ENEMY FRONT ist der erste wirklich moderne, im 2. Weltkrieg spielende Egoshooter. Er bietet eine fantastische Grafik, Levels mit offenem Ausgang und ein durch und durch interaktives Kampferlebnis, das sich vom Standardmodell stark linear konzipierter Egoshooter-Erlebnisse abhebt, wodurch dem Spieler die Ausführung seiner eigenen...
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Veröffentlichung: 10. Juni 2014

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Über dieses Spiel

ENEMY FRONT ist der erste wirklich moderne, im 2. Weltkrieg spielende Egoshooter. Er bietet eine fantastische Grafik, Levels mit offenem Ausgang und ein durch und durch interaktives Kampferlebnis, das sich vom Standardmodell stark linear konzipierter Egoshooter-Erlebnisse abhebt, wodurch dem Spieler die Ausführung seiner eigenen Spielweise frei überlassen ist. Schwere Kämpfe, Hinterhalt, Tarnung und Sabotage – all dies sind mögliche Vorgehensweisen für den Spieler, wodurch die Beteiligung des Spielers sowie die erneute Spielbarkeit maximiert werden.
Vor dem Hintergrund der Realität atemberaubender europäischer Schauplätze übernimmt der Spieler die Rolle des amerikanischen Kriegsberichterstatters Robert Hawkins, der an der Seite von Widerstandskämpfern die verheerende Nazigewalt in Frankreich, Deutschland, Norwegen und während des Warschauer Aufstands bekämpft.

  • Wähle deinen eigenen Kampf: Durch die Spielmechanik wird tempogeladene Egoshooter-Action mit präzisen Schüssen aus dem Hinterhalt, aufregender Tarnung und tödlicher Sabotage im ersten Spiel, das im zweiten Weltkrieg handelt und einen offenen Ausgang bietet, kombiniert.
  • Töte aus der Ferne: Verwende Scharfschützengewehre, um Feindeslinien zu dezimieren und Offiziere, feindliche Scharfschützen und schwere Infanteristen mit tödlicher Präzision auszuschalten.
  • Atemberaubende Grafik, eine interaktive Umgebung und spektakuläre Action in einer Vielzahl ikonischer Widerstandsoperationen des zweiten Weltkriegs.
  • Wähle deine eigene Waffe: Ein komplettes Arsenal an Waffen aus dem 2. Weltkrieg in allen Kategorien: Handfeuerwaffen, Maschinenpistolen, Sturmgewehre, Scharfschützengewehre sowie unverkennbare Widerstandswaffen wie die Sten Gun, die schallgedämpfte Welrod-Pistole und die Błyskawica-Maschinenpistole.
  • Beherrsche das Schlachtfeld: Kombiniere Aufklärung, Sprengsätze und Schießkunst, um zahlenmäßig überlegene Nazitruppen aufzustellen, sie in die Irre zu führen und aus dem Hinterhalt anzugreifen.
  • Durch fesselnde, zerstörbare Umgebungen und eine fortschrittliche, taktische künstliche Intelligenz wird der Kampf jedes Mal zu einem lohnenden und dynamischen Erlebnis.
  • Eine durch und durch erneut spielbare 10-stündige Einzelspielerkampagne sowie ein Online-Mehrspielermodus für 12 Spieler werden durch CRYENGINE-Technologie ermöglicht.


