Pixel Boy and the ever expanding dungeon is an Action-RPG Shoot-em-up with dynamically generated stages across twenty levels and four acts each with an epic boss. Players can stack and combine power ups into over 6000 different powerful weapons as well as craft custom armours to overcome the dangers of the dungeon.
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Date de parution: 30 mai 2014

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26 novembre

Pixel Boy v1.1 (11-26-2014)

These are the latest fixes and changes to Pixel Boy. Thanks to the community and everyone that has helped us find errors.

**** ADDITIONS ****
+Controller Support Added for many controllers
+Survival Mode Added
+New SFX, GFX, and various things and what nots.
+New Trailer

**** CHANGES / FIXES ****
•Save / Load systems for Normal Mode is now fixed and rewritten from scratch. No more sketchiness (we hope)
•Act doors should now at all times lead to the exact right places, even when people attempt to go out of their way and break them. (we’re not point fingers, but, you know who you are ;) )
•All scenes are now error free, not just in the Retail build, but in Unity too, hurray for efficiency.
•Menus over other menus? No thank you. Menus have all been rewritten and sorted. While they are not the most incredible things ever made, they definitely always work the way they’re supposed to now.
•Main menu is now nice and functional. We are considering removing the Launcher as now all options are accessible through the options menu.
•SFX / Music / Narration / Mute settings should now properly save / load throughout your journey when you want or don’t want to hear them.
•We added the talented Haley Requa to our credits for her wicked good programming work.
•Survival best time tracking in main menu.
•Trap rooms bizarre issues resolved throughout the acts
•No more town level gain exploit
•Skip slot machine with controller or space
•Control messaging throughout the game has been rewritten and is hopefully clearer
•Death Menus now properly function the way they should and send the players to the right spots.
•Armour shop now allows players to properly sell their orbs / powerups
•In normal mode you now only lose the powerups you were holding when you die. Everything in your bag, and all your XP is saved so you can try again.
•Hardcore mode now ensures that when you die, you lose everything and must start the game from the beginning again. (tread carefully)
•Armour crafting has been tuned and the UI works better than it did.
•The entire power up / power up crafting system has been rewritten to be more efficient and easier to use with far less impact on the system. (Clarification- it is now only ~10% of the lines of code it used to be)
•The power up shop now accurately reflects the powerups you have found throughout the dungeon.
•The tutorial has been reworked to reflect the new control scheme.
•Things in the main menu grey out when they are supposed to.
•The main menu should now properly scale to different monitors and resolve the menu not being visible to a very few.
•Main menu has confirmation dialogs before starting any mode or deleting your save
•Fixed achievements that seemed to not work for some, and one that was previously unachieveable.
•Fixed inventory is full but not full problems.
•Astral shot now correctly affects all the things it should affect… effect?
•Right click or press action 2 to remove materials from a crafting table now.
•Refilling ammo no longer unequips to item unnecessarily
•Refilling ammo has had its cost rebalanced
•Repairing armour has had its cost rebalanced
•Coins / Keys / Armour Orbs / Ammo pickups will all now move towards the magnet Pixel Boy carries in his pocket. Making picking things up much easier, and also making the treasure fountains look cooler.
•New burials in the graveyard
•Enemies and Bosses have had their AI modified and been rebalanced so that the OP powerups are no longer too OP.
•Only Mirror shot should be using more than one bullet per shot now
•When armour is destroyed its stats or now properly taken away.
•When armour is crafted on top of another armour, the effects will no longer stack ridiculously and exploitatively.
•Level up ring will no longer appear in town and other areas it was not wanted. Go home Level up ring, you’re drunk.
•The ammo cap has been increased to 500, you’re right, we made a mistake having it so low.
•Tooltips in inventory should now be accurate and function perfectly.
•Power up crafting pricing has been adjusted. What? Don’t look at me, it’s called inflation.
•Icewebs will not attract heatseekers when up in their webs
•N Bossman’s collision detection has been reworked.
•All bosses have had their nameplates corrected.
•Store graphics now list the proper descriptions, no misleading information here… hopefully.
•Ammo pickups give 10 ammo now.
•OTU’s are disabled in non ammo depleting areas.
•Everybodies favorite power up spread shot is now always available in the store for a low price
•Things should properly now auto equip when appropriate
•& Many more things I probably forgot to document.

