Ether One is a first person adventure that deals with the fragility of the human mind. There are two paths in the world you can choose from. At it’s core is a story exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the story at your own pace.
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Date de parution: 25 mar 2014

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"It has a melancholy to it, and a wistfulness that I rarely find in games. They kept it grounded, focusing on the loneliness of memories slipping away."
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“The world of Ether One is a superbly detailed and well thought-out place.”
4/5 – Joystiq

“It’s been just two days since I last player Ether One and I’ve not stopped thinking about it since. I thought about it before I went to bed last night, and the night before. I thought about it when I woke up this morning. I thought about it when I had lunch. So far I’ve sunk 12 hours into a game easily completable in four. I’ve not nearly managed to restore all of the projectors. And I've hardly scratched the surface.”
9/10 – Strategy Informer

“Superb: A hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won't cause massive damage to what is a supreme title.”
9/10 – Destructoid

À propos de ce jeu

Ether One is a first person adventure that deals with the fragility of the human mind.

There are two paths in the world you can choose from. At its core is a story exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the story at your own pace.

There is also a deeper, more adventurous path in which you can complete complex puzzles to restore life changing events of the patients history in order to help the validation of their life.

Parallel paths make Ether One accessible to a range of skilled players. Invite your friends and family around to pick their brains for help taking on challenging environmental puzzles, or soak in the atmosphere of Pinwheel at leisure. From a young age we enjoyed the first person puzzle games that required you to write cryptic notes on spare pieces of paper to unravel mysteries. Ether One aims to bring back pen and paper puzzle solving, whilst still being accessible and optional for people not wanting to get stuck and frustrated on the harder puzzles.


  • First Person Adventure Game.
  • Open narrative exploration in the town of Pinwheel.
  • Optional puzzle solving.
  • Accessible gameplay with additional controller support for players that aren’t as skilled with complex controls.
  • Challenging pen and paper puzzle design you can decrypt at your own pace.

Deluxe Edition

The Ether One Deluxe Edition comes with the Ether One OST, Game Script, & Comics along with a few more goodies. Please note that there is no additional in-game content.

The Ether One Original Soundtrack by Nathaniel-Jorden Apostol features more than 40 minutes of music created exclusively for Ether One. The soundtrack comes with MP3 & FLAC format along with custom artwork for the soundtrack.

MP3 & FLAC format files will be placed in the Ether One folder in the Steam Directory: ...Steam\steamapps\common\EtherOne\Soundtrack

The Ether One game scripts contain all of the spoken dialogue along with some things that got cut from the game. We hope you find it interesting to see how we developed the narrative for Ether One. Please note: These scripts contain spoilers for the game. You may wish to finish Ether One before reading these. We have noted down specifically which game script contain spoilers in the download.

PDF format files will be placed in the Ether One folder in the Steam Directory: ...Steam\steamapps\common\EtherOne\Scripts

The Strange Tale of Byron Spencer was created by Mark Penman & coloured by Andrew Tunney. It provides an alternative fiction for the world of Pinwheel.

PDF format files will be placed in the Ether One folder in the Steam Directory: ...Steam\steamapps\common\EtherOne\Comics

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor: 2.2+ Ghz Dual-Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 460 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows XP is not supported for Ether One. Laptop equivalent GPU's struggle in comparison to desktop GPU's. VR: Ether One currently only supports the DK1 Oculus developer kit. We're hopefully going to provide updated Oculus support in future updates.
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor: 2.6+ Ghz Dual-Core
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows XP is not supported for Ether One. Laptop equivalent GPU's struggle in comparison to desktop GPU's. VR: Ether One currently only supports the DK1 Oculus developer kit. We're hopefully going to provide updated Oculus support in future updates.
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Posté le : 9 mars
Si vous voulez jouer à un jeu qui change de l'ordinaire, alors ce jeu est fait pour vous.

