Pixel Boy and the ever expanding dungeon is an Action-RPG Shoot-em-up with dynamically generated stages across twenty levels and four acts each with an epic boss. Players can stack and combine power ups into over 6000 different powerful weapons as well as craft custom armours to overcome the dangers of the dungeon.
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发行日期: 2014年5月30日


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"Difficult and intersting roguelike action game. Use your ammunition wisely."

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Pixel Boy v1.13 Patch Notes (02-24-2015)

These are the latest fixes and changes to Pixel Boy. Thanks to the community for their support.

**** CHANGES / FIXES ****
•The following achievements have been recoded and double check to now work:

  • Key Master
  • Crammed Keychain
  • Treasure Trump
  • Baller
  • Shot Caller
  • Surfing Like Scrooge
•The unusual frame rate issues have been addressed.
•Resolution Dialog Box has been restored for the time being
•Resolutions changes made in the options menu will now take effect when leaving the options menu.
•The Hardcore score is now correctly being recorded.

If you find more issues or there are any inconsistencies please email us at info@giantboxgames.com or post on the forums.

Thanks for the patience and support.

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Pixel Boy v1.12a (02-08-2015)

These are the latest fixes and changes to Pixel Boy. Thanks to the community for their support.

**** CHANGES / FIXES ****
•Now allow players to hold 'ALT' when launching the game (before it opens) to open the resolution dialog in case of video/resolution problems. This also seems to give access to some incredibly complicated Input menu that we are looking into and will sort out in a later update hopefully :)
•Fixed some rare Linux on-launch issues preventing users from properly opening the game
•Made several graphical fixes throughout the game
•Addressed several Keyboard / Controller bugs
•Fixed many other small bugs reported to us by players, thanks :)

If you find more issues or there are any inconsistencies please email us at info@giantboxgames.com or post on the forums.

Thanks for the patience and support.

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“if your youth was spent training your fingers by dodging bullets and frantically firing weapons at foes in games like Xenon II, Galaga, Metroid and others, you’ll love what Pixel Boy has to offer”
8.6/10 – htxt.africa

“a surefire win for fans of the roguelike genre”
4/5 – Twinfinite

“The art design is fabulous, in that it slightly modernized the 8-bit theme, then puked neon all over it”
GamerTell "A" – Technology Tell


Pixel Boy is an Action-RPG Shoot-em-up with dynamically generated stages across four acts each with an epic boss finale. Players can craft custom armours as well as stack and combine power ups into over 6000 different powerful weapons to overcome the dangers of the dungeon.


  • Four uniquely themed acts each with dynamically generated dungeon levels within.
  • Epic Boss Battles at the end of each act with unique mechanics and challenges
  • Many different Combine-able and Stack-able Weapons and Power ups for OVER 6000!!! unique combinations
  • Crafting system with five types of armour each with several tiered levels that have different effects and powers
  • Character leveling with customize-able builds across several base stats
  • Multiple Vendors and shops to purchase better items, power ups, and equipment
  • A wide variety of enemies with unique combat approaches
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Survival Mode
  • Controller Support

Pixel Boy features an awesome electronic original soundtrack composed entirely by popular and talented French artist Pyramid.

Pick up the soundtrack today!

Help Pixel Boy on his arduous journey to become the Hero of Resolutia and this year’s Dungeon Runner’s World Champion!

Pixel Boy is a dungeon crawling top down Action Shooter. You control Pixel Boy and enter the randomly generated dungeons below the town of Resolutia. There are four acts in total, each with a powerful boss at their climax. Every dungeon is filled to the brim with aggressive and deadly enemies. As Pixel Boy you will encounter swarms of giant ants, packs of snapping dogs and even lethal dungeon birds. To help Pixel Boy bear this burden there are many tools at your disposal. Various pixel powerups can be found or purchased to help Pixel Boy overcome the treacherous dungeons beneath Resolutia.

Spreadshot, Shields, Splitshot, Heat seekers, Critical Strike Modifiers, Time Stoppers and much more are available. Three pixel powers can be equipped at a time and are stackable AND combinable so that Pixel Boy can find the best combination of over 6000 powers to defeat his adversaries most efficiently.

Various types and tiers of armours can be crafted by obtaining the appropriate armour orbs dropped within the dungeons depths. Each piece of armour has different effects, abilities and levels of power dependent on its tier and orbs used to create it.

