Thousands of aliens, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? Crimsonland is a top-down shooter with a touch of RPG. Unlock over 30 weapons and over 50 perks from quirky to brutal. Complete the quest and show your skills in five survival modes.
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11 травня

Neon Chrome Now Available

Neon Chrome by us - the creators of Crimsonland - is now available on Steam. If you think you might be interested in a ruthless cyberpunk top-down shooter with some roguelite flavoring - check it out here.

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14 березня

BIG Crimsonland 1.1.0 update with TYPOSHOOTER and more!

Greetings. After a healthy long beta, the new version is finally here!

Tons of stuff has changed. The biggest single feature is bringing back the classic Typ'o'shooter game mode - with leaderboards, of course. The mode is unlocked if you've completed the quests in normal difficulty.

We've also fixed ALL the major complaints about features missing compared to 2003 version. You can now use Telekinesis perk to directly pick up the perks by hovering them with your mouse for a while. The perks are now enabled in quests by default. Spideroids give more experience points. Pulse Gun + Angry Reloader perk is back. + many smaller tweaks.

Some of you have requested that we'd add DLCs to the game. More closely, some of you guys wanted to have the old 2003 version of Crimsonland and the game soundtrack as relatively inexpensive DLCs. Sorry to let you down, we're not doing the DLCs... We've added them to the main game FOR FREE! You can now select if you want to play the new (superior) Crimsonland or the old classic 2003 version when you launch the game using Steam. You can listen to the sound track placed in install folder under crimsonland-soundtrack folder.

Here's a full list of changes:
-Added back the Typ'o'shooter game mode! It will unlock after you play through the quest mode in normal difficulty.
-Telekinesis perk now picks up the powerup up after hovering your mouse over it for a second.
-Perks are now enabled by default in Quest mode (you can still change the settings in gameplay options).
-The old (2003) Crimsonland classic version is included in the install directory.
-The soundtrack is included in the game folder under crimsonland-soundtrack.
-New D3D9 based renderer is slightly faster and handles resolution change better.
-Multimonitor resolution selection should work better now.
-Blitz survival mode now starts harder but ramps up slower (all bosses don't come at you almost at once now).
-Pulse Gun + Angry Reloader combo works again as Pulse Gun has 3 ammo in all modes except Weapon Picker. You can't reload the weapon.
-Spideroids give slightly more experience points.
-Spider boss projectiles do proper damage now.
-Toxic Avenger now kills bosses as well if you can afford to take one hit.
-Fixed (rare) weapon jamming bug that prevented autoreloading your weapon occasionally.
-Leaderboards rendering performance improved. (Scrolling down to top 100k rank doesn't cause framerate drops).
-Added internal localization support, preparing for possible localizations. Clarification: only English supported in this build.
-Steam Cloud is now enabled in all versions.
-Main menu has friendly links to our next two games: Neon Chrome and Xenoraid!
-Dropping more weapons during the first 60 seconds of survival and blitz game mode runs will enable you to get the weapon you want more likely.
-Many many many smaller tweaks.

Please note that this update is for the PC version at this point.

So there you have it. If someone still thinks that the 2003 has something over this new version, speak up! :)

See you at the leaderboards!

BTW, I hope it's not too bold to plug our current Greenlight campaigns here as well:

Xenoraid - a non-bullet-hell shmup which entered Greenlight last week:
Xenoraid Greenlight

King Oddball - a weird but addictive little game we made. It needs just a tiny push to get through GL:
King Oddball Greenlight


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“I really like Crimsonland. It's unpretentious and straight-forward in its delivery, and yet, underneath its façade rests an addictive top-down shooter with solid mechanics and a hardcore slant.”
7.5 / 10 – IGN

“Crimsonland is a quality twin-stick shooter.”
7 / 10 – Game Informer

“If you like shooting infinite hordes of monsters from a top-down perspective, Crimsonland is one of the best options you have.”
4 / 5 – Hardcore Gamer Magazine

Про цю гру

Thousands of aliens, zombies, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? In Crimsonland you will unlock new weapons and perks constantly improving your abilities and arsenal. Your screen will be filled with literally hundreds of monsters and thousands of giblets. Grab your gun and prepare for endless hours of intense top-down shooter fun!

The original Crimsonland was released in 2003. After the game was greenlit at the end of 2013, 10tons decided to give the game a complete tune-up. The brand new 2014 version introduces countless gameplay fixes, a new chapter with new enemies, new perks, and new weapons. On top of that we've done a complete art overhaul!