L'histoire est très prenante, l'environnement est assez joli, l'ambiance est super.
Vous pouvez soit explorer et découvrir l'histoire dans ses grandes lignes, ou alors vous pouvez résoudre des énigmes en vous servant de tout ce que vous pouvez trouver dans votre environnement, que ce soit des objets, des indices sur des affiches ect , ce qui vous permet vraiment d'approfondir l'histoire.
Le seul petit hic c'est que malheureusement la traduction française n'existe pas et c'est bien dommage.

En conclusion, si vous détendre un peu, vous balader dans de beaux décors, résoudre des énigmes intéréssantes, vivre une belle histoire et que vous n'avez pas peur de l'anglais, alors ce jeu est fait pour vous.
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Posté le : 3 avril
While I appreciate the originality of the idea and theme, the execution of the gameplay falls flat. Simply put, it's boring. And when it's not boring, it's just frustrating, two qualities that will ruin a game every time. Why do I play games? For fun. This game misses that mark by a longshot. The voice acting is good. There is not much else I can say that is positive.

Despite the use of Unreal Engine, the rendering is cartoonish, stylized and outlined as if it were hand drawn. I understand if this was a creative decision, but it's a shameful waste of Unreal Engine's potential. Texture resolution is extremely low, even on max settings. Regardless of this, performance is not great, indicating shoddy construction and poor use of the engine's resources.

It is never clear what can be interacted with and what can't be, and the interact mechanic often doesn't work, so you end up clicking on something multiple times before discovering if it's static or not. Solutions to puzzles are arbitrary, counter-intuitive and make no contextual sense, so that it becomes a random guessing game with a lot of back and forth expirementing. It has that old-school Hidden Object Game feel to it, where you end up trying every possible combination with everything in your inventory. Except you don't have an inventory. You can only carry one item.

If the point of the game was to get you to feel the frustration of memory loss and dementia, then it succeeds. It could have more appropriately expressed itself with logic and memory puzzles. The mind is a use-it-or-lose-it faculty, so a game designed to exercise it, while addressing the issue in the story, may have been the admirable goal of the developers. They over-reached, and fell miserably short.

Worst of all, achievements that I earned did not unlock for me. That was the final straw that prompted me to write my first ever Not Recommended review. For the price, there are many more far superior games to choose from.
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Posté le : 27 janvier
It's not easy to properly comprehend the effect debilitating diseases have on people until you experience their effect yourself. It's easy to see them as terrible but improbable occurrences, something that clearly happens but is impossible to envision yourself suffering from. And yet, dementia scares the hell out of me. The idea that there's this invisible force that has no cure, no prevention, that will almost certainly affect you at some point in your life and only becomes more likely the longer you live somehow feels so much more real to me than cancer, or ebola, or any other life threatening disease that I could come in contact with.

Perhaps that's due partly to how much dementia affects not only yourself, but the people around you. Watching your grandparents forget you along with themselves is a cold shock to reality that puts things into startling focus the way statistics and symptom lists never could. And it's the inescapable nature of something you can't predict or counteract that makes it difficult to just push the thought out of your mind that one day you might wake up and have forgotten who you are.

Ether One isn't really about a hypothetical cure for dementia, or the life of someone finding slowly losing themselves to it. To me at least, it's about giving that human perspective to something in all likelihood we will all go through. Inhabiting the memories of someone undergoing experimental treatment, you travel through their life learning the events that shaped them and then watching them fall away as the disease takes hold and they struggle to hang onto even the moments most important to them.

It's depressing but not in a way that makes you sad, so much as it causes you to feel empathetic as you watch a character you've become emotionally invested with have everything taken away from them. Reading through personal letters, town events, job descriptions, and fidgeting with character belongings, you get to know these characters to even their most mundane and ordinary level. Life is often unfair, but Ether One captures the sense of uncontrollable tragedy and desperate attempts at resolution that's almost painful to see because it's so understandable.

