Thousands of aliens, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? Crimsonland is a top-down shooter with a touch of RPG. Unlock over 30 weapons and over 50 perks from quirky to brutal. Complete the quest and show your skills in five survival modes.
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"It may not hit as hard as the original version did back in 2003, but this revamped Crimsonland is still a tough and exciting top-down shooter."
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22. september

Crimsonland for OS X Now Available

Crimsonland is now available on OS X! Normal Steam features like leaderboards and achievements are naturally supported. The game also supports at least PS4 and PS3 controllers on OS X at the moment. In addition several other brands of modern controllers should work too.

In other news we're also working on the Linux version. We don't have a release date yet since we have Linux controller support to implement and one Linux sound engine to write still but we're getting there!

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9. september

Crimsonland OS X Available in "update_beta" Branch

Great news for OS X gamers: Crimsonland for OS X is now available in the beta branch. To try it, activate the update_beta beta. There's some awesome stuff there like support for Retina Displays and support for game controllers. We've mainly used PS4 controllers as they work out of the box on the OS X. Some controllers might require additional software depending on the model. So, give it a try and give us feedback! Once we've weeded out any bugs in this beta version, we'll go public with the release.

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“I really like Crimsonland. It's unpretentious and straight-forward in its delivery, and yet, underneath its façade rests an addictive top-down shooter with solid mechanics and a hardcore slant.”
7.5 / 10 – IGN

“Crimsonland is a quality twin-stick shooter.”
7 / 10 – Game Informer

“If you like shooting infinite hordes of monsters from a top-down perspective, Crimsonland is one of the best options you have.”
4 / 5 – Hardcore Gamer Magazine

About This Game

Thousands of aliens, zombies, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? In Crimsonland you will unlock new weapons and perks constantly improving your abilities and arsenal. Your screen will be filled with literally hundreds of monsters and thousands of giblets. Grab your gun and prepare for endless hours of intense top-down shooter fun!

The original Crimsonland was released in 2003. After the game was greenlit at the end of 2013, 10tons decided to give the game a complete tune-up. The brand new 2014 version introduces countless gameplay fixes, a new chapter with new enemies, new perks, and new weapons. On top of that we've done a complete art overhaul!

What are perks? Perks are like talents in an RPG game. You earn XP by killing monsters and with XP you earn levels. After leveling up you get to choose a perk. For example, a perk called Fastloader enables you to reload extremely fast. During a session perks will stack up a and every game will be a bit different. You'll unlock perks during the quest mode after which they become available in the survival game modes.

We've created a huge arsenal of 30 unique weapons ranging from the humble pistol to the mysterious Shrinkifier 5k. The weapons are unlocked by playing the quest mode and they become available in survival game modes as well. The better your arsenal - the better chances you have at scoring higher outside the quest mode.

Crimsonland features up to four player local co-op. All game modes including the quest can be played in co-op mode. There are also separate leaderboards for co-op games so gather your friends and show the internet who wields the gauss shotgun like a pro!

  • Quest mode with six chapters
  • FIVE survival modes: Survival, Rush, Blitz, Weapon Picker, and Nukefism
  • 30 unique weapons
  • 55 awesome perks
  • Steam leaderboards: global and friends
  • Leaderboards for co-op: Gang up on them!
  • Steam achievements & stats
  • Full controller support
  • Up to four player local co-op

Old Customers

If you have proof of purchase of the old Crimsonland you can apply for a Steam key for the new version. To do this you need to send the proof of purchase (the whole e-mail receipt you received after the purchase) including the original e-mail address used to make that purchase to crimsonland(dot)classic(at) Please note that since this process is manual it will take some time. During June most of us here are on vacation so expect a delay of 5 to 10 business days. In August the response time will be quicker again.

Things of Future

  • Fix any bugs which we didn't catch before release.
  • Linux version (late 2014, mainly Ubuntu)
  • Steam controller support (if we get one somewhere)


    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepads must support XInput
    • OS: 10.6+
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Tested gamepads include PS4 and PS3 controllers. Other modern gamepads work probably too.
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If you like top-down survival shooters, then you must buy this one.
Publisert: 29. september
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8.6 timer registrert
You get to shoot spiders with a shotgun. 10/10.
Publisert: 25. september
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Help me.
Publisert: 16. oktober
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Let's start with the most important thing. This ISN'T Crimsonland.