Throughout the dungeon Pixel Boy may encounter a variety of randomly generated unique rooms. Make sure Pixel Boy pockets any keys he finds, as treasure rooms have chests that are always locked to protect their secrets. Be wary every time Pixel Boy moves from room to room, as simply entering a room could trigger a dangerous trap; locking him in the room until every monster has been defeated within. Pixel Boy should also pay close attention to torches as they could lead the way to secrets and treasures. Collect all the coins Pixel Boy finds and spend them on items, powerups and armour at the shops back in town.

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone that has supported us along our journey in the development of Pixel Boy, you all kick butt and have made it super worthwhile. If you would like to follow us or discuss anything Pixel Boy related, feel free to visit our site, twitter, and like us on Facebook. Please don't hesitate to let us know about a bug, error, exploit or heck, even just something you dislike, we are always listening.

We hope to be able to continue to update the game and add features continually after release, free of charge of course.
So don't hesitate to send your suggestions and ideas.

Giant Box Games
Twitter - @TeamPixelBoy


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP +
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256mb at least and nothing over... let's say, five years old.
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: It shouldn't be too much of a feat to run Pixel Boy, but if you are trying to play on a modded refrigerator, purchase at your own risk.
    • OS: Windows 7/8
    • Processor: Quad Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: The newest of the new is obviously recommended. How much of a difference it will make, well of that we're not sure.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE32 or Tandy 1000
    • Additional Notes: If these specs don't play it, there is probably something wrong with your computer, or you. Also, the sound card was a joke, sorry, bad taste to all those that are still holding out for the Sound Cards triumphant mainstream return.
    • OS: OSX 10.5+
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256mb at least and nothing over... let's say, five years old.
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Most 32-bit and 64-bit Linux OS
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256mb at least and nothing over... let's say, five years old.
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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编辑了半天发现[list][/list]和[olist][/olist] 里面本身和互相都不能嵌套么。。


  • 每次放入5颗宝石铸造,只能在城镇中铸造(教学关不算),护甲等级和宝石种类决定属性,数量最多的宝石决定被动技能,数量一样多按排序决定
  • 护甲等级:
    • tier1,铸造花费100,基础护甲值10
    • tier2,铸造花费400,基础护甲值15
    • tier3,铸造花费750,基础护甲值20
    • tier4,铸造花费1250,基础护甲值25
    • tier5,铸造花费2000,基础护甲值30
  • 护甲宝珠:
    • 红色宝珠,火属性,加护甲值, 决定被动:被击时周身放出一轮子弹
    • 绿色宝珠,风属性,加射程, 决定被动:被击时放出龙卷风
    • 蓝色宝珠,冰属性,加伤害, 决定被动:被击时冰冻周围敌人,实际上是被击后对敌人发动从天上掉落的跟踪性子弹攻击。。。不知道为何
    • 黄色宝珠,敏捷属性,加移动速度,决定被动:从危险逃离(就造过一次,不知道什么效果)
    • 橙色宝珠,岩浆属性,加射速, 决定被动:被击时掉落岩浆
  • 穿上护甲时血量被护甲值所替代,护甲的护甲值可以在铁砧处花钱修复,一旦耐久归0护甲就消失,当然护甲附加的属性也没了,得重新铸造。

