Life under the rule of the winged Skyborn race isn't so bad for Claret Spencer, the star mechanic of an independent repair shop. She can patch up just about anything...but when a certain cravat-wearing customer turns her life upside-down, she finds herself pulled into an epic, city-wide conflict that's going to take a lot more than elbow...
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Data lansării: 21 feb., 2014

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Life under the rule of the winged Skyborn race isn't so bad for Claret Spencer, the star mechanic of an independent repair shop. She can patch up just about anything...but when a certain cravat-wearing customer turns her life upside-down, she finds herself pulled into an epic, city-wide conflict that's going to take a lot more than elbow grease to fix! Join Claret on her journey through a tale of magic, metal and mystery as she unravels the secrets of the Skyborn!

This game features:
  • Lovable, addicting characters
  • Trendy and exciting Steampunk setting
  • Classic look, modern feel
  • Unique story-driven adventure
  • Multiple character classes
  • Breathtaking orchestral soundtrack

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Processor: PC with 800MHz Intel® Pentium® III equivalent or higher processor
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
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Postat: 23 august, 2014
Worth it, its an RPG maker VX game. Now although you may think thats pretty lame, it is. HOWEVER! the story is good, progression, characters, the sound choices are good, theres very few glitches, just generally its a solid game 8/10 and it took up a decent ammount of my time.

I have one complaint: The last boss is RNG defeatable, in other words, you can either be killed in one hit by its "Last Stand" move, or you spend an hour trying to kill it. I haven't killed it. Kind of makes me angry. This is really bad because the move can be used on any turn within that hour of fighting him, so the chances are extremely high that it will be activated. Now I know what you're thinking, maybe if you would just get more ready for the boss befor- NO. I have 4 level 50's and a level 58. I have maxed out gear, and I was doing 20k damage per round I attacked him. ♥♥♥♥ YOU.

So other than the last boss being unbeatable except by pure luck, this game is outstanding, I expected far less from an RPG maker game. It delivered, and it was worth it.

Story: 9/10
Gameplay: 7/10 (Basic Speed based turn fighting)
Presentation: 6/10 (Rpg maker is by no means perfect)
Soundtrack: 10/10 (Fitting, always played, variety, no complaints)
Replayability: 0/10 (I don't want to go through the same story again, let alone grind some more to kill the final boss)
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Postat: 28 septembrie, 2014
Don't let the RPGMaker tag fool you, this is actually a fantastic game, reminiscent of the best JRPGs of the classic 16- and 32-bit era. The ensemble cast is fun and memorable, with each party member complementing each others quite nicely with their unique abilities. Too often in such games you will find a slew of useless abilities, status effects and debuffs that don't work (or that are nowhere near as useful as just dealing damage, for instance), but in this game, you have to really utilize each party member wisely to win, at least if you play on Hard (highly recommended for the best experience, though you will need an optimized party for the last boss). To the dev's credits, I don't think I found a single ability that was useless, and that's pretty much unheard of in the genre. ^^

There are no random battles; enemies appear on the screen, and they do not respawn. This is a godsend, because if there's one thing I don't miss from old jRPGs it's random battles every two steps that constantly interrupt your exploration. Each battle is fairly meaningful (again, on Hard) with plenty of strategy. Dungeon design could have been a bit more imaginative, it's mostly just standard "flip this switch to open this path"; but at least there's rewarding exploration and that's good enough. I would suggest to the devs to add more meaningful puzzles (à la Golden Sun or Wild ARMs) in a future game, that'd turn your game from good to spectacular. ^^

The story is nothing too original but it's well-written and engaging, never once did I groan in dismay at silly plot twists or anything like that, which happens far too often in these types of games, so congrats on a job well done.

Oh and what are RPGs without good soundtracks and art direction? Skyborn's is excellent in both cases, so don't worry about that. I really loved the sprites and characters portraits, the artists are clearly very talented.