You may have distant, fond memories of a little gem of a game called Crimsonland, bearing a striking resemblance to this one, but don't be fooled. That Crimsonland was beautifully designed, with a perfect difficulty curve, perks that allowed you a miniature progression tree through each level, and well balanced stages.

This Crimsonland is not that game. This Crimsonland has NO perks in quest mode, ensuring that each quest is a bland survival exercise. Oddly, they've not rebalanced the levels to account for this, so you'll find that certain levels are just BROKEN. This Crimsonland has been redesigned for controllers, which seems like it ought to be a good move, but the way it's been implemented is hamfisted and poorly thought out.

This Crimsonland isn't the game I loved. That makes me sad.
Publisert: 15. oktober
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man... you guys gotta play this twin stick shooter (in the vain Robotron 2084 and Smash TV) sure, you see it now and think "it looks like another stupid mobile game" well when it came out, it was all the buzz in the freeware pc gaming community then made some more waves when it went to share ware. it's simple and nothing terribly special, but it's lots of fun, satisfying weapons, lots of power ups that keep wanting more just to see what else comes to attack you and how you can mow down hoards of enemies. it was one of my favorites as 13 year old and it was the first M rated game i ever played so i got mad respect for 10 Tons and Crimsonland will always have a place in my heart. a small place, but i can't deny it. it's fricken there.
Publisert: 24. september
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If you like twin stick shooters, I wholeheartedly reccomend this game. There are a ton of weapons to pick from (albeit some much better than others), perks that change up the gameplay, and 4 player local support. Although the quest mode is short (my first run-through took me about 2 and a half hours), it may as well be the tutorial as it introduces you to every enemy type over time and unlocks all of the weapons/perks for use in survival mode. My particular favorite mode is blitz, which is basically normal survial mode on fast forward.
Publisert: 25. september
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17.0 timer registrert
Sorry this needs to be said: beating some of the harder levels on Hardcore is a dice roll and a tremendous waste of time...i've spent the last 3 hours trying to beat the last level because the drop rate for the items you need is extremely sparse and has basically nothing to do with skill...that level simply can't be beaten with a blow torch and that's all that drops half the time

i'll update this review to positive if/when this is fixed
Publisert: 12. oktober
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I can't help being reminded by daytraders of the dead for some strange reason.
Publisert: 28. september
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I should start with a couple of things:

1) I do recommend this game. But it's not a very strong recommendation.
2) My decision to purchase was largely nostalgia-driven.

Those two caveats disclosed, my review is relatively simple. This is a fun top-down shooter that is a bit stuck in the past. It's a game that for me, back in 2003, was a pretty big deal for something that today would fall into a much more competitive indie genre. The basic premise is: you're a guy, you run around in circles, you shoot things and they bleed. Eventually you're going to die, but along the way you can level up to gain perks which propels the arcadey gameplay.

The game is effectively untouched except in superficial, and relatively inconsequential ways. It really needs much more than that to be anything but a game people like me are willing to purchase because they have fond memories of playing. You can use modern resolutions now! The UI is updated (but it's bland)! But that's about it. Effectively, this is a PC game from 2003 ported to a PC platform of 2014.

The gameplay is still fun. But the asking price, and the lack of change and balance to the game over the course of a decade is unlikely to bring in much of an audience beyond people who played Crimsonland prior to its launch on Steam.

I wanted very much to see some new game modes, some new weapons, some new perks, some new something. But really, I have the same game on a new computer with a new UI. Pretty unimpressive.

On sale, this game is worth the time and money I think. Though it's very hard to make the case for something old that isn't doing much to take advantage of a huge sea change in what a game can be, and what the PC platform is able to do. I was happy to buy the game hoping against hope that maybe some additional content will be added, or Steam Workshop integration will come along. Though I doubt that is likely, and I doubt you'll feel as nicely as I do about this game, I think you can still have a good weekend's worth of fun if you give it a shot.
Publisert: 29. september
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18.5 timer registrert
I enjoy this style of game, so, overall, I've had fun with Crimsonland. However, there were some really badly missed opportunities with this game. For example, can somebody please explain why in the hell you earn buffs (faster reload, faster running speed, increased damage, increased xp gain, increased power-up drops etc.) if you can never activate any of them in the quest game mode. Who cares if you can use them in survival mode, I want to beat all the levels on every difficulty setting, but, quite frankly, without being able to use a buff or two, beating many of those levels once you get to Hardcore and beyond depends entirely on what your first weapon drop is. By the time a second weapon drops so many baddies have spawned that getting to a specific spot is next to impossible, you're just in full on kite mode. Not only that but your character moves slower than many of the enemies and is slowed briefly by taking damage, meaning one hit equals death in most cases because the brief pause allows the hoard to overtake you. Perfect time to activate the faster run buff you unlocked, but no, it's worthless. C'mon guys, with a few minor adjustments, this could be a real good time.
Publisert: 8. oktober
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This game has a lot going for it...but not enough.