  • 有三格弹药装备栏位,
  • 装备弹药时三格弹药栏中的特效会相互叠加,一同进行消耗。
  • 弹药类型:
    • H:装备时增加最大生命
    • M: 在背后进行镜像射击
    • SH: 装备时有保护性的像素在周身旋转,伤害靠近的敌人
    • 蓝色的R: 子弹射出后一定时间返回,再次进行伤害,但是会减少射程
    • 红色的R: 血越少,攻击越高
    • SP: 子弹分裂
    • S: 扇形射出,根据装备数量不同有3,5,7条
    • B: 增加子弹大小
    • G: 子弹逐渐变大
    • HS: 追踪敌人
    • LS: 生命吸收,要装备着打死很多敌人才会回1格血
    • C: 子弹有几率造成暴击伤害,根据装备的数量有20%的几率造成2/3/4倍暴击伤害
    • SL: 使敌人减速
    • A: 穿透攻击
  • 主动消耗道具:
    • E: 5秒内360度自动射出子弹,这个子弹会受到当前装备弹药的加成
    • I : 无敌一段时间
    • T: 一段时间内进入类似子弹时间的效果
  • 大部分只有在宝箱开出后才能解锁,之后才能在商店购买。
  • 还有部分弹药和主动道具没解锁,也不高兴再打第二遍了。
  • 不同种类弹药可以花钱合成一个弹药,效果叠加,因为只有3个装备栏位,只有通过合成才能实现很多弹药属性叠加。当然你可以把所有种类的弹药合成起来成为一个超级弹药,但代价比较大,游戏流程掉落的金钱并不足以支持。所以只能不同情况用不同类型组合的弹药。
  • 合成14种弹药后打起来效果很炫呀!
  • 所有弹药最大弹药量都是500,用完消失,用完之前可以在弹药合成处花钱重新填装到500,
  • 升级,这游戏也有升级系统,一级四个属性点自由分配,属性有:生命、射程、伤害、移动速度、射速。

  • 此游戏一共四大关,每大关四小关+一个BOSS关,一路都是线性无法回头的,无法通过重复刷之前的图来提升等级和钱,打完好像领个奖杯回到标题画面就删档了。
  • 打开门后关卡正式开始,升降梯会升上去。
  • 每关找到红绿蓝三把钥匙后在出口按E进入下一关。
  • 每关开始的地方都有两个起先打不开的门,里面有一个大号宝箱。
  • 每一小关(除了BOSS关)都会有一个房间有四个宝箱,需要钥匙开启,建议找到全开,有可能解锁新的弹药。
  • HARDCORE模式个人感觉相当难。

  • 有时进入一个房间后头上会冒感叹号,此时房间的所有门都锁死并不断生成怪物,因为没地方周旋,如果火力不猛很容易被群殴死。
  • 关于加点,到后面觉得射程和移动速度够用就行了,还是伤害和射击速度两个决定最终DPS的属性比较重要。
  • 关于BOSS:个人觉得前三个BOSS还挺好打的,第四个BOSS一开始是个蛋,无法被攻击,要引诱它撞上房间四角上的石头破壳才能攻击。
  • 每过一小关可以在下一关的开始坐电梯(好吧,木制升降梯)回城镇休整一下,比如护甲没了重新造个护甲,买弹药合成弹药补充弹药值什么的。
  • 空格键的护盾记得用呀。
  • 掉落物:敌人会掉落:金钱,蘑菇,弹药,子弹(补充装备栏弹药数量,没装备弹药就不补充,白吃了)
  • 商店:
  • 关于蘑菇:

  • 敌人挺有趣的,需要各种策略应付,不过每次小关开始会随机摇出四种敌人类型生成。

  • 因为获得金钱较少,为了节省弹药,打单个怪的时候把弹药卸下来,打箱子木桶的时候也要把弹药卸下来,好烦呀!就不能设个快捷键么。
  • 物品栏中的弹药无法移动位置,特别别扭
  • 常会有怪物卡位穿墙的情况
  • 游戏内容感觉还是比较少,到后面,地图重复而且特别大,怪物重复,到处都是怪物追着你跑,还缺钱,感觉游戏体验并不是很愉快,我要爽,我要爽呀!
  • 这个游戏射出带多种特效的像素子弹的美术风格还是挺喜欢的,但是:不能爽!╮(╯▽╰)╭
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This game is super fun. I definetely recommend this game, Worth the $10 and it's currently even on sale for $4 so pick this game up!

- Art Style is very nice
- Music is awesome, i enjoyed the music in this game. In most games with such game play i usually mute the music but not in this, it's pretty upbeat and enjoyable
- RPG elements with shoot em up gameplay mechanics? Yes please!
- Some funny stuff thrown in there too
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4.8 小时(记录在案的)
The premise of this game is great: a twin stick shooter with combinable / craftable powerups and armor, and RPG lite character leveling.

Originally, there were some balance related issues that I felt detracted from the fun too much for me to recommend the game (limited ammo on powerups combined with bugs that required more ammo to break crates and the amount of gold you could earn per level compared to what it would cost to get back all those cool powerups when they ran out) but recent changes have addressed those concerns, and the addition of controller support improved the experience even more!