I do have some mild criticism, but it's nothing that detracted from my enjoyment: the dungeons could have been even better, as I mentioned before, and the crafting system is a bit tacked on, IMO, and not all that useful. And when shopping for equipment, there should be a better UI to compare with what you have equipped (and of course offer to auto-equip after buying). Luckily, the menus are quick and snappy so it's not much of an issue to navigate between menus, but that could certainly have been improved upon.

Some have complained that the game is too short, but I disagree. Doing all the optional content I could find and retrying the last boss a few times, I have about 19 hours; that's more than fair for a game without filler. Personally I prefer this over a 50 hour long game with tons of boring side-quests and meandering stories that drag on and on, so I have no problem with the game's length. YMMV. I suspect those who spent less than 10 hours probably played on Normal or Easy and breezed through without doing the side-stuff, which is weird to me.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by how good this game was. I hesitated a long time before buying it, expecting a decent but probably amateurish product, but it's actually very well made, very polished, and the combat is, without hyperbole, among the best I've seen in turn-based JRPGs.
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8.7 ore înregistrate
Postat: 31 octombrie, 2014
I loved this game.

I did not get through the additional content, I only played the story, but I can tell you that for it's short lived life, it was fun.

It's generally an RPG maker game, but done extremely well. I'm talking lots of custom art/graphics, and a strange weapon mod system.

I would love a sequel. I teared a wee bit at the end. ;)

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9 din 10 oameni (90%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Postat: 6 octombrie, 2014
I wasn't really sure about Skyborn at first. I got the game a while ago but I thought I'd never really play it. I downloaded it just cause it was really small in size. I decided to start it one day when my internet was out due to an outage. I started the game and began playing, next thing I know I've been playing Skyborn for 10 hours start to end, my internet was back but I was so into it I didn't even realize. I'm really glad I started this game that day, because I would've missed a great game otherwise.

I needed something with a new story, something interesting and fun to play and this game gave me everything I wanted. I only regret one thing about this game, and that is that it wasn't 10 times longer. Heck, I wish it was 1000 times longer.
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to play a good game. 11/10.

PS: Excuse my hours, apparently it doesn't count offline hours and updates when you come online.

PS :I'm a bit addicted now to games like these. Add me and tell me about amazing games like this so I don't miss anything amazing ever again.
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Postat: 8 noiembrie, 2014
I really, enjoyed this game alot. If you like 16bit JRPGs this game is for you. The battle system is very fun and the story is well told with likable characters. My own only gripe is this game seems short (I won it around 13 hours.) I was surprised when the game warned me that there was "no going back" and I was only level 30, I fought every creature and talked to everyone but I feel like I missed something. But that shows its a good game when you want more. Pick up this game if you like older SNES JRPGs you won't regret this purchase.
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14.7 ore înregistrate
Postat: 27 octombrie, 2014
14 Hours of playtime with as far as I know, pretty much everything explored/done.

Game isn't really open world at any point and is quite linear, the story is good though and if you take time to explore a bit, you gain enough xp to avoid any go-back and grind groutine. Not that it is really possible since there are no random fights or endless xp/money.

While price is maybe a bit high for RPGMaker games, besed on included lore, plot, story and art assets I would say it is worth it if turn based fight RPG games are your thing.
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Postat: 14 august, 2014
Games designed with RPG Maker often get a lot of hate, due to the overall simplicity of the (basic) engine and the rate of sheer garbage that gets pushed out by wannabe game developers who have absolutely no idea what they're doing. But not all RPG Maker games are bad - just look at Skyborn.

It's certainly not perfect. It's a little rough around the edges, there's a few minor mapping errors here and there, there's a couple glitches, and the game balancing isn't the best... but it's okay. The overall mapping is beautiful and well designed, as are the graphics themselves which are largely custom made, featuring only a few of the basic RTP assets that come with RPG Maker. The music is all custom as far as I know, and is actually rather good. My only complaint is that none of the music loops for some reason, it just fades out and starts over.