Ether One has built a world so close to our own, but given it a purpose and a life that makes every scrap of paper and ordinary item feel meaningful. I wanted to know more about these characters, to pry into their emotions and personal thoughts to try and understand what they were going through, and Ether One allows you to do this in a way that doesn't feel intrusive or emotionally manipulative. You're trying to help your character remember who they are; trying to put things back together in a desperate hope to save their memories, and prove the procedure a success so nobody will have to go through something so destructive

Ether One's only real problem is that it tries harder than it probably needs to to be a more traditional game than first-person exploration games are often considered, and ends up making it incredibly hard to see most of its content that it hides behind obtuse puzzles and logic that's often difficult to understand. There are a lot of objects you can interact with, but just enough which you can't that it's often incredibly difficult to know which items are for solving puzzles and which have been included just as a means of world building. My solution to this was to attempt to scavenge everything I could pick up, but that makes for an extremely cluttered and impractical playstyle that still often left me clueless when it came to solving an actual puzzle.

I say puzzle, but the projectors you need to reassemble in Ether One were often more comprehension barriers than logical conundrums. I was at such a loss as to know even where to start that even with the answer typically staring me in the face it was near impossible for me to solve anything without the help of a guide. In a lot of ways it feels very much like the sort of obtuse puzzles found in a lot of old adventure games, an I imagine people missing those games will feel right at home, but in my case I was more frustrated at trying to parse an endless stream of relevant and irrelevant information than I was satisfied by actually managing to solve one.

And it's a shame because it makes it extremely easy to miss huge swaths of content for those less inclined to sit and ponder solutions or look them up online, content which gave a larger context to the story that I feel is important anyone playing the game experience. Were it any other game I'd have likely given up and just skipped to the end, but Ether One deserves more than that. I felt like I owed it to the game to see all it had to show me, no matter how trivial it might be because even meaningless documents and items could eventually serve some significance.

Ether One certainly hasn't dissolved my fears of dementia, but it definitely helped show me that I could be doing more for those affected by it instead of turning away because I'd rather not deal with the emotional trauma of someone you have to reintroduce yourself to every meeting. What that might be I'm not entirely sure of yet, but I feel Ether One is important for even daring bring these ideas up, and I hope they won't be lost on others who play it.

You can read more of my writing on Kritiqal.
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Posté le : 11 janvier
I'm one of those who really, really wanted to love this game. I heard so many great things about the story, but I never got far enough to know if it's really that good or not. The controls are terrible, the gameplay is obtuse, and the whole thing seems designed to induce motion sickness.

The motion sickness was what really got me (and I see from other reviews that I'm not the only one). I play first person 3d games all the time and I never have a problem, but in Ether One I never last more than 15 minutes or so before I have to turn it off (and I get a headache and upset stomach for a long time afterwards). I suspect the main cause of this is the movement of your character. You can reduce the head bob, but you can't turn it off. More importantly, you walk *excruciatingly* slow (feels like walking underwater wearing a heavy suit), while the mouse sentivity for looking around is ridiculously high. They don't match, and the dissonance causes motion sickness. Now, you can reduce the mouse sensitivity, but in order for it to match the movement speed, you have to turn it all the way down, and then you're not only walking through water, you're also drugged and unable to move your head around.

I persisted long enough to solve a couple of puzzles, but the game really gives you no guidance whatsoever on what to do, and everything is counter-intuitive. The level design is quite poor. For example, there are several points where there is a lengthy audio clip playing, but you have to stand still to hear it all, and there's literally nothing to do while you listen. No reason to stand there. So you either keep walking and miss some of the background, or you just stand there until the audio finishes feeling bored and foolish. Furthermore, for some reason you're only allowed to carry one item at a time, yet you can store as many items as you want on a shelf which is instantly accessible from any point in the game. Why make the player jump back and forth? Either you only want us to have one item (and there should be a reason for that), or you want us to have access to many items, in which case we should simply be given an inventory.