If you find more issues or there are any inconsistencies please email us at info@giantboxgames.com or post it on the forums. We pay close attention and many of the fixes / additions in this update are thanks to players pointing them out to us.

Thanks for the patience and support.

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26 juin

Steam Summer Sale Community Vote

Just a quick heads up to let everyone know that Pixel Boy is in the Steam Summer Sale Community vote for the next 7 hours, if successful it will be slashed to 35% off. We hope that everyone will vote for the Rogue Like category and give Pixel Boy a chance to be exposed to more people.


We can win this David Vs Goliath vote battle.


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“if your youth was spent training your fingers by dodging bullets and frantically firing weapons at foes in games like Xenon II, Galaga, Metroid and others, you’ll love what Pixel Boy has to offer”
8.6/10 – htxt.africa

“a surefire win for fans of the roguelike genre”
4/5 – Twinfinite

“The art design is fabulous, in that it slightly modernized the 8-bit theme, then puked neon all over it”
GamerTell "A" – Technology Tell

À propos de ce jeu

Pixel Boy is an Action-RPG Shoot-em-up with dynamically generated stages across four acts each with an epic boss finale. Players can craft custom armours as well as stack and combine power ups into over 6000 different powerful weapons to overcome the dangers of the dungeon.


  • Four uniquely themed acts each with dynamically generated dungeon levels within.
  • Epic Boss Battles at the end of each act with unique mechanics and challenges
  • Many different Combine-able and Stack-able Weapons and Power ups for OVER 6000!!! unique combinations
  • Crafting system with five types of armour each with several tiered levels that have different effects and powers
  • Character leveling with customize-able builds across several base stats
  • Multiple Vendors and shops to purchase better items, power ups, and equipment
  • A wide variety of enemies with unique combat approaches
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Survival Mode
  • Controller Support

Pixel Boy features an awesome electronic original soundtrack composed entirely by popular and talented French artist Pyramid.

Pick up the soundtrack today!

Help Pixel Boy on his arduous journey to become the Hero of Resolutia and this year’s Dungeon Runner’s World Champion!

Pixel Boy is a dungeon crawling top down Action Shooter. You control Pixel Boy and enter the randomly generated dungeons below the town of Resolutia. There are four acts in total, each with a powerful boss at their climax. Every dungeon is filled to the brim with aggressive and deadly enemies. As Pixel Boy you will encounter swarms of giant ants, packs of snapping dogs and even lethal dungeon birds. To help Pixel Boy bear this burden there are many tools at your disposal. Various pixel powerups can be found or purchased to help Pixel Boy overcome the treacherous dungeons beneath Resolutia.

Spreadshot, Shields, Splitshot, Heat seekers, Critical Strike Modifiers, Time Stoppers and much more are available. Three pixel powers can be equipped at a time and are stackable AND combinable so that Pixel Boy can find the best combination of over 6000 powers to defeat his adversaries most efficiently.

Various types and tiers of armours can be crafted by obtaining the appropriate armour orbs dropped within the dungeons depths. Each piece of armour has different effects, abilities and levels of power dependent on its tier and orbs used to create it.

Throughout the dungeon Pixel Boy may encounter a variety of randomly generated unique rooms. Make sure Pixel Boy pockets any keys he finds, as treasure rooms have chests that are always locked to protect their secrets. Be wary every time Pixel Boy moves from room to room, as simply entering a room could trigger a dangerous trap; locking him in the room until every monster has been defeated within. Pixel Boy should also pay close attention to torches as they could lead the way to secrets and treasures. Collect all the coins Pixel Boy finds and spend them on items, powerups and armour at the shops back in town.

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone that has supported us along our journey in the development of Pixel Boy, you all kick butt and have made it super worthwhile. If you would like to follow us or discuss anything Pixel Boy related, feel free to visit our site, twitter, and like us on Facebook. Please don't hesitate to let us know about a bug, error, exploit or heck, even just something you dislike, we are always listening.

We hope to be able to continue to update the game and add features continually after release, free of charge of course.
So don't hesitate to send your suggestions and ideas.

