Breach & Clear brings deep tactical strategy simulation to PC, Mac and Linux! Build your Special Operations team, plan and execute advanced missions, and own every angle. Choose your real-world squad -- US Army Rangers, Germany's KSK, Canada’s JTF2, UK SAS, and more -- and take on a variety of foes with different skill-sets and...
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Releasedatum: 21 mrt 2014

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30 juli

Breach & Clear: DEADline Announced

Breach & Clear: DEADline
A deadly new breed of human monster is on the rise in the sprawling metropolis and it’s up to you to stop it before the infection spreads!

Building on the success of Breach & Clear, Gun Media in conjunction with Mighty Rabbit Studios will bring precise tactical control of a special operations team to the PC in this post-apocalyptic tactical strategy shooter.

Breach & Clear: DEADline gives players full control over their entire squad, allowing them to issue orders to squadmates via the all-new Command Mode feature, allowing for greater on-the-fly decision making during enemy encounters. A variety of combat scenarios emphasizes the need for different approaches to survive the chaos. Plan and execute detailed strategies in dynamically generated situations to overcome enemies, move through the open world, and get closer to the source of the
nefarious worm.

Gain experience, level up the squad’s core and tactical abilities, and take on numerous side quests in order to gain rare ammo, weapons and gear. Get in, clear the area and get closer to solving the mystery of the spreading sickness or die trying. With world-class development teams behind the title, Breach & Clear: DEADline is a do-not-miss title hitting Steam Early Access this fall. Find out more at

  • Enthralling Action: Adds real-time strategy to a franchise already acclaimed for its tactical combat
  • New Modes: An all-new Command Mode gives total control over the entire squad for on-the-fly tactical planning
  • Deep, Strategic Gameplay: Plan and execute detailed strategies as players encounter a wide assortment of enemy types and combat scenarios
  • Detailed Open World: Explore the secrets hidden deep within Harbor City via several districts, each with dynamically generated areas
  • RPG Elements: Countless side quests where players can grab experience and level up their squad's core and tactical abilities, grab rare ammo, weapons and gear.

Be sure to find out more!

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2 mei

Breach & Clear Frozen Synapse DLC Now Available

We have officially launched the Breach & Clear Frozen Synapse DLC pack on Steam! This DLC brings maps, weapons, and teams inspired by Mode 7 Games' hit game Frozen Synapse. The new DLC pack is available now for $3.99 (

We've also released a new update for the core game that fixes several minor and major bugs.

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“Rainbow Six meets XCOM.”
82 – GamesMaster Magazine

“When a smartly conceived plan comes together Breach & Clear is every bit as satisfying as Frozen Synapse or XCOM: Enemy Unknown.”
7/10 – Pocket Gamer

“Breach and Clear is a masterful game.”
5/5 – GameWoof

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Breach & Clear brings deep tactical strategy simulation to PC, Mac and Linux! Build your Special Operations team, plan and execute advanced missions, and own every angle.

Choose your real-world squad -- US Army Rangers, Germany's KSK, Canada’s JTF2, UK SAS, and more -- and take on a variety of foes with different skill-sets and abilities. Learn to approach, engage, and dominate your opponents through superior tactics and training. The Steam version of Breach & Clear includes all the premium content from the original mobile game at no additional cost.


Build your arsenal with thousands of gun combinations, and specialize each soldier with a combination of perks, tactics, camo, armor, and inventory all tailored by you. Tune your load-out with consumables like UAV Drones and Breaching Charges that can change the course of battle!


Each soldier matters, every decision counts. Plan your mission step-by-step: split up your team and assault the map from multiple entrance points, set routes and fields of fire, use cover and outflank your foe.


Developed with help from members of the Special Operations Forces community, Breach & Clear features actual close-quarters combat tactics and a variety of door-breaching techniques. Soldiers equip real-world weapons and gear. Firefights take place in real time.