Gameplay-wise, it's pretty solid, if unbalanced. It uses a variant of the Charge Turn Battle System (the one from Final Fantasy X), which is in my opinion one of the best battle systems available for RPG Maker. All of your party members are decided by plot progression, and you have very little control over what skills and spells they learn (only decided by two class change events partway through the game, which change which skills you will learn), but you rarely feel like you're lacking in skill variety, and most of your skills are actually useful in one way or another. You've got an offensive fighter, a tank, a healer, an offensive debuffer and a sort of battle-mage, and each party member fills their purpose pretty well, except for maybe Sullivan, the tank, who does a great tanking job, but lacks any real offensive options at all.

The main twist of the battle system is the Threat system, which brings MMO-style aggro into a turn-based RPG, where your party member's actions will determine how likely they will be to be attacked. But other than that, it's a pretty standard system, with a very heavy focus on managing buffs, debuffs and threat.

Story-wise, it's a pretty standard rebels-against-the-empire story, with a few little twists and turns. If you like the Steampunk setting, you'll like Skyborn, since it's all about steam engines and airships and stuff like that.

All in all, I'd recommend Skyborn. It's a pretty good JRPG-styled game on a platform with very few good games of the genre. It took me about 12 hours to beat the game, and I did pretty much everything there was to do (to my knowledge), so it's not a huge time investment, but it's fun while it lasts.
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6 din 7 oameni (86%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
10.3 ore înregistrate
Postat: 7 ianuarie
★★☆☆☆ Graphics and Sound
Honestly, this game isn't that bad looking on the initially. Of course, this is completely thrown out the window the moment you enter combat. The enemies are almost entirely generic RPGmaker enemies. They do not match the theme of the game or the visuals. The attacks are unsatisfying visually, too. Then you find most of the puzzles in the dungeons involve pressing giant color coded buttons. Also, every enemy is represented by the same imp sprite. This game looks good but uses way too much stock assets and ends up looking kind of ugly.
Music is nothing to note. It's usually not annoying, but it can be at times. Nothing stands out about it.
The sounds are once again, extremely unsatisfying. Honestly I turned them off after a while.

★☆☆☆☆ Gameplay
This game throws an interesting concept at you, the Threat mechanic. The enemies will always attack the party member with the highest "threat level", which is generated by moves items and certain equipment. It's not chance based ether, they will always focus you. This turns certain party members into punching bags while the others are for aoe dps. It makes the game laughably easy because there no chances, it's abuseable to all hell.
Battle system aside, there are no random encounters, they're all scripted, meaning that EXP is fixed and there's no difficulty curve as long as you fight everything in order. Not that the enemies are ever particularly difficult, even on the highest setting, due to the threat mechanic.
Parties are not customizable in the slightest, you are given 5 party members that follow a role that will remain exactly the same regardless of how you decide to reclass them.
Stats are meaningless and easy to inflate due to a poorly designed "augmentation" system.
Simply put, it's lazy and didn't think mechanic with a lot of potential through very well.

★★★☆☆ Story
This is probably the game's greatest attribute. I'm being a little bit generous because the storytelling is rather forced upon you and rushed, but the theme and overall feeling has a good basis. The characters are likable from the start, but unfortunately do not really undergo any sense of development. It's a very short story and could probably benefit from slowing down a little bit.

★★☆☆☆ Overall
I don't recommend this game. It's short lived and a very forgettable experience. The entire time I found myself wanting to like this game, hoping it would get better, but it never does. Good concept, bad presentation, badly put together.
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5 din 6 oameni (83%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
2.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 27 octombrie, 2014
Awesome old school RPG ! Skyborn has huge amount of content in it , you cant discover everything. Battles are fun. Story and characters are also well developed. 9/10 definitely awesome !!!
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5 din 6 oameni (83%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Postat: 9 noiembrie, 2014
I can really recommend this game to any fans of classic RPGs, you won't be disappointed.