Giant Box Games
Twitter - @TeamPixelBoy

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP +
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256mb at least and nothing over... let's say, five years old.
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: It shouldn't be too much of a feat to run Pixel Boy, but if you are trying to play on a modded refrigerator, purchase at your own risk.
    • OS: Windows 7/8
    • Processor: Quad Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: The newest of the new is obviously recommended. How much of a difference it will make, well of that we're not sure.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE32 or Tandy 1000
    • Additional Notes: If these specs don't play it, there is probably something wrong with your computer, or you. Also, the sound card was a joke, sorry, bad taste to all those that are still holding out for the Sound Cards triumphant return.
    • OS: OSX 10.5+
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256mb at least and nothing over... let's say, five years old.
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Most 32-bit and 64-bit Linux OS
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256mb at least and nothing over... let's say, five years old.
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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11.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 2 novembre
+ lets me find my own way to beat it -> I feel clever (Although I suspect the authors did not intend this but left holes in their game design instead)
+ lets me shoot my own bullet hell (But see below!)
+ very effective character stats system (Health, damage, range, etc. - all have direct influence. No overhead-layer with "strength, dexterity, endurance,...")
+ the music
+ not too easy and enough health points to not be too frustrating (your mileage my vary)

- NO expanding dungeon! (Did normal mode in ONE DAY) You only get: 4 acts. Each has: 4 maps + 1 boss map.
- Procedurally generated? Big words for merely swapping around the same rooms.
- very limited monster variety
- boring level graphics - although that's the smallest of the problems for me.
- broken ammunition / weapon design

The ammunition rules in this game effectively kill most of the fun you could have had with the advertised weapon system:
- Die in normal mode: lose all weapons !
- Empty your ammo -> lose your current weapon !
- Ammunition *as loot* drops only in ineffective doses

It is not easy to maintan armor repair costs with the loot money. But ammunition cost?! Even if I dedicate all my money to ammunition...
- I can only buy ammo in town
- I can only go to town before starting the next map
- I can only fill up the (250 shot) magazine of the weapon.
Effectively I had to use the boring one-shot default weapon most of the time because it has unlimited ammo. And only use the cool weapons sparingly. Switching these weapons on and off was an additional annoyance. (HOTKEY?!) Did I mention you lose ALL weapons when you die? I feel betrayed by the ads promising me to shoot one gorgeous pixel wave after another.

The game design also has other very rough edges. Example: Shooting the containers standing around all over the maps takes multiple shots on most containers. So I stood and fired and waited until they broke - this filled at least 25% of all time I played this game. Very annoying. Although I carried neither armor nor upgraded weapon for a long time to save money, I still needed the money from many of the containers. So why not let all of the containers break on first bullet? It would then turn around the experience and be fun instead - to see all the environment break under my bullets fast and easy. (By the way: More damage does NOT make them break faster. In later levels you even get containers that need MORE shots. FACEPALM! I suspect very short sighted game design here: "These containers look more robust, so I decide they break after 4 shots instead of 3.")

All that said - I DO like the game.

But I made it my mission to warn you and tell the truth - which the ads DO NOT.
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1.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 30 octobre
I like this game for many reasons and I will state them now. One: I love the graphical feel of it and even though it has a lot of vibrant lights and colors there isn't much in the way of power needed to run the game. Two: The weapon system is a very cool and new thing to me. I have seen some things similar but I have not seen something quite like this. Three: I like that it has the feel of a hack and slash game yet it has no real hack nor does it have slash. I like this game but the game play can become stale and that is a very common thing with this kind of indie came. I would like to see this game become a starting point for new developers but I can't say this game is revolutionary. I can play it for some time, but I end up becoming bored after playing for more than 45 minutes. I would give this game a 3 OUT OF 5 stars because it just can't give me the feel that I can get fro, some of my personal favorite games in this genre like Diablo III or Some other AAA games that can pull me in and always make me want to improve my skill with random armor and other things like that. So my main verdict about this game is that it needs more to pull me and any other players into the game for any sort of time.
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1.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 7 novembre
This is a fun RPG adventure! It is filled with action and loot! Have fun playing it because it's awesome!
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8 personne(s) sur 9 (89%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
12.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 10 novembre
Worth if you get it on sale
Fun game
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11.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 31 octobre
I think it's pretty damn obvious that I enjoyed this. :)
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0.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 16 novembre
Very bland and repetitive game. I had high hopes for it but the difficulty level along with any sort of progression are non-existent.
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Un développeur a répondu sur 26 nov à 12h19
(voir la réponse)
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4.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 22 novembre
Pixel Boy is a game with a lot of failed potential, the core gameplay is fun but the bland environments, repitive enemies, lackluster bosses and simplistic crafting/progression system make Pixel boy a game not worth playing.