There are still some minor bugs to be squashed, but overall the game is fun, and the developers are very actively engaged in listening to user feedback and fixing issues they report!
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一名开发者在 1月1日上午10:37 作出回复
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11.5 小时(记录在案的)
Damn shrooms ruined me man... I'm at -7 speed... a snail is faster than me.

Nice dungeon crawler otherwise (on sale though, full price you may feel you didn't get your moneys worth other than the fungi fest)... just stay away from the mushrooms, sure sometimes they give great highs but the lows man... THE LOWS!

Addendum: This game is a pretty sweet top down shooter overall... I heartily recommend it and heck, you need to shroom if you want to increase your stats above the level limit so yay for fungi!
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2.6 小时(记录在案的)
just... just too damn fun while being delightfully difficult (maybe it's just me) another great rogue-like to go along with Rogue Legacy. The pixel construction mechanic is sweet with some pretty ridiculously cool combinations. Great soundtrack that gets (pleasantly) stuck in my head and drags me back in to dungeon crawl again.
Hands down the best part though is the narration at the beginning of every level, really adds a touch of zazz that any nerd can love.
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0.5 小时(记录在案的)
Fun game with interesting mechanics. Really enjoyed the music and weapon combos!
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17 人中有 14 人(82%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 1 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
5.8 小时(记录在案的)
a neat shooter rpg with cool music and lots of upgrading and customization fun. Pretty challenging so far, but im enjoying it.
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4.1 小时(记录在案的)
Amazingly fun game to play. Love the top down style gameplay and the graphics have a great feel to them and take me back to some of the older games I've played. Great nostalgia factor mixed with a modern twist. The developer really did a good job and thought out what would make a worthwhile game. Two thumbs up!
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1.0 小时(记录在案的)
This game is interesting. The graphics were better than anticipated, the gameplay is easy to grasp and hard to master, and there's a difficulty that isn't easy to overcome. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this game. I got it as part of a bundle for a very low price, so I feel that it was worth more than I paid for it, and while I'm not sure how expensive this game actually is, I can definitely say that it is fun.

8/10, pretty fun
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0.6 小时(记录在案的)
A randomly generated dungeon crawler with nice music and a lot of power-ups to play with and leveling up sistem. Good game to pass an hour or two of your free time.

Some good casual fun.
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0.9 小时(记录在案的)
This game is really fun! I'm not usually a fan of this style, but the mechanics in Pixel Boy are on point and it's a great buy for the price. You can play it over and over to keep hoarding new loot and power-ups.
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6.1 小时(记录在案的)
Its fun and unique, with a awesome soundtrack.
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1.8 小时(记录在案的)
Short version: This game feels slow, boring, and unfinished. And the game mechanics seem to be working against itself. That being said, it's probably an okay kids game.

Long version: At first glance, this game seems pretty decent. Twin stick styled overhead shooter with eye pleasing low poly graphics, responsive controls, and decent music. But after playing nearly two hours of it, I can say so far it's been very same-y and disappointing. It's not a roguelike, as I've seen it be referred to as, since there's little penalty for death. It's just a twin stick dungeon crawler type thing.

First off, the combat. WASD moves the character, mouse shoots. You can get limited ammo power ups, wear armor, blah. The enemies are for the most part nonthreatening, so the power ups aren't really vital. Plus the level design is really claustrophobic. So enemies will usually be funneling through narrow halls and doorways, oftentimes getting stuck on each other. The only real danger of being hit is at the start of the floor, when the doors open, and enemies from the adjacent rooms all bum rush you, getting shot from offscreen, or when an enemy decides to hide behind a door frame and ram into you. And because the game is pretty slow at the beginning, you have plenty of time to react to any encroaching danger, at least if you can see it. Another serious issue comes from the fact that the enemy ai doesn't seem to know how to navigate the modular rooms, and frequently gets stuck in door frames. Or if they are a roaming type, end up collecting in a far off corner of the map, no where near the player. The usually frenetic and fun combat that usually comes from twin stick shooters just isn't here.