What are perks? Perks are like talents in an RPG game. You earn XP by killing monsters and with XP you earn levels. After leveling up you get to choose a perk. For example, a perk called Fastloader enables you to reload extremely fast. During a session perks will stack up a and every game will be a bit different. You'll unlock perks during the quest mode after which they become available in the survival game modes.

We've created a huge arsenal of 30 unique weapons ranging from the humble pistol to the mysterious Shrinkifier 5k. The weapons are unlocked by playing the quest mode and they become available in survival game modes as well. The better your arsenal - the better chances you have at scoring higher outside the quest mode.

Crimsonland features up to four player local co-op. All game modes including the quest can be played in co-op mode. There are also separate leaderboards for co-op games so gather your friends and show the internet who wields the gauss shotgun like a pro!

  • Quest mode with six chapters
  • FIVE survival modes: Survival, Rush, Blitz, Weapon Picker, and Nukefism
  • 30 unique weapons
  • 55 awesome perks
  • Steam leaderboards: global and friends
  • Leaderboards for co-op: Gang up on them!
  • Steam achievements & stats
  • Full controller support
  • Up to four player local co-op

Вимоги до системи

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • ОС: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Процесор: 1 Ghz
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 512 MB ОП
    • DirectX: версії 8.1
    • Місце на диску: 200 MB доступного місця
    • Додаткові примітки: Gamepads must support XInput
    • ОС: 10.6+
    • Процесор: 1 Ghz
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 512 MB ОП
    • Місце на диску: 200 MB доступного місця
    • Додаткові примітки: Tested gamepads include PS4 and PS3 controllers. Other modern gamepads work probably too.
    • ОС: Ubuntu
    • Процесор: 1 Ghz
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 512 MB ОП
    • Місце на диску: 200 MB доступного місця
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( 3.8 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 28 червня
Продукт отримано задарма
Epic Blood games. Play with crazy weapons made me wonder!!!
( 4.8 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 25 червня
Dumb, stupid, brainless fun.

you shoot Zombies, kill spiders with a flame-thrower, and anything else that moves, in the most creative ways imaginable
( 81.5 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 23 червня
This game is so addicting. So many spiders.
Immortal Wombat
( 11.9 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 21 червня
You can play the classic version now so there is no reason not to recommend this.

Best top down shooter ever made
Captain Chaos
( 0.1 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 19 червня
Crimsonland is a zero-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t top-down shooter with no plot and no waiting, just you, a bunch of guns and perks, and a metric ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of aliens, zombies, lizardmen, bugs and spiders trying to eat your face. I heard it compared at least once to Smash TV, and that's probably the best comparison. Run, shoot, reload, pick up some powerups like smart bombs, incendiary rounds, bullet time and arcing electrical blasts, and hopefully not die. There's a lengthy quest mode, as well as a bunch of survival modes, all of which have up to four player, same-screen local coop, a rarity for PC games. The graphics are minimal but sufficient, and the music is completely appropriate cheesy buttrock. A great party game.
( 9.8 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 19 червня
The remake left out all of the fun features from 2003 original game. Also the graphics are a bit too "candy" for my taste. The expirience and perk system needs to be enabled with a cheat code, wtf? I prefer playing the original one, which is gold!
( 36.3 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 16 червня
A solid game to come back to again and again when you're in the mood to obliterate hordes of monsters with a variety of weapons. There is some strategy to movement and which weapons to pick up so it's not completely brainless. Good graphics, smooth gameplay and blood... lots of blood.

Great fun!
( 8.8 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 15 червня
Decent for a short time but ultimately lacks anything that would attract me to play more and more, Alien and Zombie shooter are faaaar better.
( 13.7 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 11 червня
This game is one of my favourite games of all times. It made a great name for twin-stick shooters (first version), and it has also stood the test of time. They even improved the game quite a bit since I first played it.

A definite must-buy, even if it is only to keep trying to beat your own survival highscore :)
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36.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 16 червня
A solid game to come back to again and again when you're in the mood to obliterate hordes of monsters with a variety of weapons. There is some strategy to movement and which weapons to pick up so it's not completely brainless. Good graphics, smooth gameplay and blood... lots of blood.

Great fun!
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3 з 4 людей (75%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
13.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 11 червня
This game is one of my favourite games of all times. It made a great name for twin-stick shooters (first version), and it has also stood the test of time. They even improved the game quite a bit since I first played it.