It may be true that the story is extraordinary, but it's not worth the slog to actually experience it. I think there is potential here, but the problems are too severe for the game to be playable.
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Posté le : 28 novembre 2014
all adventure fans! buy this game! It truly is top notch, great story, fantastic voice work, beautiful visuals, controls like a dream. I bought it on a whim cuz it looked cool and it's one time where that really really paid off. Myst meets Gone Home is what Games tm said and while that's kinda a good way to put it, it really is its own unique thing. A true gem!
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Posté le : 22 février
This will go down as one of the best games I have ever played. Everything about it, from the great voice acting, to the nuanced story-telling, to the stunning world building. The feeling I had upon completion of this game was not unlike finishing a beloved novel. Once I am done I enter a period of post story depression, wherein I am sad the world I had been living in is now over. That is exactly how I felt after completing EO. I wish I could take my memory away of this game and play it again for the first time so that I could have the same feelings of awe and wonderment. The feelings I had were not unlike playing/completing the amazing games I played as a youth.

To point, I highly recommend this game to ANY player. With one caveat. Know that the game you're about to play has a set pace, is not an action game, requires remembering details and difficult puzzle solving, and maybe 30% of the incredible story telling comes from notes/newspapers/items/ect. you must find YOURSELF in the world of the game. This game requires and deserves your time and attention. Also, like a good book, the story and answers to questions are not all handed to you in a gift wrapped box at the end. You, like the developers trained you throughout the game, must use the pieces to solve the puzzle that is EO. If any of this sounds like the worst way to play a game, then wait until you do feel like something thought provoking. Like many pieces of great art/entertainment you need to be in the right mood. If I had just finished playing something like Call of Duty and then tried to play this game, I might not have enjoyed it as much. So wait for yourself to be in the mood for this game, that way you give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy it.

+Voice acting(waaaay above average)
+Graphics (it has a style, and does it well)
+World Building (I don't know if the town the game is set in exists, but god did it feel like a real place with a real history)
+Story-Telling (There is a deliberate pace to the story-telling, and its executed superbly)
+Game Play (Again it requires reading and collecting, both things I already do in any game that allows me. But it is an adventure exploration game, so there is a lot of reading/collecting)
+Ending (without revealing too much, there are two endings. Both are great, but the second one, which I stumbled on accidently, left me without words and nearly in tears)
+Puzzle-Solving (to say the puzzles in EO are difficult is an understatement. I had to consult a guide on a number of them. Luckily I found a guide on the steam forums that gave three hints before giving the solution so I felt like I was cheating less)

+ bugs (this game has them, every game has them. Luckily the ones I encountered in no way effected my gameplay)
+ length (I wish it were longer. I don't feel cheated in any way, but like all good things, I just wanted more)\

Bottom line - You should play this game, just play it when you’re in the mood for it.
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Posté le : 30 décembre 2014
This game is something else let me tell you. Firstly, it is a very good game and worth the buy. I like to call it an extreme puzzle game. You can solve the main story / smaller puzzles very quickly. However, there are 20 extra puzzles you can try and fail and fail and fail and somehow magically succeed to put together. The puzzles don't really have hints. You just try a bunch of different things and throw it together. But it's new and frustrating and makes me want to rip my hair out while saying "of course you write on the sheet of paper based on some other paper who may have read, of course."

The difficulty of the puzzles adds so much to the game. You'll learn more about all the characters and even the town. There is notes you can read and collectibles you can find. The voice acting is great, the story is heartwarming at the same time heartbreaking. The graphics are superb, audio is wonderful and the different places are really cool to explore.

There are some downsides. For one, the game doesn't have enough music for me. Some will come on a play but that happens mostly when you're playing for the main part and not the side puzzles. Since I spent most of my 12 hrs on those puzzles, I needed to play music myself because I got bored. Another is the fact that the puzzles aren't thoroughly explained. It does give you a small tutorial but you really have to simply play for long periods of time to even get the gist of the side puzzles.

One part of the game I thought I would hate actually turned out a plus for me which is the inventory. You can only carry one object at a time but you can teleport back to a home base and store a ton of items. It became a sort of game. Filling each shelf with the same object I found through out the game. And it was really cool to see how those random objects came into the main story.

