From the creators of AI War: Fleet Command comes an all-new grand strategy title with turn-based tactical combat, set in a deep simulation of an entire solar system and its billions of inhabitants. You are the last of a murdered race, determined to unify or destroy the 8 others.
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Data wydania: 18 Kwi, 2014

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11 listopada, 2015

The Last Federation - The Lost Technologies & TLF Collection Out Now

The Arcen Games team is happy to announce the launch of The Last Federation's second expansion: The Lost Technologies!

The new release brings new features and mechanics to TLF -- such as the new Ring World planet type, Champion enemies, a ton of new additions and modifications to racial techs, and more.

Along with the expansion, today sees the release of The Last Federation 3.0, a free update to the base game that brings three new events and three new alliance types.

Finally, we're celebrating the occasion of both base game and expansion releases with the debut of The Last Federation Collection -- a package that combines the standard release with both Betrayed Hope and The Lost Technologies expansions.

The new Collection, expansion, and all other TLF products currently carry launch week-style discounts until November 18th. All hail Hydral!

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“For fans of space-faring simulation games, it's more or less a must.”
8/10 – Richard Nolan, Strategy Informer

“Arcen Games nailed it with this game.”
TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit

“A revolutionary twist on the 4X legends of yore.”
8/10 (Editor's Choice) – Jonathan Lester, Dealspwn

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From the creators of AI War: Fleet Command.

  • Turn-based tactical combat, with up to 5 factions competing at once.
  • Extremely deep simulation of an entire solar system and its billions of inhabitants. Even just watching everything unfold in Observer mode is entertaining, as nations rise and fall.
  • New-player-friendly ramp-up of complexity as you play, which you can disable if you're already a veteran.
  • Eight races each have very distinct personalities and attributes. Each one even has its own completely unique political system.
  • Difficulty levels split between the grand strategy and turn-based combat portions of the game, both ranging from quite casual to incredibly hardcore.
  • Save and reload your game with ease any time, or tough it out in ironman mode.
  • Composer Pablo Vega's best soundtrack to date, featuring 54 minutes of music and the vocal finale "Lay Down Your Arms."

    More Details

    Greetings, Hydral. I will be your computer for this "grand strategy campaign with turn-based tactical combat." I think that's code for "we're going to die."

    Our solar system is vast and complicated, and I sense you are a little dimwitted -- so I tell you what, let's start with the simple stuff. Like escaping with this flagship you just hijacked from a bunch of angry robots. That seems important.

    Please excuse my impertinence, but I believe you are the last of a murdered race, yes? My records note you Hydrals were the dictators of the solar system, so basically you had it coming. And by "it," I mean the moon that smacked into your homeworld. Hmm. So people really aren't going to like you until they get to know you. Well, only you can use the scattered remnants of advanced Hydral technology, so that's something.

    Look, I'm not going to tell you what to do. My understanding is that you're trying to form the solar system's first-and-last unified federation, and that's noble enough. But right now nobody wants that except you, and you've got 8 very diverse, very angry races to either unify or exterminate. So... good luck with that. I'll help how I can.

Wymagania systemowe

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • System operacyjny: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Procesor: 2.2Ghz CPU
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: Screen resolution at least 720px high, and 1024px wide.
    • Miejsce na dysku: 1 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: Mac OSX Intel CPU and "Leopard" 10.5 or later.
    • Procesor: 2.2Ghz CPU
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: Screen resolution at least 720px high, and 1024px wide.
    • Miejsce na dysku: 1 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: Ubuntu 10.10 or later, although other unsupported distros may work
    • Procesor: 2.2Ghz CPU
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: Screen resolution at least 720px high, and 1024px wide.
    • Miejsce na dysku: 1 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
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13.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 27 listopada, 2015
Note: This review is based on the non-DLC version of the game.

The Last Federation is a very odd game idea. 4X games and games which employ diplomacy aren't necessarily new. Nor are turn-based space shooters, but putting them together isn't something you see everyday. So naturally when I heard stories from TotalBiscuit on the Co-optional podcast about how he eventually got everyone to stop killing eachother by comitting genocide I was both amused and intrigued.

I then ignored it for about half a year. I needed something new to stream and since I don't have a particularly good internet connection I'm really limited in my choices. I decided to try a few different things out and Last Federation simply blew the competition out of the water.