+Story and dialogue are well-written, visuals and effects are good for a game of this genre
+Combat system is well done, with a wide variety of skills to employ
+Characters are unique and fill different roles, class changes allow for some choices
+Exploration is rewarded
+Play using mouse, keyboard, or a combination

-No in game video/resolution options
-No clear explanation of key bindings in game, rebindings very limited (via F1)
-F12 returns the game to the title screen without warning, rather than taking a screenshot
-Most battles serve no challenge, overall difficulty is low
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5 din 6 oameni (83%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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4.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 13 octombrie, 2014
This is a very enjoyable rpg, I've just started and I can already feel myself getting addicted. It has a distinct old school feel with several mechanics that make it feel fresh and innovative. If you're a JRPG fan I reccomend you get this game on special (goes on special fairly recently) and give it a go.

- The battle system feels a lot like Dragon Quest, however there are new mechanics added in to make it fresh!

- Crafting!

- Character dialogue is very well written

- Non generic world, this isn't just your basic fantasy!
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Postat: 23 septembrie, 2014
At present time the game gives me no sound whatsoever. I haven't been able to work out a fix, or find one online.

Additionally, the developer seems to be ignoring the Steam discussion pages where folks are asking for help with black screen and game sound bugs.

I'd like to be able to play this rpg but, until I actually can, I give it a thumbs down.
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3 din 3 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
10.9 ore înregistrate
Postat: 10 octombrie, 2014
Just finished playing through this game. Logged 10 hours on it with searching most areas. It is very well created giving just enough control to the player to feel important, yet not giving options everywhere so you sit thinking over the best option for 5-10 minutes trying to get the best outcomes. The story is certainly a good one and I wish there was more to it. I'm a 90s kid so I enjoyed the game play which is much like an old gameboy game with a top down view of the map which is layered over a background image. There are only 5 characters for your party and the equipment in game is not much varied but really you basically get exactly what you need with only having to choose the fight style of each character.

Tip: When you get the apples, use them. They work for the whole party. I sat on my first one till I got the second one cause I thought it was only for one character.

A great game to pass the time. I already wanted more of the game, but perhaps it ended with just the right amount of playthrough so it didn't get old before the final boss.

P.S. Anyone figure out what beating Saerhel gets you? She is rediculously difficult...
Also, I want to know about the Cloaked Man in the end scene.
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4 din 5 oameni (80%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
5.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 5 octombrie, 2014
It is clearly a love story to the classic role-playing games of yore, yet unique with respect to its ideas and mechanics. Skyborn is far from a masterpiece, and its moments of ingenuity are peppered atop rookie mistakes, but I would be lying to you if I did not say that I enjoyed this much more than I expected to. 7.9/10.
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Postat: 17 noiembrie, 2014
Skyborn took me by surprise, not just because of the setting and the lush steampunk visuals, but the fun gameplay. The combat has a threat system that's not groundbreaking, but it adds a certain amount of strategy other than button mashing.

For reviewers who complained about Skyborn not being an open world, it is not that kind of a game. This is a narrative-driven title where the player takes on the role of a surprisingly endearing female main character. I say surprising because JRPG females usually bore me to tears. Here, Claret is spunky, smart and has dialogue that actually made me smile.

+The other party members are equally memorable, and their portraits really communicate their expressions well.
+The story is also decent, predictable yet enjoyable, with a twist I did not see coming!
+The game was short enough that it didn't outwear its welcome.
+Exploration and gather resources is fun, if not indepth
+I have to applaud the developers for NOT piling info dump on us, and letting the world and the dialogue describe the setting.

Not So Good is what feels like an unexciting crafting system, and the story's tendency to remind the player of Skyborn prejudices again and again.

Verdict: This is definitely a worthy buy! I actually found myself wishing I could explore the game more at the end. 8/10
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Postat: 4 august, 2014
After going through the game twice I decided I'd review it. Let's start with the good:

Probably the best overall of the RPG Maker games.
The protagonists are generally likeable and believable characters.
The antagonists do a good job of making you hate and want to beat them.
The game mechanics have a reasonable amount of depth and options that are introduced gradually throughout the course of the game which prevents information overload.
With one exception, the game plays fair and enemies generally have access to the same options and resources as the player.