Lets start with the positives:

I love the updated graphics, the new perks, the more streamlined leveling system, the ability to have four players at once, and many other details about this reboot of the classic crimsonland. Killing enemies is as fun as ever and almost every weapon is great and feels good for different situations (except you blowtorch!) and has a legitimate strategy. Perks are incredibly important and add a deep aspect of thought to the game (Do I get regeneration to keep my health up or choose fast reloader so I can kill enemies more?) and the sheer addictive nature of the gameplay will keep you hooked. Its a solid title...or should be...

Which leads me to the negatives:

Outside of the story mode this game isn't really as fun as it used to be. They took out a lot of things that made it fun. In solo survival the average player can expect to get to level 8-9 if they get a decent weapon before being absolutely annihilated by the hordes of enemies. If you add friends to the mix the difficulty ramps up even more and you will be lucky if you clear level 6. Its almost a broken level of hard. Theres no fighting it. No matter which perks you pick or which weapons you have the survival mode reaches a certain point early on that just immediately kills you. Your choices feel useless and it becomes kind of a drag when you get the perfect weapon combo with the perfect perks and then you just get slaughtered anyways by the sudden wave of splitting spiders and zombie lords that surround you out of thin air instead of coming out of the sides of the screen like they used to. The previous version of crimsonland slowly spiked the difficulty more and more making the survival last longer. It really felt like you were, you know, surviving?
This version of crimsonland has no such subtlety or flair. They let you gain a couple levels and then just murder you outright with a frustrating amount of enemies that are impossible to fight. Let me put it to you this way. I was the 3rd highest ranking player IN THE WORLD in the previous crimsonland but in this one I can barely top level 10 in solo survival. They have taken one of the greatest and most fun modes of the game and just smashed it and made it unplayable. If they had a difficulty choice I think it could mitigate this. This is the only game I think actually NEEDS an easy mode.

Another thing that is absolutely broken in this game is the enemy spawning system. In the previous crimsonland enemies came out of all 4 sides of the screen giving you a chance to plan ahead. You could see a horde of zombies and decide which way you want to bait them to try and get an opening to dive for that powerup or weapon. You can find the big monster that is spawning little ones and put that sucker down before he overwhelms you.
This crimsonland has destroyed that too. It is quite common now to have enemies spawn on top of you and immediately kill you. Nothing sucks worse than to be 10 minutes into a boss battle and to be killed by a horde of tiny red aliens spawning right on top of you. Or to be doing a survival round with your favorite weapon and perks and to have a lizard king spawn right next to you and one shot you instantly. Its painfully frustrating and can make you want to chuck your keyboard across the room. It has happened to me in almost every mission of this game and is the most common way to die. Some enemies still come out of the sides of the screen, but more than half of them just appear with a flash wherever they feel like regardless of how inconvient it is for you.

So in conclusion, the game is fun but ultimately frustrating and not worth your money. They could have had a solid remake of a fun arcade shooter on their hands but they've instead destroyed it by breaking the difficulty and spawning and made it virtually unplayable. If you do buy this game, you'll discover its fun palls rather quickly because of its major stumbling blocks. It is a shadow of its former self and if you want to play a fun arcade shooter, download the first one online someplace (a few places host it for free) and have yourself a grand old time.

But skip this version. Its just not fun anymore.
Publisert: 11. oktober
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Original Crimsonland (2004) is one of my most favourite games ever. But the Steam version is a serious step backwards. New graphics and not as pretty, new UI is bland and forgettable, and the worst crime of all - the Perks are gone from the quest mode. That's right, they only exist in Survival, which I know some people don't even play.

You would be much better suited by playing the original version 1.9.8.
Publisert: 13. oktober
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If ou dount lick crimsoland i dont care.
Publisert: 24. september
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- Very addictive gameplay.
- Lots of levels and game modes.
- Many weapons and powerups.
- 4 Player Local Coop.
- Nice graphics.