The level design itself, as I mentioned before, seems to be working against the game mechanics. It's a twin stick shooter shoehorned into tight boxes and hallways. With the exception of the boss fights, which do open up a bit, the level design is nearly identical boxes and hallways. There's really no reason to dodge anything when the better alternative is to just run back into the previous room and shoot enemies as they get stuck in the door frame. There are a few bigger rooms that may spawn, but they usually have a gimmick about them take takes up most of the real estate, but the gimmick is usually 'hold the space bar for a bit'. And even though the floors are randomly generated, it's hard to tell, because thus far they've all looked nearly identical in layout. You start on the bottom left corner of the map, next to a set of bonus rooms you can unlock somewhere on that floor. The exit to the next floor is generally only a few room to the top right, and a tresure chest room reasonably close to that. And a few square rooms scattered around all of this, hiding exit keys and monsters. The boss rooms open up a bit, but the bosses themselves are pretty simplistic and easy.

There's a selection of power ups, but a lot of them seem superfluous. There's spread and split shots, which seem pointless since there's very few areas that aren't tiny boxes with bottle necks. You have homing shots, shots that make your bullets bigger, passive bullet shields, single use bomb like items. You can equip armor that gives you extra hits and passive abilities. But really, you'd probably just be better off pumping all of your stat points into damage and speed and just using whatever else you might have. You can also get stat boosting or reducing mushrooms, but they don't really factor in much, since they seem fairly rare, and barely bump your stats in either direction. So neither risk nor reward.

The bright spots are the graphics and music. The graphics are colorful and pleasing, while still having a low poly look. The overhead prospective is fine, with the exception that enemies can hide behind door frames and get cheap hits on you as a result. Game runs fine, with the exception of the second boss, which for some bizarre reason tanked my framerate down to almost single digits. And the music is chiptune-y and reasonably catchy. Having closed the game out 15 minutes ago, I can't even remember any of the musical tracks already, but it did serve it's purpose of being something inoffensive playing in the background.

Overall, this feels like an early access game that just happened to be put on the full release list. There's not much content (apparently I'm already half way through the game, and the only reason I have almost two hours in it is because of the slow pace), and the combat doesn't change past the tutorial. I can really only recommend it at a deep discount, as a bundle extra, or as something for a younger kid to play. But I can't personally recommend it, considering there's better alternatives on Steam that are cheaper too.
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0.5 小时(记录在案的)
A fun action RPG dungeon crawler with procedural generation, offering a great deal of replayability. Initially, I wasn't sure what to make of this one, but the more I play it, the more I enjoy it.
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1.4 小时(记录在案的)
I normally don't write reviews, but this game definitely made me want to. The game is really fun to play and addicting.

+ Addicting gameplay
+ Great soundtrack
+ Semi-fast paced

+ A bit repetitive

Although I gave it a con of repetitiveness it is still really fun to play and addicting. Definitely worth the price point and jump on it if it is ever on sale/in a bundle.

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1.5 小时(记录在案的)
It won't let me use the WASD keys what do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!
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2.0 小时(记录在案的)
This game is Amazing! so worth the price and the time you have to put it, the tutorial is superb and explains everything, The powerup combos are unique and the crafting system is not too shabby.

It will keep you entertained for hours!#
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PIXEL BOY is mediocre at best. It's confusing uncreative and it tries way too hard to be funny. The mechanics might be interesting, but they are not well implemented. I don't like this game at all.
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+ lets me find my own way to beat it -> I feel clever (Although I suspect the authors did not intend this but left holes in their game design instead)
+ lets me shoot my own bullet hell (But see below!)
+ very effective character stats system (Health, damage, range, etc. - all have direct influence. No overhead-layer with "strength, dexterity, endurance,...")
+ the music
+ not too easy and enough health points to not be too frustrating (your mileage my vary)

- NO expanding dungeon! (Did normal mode in ONE DAY) You only get: 4 acts. Each has: 4 maps + 1 boss map.
- Procedurally generated? Big words for merely swapping around the same rooms.
- very limited monster variety
- boring level graphics - although that's the smallest of the problems for me.
- broken ammunition / weapon design

The ammunition rules in this game effectively kill most of the fun you could have had with the advertised weapon system:
- Die in normal mode: lose all weapons !
- Empty your ammo -> lose your current weapon !
- Ammunition *as loot* drops only in ineffective doses

It is not easy to maintan armor repair costs with the loot money. But ammunition cost?! Even if I dedicate all my money to ammunition...
- I can only buy ammo in town
- I can only go to town before starting the next map
- I can only fill up the (250 shot) magazine of the weapon.
Effectively I had to use the boring one-shot default weapon most of the time because it has unlimited ammo. And only use the cool weapons sparingly. Switching these weapons on and off was an additional annoyance. (HOTKEY?!) Did I mention you lose ALL weapons when you die? I feel betrayed by the ads promising me to shoot one gorgeous pixel wave after another.