    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or equivalent - 1.5 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any DirectX 9.0c Compatible Card from 2007 onwards.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.6 or higher
    • Processor: Intel based processor - 1.5 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ compatible video card
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or equivalent - 1.5 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ compatible video card
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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1.3 uur in totaal
Great tactical shooter. Challenging yet easy to play.
Geplaatst: 28 september
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2.0 uur in totaal
finished 1hr of gameplay. I would have to say Y E S, this game is not only worth it but at a bargain! Its fun, its robust, its quick. Lots of options for customizing weapons, gear, and skill assignments. This game has variety, personalization of colors as well as gear customization. If it had a multiplayer aspect to it, (as in someone plays the terrorists against you), then they could charge more for this game... Just sayin ;)
Geplaatst: 26 september
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10.2 uur in totaal
I really enjoy playing this game.
Geplaatst: 2 oktober
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12.1 uur in totaal
Perfect game for a quick tactical fix.
If You're a bit tired yet not wanting to veg out or sleep and to top it off.. you are bored,
A bunch of reading or a long mission is way beyond your energy level.
AA BB, Breach, Clear, repeat a few times, ... We're Done Here.
Geplaatst: 13 oktober
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34.3 uur in totaal
Very indie, however the gameplay is fun, and some levels are extremely hard without being impossible. You just have to approach them as a puzzle.
Geplaatst: 24 oktober
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23.7 uur in totaal
I do like this game but I feel it's missing a lot. Too much infact that I kept thinking this is in Early Access.

It's your average turn-based combat game but it feels quite bare compared to something like Frozen Synapse. I was expecting to be able to fully control waypoints and time everything so that the squad performs a lot more efficient, but at the moment as far as I'm aware I can only set where the soldier goes and which way he looks and that kind of feels repetitive and not very tacticool. "Deep tactical strategy simulation" doesn't feel very depthful or simulating at all at the moment.

The game does bring me back to titles like Police Quest: SWAT 2 and it is just as fun to play, but I just really wish they'd make the gameplay a little more intricate. Also there are about 7 regiments of special forces but you can only have 4 squads which is kind of disheartening.

It's not only the gameplay I wish they'd improve, the game still has quite a few bugs. The Skullcap which is a piece of headgear doesn't fit many of the soldiers and needs some adjustment which makes it unusable unless you're used to half the soldier's head poking out of it. The Ballcap and the Skull Mask don't fit together and also during a Shotgun breach if your soldier is equipped with the LMG he pretty much shoots himself in the face.

It has bugs and like I said it's missing a lot of potential. But it is massively addictive. I only recommend this game just by an inch.
Geplaatst: 26 september
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2.4 uur in totaal
Got Americans in my British SAS team. Not impressed.
Geplaatst: 11 oktober
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12.9 uur in totaal
Before I bought this game I had a quick scroll through reviews and most seemed to be one of two things. This game is so much like X-COM OR This game is nothing like X-COM. I agree with the latter. Both games feature turn-based tactical combat and squad customisation but that is where the similarities end. Instead of individual turns for squad members, you plan out the paths for your men, then you press the breach button and each soldier runs forth like a human weapon, pouring shots into balaclava-clad enemies. Each planning phase takes minutes but the actual real time mission plays out in a matter of seconds.
I started up the game and was presented with a choice of various world special forces to play as; each with their own minor differences. I chose the SAS because it was the obvious choice (who wouldn't want to be the SAS). You get to travel to various parts of the world conducting three different brands of mission. You kill terrorists, you defuse a bomb and kill terrorists, you kill terrorists. Despite the lack of variation between the mission types the different environments are fun and the basic narratives provided give you some context as to why you are shooting these terrorists/seperatists/diisgruntled blokes. There is a rudimentary leveling up system in which you can upgrade the various skills of each of your 4 squad mates including their class specific skills. The game also has two currencies. You gain star ratings for missions and stars unlock new missions and new guns while silver allows you to buy new weapons, weapon customisations, aesthetics, new gear and consumables. It's simple system but works rather well.


+ Be the SAS
+ Bring Freedom to Heathen Terrorists
+ 8.5/10
- No ability to stab people from the shadows
- Not enough Content
Geplaatst: 4 oktober
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1.3 uur in totaal
I thought I was buying a challenging turn-based strategy game but what I really bought was turn based COD. Since stars are only awarded for fast completion of levels and not how much damage you take the best strat is to outfit your whole team with LMG's and go balls deep through every room.
Geplaatst: 28 september
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7.1 uur in totaal
It's the best thing out there for a room clearing CQB sim right now (at least until Door Kickers comes out). The mechanics and engines are tight. The character classes, skill development and kit building keep the gameplay interesting. Each campaign has a distinct art style, and later campaigns introduce increasingly tricky scenarios including armored enemies, outdoor terrain, and entrenched marksmen.

The main downside is that I wish there was a narrative to it. Each campaign is really just a set of five maps with the same art style. You unlock campaigns as you go, and can bounce around as you please. It's nothing like Frozen Synapse where the missions are plot driven.

As for other wishlist items, I'm sure destructable terrain would have been a pain to implement, but could have really changed gamplay. There's also no multiplayer mode (like you'd even be able to find players for such a niche game?) It's kinda strange you can't break-up or shuffle team-members short of getting somebody killed. Having to build and separately level full teams is a grindy proposition should the player want to go that route.