Yes, I fully recommend it for those who like a challenge and a very pretty game.
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Posté le : 2 mars
I love this game.

I am a fan of exploration games and puzzle games and this game has all that in spades, however it also has a fantastic story that is subtle, expansive and well told, evocative sound design, detailed art that makes you want to search out every corner of the game as Myst did, professional voice acting which is so often a let-down in games, and an ending that I'll never forget.

Thinking back to the start of the game I would never have expected the story to end as it does, and each point on the path is delivered with great skill by the developers. The soundtrack is also worth listening to, aside from the game. It's great value for money - I had nearly 25 hours soaking it all in and I imagine I will play through it again at somet point.

Thoroughly recommended!
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Posté le : 17 mars
If you can finish the puzzles in this game without the occasional (or frequent) glance at a guide, you should probably stop playing games and start a career in Brain Surgery or Rocket Science.

In all seriousness however, Ether One is a fantastic experience. With a captivating story that focuses on something very real and scary, Ether One had me hooked the whole way through. The voice acting and soundtrack played a huge part in the success of the story also, both excellent. Graphically, the game is pleasing with some nice diversity in locations.

While the puzzles seem overly intricate and unintuitive, they are completely optional to progress through the story (bar the first one) and they serve a purpose. Dealing with a topic such as mental illness, it seems as if the puzzles were designed in such a way that you would feel lost trying to figure them out, like a real patient searching for lost memories. Naturally, struggling through puzzles may not appeal to everyone, yet there is a lot to be said for the feeling of solving a puzzle, using an item you obtained hours previous. (Any item you find can be stored in the main hub for later use.)

To those interested, there is an excellent community guide by Steam user 'Crinkle' called 'Ether One - Complete Guide'. Instead of simply giving you the solution to the puzzles, this guide provides hints to help you get through them yourself.

I encountered a few bugs while playing, but they were mainly graphical and did not hamper my progress in anyway.
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Posté le : 17 janvier

Ether One is an adventure walking simulator, puzzle solving game. You
play as a restorer going into the mind of a person with dementia. It does a
good job of incorporating you into the game, but also keeping you separate,
as you are involved in the story, but not personally tied to it. As you walk
through the different atmoshperes, you interact with both your 'handler' and the
person whose mind you are in.

The level design is fairly large and multi-layered, with plenty of areas
to explore, which ties into the story well. There's not just a linear path; it
has weight and atmosphere, which lends to the aesthetic of the environment. It
feels like everything you are seeing is new.

The puzzles however, which for the most part are optional, tend to be
very repetitive. It's a lot of memorization as opposed to using your wit and
cleverness to solve an issue. While the levels are vast and the story is
entertaining, the repetitiveness of the puzzles takes away from immersion into
the game.

If you really enjoy the walking and exploration genres of games, this
could be a game you would enjoy. If you are new to this type of game, the
negatives may take away from enjoyment of the game. It comes down to what types
of games you enjoy

This is a summary of my review video, which I encourage you to watch
if you are looking for a more in-depth review.

Thanks for your viewership and support; for more videos click here:
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Posté le : 28 janvier
I feel quite torn over Ether One. Its a bit like what I expect Myst is like to play (never played it). Its got tough puzzles and vague, spread out clues. Good story and beautiful environments, but a lonely experience to boot. If you weather through the difficulty, or use a guide like I did, its got a narrative with lots of heart, and a joy to experience to its conclusion.
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Posté le : 6 mars
The game in two words: enchantingly maudlin.

This is one of the best games that I have played on Steam. So cheap it's a steal. It tugged at my heart strings in all of the right places and it left me longing for more. It was relaxing, emotional, unique, and memorable.
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Posté le : 2 janvier
Ether One looks like a Walking Simulator at first but it's actually more like an evolution of Myst/Riven combined with the new Dear Esther line of games. A meatier Gone Home if you like. While you will spend most of the time exploring a masterfully handpainted British coastal village of the 60s (powered by the latest Unreal Engine) getting sound cues whenever you approach something meaningful, you will have to collect pieces of the various puzzles scattered around and put them together to learn more about the story of this now abandoned village and its long gone inhabitants.