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, with the latest Service Pack
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo at 2Ghz, or AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz, or better
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 8800GT with 512Mb RAM or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
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13.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15. Februar
Enemy Front puts you in the shoes of an intrepid American reporter covering the war’s more inglorious theaters. Though it's packaged as a first-person shooter, it feels more like a puzzle game with guns. Case in point: I'm early in the single-player campaign, and I need to blow up a bridge in the French countryside. The main path to my objective is stocked with a half-dozen Nazi strongholds, and when I'm spotted, all the soldiers come pouring out as though they're controlled by an alien hive mind. After dying over and over again, I accidentally discover an alternate path that lets me flank everyone, sneak my way to the bridge, then watch it come tumbling down without firing a shot. That discovery makes me feel smarter, and it’s far more rewarding than blasting away hordes of enemies.If you’re saying to yourself “oh man, I hate stealth games”, don’t sweat it; Enemy Front still gives you plenty of opportunities to blow stuff up. There are scads of missions where you rush through bombed-out buildings in close-quarters combat, manning machine guns, sniping from church towers, and destroying tanks with Panzerfausts. These action segments are smart punctuation to the larger missions where stealth is clearly the best path to success.Almost as impressive as the variety of action Enemy Front delivers are the areas you’ll explore. The bombed-out horrors of Warsaw are strikingly juxtaposed with the bright French countryside and the bitter cold of snowy Norway. Even the loading screens contain gorgeous, original 3D visuals that depict moments in time from the viewpoint of very different character-- army officers, terrorized civilians, and nonchalant soldiers doing their duty.Enemy Front also doesn't hold back on controversial subjects. At various points, you’ll come across depictions of atrocities being committed against civilians and partisans--and if you don’t act quickly, you’ll be confronted with the nasty results. Choosing to rescue a person who's about to be executed may be a heroic act, but it also means getting discovered and attacked by the enemy. Later on, you’ll have a harrowing walk through a barely-functioning Warsaw hospital that's under constant bombardment. In its crumbling halls, dying people beg for assistance--you can choose to help them or not. There are few easy choices.That said, I can't help but wonder if Enemy Front was too ambitious a project, as there are a host of problems that really detract from the experience. Transitions in and out of cutscenes are very rough, and the sound mix makes it difficult to hear what characters are saying over the orchestral score. You meet a host of characters as the story unfolds, but the brevity of the conversations doesn't explain your transformation from a notebook-carrying reporter to a gun-toting one-man army; why exactly are you willing to risk your life for these people you barely know? What's more, bizarre moments are frequent. Watching a fellow soldier fire an invisible rifle through a window is a bit strange, as is seeing an unmanned rifle flop around on the floor, repeatedly shooting at the walls as though it has some sort of grudge against concrete structures.Then there's the AI characters and enemies, whose behaviors are often erratic. Enemy soldiers rush right at with the intent to kill, then stand there for a moment or two before opening fire.The single-player campaign is the heart of Enemy Front, but there is a functional--if bare-bones--multiplayer component as well. Featuring three run-of-the-mill modes and a handful of interesting combat arenas, it offers little depth and feels tacked-on.In some ways, Enemy Front succeeds in standing out in a crowded genre. Impressive visuals and expansive levels merge create memorable locations. And though some stages very obviously award stealthier playstyles, the gunplay is enjoyable when you're not overwhelmed with enemies. Unfortunately, a raft of weird bugs, mindless enemy behavior, and a multiplayer mode that feels like an afterthought shoot Enemy Front's potential square in the heart.Overall 6/10.
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7.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29. Dezember 2014
Graphics are nice but gameplay is not good at all, generic and uninspired what a shame that it turned out to be all looks no heart. It's nice to play as the resistance in WW2 but the story is bland as is the combat, 3/8 not recommended
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7.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 13. Dezember 2014
The game brought me back much nostalgia from playing some of the classic Medal Of Honor games, Enemy Front is very similar to those - the only problem is the games it feels similar to are over a decade old. Enemy Front does not live up to todays standards of video games other than having semi good graphics and environments (as it is built on the Cry Engine).

Depsire the many game breaking and heavily distracting bugs, I still had hours of enjoyment out of playing Enemy Front. I wouldn'y recommend the game at the current store price (£30) as that is just a rip-off for the game you are getting, but I managed to pick the game up for around £7, and got enough fun out of it to warrant the price of purchase.

The story is so so (but that is pretty standard for a ww2 shooter), you are pretty much just a one man army. The environment is pretty decent. The AI is very stupid, to the point where you can just run around meleeing everyone with a pistol and they die in one swing (but this is what reminded me of MOH: Frontlines, as thats all I used to do in that game)

I'd say pick it up when it's on offer if you are a fan of the classic Medal of Honor series for a fun nostalgia trip - if you are not, you may wish to stay away from Enemy Front.
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7.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 5. April
This game really needs a "meh" review option.

The game reminds me of the old "Medal of Honor" games. A lot of that vibe has stuck with this game, just with updated graphics. Honestly, not terrible.

The problems however:

Bugs galore: texture issues, models that clearly were not finished, dodgy hit detection, etc.
Crap "AAA" features: tried to make the game "next gen" and succeeded in taking only the worst stuff. On full graphics, the game is simply painful to play, as you walk around in a motion-blur-lens-flare-reflecting-light fest.
Characters: terrible voice acting, terrible characters, unbeliveable story. I liked the setting, but it was simply to wild to believe, and the game took itself too seriously. (or at least tried to)