For those unfamiliar with room-clearing, a more theory based tutorial might be better. The devs designed the game to reward actual room-clearing tactics. In room-clearing, the objective is to stay on the attack while not getting shot in th back. If you're constantly camping behind cover, (like every-other game with a cover-dynamic encourages), you're not getting it. Get away from the fatal funnel, stay agile, and learn how to sweep geometries. If a room looks scary, toss grenade/flashbang before you breach. Unlike the old Rainbow Six or the SWAT series, there's no incentive for restraint in this game (RoE, neutrals, civilians, surrendering enemies), so let the grenades fly.

All in all, it's good little single-player indie tactics game. It's worth you time if you'd dig a fairly authentic room-clearing sim.
Geplaatst: 28 september
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7.6 uur in totaal
Its more or less X-Com: Rainbow Six. That sums it up perfectly. Pick your special forces unit (Such as British SAS, US Marines, German Gign) to determine your starting stat buffs, hand pick 4 soldiers and customize them to look like (and be named after) you and your friends (or not) and select a class for them from a handful to determine a second stat boost and special abilities.

Level them up, equip them (and customize said equipment) how your want, take out terrorists and cry when you lose one to a poor decision with perma-death turned on.
Geplaatst: 25 september
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17.5 uur in totaal
Really fun squad-based strategy game. Says what it has and has what it says. Although the maps aren't randomly generated, there are quite a lot of them, and each time you play a mission on a given map the enemy placement is randomized, so there's solid replay value here. Building your squad is fun, and permadeath (which is option, but gives you a massive XP boost if you activate it) makes your decisions carry weight. Gun customization for your squad members is extensive; MUCH more than I'd have expected from a game of this type. Everything from the sights to the gas system to the trigger of every individual gun can be customized to suit your squad members' strengths.

In summary, excellent game. It can be even better, and I hope one day they'll make a game with procedurally generated missions, perhaps with an even greater variety of objectives. But even as it stands right now, this game was worth the price in my opinion.
Geplaatst: 29 september
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8.4 uur in totaal
I've only played about an hour when this review was written but I fell in love immediately. At the start it's got this movie that made me think "Oh no,it's a training simulator" But it's really fun. The UI is great,gameplay is fun,you can even colour the weapons! (My first SAS squad had hot pink,bright green,poop brown and purple guns. I'm probably going to play this to completion. End of.
Geplaatst: 26 september
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8.1 uur in totaal
Very polished tactical shooter in vein of Frozen Synapse. Decent customization even though the weapon and gear models look too similar. The weapons are balanced and there are several nice levels which can be enjoyed in 3 modes: Terrorist hunt (kill everybody), Bomb Defusal, survival/escape.

Graphics are decent but not eye-popping. Far from it, actually. The human models all look pretty much the same even if you select different characters. Mediocre at best and could have used a more vivid style and color palette.

The gameplay itself is turn based tactical battles. about 70% of the maps are indoors and use tight corridors and covers to keep the action pumping and the rest are outdoors which focus more on tactical play and choosing the best ways to strike.

Your squad of 4 (which you can create yourself and customize) level up as you gain more stars in missions and more XP. You also receive money to purchase new weapons and gear. You choose specifically which attribute to level up for each soldier (e.g. accuracy, speed, special ability, reaction etc.). This all helps to give the game longevity as well as harder difficulty settings which make the game much more demanding. I'd also like to note that the music is pretty cool.

I only wish there was a "Restart Level" button in the pause menu because you need to go back to the main menu every time you choose to restart a level mid play.

All in all, a great bargain game and I'd say it's worth the full price even though there aren't many maps to play around in (there are new ones in a DLC though). But if you liked Frozen Synapse or want to give the games a try I think you'll like what you find here.
Geplaatst: 14 oktober
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10.7 uur in totaal
In this game, you must be very precise on where to place your soldiers. This is a strategic tactical game. 3 game modes, and definitally worth the standard price of $15.00
Geplaatst: 16 oktober
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9.1 uur in totaal
I really like the game! I would like it to be more like the mobile version though, the extras and ability to get more silver. Anyways, great game!
Geplaatst: 24 oktober
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2.8 uur in totaal
Well first of all this is a tactical realisim game and if you play Call of duty or Battlefield i highly reccomend you DONT get this game. If you were to get this game im sure you would be very confuzed at the start and would have to watch the tutorial over and over again because im a Arma fan and i thought it was challenging at first.

If you are one of those guys who love to be tactical and spend time planning things out and stuff like that the game is for you because your not the one that shoots. Your the leader of a squadron of 4. This means you tell them where to walk and at the speed and stuff like that. You can command them to throw a greanade but you are not the one who plays as them.