What changed from original:
- Few new weapons and powerups.
- Few new game modes.
- Perks can't be used in the main game now and are only available in Survival.
- Interface feels less powerful and more like a mobile game. (I was told this is to keep the game looking consistent across all platforms).
- New flame weapon is a lot more useful than the original two.

- I had an odd bug where the game refused to start when I installed it. A simple restart of my computer fixed the issue.
- You won't use a quarter of the weapons in the game due to them being underpowered compared to some of the bigger beasts.

I've enjoyed the beta and had next to no issues with performance. I somewhat dislike the interface and the lack of perks in the main game but I can understand.

Edit: A couple of things I noticed in the new update include:
- New Crimsonland theme tunes (unless I just forgot the old ones)
- Ion Cannon now explodes in various directions.
Publisert: 8. juni
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I never played the original Crimsonland. Well actually that's not true; I tried the demo once and the game didn't really seem like anything special. After reading some great impressions from a friend, I decided to check out this new and improved Crimsonland and I'm very glad I did. It's addictive, bloody, intense, and just one hell of a fun satisfying shooter.

In terms of story and gameplay, Crimsonland is as simple as can be. You and hordes of hundreds and hundreds of creatures on the battlefield, kill them all. But while the actual mechanics are not complex, Crimsonland adds a layer of strategy underneath the run and gun gameplay, turning a game that might seem shallow from the screenshots into a compelling thrilling experience. Every moment consists of countless decisions. Which gun is best for the current situation? Should I rush for that power-up but risk having to run through a horde to reach it? Which order should I use power-ups? Which perks should I choose?

I think the most interesting aspect is how the varied enemies require you to totally change your tactics and influences the weapons and perks you'd want to use. It's not like some shooters where you can just get the most powerful weapon and kill everything. If you're facing fast spiders that replicate when they die, then you're going to want a weapon that's accurate and precise but that fires and reloads fast enough that they won't close the gap, and power-ups that focus on crowd control and defense. Hordes of zombies? You'll want to go for the spray and pray type weapons or explosives and all-out offensive power-ups. Thankfully your arsenal is just as varied as the enemies you face. Weapons range from a simple pistol and shotgun to all manner of flamethrowers, plasma cannons, automatic weapons, and even more exotic weapons. Power-ups slow time, shield you from damage, restore health, imbue your weapon with devastating plasma energy. The RPG-esque perk system offers diverse ways to customize your playstyle. Sacrifice health for damage, move faster, have more ammo, poison enemies, gain a melee attack, and many more perks make each survival attempt feel fresh and exciting

Crimsonland is a must play for top-down shooter fans. Besides the 60-mission campaign (and three difficulty levels), you can test your skills across several survival modes, all of which adds its own twist of the core gameplay. The visuals and effects are stylish, the gameplay is deeper than you'd might expect, and seeing the screen literally turn red with blood and gore as you mow down hundreds of creatures is very satisfying.
Publisert: 12. juni
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So let me just go ahead and start off saying this little bit: I'm going to be incredibly biased... I remember the day Crimsonland came out and remember quite well begging my mom to purchase it off 10ton's website. Violent as hell and they didn't try to hide it almost became my downfall until my mom realized she wasn't going to win.

Sitting down and playing Crimsonland today makes me feel like I'm a kid again. It's prettier, more functional, and full of some damn fine content that would make any arcade lover melt. Honestly if you don't pick up this game I pity you. You're going to be missing out on one of my favorite childhood games and that's horrible!

Do you like explosions?

Do you like blood?

Do you enjoy being a sickly green color and poisoning everything that touches you?

If you said yes to any of the questions above YOU BETTER BUY THIS GAME!
Publisert: 7. juni
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"Let's paint the town red tonight!" you say.
I say, "Friend, you're not thinking big enough..."

Publisert: 16. juni
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Crimsonland is a fairly simple concept of top-down shooting and tonnes of mayhem - imagine Serious Sam from a top-down perspective. The three things I can guarantee you with Crimsonland: hoards of mobs, lashings of blood and a colossal arsenal at your disposal.

Overall it is an incredibly enjoyable experience that I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone looking for a challenge and trip down memory lane. It won’t appeal to everyone due to its difficulty level and outdated design, but the gameplay is satisfying overall. I personally couldn’t play too many lengthened sessions as it does become repetitive after some time, however the variety in weapons and mobs, not to mention the addition of the various survival modes helps to keep things fresh.