In the Last Federation, you are the last Hydral in a solar system of races that hate your guts since your race was a bunch of asshats that decided to stop everyone else from getting into space. Karmic retribution in the form of rockets attached to your homeworld's moon turned out to be the last thing anyone did to interact with your people in a very permanent fashion. The only reason you're not dead is because you smuggled space faring technology to another race. That race plops you in prison and everyone goes about their business. A long time later they make it to space with a strong flagship. You break out of prison and take the flagship.

So thus this is your starting scenario. One race hates your guts and the rest are pretty neutral to you. Time to create a federation and stop everyone from killing eachother off. Kind of, but we'll get to that later.

This is a 4X game where you don't have a race. You are just a powerful diplomat running around the map. If it was just this, then it would have been an interesting, if ultimately shallow, experience. But Last Federation takes it further with an interesting turn based space combat game that takes the place of automated combat in other 4X games.

You can do everything here from attacking or aiding defense armadas in wars, to killing pirates, stealing techonology, space stations, assassinating leaders, or giving space faring tech to races not yet in space. During this mode you get the ability to move, damage with your weapons, or use special abilities that clear shots from around you and affect the battlefield. I specifically mention the shot clearing because enemies spam the battlefield with shots in practically every direction. It reminds me greatly of bullet hell games in this respect. Usually your best defense is to dodge out of the way. But sometimes you don't get that option and you get shot down or have to run.

With a few exceptions, the penalty for this is time. If you get shot down you're out of the action for a year and the races get left to their own for a while. Which will likely wreck any plans you have in some way. But doesn't end the game. It can be quite fun to just roll with the punches when you make mistakes and see what happens.

Despite all this praise, the game does have some drawbacks. Graphically the battles are very pretty, but the 4X mode leaves alot to be desired. It is essentially a flat picture with icons above the different planets that races own. There is no real ability to zoom in on these or get any more details about the worlds you are looking at save the occasional drawn art. While this is serviceable, it could definitely be better.

Next the game employs a staggered tutorial system that introduces concepts as you get further into the game. These tutorials are fine, but they are very information heavy and sometimes introduce concepts that you can't really utilize for a while. For example, the tutorial about research explained that you can research your own stuff at space stations you control! The ability to control a space station didn't pop up for me until much, much later. As a result I kind of forgot to make use of this until another playthrough. The tutorials get you where you need to be, but they could be cleaned up a bit.

Finally the game's win condition is maybe a bit too simple given the story. Basically you need to create a federation and then either kill off everyone not in the federation or absorb them into it. The only real failure conditions are the death of all Federation races or your own (This can happen in only a couple of situations. But yes there are a couple fights that can end you permanently.) The implication at the beginning is that you are trying to prevent genocide from occuring again with the Federation, only to turn around and do it yourself. Actually uniting all of the races without one of them dying is very, very difficult. There are different types of achievements for accomplishing this with limited sets of races. And this I'm fine with, but it seems like the game was designed for the solar system peace situation and less so for the others. It's not a big deal, but it does feel weird.

Beyond this the game has a great deal of statistics available to you which help decision making should you desire it. It can also come across as a bit intimidating, but I found it very worthwhile to get a handle on it all and use it to help my chances of success. Ultimately, I was really happy I learned it all and really ended up loving this game. If you enjoy Civ, Galatic Civ, the Endless series, or really any other games in this genre then give this a try. You'll probably really like it!

(Note: The DLC does introduce some backstory variations to help some of this make more sense. It also adds the ability to join and control a race so you get The Last Federation and a more traditional 4X experience at the same time. I have not tried them yet. But given the base game I probably will look into it and update this at some point.)
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14.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 30 stycznia
After having greatly enjoyed Bionic Dues by this developer, I've decided to try out this title and was generally impressed.

The Last Federation has you play as an almost godly last survivor of an extinct alien race, who's now made it his mission to attempt to unify the remaining 8 alien races across the solar system (or unify as many as he can and destroy the rest!). To do this he has to gain credit and influence with each race by doing tasks for them. There is a lot of alien politics involved, and each race is quite different to the others, meaning the same approach doesn't work for all the races.

The game can be a bit hard to get into at first, as there's a lot of stuff suddenly being introduced at once. It can easily turn away some players, but I'd really recommend to keep playing, because eventually you get familiar with it all. The normal difficulty is pretty laid back and you have plenty of time to learn the ways and can afford to make mistakes.

The combat sections have you partake in a sort of bullet hell spaceship battle. They might seem pretty difficult at first, but again, they're actually a lot easier to grasp than they look. The battle is broken down into turns. You select where to go and which enemy to shoot at. The game then plays it out and you get to pick your next move. In addition to that, you can even change how much energy goes to your weapons, shields, and propulsion, as different situations require you to adjust it. For example, if you get swarmed and start to suffer damage - divert more energy to shields. If you need to take something out fast - divert it to the weapons. And so on.