While one could maintain that the environment is beautiful and extremely fascinating by itself, and the puzzles easy enough that you feel compelled to complete them even if you are usually not a big fan, it's the story that draws you in. It begins without telling you much, other than you are someone willing to undergo a certain experiment apparently dealing with memory recovery and memory loss. You enter a high tech facility and sit on a weird chair that sends you back to the magnificent Pinwheel Village and its wonderful tangle of intense, dramatic and lovely little stories. As a detective of memories, that you will somehow piece together, you will learn about a slew of minor facts and most importantly what led the village to its downfall, not to mention the most important task you've been sent to solve: who are you.

As I mentioned, I don't have the patience for puzzle games anymore, but Ether One got me hooked since the very first minute. The smartest idea White Paper Games came up with is that you DO NOT really have to solve the puzzles if you don't want to. You can advance the main story simply collecting some red ribbons in the each area you visit, but it goes without saying that by doing so you will skip the large amount of content they filled Pinwheel village with. Every house has a story, every office of the mining facility seems to have some memories worth uncovering and every character you find traces of in one part of the little town might have more of his/her personal story revealed later on as the lives of all these people were intertwined with each other, and their sons and daughters, as you would expect from such a tiny community. Thing can get emotionally intense, which is a bonus for me, but never in a suffocating way. For a puzzle game this does a really good job in leaving the players freedom to play it the way they like.

Took me about 15 hours to go through all the content I could find only to realize there's a whole extra section I missed that will totally make me replay the game. I feel like I am from Pinwheel too now, and I care about my neighbours or at least the memories of my neighbours, and feel bad for what happened to some of them or happy for the positive outcomes of some others. While I am sure that more expert puzzlers than me can finish the game in about 8 hours, there's much more to see and do than I was expecting from a 7€ title. The visuals are great and so is the level design, and a special mention deserves the audio department which does a wonderful job in giving life in an otherwise empty and abandoned village.
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Posté le : 16 janvier
After playing a few hours, I'm feeling a lot of things, but I don't know how to describe them or the experience I was just having. However, I think the greatest of those feelings is...wonder.

Ether One is not the most polished title in terms of gameplay sometimes, but it is utterly unique and something I would highly recommend to anyone even SLIGHTLY interested.
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Posté le : 3 février
There are many positives with this game, the graphics, overarching story, voice acting, are some of them. The developer has worked hard. However, there is one BUT and for those who, like me, want to chose this game for the opportunity to do puzzles then this BUT is HUGE. The large majority of the puzzles are solved by performing totally random actions. Other reviewers has used the term 'counterintuitive', which sounds like you need to think outside of the box here. This is not the case, most puzzles are just random, which can work in small games where you have a screen or two and just few items in the inventory. Here the map is huge and having to go back and for continously and interact with everything with no clue of what you are looking for or trying to achieve is exhausting and frustrating. In my case I also had a couple of bugs, which meant I had to lose +2hours of game to back to an earlier save to be able to proceed. It was luck I still have that save as you can only keep three saves. I am sorry, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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Posté le : 18 novembre 2014
I was excited to play this game, but it turned out not to be particularly fun or satisfying. The solutions to the puzzles are too arbitrary, requiring various items distributed randomly around the environment. A tricky puzzle will have you searching and re-searching the same areas until you decide to just play a different game. The dev needed to design the puzzles with more logic and flow, or at least put everything needed to solve the puzzle in smaller areas so the player doesn't spend so much time uselessly rifling through drawers. Really a shame since I like the game's style.

Also, the story is about dementia, so it's a bit of a downer, but you don't need to solve the puzzles to get to the end.

Recommendation: play Gone Home instead.
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4.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 7 février

+ Well written story.

+ Nice graphics.

+ Innovative puzzles.

- The game was too short.