A definite must-buy, even if it is only to keep trying to beat your own survival highscore :)
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8.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 24 травня 2015 р.
Безперервні звуки пострілів, кубометри кров'яри, ядерні вибухи, сотні ворогів на екрані, екшн-екшн-екшн, адреналін з усіх дірок. Попередник даного пацієнта вийшов ще в далекому 2003 році, але шороху від нього було стільки, що і зараз де-не-де можна почути відлуння. Найм'ясніша і найкривавіша гра ever - Crimsonland!

Хто з олдскульників у свій час не відволікався від "домашки"/роботи/"контри", щоб годинку-другу покосити густі натовпи інопланетної швалі? Чумовий геймплей, цікаві режими і дух суперництва помножені на дуже непогану як для такого проекту графіку і драйвовий саундтрек дали рясний врожай! При тому, що жодним сюжетом в грі і не пахло. В режимі кампанії нам давали можливість опанувати ази гемплею і відкрити "перки" і додаткові "стволи". Накосив певну кількість ворогів - ласкаво просимо далі. І так до фіналу з 50 місій. А потім ще раз на надвисокій складності! І тут перед нами поставав самий сік - режим Survival, де рахунок фрагів йшов не на сотні, а на тисячі!

Гра однозначно чіпляла. Тож коли вийшов наступник, щастя було до чортів. Тож подивимось, що змінилось, а що залишилось на своїх місцях.

Геймплей залишився тим же. Коси, рви, потроши. В кампанії наявні цілих 60 квестів і аж 3 рівня складності! Перший стандартний, другий вже напрягає, а третій гарантує вам мікс з кладовища нервових клітин, побитих сусідів та роздовбаної клавіатури та миші. За успішне проходження щедрі розробники дадуть "ачівку" і убер пукавку, яка гіпотетично полегшить життя у режимі на виживання.

Клавіатурний тренажер з рушницею не пережив оновлення гри, але з'явились доволі нетривіальні режими: в одному з них ми можемо відбиватись лише використовуючи бонуси, в іншому - у всієї зброї є лише 1 магазин, щоб не дати себе зажувати до смерті, доведеться гасати по всьому рівню і збирати зброю, яка час від часу з'являється сама по собі. Ну і звичайно ж, 10tons не забули про режим "раш", в якому ми відстрілюватимемо нескінченні орди використовуючи автомат. Кому режим виживання здавався розтягнутим, є прискорена версія.

Зайшовши в гру, одразу помічаєш, що камера стала ближчою, інформативність значно зменшилась. Кількість ХП показана кружечком навколо героя. Також навкого героя відображається тривалість дії щита. Не густо, а коли навколо тебе орди монстятини, то ще й достобіса незручно. Теж саме стосується і лічильника патронів. Він знаходиться над прицілом. Нащо було корявити майже ідеальний в своїй простоті інтерфейс? Забув додати, тривалість бонуса на спринт тепер ніде не відображається! Шик!
Стосовно самих бонусів, їх стало трохи більше. До заморозки, щита і інших "ветеранів" додали плазма-карусель і плазма-перевантаження. Також певні бонуси змінились у плані механіки: Fireblast і Fire Bullets підсилили до ступені "ух ти ж ні [censored] собі!!!", заморозка тепер не розповсюджується на всіх і вся, підкріплення, які прибули після активації не перетворяться на кригу, таймер так само потрапив під ніж.

Стосовно монстрів. Ввели новий вид: жуки-олені. Варіюється від "тьху" до термінатора, який знімає 90% хп за один укус, стріляє і стає невразливим. Ящірки скоріш за все посиленно тренувались на стадіоні впродовж розробки: тварюки середнього розміру чухають так, ніби в них реактивна тяга!
Арсенал зброї також поповнився цікавими зразками. Але як завжди 70% цьої машинерії буде просто ігноруватись через слабкі показники (виживання) або недоречність (квести)
Перки також зазнали певних змін, додали нові екземпляри, а старі переробили. І от тут мені, як фанату, захотілось просто повисмикувати руки розробникам! ЯКОГО ПСА ВИ РУХАЛИ ТЕЛЕКІНЕЗ?! Хто пограє, зрозуміє мій крик душі. Теж саме стосується відсутності прокачки у режимі квестів. Без перків проходження певних рівнів перетворюється в лютий абзац!
Графон став більш мажорним: отримавши пару куль після смерті, монстри розлітаються на запчастини!