I bought pixel boy because the trailer and screen shots looked exciting, the description promised a game with a lot of replay value and customization and the majority of reviews are positive. My first major disappointment was in learning that the weapon customization system was built around consumable powerups with 250 shots each, this leads to a lot of time spend managing ammo and switching to the basic shot type, rather then getting to use the different weapons. Which is a shame because the variety of weapon types and combinations are interesting and fun, but the limited ammo means you never get to really explore all the different options.

My biggest issues with the game are the length and the difficulty. I beat the game on hardcore mode in about 3 hours, which felt like longer because the game really drags on. I felt little to no challenge after I was about 1/3 of the way through the game, and I only finished it because I felt like I had to. The game is composed of 4 acts of 4 levels each with a boss battle at the end of each act. There is no difference between any level, they are generated from a minimal set of rooms and populated with 4 randomly chosen monsters out of a fairly small set. The boss battles are a joke, the first boss is easy, but takes a long time to beat because of how under-powered you are at that point in the game, while the last 3 bosses can each be beaten in a matter of seconds.

With a little bit of reworking of the progression system, an actual sense of difficulty and some more variety the game could be fun but as it stands it is a fairly dull game with hints of potential for something more. As far as I can tell from the steam page the game is not in early access or anything and the last update by the developers was over 5 months ago, so I don't hold out hope that the game will get better.

I bought pixel boy for about 10$ and I would say it was worth about 25% of that. I would only recommend pixel boy if you can put up with the issues described above and the game is on sale for at least 50% off.
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Un développeur a répondu sur 26 nov à 12h18
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Posté le : 31 octobre
Slow, Repetative, EASY, boring, Still early access even though the page says otherwise

Recommended price: $3.00
Grade: F (4/10)
Gameply Time:
Casual: 6-10 hours
Standard play-through: 5 hours
Objectives only: 2 hours
Pro gamers objectives only: 1 hour or less

Pixel Boy is just good enough to play it one time through, and that's only if you have nothing better to do. You know those games that aren't horrible enough to quit half way through, and you just feel like you need to finish it to get it over with? Pixel boy is that game. There is no challenge; as long as you keep enough money on you to repair armor you will never die. If you are the type of player who runs through rooms instead of clearing them one at a time, this game probably has a good pace for you, if you like it casual that is. I like to check every room and take it slow so-to-speak. but movement speed is a crawl even with speed modifiers and enemy attacks are even slower. Enemies are pretty standard Zelda clones. Predictable directional attacks and different speeds of melee attack

Armor crafting is nothing special, type is based on the color you have the most of, there are no combinations beyond basic stats, for a roguelike this is disappointing, upgrading the tier only makes the basic stats more powerful. Weapon's don't "Craft" either, you can only add the listed effect to what you have already. don't expect spread shot and flaming pixels to give you a flame thrower or anything. At the end of the game you have easily 10-12 effects on one crafted powerup and you just face-roll over everything. You can only add one of each powerup to a crafted powerup. This is for balance but if the game was faster, and better such a craft would be right at home.

Gameplay from start to finish for me was 5 1/2 hours, the rest of my recorded time was me getting up for food and bathroom. I consider myself a gamer of medium skill, if you are good and run through rooms you can easily beat this game in an hour. if you like it room by room like me prepare for a game lasting you 3 1/2 hours.
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Un développeur a répondu sur 26 nov à 12h17
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7.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 16 juillet
Bonsoir à tous,
Pixel Boy est un excellent jeu, honnêtement, le gameplay est à la fois simple et riche, et on prend vite goût à améliorer son arme pixelisée. La bande son est très sympathique, et le jeu est plutôt beau dans son genre.
Cependant, j'ai un reproche majeur à faire à ce jeu que j'ai trouvé génial : la difficulté... En effet ce jeu est extrêmement facile, je ne suis JAMAIS mort depuis que je l'ai installé, j'ai fait la campagne en mode normal sans mourir, puis j'ai tenté le mode Hardcore que j'ai réalisé sans plus de difficulté... Voici le principal défaut du jeu, une fois que vous avez réussi à vous 'forger' une arme surpuissante, plus rien ne peut plus vous approcher, et vos munitions n'ont aucun risque de tomber à zéro car un seul tir suffit à nettoyer une salle, sans parler des boss qui se font littéralement pulvériser par ces armes (véridique : 2 tirs pour les deux premiers boss, et 3 pour les deux derniers)
La durée de vie est donc malheureusement assez courte (voyez j'ai fait deux fois le jeu en 6h) et on est assez déçu de finir le dernier boss en 3 munitions...
Bref, ce jeu propose un concept très intéressant, il faut absolument y jeter un oeil au moins une fois pour voir de quoi il s'agit, que vous aimiez ou non la difficulté.
(NB: Je ne vous ai pas non plus parlé de l'achievement mourir 100 fois ni du bug de score une fois votre partie terminée)
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9.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 28 juin
Le rythme du jeu est très mou car on se balade souvent avec un tir très basique. La musique, bien réalisée, n’est pas du tout adaptée au jeu. Très calme, elle aurait été bien mieux dans un jeu d’énigmes / puzzles que dans un jeu d’action.