- Awkward controls.
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5.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 6 avril 2014
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C’est un bon jour pour les amateurs de jeux d’aventure avec la sortie sur Steam, GOG et Humble du premier jeu du studio britannique White Paper Games : Ether One.

Dans un futur proche, des scientifiques sont en voie de trouver un moyen de guérir les patients atteints de démence. Pour cela, certaines personnes dotée de capacités spéciales, appelées les restaurateurs (aucun rapport avec les restaurants), vont explorer les souvenirs des malades grace à une sorte de casque de réalité virtuelle.

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Posté le : 29 juin 2014
Ether One fait parti de ces jeux inattendus et achetés sur un coup de cœur en allant sur le site d'Humble Bundle. Après avoir regardé le trailer, je me suis décidé à l'acheter en édition Deluxe en pré-commande histoire d'avoir tous les bonus promis. Ensuite j'ai commencé à y jouer tranquillement pour me voir bloqué très rapidement! Après des années de jeux d'action, de RPG et autres Point N' Click, je me pensais aguéri et plus malin que je ne l'étais en réalité. Dès le premier puzzle, me voilà bloqué et cela faisait bien longtemps que ca ne m'était pas arrivé.

Ce jeu vous place dans la peu d'un Restorer qui doit aller trouver des bribes de mémoire d'un patient atteint de démence. Pour ce faire, il vous faudra vous mettre dans sa tête et revivre ses souvenirs soit primaires soit profonds. Ether One est un jeu qui fait la part belle à l'exploration et surtout à la découverte et qui fait tout pour votre sens de l'observation soit aux aguets et pour vous alliez chercher au delà des apparences.

Le jeu se décompose en actes que l'on visiter et qui représente une ville côtière anglaise avec ses industries, sa mine, son port. Il faut découvrir ce qu'il s'est passé dans la vie du patient en trouvant des rubans rouges qui lui permettront de recouvrer un peu sa mémoire perdue mais qui du même coup vous fera ressentir les mêmes sensations que lui. Une fois un certain nombre de rubans trouvés dans la zone, vous pourrez ensuite passer à une transition bien faite dans laquelle on avancera comme une ombre et où il nous faudra prendre des photos pour découvrir ce qu'il s'est passé dans cette pièce ou cet appartement ou autre.

Trouver ses rubans constitue la trame principale du jeu et elle est accessible au commun des mortels car il suffit de les chercher et de les trouver afin d'avancer, bien sur il faudra aussi résoudre une ou deux énigmes mais rien de bien folichon malgré mon fail du départ. Pour résoudre ces énigmes, il vous faudra réfléchir et trouver comment utiliser les objets avec d'autres afin d'avoir la bon qui vous fera passer l'énigme. On est assez proche d'un point n'click dans la démarche si ce n'est que le jeu se joue à la 1ère personne.

On peut se téléporter dans une salle où l'on peut stocker tous les objets trouvés car on ne peut en porter qu'un seul à la fois. Il nous arrivera d'ailleurs de faire pas mal d'aller retour afin de trouver la bonne ampoule qui nous montrera un tracé invisible par exemple. Jusque là rien de bien compliqué même si il nous sera parfois nécessaire de noter sur papier les éléments mis à notre disposition et de laisser passer quelques heures afin de bien y réfléchir et ainsi de trouver ce qu'il faut faire.

En revanche, si vous voulez découvrir tous les mystères du jeu, il faudra dès lors s'accrocher car c'est là où l'on trouver toute la magie de ce jeu, on peut y jouer comme on le souhaite, en casual ou en pro de l'énigme en remettant sur pieds des projecteurs qui nous feront découvrir d'autres éléments plus intenses et personnels de la vie des intervenants du jeu.