Very short, especially for an RPG.
Very easy, even on Hard difficulty. Even the optional superboss.
The final boss has an unavoidable death combo and the fight lasts long enough he usually gets at least one chance to use it on you at which point everyone dies. He is otherwise entirely trivial.
Mostly linear. There aren't many side quests overall and most of them are along the lines of complete an additional objective in the area you were going anyways instead of directing you somewhere else. It's also rare there is more than one place you could go and get something done at any given time.
Once you get past the first few levels you no longer gain skills by leveling up, only by reaching certain points in the game.

What I'd like to have seen:

At least twice as long.
Buff the difficulty considerably (leave Easy easy for those not looking for a hard game).
Buff all the final boss' attacks except for the unavoidable death combo, then either make sure you always have time to react or make it not always kill everyone instantly. That way he provides a hard but legitimate challenge.
More side quests and side areas.
Instead of class changing instantly granting all the skills, make it give one now and the rest with level requirements.
Massively buff the super boss. She's honestly a joke, her best attack does 2k or 3k on all at full power. Anyone complaining she's hard didn't go in prepared at all and is taking much more damage than that.
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Postat: 1 noiembrie, 2014
I was pretty unsure about this one. "Hm, another rpg maker game, probably with another cheesy cliche storyline", I thougth. Guess I was wrong. Now I'm just glad I bought it.
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Postat: 4 noiembrie, 2014
So I want to start by saying I have not finished this game, nor do I plan to. Overall, it's not a bad game, really. It has a few hiccups here than there you come to expect from indie games such as collision detection issues. For a game created in RPG maker, its really nice.
I also noticed when I was dual wielding pistols, and one was very weak the other very strong, but they both hit for the same damage. I don't know if they just calculate the formula then split it that way, or if its really only taking into account one; this was an annoyance when testing weapons.

The game itself was pretty fun, I enjoyed the crafting and augmenting system a good deal, the story was pretty nice, and the characters were all solid. It had one major factor that ruined it for me: the difficulty.

As i said I havent finished this game, so maybe it gets harder; but I am currently 2 hours into it, and have yet to have any party member die nor have I felt the need to use an item. After two hours I feel I should have something to think about, but instead I have a character with 3 AoEs that an pretty much wipe the map (and this is with pretty bad weapons) and a tank that can always hold aggro and never dies. The bosses are laughably easy, I dont think any of them have brought any of my characters below 80% health.

Aside from the mobs being horrendously easy, there is also never a point where you are in danger. All the mobs you can simply ignore and walk past, no line of sight or anything to really worry about, so anytime you are low on health you can just go to one of the various healing points (which are free) and heal up. Their is usually one somewhere in a dungeon, so if you wanted you could go in between every mob you fight. The mobs also don't respawn (not a big deal, since you will never find yourself needing to grind) which is just a personal annoyance of mine.

I even gimped myself a bit, i began to not augment things and not really buy any upgrades; hell, two of my characters didn't even use all their gear slots, and I still had no worry at all.

If you want a casual game to walk through with a decent story, by all means pick up this game. Just expect to kill all the mobs using the same tactic and never having a real challenge out of it.
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7.7 ore înregistrate
Postat: 10 august, 2014
Really good game. Closest resembling games brought to mind are Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.
While not the longest game around, it is a definite recommendation.
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Postat: 25 august, 2014
Since this is a lesser known game I will give a slightly more indept review.

Story - Meh, it's interesting enough to keep you occupied but nothing particularly special.
Characters - Good, they all have their unique quirks and have interesting interactions with each other but this is hampered by the game's brevity.
Music - Meh. The battle music and the ambient music of most areas is somewhat memorable, the rest is forgettable.
Gameplay - Very Good. Considering it's an RPG Maker game, the battle mechanics are pretty interesting with the implementation of threat and each character is designed to have a specific role. However, it does get boring after a while since most dungeons are the same kind of deal.
Overall - Good but slightly meh. It's worth exactly one playthrough. Have fun!
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