Les salles sont petites et puisque l’on joue en vue de dessus, l’action est souvent masquée par le chambranle des portes. La principale technique pour battre les monstres est donc de rentrer, tirer un coup puis reculer dans le couloir en attendant qu’ils attaquent tous un par un. Il n’y a aucun intérêt à explorer les niveaux et pire que tout, il n’y a quasi aucune évolution dans les environnements, on a juste la sensation de stagner toujours et encore dans le même donjon. Les boss ne sont pas très impressionnants et si vous avez le malheur de les affronter avec un tir décent ils ne tiendront pas plus de 5 à 10 secondes (y compris pour le boss final).

Le jeu est pour le moment assez bugué, on peut par exemple citer les tirs qui sont arrêtés par les objets, mais quand je dis objets, je parle bien de tous les objets, pièces d’or y compris ! Dans un jeu où le gameplay se base sur le tir et la collecte d’argent c’est vraiment dommage…

Si pour le moment il n’y a aucun intérêt de jouer à Pixel Boy tant il y a de jeux lui ressemblant et beaucoup mieux, peut-être que d’ici quelques mois il vaudra le coup. C’est tout ce que je lui souhaite car les premières images m’avaient vraiment donné envie d’y jouer !

Lire le test complet sur Game Side Story

Petite présentation en vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWUC0F2gD7I
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3.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 7 juin
I bought this game because the video looked cool and most of the reviews were positive. I was expecting a game with customization, progression, and creativity. It failed to meet my expectations in any of these categories.

Right off the bat it says that it's an "action RPG". I thought this meant all these cool powerups were things I could invest in with things like skill points. No. You just find/buy the powerups and they only last 250 shots. Not much of a point using them except for the 'bosses' which will be discussed later.

You do level up and get stat points which is cool... but then again it isn't. All you do with your stat points is put them into damage as you do very little. Attack speed? So my powerups can run out even faster? Very lame options here. Just get damage. Zzz...

The armor system is yet another under delivered concept. Cool you get customizable armor? That sounds great. Oh it breaks after 5 or so hits? Well I guess that's fine... Oh it isn't really customizable? You just pick 5 of the same boring stats (damage x 5)? Hmmm but they have unique effects! Could be some cool combinations! No. It only has 5 types, depending on what type of 'orb' you use the most of. They all are just an effect on when you get HIT, something you should never do. And the effects hardly do anything other than cause lag. Miss.

Bosses I mentioned before. I've been to 2 before I stopped playing. The FIRST boss. Even if you put ALL of your points into damage and save all of the powerups for this fight it will take a very long time. It is pointless to use the 'mechanics' of the lightning trap as it seems to do nothing. All you do is run around in a circle at the bottom of the map shooting it... and shooting it... and shooting it. It has a ridiculous amount of health and isn't interesting at all. I finally figured out that the only way to hurt it is the fire powerup. Dumb.

The 2nd boss isn't much better. Once again it has near infinite health. Boring. Once again it is just a reskinned mob. Boring.

The mob types are very repetive as are the environment"s". "Act 1 and 2" were the exact same. The same boring environment and mob types, just more hp and probably damage. Horrible.

There were only 2 things that weren't terrible about the game and even then they were just fine and ripoffs of other games.

The graphics looked fine. A copy of Geometry wars and Minecraft, but not as well done as either.

The narrator was okay. Very similar to Bastion to have an involved narrator but nowhere as good.

