get a two pack for me and my friend at 2.24$ Please don't waste a precious 10$ on this game.
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