The game design also has other very rough edges. Example: Shooting the containers standing around all over the maps takes multiple shots on most containers. So I stood and fired and waited until they broke - this filled at least 25% of all time I played this game. Very annoying. Although I carried neither armor nor upgraded weapon for a long time to save money, I still needed the money from many of the containers. So why not let all of the containers break on first bullet? It would then turn around the experience and be fun instead - to see all the environment break under my bullets fast and easy. (By the way: More damage does NOT make them break faster. In later levels you even get containers that need MORE shots. FACEPALM! I suspect very short sighted game design here: "These containers look more robust, so I decide they break after 4 shots instead of 3.")

All that said - I DO like the game.

But I made it my mission to warn you and tell the truth - which the ads DO NOT.
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33.7 小时(记录在案的)
I only expected to play Pixel Boy for a little while, but here I am three hours later hopelessly addicted and unable to contain my thoughts on it. The dungeon-crawling genre is one we've all come to know and love, but I can't even remember the last time one felt as fresh and unique as Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon. There are plenty of reasons why this stands out among the rest of the bunch on Steam;

My first moment with Pixel Boy is a relaxing one, with a slightly blurred image of the quaint little pixel town, Resolutia rolling by the title screen as I'm treated to the relaxing melodies of french electro artist Pyramid. I already feel like I'm in a most blissful state. However, this feeling of relaxation quickly ends, as I start the game and am thrown into the confines of a dark, dusty old dungeon and a glowing trail of blue light as my only guide in this confusion. The game eases you into the mechanics using a humorous narrator that reminded me a lot of Professor Frink from The Simpsons. The lines are delivered infrequently enough to not be a hindrance and are actually pretty damn funny.

The almost Minecraft-like graphics are extremely familiar and nostalgic and work exceptionally beautiful in tandem with it's mellow, almost cosmic sounding soundtrack. You're introduced to the armor and pixel power crafting system which are incredibly dynamic and massive in scope when it comes to the number of possibilities and the diversity shown in their execution. Fiddling around with the vast amount of powerups you come across to see which new powerful attacks you can come up with quickly becomes an obsession.

After finding the RGB keys and making it out of the first dungeon alive, you're brought back to the pixel-y town from the title-screen which you learn is your base of operations. This base will supply you with a multitude of features including shops for pixel powerups, armor, crafting, a monster museum to keep track of the enemies you've encountered, and doors leading to each of the main campaign dungeons. There is also a mysterious and colorful fountain in the center of the town which seems to be the source of the bliss enducing melody you hear.

Once you're done with your introduction to the the town, you will quickly return back to the depths of new dungeons where the pace really begins to pick up, with the music being kicked up a notch going from mellow ambiance to heavy, pulsating rhythms that pump you up for the oncoming journey. The action itself is fantastically solid and fast paced, with an array of stylish monsters and crazy bullet patterns there is a lot going on on the screen at once and it can become a serious sensory-overload in the best way possible. The top-down action combat here is very reminiscent of classics such as Smash T.V. or Pocky and Rocky combined with a weapon combo system similar to Gunstar Heroes and that is a *very* good thing for old school gamers or fans of the golden age of gaming.

The roguelike elements become strongly apparent here and are just right, with heavy randomized factors to the dungeon even involving a slot machine minigame to help decide the mobs for your current run (A really cool touch to the randomized aspect of these games!) and persistant stats and gold that will carry over between your deaths, making each consecutive and seemingly impossible run that much easier. The dungeons become extremely challenging and you'll be forced to utilize every item you find and every shop you happen to come across, as well as chestrooms which contain useful powerups for you to use (sometimes negative effects for the unlucky) if you're able to find or buy keys throughout the floor.

Pixel Boy really hits that rogue-lite sweet spot and will feel right at home with fans of games like Full Mojo Rampage or Binding of Isaac who want extreme replayability and even deeper, faster paced gameplay. This is an absolute must-have for any dungeon-crawler or rogue-lite collection.
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