Perhaps what I liked the most was how well-developed the lore and background on each alien race was. Each of them has their own political agenda and attitude to you and the other races. Some are diplomats and peacekeepers, whilst others are very warlike and territorial. I've had a lot of fun learning about each race and their likes and dislikes.

Music in the game is also fantastic. Each race has its own unique theme music, which was a nice touch. The visuals are pretty simple though and a lot of the gameplay, particularly the political side of things, is text-based, whilst the combat looks like a regular space shooter. So that aspect might not appeal to some people. But don't let that put you off if you enjoy a good strategy and political intrigue.

Just for those who are a bit unsure of how to start off and get going, here is some advice on methods that worked for me:

1) Start off by giving space-faring tech to 2-3 races you find most trustworthy. Normally Andor, Skyllaxians, and Peltians are pretty reliable, though it is up to you! This will get you plenty of starting Credit and Influence early on.

2) Start doing friendly tasks for those races and increase influence with them further. Cooperative Research is pretty good, as you can then gift this research to the other races and get free influence with them!

3) Expanding Unused Area and Colonizing/Mining Moons is great for getting some quick Credit.

4) Make sure to open up some Trade routes between the races you've allied with, so that they start to like each other as well (this is found in the Political page for each race, not in the Friendly Actions page).
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4 z 4 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
62.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 12 kwietnia
This game is not for everyone. It's a nonstandard 4X game with heavy emphasis on diplomacy, and is extremely niche in an already niche genre. If you don't think manipulating everything from behind the scenes is fun, then walk away from this game and never look back. However, if you do enjoy that, then this game might be for you.

The Last Federation is a well-designed strategy game with a surprising amount of depth. You play as a lone mercenary, and watch as the AI builds its empires. Your goal is to nudge the AI in a way that will ultimately create a Federation that spans the solar system. Your actions rarely have an immediate payoff, but over time you can decide which planets become wastelands and which ones become paradise. It's a thing of beauty, to subtly change a few numbers early on, and watch the butterfly effect go.

The combat system is a turn-based bullet hell, where you can manage power distribution, plot out movement, and use weapons/abilities. The tutorial places a lot of emphasis on combat, but managing RCI and influence is far more important. While you can hold off an overwhelming invasion force for a while or smash apart a stalemate, combat is only one tool out of many in your arsenal. It's up to the player to figure out when to get their hands dirty, and when to sit back and help build up armadas.

The game has an excellent soundtrack, shiny art, and a very coherent design. The story is solid, if a bit cliche. The game has a rather light-hearted tone, with blurbs of snark and sarcasm coming from your AI assistant as the solar system evolves. The screen does get cluttered later in the game, but the option to clean it up does exist. Critical information is very well presented and accessible, but may get overwhelming to new players despite the tutorial. The developers have given an incredible amount of attention to detail, to the point where I can still discover new interactions after 40 hours of playing the game. There are many mechanics and interactions that go unexplained, although there is a bit of appeal in discovering them for yourself.

It's impossible to do much on your own in The Last Federation. You just can't hope to make or break interplanetary empires with your single ship. You will have to rely on the various AI races to do the dirty work for you. The DLCs add in new game modes, but the gameplay patterns stays the same: AI does the heavy lifting, and you guide it and stack the deck in your favor. With a randomly generated solar system, there's a healthy amount of replayability. The game does stagnate after you figure out the optimal strategy, but there's a lot of fun to be had as you learn it.

The Last Federation is a solid, niche strategy game. If you're looking for a standard 4X game, you will be disappointed. If you're interested in this game solely for its combat mechanics then I would advise against getting it, because it's only a small portion of the game itself. But if you're looking for a strategy game with heavy emphasis on diplomacy and manipulation, then I would strongly recommend it.
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3 z 4 osób (75%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
25.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 1 marca
This game is very much a genre game. It doesn't just belong in a niche, it belongs in a small crack inside of that nice. It really isn't comparable to any other gaming experience I've had. There are some aspects I love, and some not so much. I like the fact that there are so many options, and graphs, and raw data, and information you have access too, but at the same time there is too much. I feel like you can either fiddle with and micromanage the crap out of everything, or just ignore it all and go guns blazing. I suppose it is really all there so one has plenty of options for playstyle, but at the get go it can be overwhelming.
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3 z 4 osób (75%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
20.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 4 lutego
Good game. Very unique concept although the bullet hell fights can get dull.
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