Вердикт. Крімсон повернувся. Хардкорніший та інтелектуальніший. Рекомендую ознайомитись з піраткою: якщо кривий інтерфейс і перероблена механіка вас не відштовхнуть, ласкаво просимо. Якщо ж ні - версія 1.9.93 завжди до ваших послуг!
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0.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 27 серпня 2015 р.
Ну... крiмсонленд - це крiмсонленд, nuff said.
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22.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 26 липня 2014 р.
Гра в принципі чудова. Звісно гра має свої переваги і недоліки. В порівнянні зі старою версією Крімса (v1,9.Х) нова відрізняється хіба що переробленою графікою і перків, а також містить додаткові зброї і рівні.
Серед переваг я би виділив :
- графіка
- чудовий геймплей і динаміка
А самі недоліки :
- містить змінені перки що не привично.
- Доводиться немало перезапускати рівень якщо випала толкова зброя як от Blow torch, pulse gun
- Відсутні перки в квестах що робить гру зовсім не прикольною і з часом нудно стає хоч і можна писати чіткод якого не всі можуть здогадатися
- Містить дуже складний рівень як 2.10 (Grim), який неможливо пройти без перків.
- дисплей в параметрах незмінюється на потрібний, і виглядає як 800х600 замість вказаного HD розміра.
Повірте вам все-таки не сподобається коли в складному рівні вам випаде толкова пукалка Blow torch, або не та зброя. І Ви втомитеся перезапускати рівень шукаючи потрібну зброю. І все це Ви робитимете щоб розблокувати перки і зброї. В цілому гру можна і хвалити, і принижувати, і ненавидіти розробників які зіпсули фізику старого доброго крімса. Удачі в "Сурвайвалі".
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14.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 8 червня 2014 р.
- Very addictive gameplay.
- Lots of levels and game modes.
- Many weapons and powerups.
- 4 Player Local Coop.
- Nice graphics.

What changed from original:
- Few new weapons and powerups.
- Few new game modes.
- Perks can't be used in the main game now and are only available in Survival.
- Interface feels less powerful and more like a mobile game. (I was told this is to keep the game looking consistent across all platforms).
- New flame weapon is a lot more useful than the original two.

- I had an odd bug where the game refused to start when I installed it. A simple restart of my computer fixed the issue.
- You won't use a quarter of the weapons in the game due to them being underpowered compared to some of the bigger beasts.

I've enjoyed the beta and had next to no issues with performance. I somewhat dislike the interface and the lack of perks in the main game but I can understand.

Edit: A couple of things I noticed in the new update include:
- New Crimsonland theme tunes (unless I just forgot the old ones)
- Ion Cannon now explodes in various directions.
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2 людей вважають цю рецензію кумедною
Не рекомендована
4.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 13 жовтня 2014 р.
Original Crimsonland (2004) is one of my most favourite games ever. But the Steam version is a serious step backwards. New graphics and not as pretty, new UI is bland and forgettable, and the worst crime of all - the Perks are gone from the quest mode. That's right, they only exist in Survival, which I know some people don't even play.

You would be much better suited by playing the original version 1.9.8.
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60 з 76 людей (79%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
2 людей вважають цю рецензію кумедною
Не рекомендована
8.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 11 жовтня 2014 р.
This game has a lot going for it...but not enough.

Lets start with the positives:

I love the updated graphics, the new perks, the more streamlined leveling system, the ability to have four players at once, and many other details about this reboot of the classic crimsonland. Killing enemies is as fun as ever and almost every weapon is great and feels good for different situations (except you blowtorch!) and has a legitimate strategy. Perks are incredibly important and add a deep aspect of thought to the game (Do I get regeneration to keep my health up or choose fast reloader so I can kill enemies more?) and the sheer addictive nature of the gameplay will keep you hooked. Its a solid title...or should be...

Which leads me to the negatives:

Outside of the story mode this game isn't really as fun as it used to be. They took out a lot of things that made it fun. In solo survival the average player can expect to get to level 8-9 if they get a decent weapon before being absolutely annihilated by the hordes of enemies. If you add friends to the mix the difficulty ramps up even more and you will be lucky if you clear level 6. Its almost a broken level of hard. Theres no fighting it. No matter which perks you pick or which weapons you have the survival mode reaches a certain point early on that just immediately kills you.