Pour remettre sur pied ces projecteurs, il va falloir cravacher sérieusement, certaines énigmes sont particulièrement retords et nécessiteront d'être à plusieurs afin de voir la lumière car il arrivera souvent que l'on soit bloqué alors que la solution est sous nos yeux. Il faut tout lire, tout observer, tout écouter aussi et bien entendu tout noter. N'espérez pas terminer le jeu à 100% en 7-8 heures, il vous faudra pas une bonne dizaine d'heures pour y parvenir et encore, sans forcément débloquer les 20 projecteurs ni débloquer tous les achievements.

Autre point fort d'Ether One, la réalisation. Même si il ne paye pas de mine avec des graphismes un brin désuet, le jeu est fluide, franchement beau par endroits et surtout il dispose d'une bande son vraiment époustouflante tant elle se marie bien avec l'univers et l'ambiance du jeu. Il faut savoir que le jeu est tout en anglais et qu'il sera encore plus difficile si vous n'avez pas un bon niveau d'anglais même avec les sous-titres. La maniabilité est parfois un peu complexe sur certaines actions mais on parvient toujours à s'en sortir.

Ether One dispose également de niveaux très bien faits et parfois très complexes, on est très loin des couloirs des derniers JRPG et autres FPS. Ici, il faudra faire soi-même ses plans tant certains niveaux sont complexes et tant il faut parfois aller à un endroit précis pour y trouver le bon élément qui fera avancer un autre endroit, frustrant certes mais jamais rédhibitoire. Il faudra également s'habituer à voyager sur la carte principale du jeu car il faudra faire de nombreux aller-retours dans d'anciens niveaux déjà bouclés pour avancer sur d'autres, fourbe mais jouissif lorsque l'on y arrive.

L'histoire est poignante, le scénario excellent et le jeu des acteurs est magistral! Il n'y a rien à reprocher au jeu à ce niveau-là. Si je n'ai pas l'intention de vous spoiler, je peux tout de même vous dire que le jeu en vaut la chandelle et que le final est vraiment...vraiment brillant. C'est un jeu à l'ancienne avec sa difficulté à la carte et il rebutera très certainement la plupart des détectives en herbe tant certaines énigmes sont complexes mais sincèrement, Ether One est le jeu de l'année pour moi pour le moment et de très très loin. J'écoute quotidiennement la bande son et j'en ai presque des frissons rien qu'à penser à ce que représente les titres dans le scénario.

Si vous aimez les jeux intelligents et qui vous font réfléchir un peu plus que d'aller trouver une clé pour ouvrir une porte ou d'aller butiner le pistil d'une licorne magique pour découvrir qu'en fait il s'agissait d'un demi-dieu qui était là en sous-marin et qui recherche des jeunes aux allures de stars de la K-pop afin d'aller sauver le monde et l'univers avec moult sidekicks tous plus têtes à claques les uns que les autres et qu'il faudra sacrifier à un moment ou à un autre histoire de tirer une petite larme aux plus sensibles, ce jeu est fait pour vous!
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Posté le : 15 octobre 2014

+ very nice presentation, art is awesome, runs great on max settings
+ nice music, good voice acting
+ point and click adventure game with some very hard puzzles, that are not essentially needed to proceed, meaning you can just explore the environment and complete the story without solving almost any puzzle. this is NOT recommendded - the puzzles are extremely well designed, they are mostly about reconstructing a memory by reading and finding relevant items, cracking safes etc. - great idea about moving between the 2 worlds of the game and storing items or reading the important documents you found so far
+ complex story, emotional at times , with some horror elements, very interesting though you will want to see what happens
+ controls and gameplay mechanics flawless
+ good duration, replayability (as it is very hard to complete it the first time by solving everything)

- playing for the first time you might not understand exactly what you have to do or how to solve the puzzles, if you have the patience to proceed a bit you will be rewarded though - it could be a bit more beginner friendly
- sometimes finding items needed to solve puzzles is frustrating, they might be far away from the scene or even in a totally different location (item or hint)

one of my favorites adventures of the year, very professional work, highly recommended to those who like adventure and puzzle games in general with a good story

hint: don't forget to hold left mouse button on an object (that you can get) to read its description/name, this is vital for some puzzles
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