I regret buying this game. It feels like an alpha or an early access game. Not finished at all and the updates they are planning on adding don't address any of the short comings. Not worth $10, maybe $4. Save your money and get Binding of Isaac if you want a game like this, much better. The large amount of positive reviews I suspect were written by the Devs or their friends/family. I could find no reviews of the game online.

Sorry if I was harsh Devs, I do not mean to hurt your feelings but this is a bad game and I feel swindled.
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Un développeur a répondu sur 26 nov à 13h31
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3.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 22 juin
Good game, maybe a bit easy (never died) and i think it has some interface problems, overall it is a good game and i recommend it.
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27.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 juin
Well this game has to be one of the funnest games i have played in a long time. From 10,000 different weapon combos and a tiered armor system that changes based off that weapon combo is just incredicle. Not to mention the punishing and shamefulness of defend when you charge off into a room and bite off more than you can chew feeling (one would say keyboard bashing like punishment!). Pixel Boy is a great Rogue Like RPG elements top down dungeon crawler with a random gen dungeon system that creates endless possibilites and incredible replay value! The Music that is done by Pyramid is outstanding and i find myself tapping my foot to the beat with sitting on the edge of my seat tippy toeing around each corner to ensure my safety! The Art style is truly one of a kind and so very clean! ALL around great purchase and recommend anyone sitting on the fence or not even interested in these games, do yourself a favour and purchase this game. Well done gentlemen, been waiting for this game to come out and was not dissappointed!

PS: the game run quite well on the modded refrigerator
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1.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 8 juin
I made a video review to show off some of the features and gameplay of this game!
I hope you enjoy!
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1.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 juin
Some early features of the game were broken, but it has great gameplay and tons of potential.
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5.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 juin
Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon is very good.

At first I was wondering whether or not to buy this game, but I'm happy I got it. Although it needs a few tweaks here and there, its an overall solid game. The graphic style of this game really suits the name and gameplay. This game is very colourful and action packed. The Mob Maker 9000 and the random(ish) map generation keeps the gameplay fresh. The customisation of weapons and armour is immense, you can technically create it with any combo. And let me remind you that this game came out recently.

You play as Pixel Boy. You run around weird dungeon things killing weird creature things and picking up weird boxes with weird effects. Weird, but in a good, no excellent, way.

Pros and Cons:
- Nice graphics
- Replayability
- Devs respond to the questions
- Customisation
- The soundtrack... Ahhh, the soundtrack

- Dying screen is a little boring
- Multiple glitches, nothing gamebreaking though.

I give this game an overall rating of 8.5/10.
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14.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 juin
Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon was well worth the wait. This game flows very well and the game play is so easy to learn yet so addictive. The first time I played I only expected to test the game out quickly and ended up being hooked for hours. The game continues to get better the further you get into it and I love how within day the developers had already put out a patch incorporating everybody's ideas. I can't wait to see what new ideas are in the pipeline and I definitely recommend this game for casual or experienced gamers alike
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11.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 19 juin
Very fun game. I beat it in the first week I had it and was a little sad as I didn't think that this had the replay value I was seeking. So myself and many others posted on the forums that there needed to be a hardcore(permadeath) mode. What happens a week or two later? Hardcore more. These devs post updates/ patches every few days and they aren't small pointless patches. It is very obvious that they care about there game/baby and the game just keeps getting better and better. Buy this game, it's great now and I promise that you will get patch upon patch that make the game feel brand new each time. Great game, great devs.
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3.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 14 juillet
Pixel boy and the ever expanding dungeon seems to be a unintentional spiritual succesor to inside a star filled sky. Both with how the powerups are handled and the over all gameplay of shmup (shoot-em-up) vs rougelike. Currently however this game is quite short, in less than an hour I've managed to play through and expereince as much as I feel I can from it in it's current state (future updates are promised with more content).

I do suggest purchasing this game for it's great gameplay style, groovy chill soundtrack and attempt to refresh an old genre but only if you absolutely love rougelike games.
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Posté le : 31 mai
Neat little game thats got some cool retro vibes.

Basically you combine shot powerups into all sorts of crazy combinations and blast through hordes of baddies as you sniff around random dungeons for loot. You can craft armor too for added customization. Simple yet addictive.

The game needs a tad more polish but the price is right and the devs appear to be VERY active in listening to the players so I have no doubt the game will be polished nicely with time. If you enjoy roguelikes, aRPGS and even Bullet Hells this could be the game for you!
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