Your choices feel useless and it becomes kind of a drag when you get the perfect weapon combo with the perfect perks and then you just get slaughtered anyways by the sudden wave of splitting spiders and zombie lords that surround you out of thin air instead of coming out of the sides of the screen like they used to. The previous version of crimsonland slowly spiked the difficulty more and more making the survival last longer. It really felt like you were, you know, surviving?

This version of crimsonland has no such subtlety or flair. They let you gain a couple levels and then just murder you outright with a frustrating amount of enemies that are impossible to fight. Let me put it to you this way. I was the 3rd highest ranking player IN THE WORLD in the previous crimsonland but in this one I can barely top level 10 in solo survival. They have taken one of the greatest and most fun modes of the game and just smashed it and made it unplayable. If they had a difficulty choice I think it could mitigate this. This is the only game I think actually NEEDS an easy mode.

Another thing that is absolutely broken in this game is the enemy spawning system. In the previous crimsonland enemies came out of all 4 sides of the screen giving you a chance to plan ahead. You could see a horde of zombies and decide which way you want to bait them to try and get an opening to dive for that powerup or weapon. You can find the big monster that is spawning little ones and put that sucker down before he overwhelms you.

This crimsonland has destroyed that too. It is quite common now to have enemies spawn on top of you and immediately kill you. Nothing sucks worse than to be 10 minutes into a boss battle and to be killed by a horde of tiny red aliens spawning right on top of you. Or to be doing a survival round with your favorite weapon and perks and to have a lizard king spawn right next to you and one shot you instantly. Its painfully frustrating and can make you want to chuck your keyboard across the room. It has happened to me in almost every mission of this game and is the most common way to die. Some enemies still come out of the sides of the screen, but more than half of them just appear with a flash wherever they feel like regardless of how inconvient it is for you.

So in conclusion, the game is fun but ultimately frustrating and not worth your money. They could have had a solid remake of a fun arcade shooter on their hands but they've instead destroyed it by breaking the difficulty and spawning and made it virtually unplayable. If you do buy this game, you'll discover its fun palls rather quickly because of its major stumbling blocks. It is a shadow of its former self and if you want to play a fun arcade shooter, download the first one online someplace (a few places host it for free) and have yourself a grand old time.

But skip this version. Its just not fun anymore.
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This is simple game. No story, no cutscenes, only pure violence. You need to kill as many enemies as possible or they will kill you. But they have some advantage - they will kill you, no matter how hard you will try to survive. But with every death you will be better and better and you will want to try again and again.
I remember playing that game about 10 years ago and it was a great experience. How is that now? As you can see, When I'm writing those words, I have 15 hours played and I still play it from time to time. Maybe it's not as good as it was long time ago, but it's still a good game, so I can recommend it without hesitation.
But I have to warn you, this is not an easy game.

If you're a pacifist, better stay away of this game.
But if you love to slay monsters in bloody way, you'll have plenty of fun here.

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Crimsonland is a fast-paced, very well thought-off and balanced top-down shooter. The game is clearly based on the classic with the same name from 2003 - with the most recent major update, the original game is even presented for free when you buy Crimsonland on Steam. Just as the original one, the new version is a no-nonsense game in which you get several different gamemodes which offer access to just the one thing that really counts: slaying monsters, aliens and zombies. And there are a TON of those, so you need some decent gear, don't you? Happily, Crimsonland offers exactly that: the number of weapons isn't overwhelmingly large, but they are very different from each other and most ask for an appropriate playstyle to make the most of them. You'd better stay out of the melee with the Ion Cannon and take on the mob from a distance, but a flamethrower just wants you to get in there are clear a small ring of safety around you.

Thankfully, 10TonsLtd have also included a fairly large number of power-ups which appear during the fights and which come in most welcome when the crowds get bigger and bigger. Make no mistake: this is no easy-going game, and the going gets really tough towards the end of the different scenario's. Happily that's where the dozens of available perks come in: they offer a permanent of way of buffing your character, and allow for some degree of ever so slight character building, especially with regard to a playstyle which suits you best.

Graphically, the game gets the job done, but not more than that. Some extra effort and more visual appeal would have been welcome. Sound is pretty good though, with all weapons having a very clear identity of their own. Steam cards and a bunch of interesting - and some quite difficult - achievements make sure this game offers quite some playtime.

Recommended, even more so for everyone who fancies taking out the enemy hords from above
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