+ Gunplay is incredibly fun and satisfying.
+ Large amount of weapons with huge variety.
+ Lots of enemy types.
+ Great game mode types.
- Many enemies appearances are re-skins.
- Gameplay can become repetitive after some time.
Publisert: 11. juni
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As a Crimsonland old player, I prefer the old UI and hope the perks could be used in Quest.
Perk Telepicks instead of picking the bonous by mouse, the bonous would move to the player, prefering the old one.

Found a way to enable PERK in QUEST mode:
During the QUEST, press "ESC" and type "grim", and tick "Enable PERK in QUEST".
Publisert: 12. juni
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1.1 timer registrert
Pretty disappointed by this "remake"... if you could even call it that. This game has some new perks and a few new game modes, but that's about all that is new. All of the sound effects and music, for example, are 100% reused from the original-- in 2003, this kind of audio quality was acceptable, but in 2014, it feels tinny and underwhelming, especially with regards to the music, which sounds like it was saved and then resaved as lossy 64kbps mp3s. The graphics are pretty much the same as well, just barely updated for wide screen resolutions. This is such a non-remake, in fact, that the flavor text for perks is exactly the same, poor English included! In 2003, coming from a tiny indie dev, this was acceptable. But to have this in 2014, from what is now a well established, modestly successful casual PC and mobile developer...that's just shameful and embarassing. (If you've played any of 10tons' games on iPhone or Android, that is the kind of quality I expected.)

Now for the new gameplay-- for some reason, someone thought that it would be a good idea to remove perks entirely from the Quest mode. This is such a poor decision. A major part of the 2003 game's charm was getting to make choices and develop your character gradually over the course of each level, with a clear progression in your power as the enemies became stronger and more numerous. Now the quest mode is just a boring grindfest in which the only interesting choices are when to pick up a powerup, and whether to use a shotgun or a plasma rifle. What's worse is that the game forces you play through this quest mode in order to unlock the guns and perks for use in survival mode, which does let you choose perks and develop your character. It's a poor design choice to force your players to trudge through a boring mode so that they can better succeed in the more fun game mode. Please change this back to the way it was!

Perhaps the biggest feature of this "remake" is the introduction of achievements, but half of them are predictable, "complete chapter 1 of quest mode", "complete chapter 2", type achievements. There's also one achievement which is particularly irritating for completionists like myself-- the "no damage" achievement. You now earn a star for each Quest mode level you complete without taking damage, and you have to collect one from every level to get the achievement. Sounds simple, right? Not when your character now moves at 80% of the speed they used to, your success on a level is heavily dependent upon which gun drops from the first monster, and the poor level design is such that monsters sometimes spawn right on top of you (this was rarely an issue in the original). This achievement also goes against everything the original was about: wading into mobs of aliens like a badass, and shrugging them off as you blow them away. To actually get every star for this achievement, you would have to restart your game hundreds, if not thousands of times. Meanwhile, you have to play the game as a super perfectionist SHMUP where you die instantly, rather than the messy, Smash TV style slaughterfest it is meant to be.

Lastly, the UI...I don't know why they decided to change this. In the 2003 game, your health and ammo were shown in the top left corner, in a bar with a black background. You could clearly see how much health you had, and how much ammo you had remaining in your clip. In this remake, they moved it to the aiming reticle, converting the health to a very small blue circle around you, and the ammo to a blue number next to the crosshair. While this does mean you don't have to shift your eyes away from the battle to see your stats, the tiny graphics and the light blue coloring are a pain to read, and they often blend right into the scenery or your enemies.

Unless they patch this game to make it more interesting and closer to the original, I can't recommend it. You will have much more fun with the 2003 version, believe me! And it costs almost the same. I was SO excited about this remake. I wanted badly to love it, and I was looking forward to improvements to the original. Instead, I got a product that is actually worse, and that feels like it was rushed in a month or two for the sake of a money grab.

Edit: The devs have made a post in the Steam discussion forums about how they did include a hidden option to unlock perks in the main Quest mode by typing "grim" at the menu. However, this doesn't solve the deeper underlying issue, which is the super short Quest levels (and to a lesser extent, the poor level design). The original Crimsonland was about starting weak then growing in power over time. The length of these levels is so short that this feeling of progression has been greatly diminished. So while it's a band-aid, it doesn't fix the actual cause. This feature (one that shouldn't be hidden, btw) also doesn't make up for the generally poor production values and other issues, such as the unclear UI.

Edit 2: typos
Publisert: 11. juni
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