I really like this game and it is very fun and im continueing through the campaign.
Geplaatst: 25 oktober
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8.2 uur in totaal
10's across the board.
I have to say I wasn't too sure about this game, it looked interesting but it seemed like I would get bored with it pretty quickly, I even considered pirating it first, but then bought it on impulse and omg was it worth it.

It is so much fun, stacking up and breaching rooms honestly never gets old. If you're like me and are an avid Arma player, Tactical Shooter and Strategy Fan, this game is right down your alley. It reminds me a lot of the old Police Quest: SWAT games. I hope to see a Breach and Clear 2 someday with the ability to Rope down from a ceiling or helicopter, use a seperate sniper team as support, as well as the ability to use chagres on walls, and also stack up multiple times during a mission. That being said I still love this game and see a lot of potential for future titles.

PS. The music is fantastic.
Geplaatst: 25 oktober
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3.2 uur in totaal
Totallly great. 9/10
Great tactial shooter with full control of squad's sight
Weapon damage is realistic, no Roshan-like enemies.
Decent graphic, can run smoothly on my crappy laptop with intel HD 4000 graphic card, no lag found
Weapon customization is fun
Skill points won't affect gameplay a lot, that's make each stage beatable with correct tactic
A dozen of maps avaliable
Most importantly, it's in humble bundle (BTA)
No story mode
No mutilplayer
No armor painting
No women (LOL
Geplaatst: 31 mei
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18.6 uur in totaal
Firstly it's important to note that contrary to its advertising and the game's intro, Breach & Clear is not a simulation. The game has more in common with call of duty scenarios than real life counter terrorism operations. Soldiers acquire perks and weapons are only effective a fraction of the range of their real life counter parts. It would also be hard to argue that the soldier classes bear much in common with real life soldier roles instead displaying strange attributes like the intelligence specialist's ability to disappear.
The combat itself is fast paced and interesting. It doesn't often feel cheap except when your squad isn't leveled enough to tackle a map. There aren't any game breaking flaws in the combat system which is more than most tactical level turn based combat games can boost. The game offers incentives to use fire and movement realistically and the ability to flank and suppress means the player has to keep their team on the move. Perma death thankfully can be enabled which gives a lot more weight to the player's decisions. The game uses a WEGO system for the turns but you'll hardly notice because the AI doesn't move around much.
Enemy classes don't offer huge variation but they do provide enough to allow the designers to create some interesting tactical puzzles. Heavily armoured soldiers can cause your team serious trouble if they can close with them and snipers obviously operate at the other end of the spectrum.
The graphics are quite nice with your soldiers displaying the weapons and gear you issued them with. Everything is clear and easy to interpret except some more obvious fog of war would be nice so players would be provided with some idea of which areas had been cleared. The spotting system is balls, soldiers can see through walls and some items completely negate the fog of war completely. This game certainly could have taken a few lessons from the original Xcom in that department.
The level design is often pretty good but the game's original platform holds it back. Maps are too small and quite clearly were designed with short playtimes in mind. They get better as the game goes on but it feels a bit strange that multi story buildings are absent and the game's attempts to emulate this by making assaults on large buildings take up multiple missions doesn't really feel convincing. The game modes provided are Terrorist hunt, bomb diffusal and escape which are all pretty much self explanatory. They all change up the maps slightly but in the long term aren't enough to keep things from going stale. Bomb diffusal maps feature the ever annoying enemy reinforcement spawns that are the bane of several srpgs but within the context of this game they work extremely well and give the mode a bit more tension.
The game tries to keep the player's interest by offering what seems at first to be extensive customization options, but realistically half the weapons and gear offered aren't ever really going to come in useful. The outfitting screen could also do with some work as no indication is given how prospective weapon and gear purchases differ from what is already equipped(unless you click back through some menus). Unequipping all the modifications off a weapon can be quite tedious as well.
Besides tactical combat, the game doesn't offer much else and what's there feels somewhat lacking. The potential of the system is never fully explored because the maps never really get that big and the squad size stays at four men. Insertion methods never change with rappling and helicopter assaults never making an appearance. This lack of variation results in the game getting a bit stale after a while.
It can feel a bit half ♥♥♥♥♥ at times too with some design choices(no ability to use smoke is the most glaring one)leading to the player's units taking unavoidable damage in some situations.
That said fire and movement in the title generally works well and dumb tactics are often punished. The market isn't exactly swimming in squad level turn based strategy games so this is a welcome addition.
Geplaatst: 3 juni
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