Worth it if you remember old WWII FPS's and can pick it up for $2.50-$5.00 as I did. It will give 7-8 hours of gameplay, it's worth a playthrough. Not worth a dime more though.
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6.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10. April
*has tears in eyes*
I cant remember the last time i played good WW1-WW2 FPS game.And i am a BIG fan of WW FPS games,The last game was COD 2 ,after that nothing special was made ,at list not for me
And than this game come out.
To me this is a WW2 FPS masterpiece.
Amazing graphics with beautiful beautiful environments.
Really nice selections of guns,silent and not silent guns,
You can play the whole game silent,to pass all enemies undetected.Or you can choose to fight your way through like rambo or like every FPS game ( I chose a logical rambo way ofc )
Not sure why this game have low scores and all critics say boring slow game.To me this is a great great game
i will say dont lisen to ANY ONE,play it your self and try it.
I dont see any bugs and glitches ,perfect on that end.
Enemies are hard,playing on normal difficulty ,i am daying maybe way to mutch aaahh ,but maybe that is just me because i am going in like rambo,but sill having fan.
So checks it out .i recoment this to all ppl
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7.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 30. April
Enemy Front is as generic a WW2 shooter as you could make, but we don't really get those any more so it's oddly welcome. The story is poor and serves as a framework to take you to occupied Poland, France, and Norway, as well as behind enemy lines in Germany. The settings look nice and the gameplay is competent.

If you want a WW2 shooter with ~modern graphics there aren't many, so go for it.

Ehhh, not bad. 10/10
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27.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 31. Januar
Great graphics... but the AI is terrible. Nazi soldiers just sit there and don't even fire whne you're in line of sight sometimes. The sound is awesome as well.. very dumbed down Call of duty game w/ pretty eye candy.
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19 von 35 Personen (54%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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15.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. Dezember 2014
look guys im going to be honest here.....
i am baffled by the bad feedback this game gets .
for the money it great and i must say if its a good testing wwII fix you are after then this is it, if its a call of duty type then its not.
aI in this game is ok not to hard to death trap them, graphics i find nice , gameplay is great , i did however find this game very short but having said that it is most certainly re playable.

as an older seasoned gamer this brings me back to my old medal of honor days way back .
i can say with hand on my heart this is worth the dollars, most bugs are fixed now.
just one thing i need to put negitive.....multiplayer here is pretty much none existant so bear that in mind.
a thumbs up to this latest wwII FPS i must say its been a while since a desent one was released
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26 von 49 Personen (53%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
5.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19. Januar
Clunky shooting, broken stealth mechanics, soooo dumb AI, short 10 minutes levels, nonexistent story; it does look good, spectacular in some places.
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4 von 7 Personen (57%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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6.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27. April
Enemy Front is a WW2 shooter with an original setting and decent story: sadly a few issues and unimpressive production value keep it from being truly great.


-novel setting,you join the Polish resistance and fight in Poland,France and Norway

-interesting story

-nice graphics thanks to CryEngine 3

-good sound design

-nice amount of different guns to use

-good variety of levels

-optional objectives during missions make things a little more interesting,also collectibles for those so inclined


-cutscenes are somewhat low res

-movement feels a bit jerky at times

-poor enemy AI,while mostly functional it often just charges in the open,stops moving or doesn't react to casualties

-no lean/cover mechanics mar gunplay a bit

-while the story is interesting it falls flat in truly giving an emotional attachment to characters

-a few bugs here and there

-multiplayer is dead

I got this game for 4 dollars,and for the price it was a pretty interesting and fun ride.

It can be clearly seen Enemy Front is a product of love,sadly it didn't come out as great as it'd be,whether to a lack of budget or lack of testing I cannot say...but considering the lack of WW2 shooters and the fact it can still offer a decent 6 hour campaign I'd say it's a good purchase on sale for WW2 aficionados.
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15.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19. April
Reminds me of Medal of Honor Airborne in some way.

- reminds me of old shooters i.e Sniper Elite, Medal of Honor Airborne;
- ok gameplay;
- good graphics ;
- multiplayer(but not too many people on it);
- decent story ;
- campain is longer than most titles these days.

- It has some bugs but none of them gamebreaking;
- not optimized to well;
- price is to big (Get it on a sale);
- stealh mecanics aren't to well implemented.
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7 von 13 Personen (54%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
18.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 22. März
If you are interest of WWII, from the perspective of the uprising's participants or French Resistance... or just you like to shoot to the Nazis, this game is for you.
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8 von 15 Personen (53%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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13.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15. Dezember 2014
I really enjoy this game, it's a bit short but very good.
There are some bugs, sure (example: bodies dissapear, glitching through walls etc.), but when I see one, I just laugh for a few seconds and go away.
I especially liked the missions in snow
I would say it's about 8,5/10, maybe more
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18.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 8. Januar
    Sabotage, sneak and fight behind enemy lines of Germany occupied Europe during World War II.
While some elements may lack originality and optimization, the stunning environments and strategic gameplay make Enemy Front a rather fun experience. (Single-player review)

  • France, Norway, Germany and Poland
  • 2 primary weapons + sidearm
  • WWII shooter with CryEngine
  • no driveable vehicles
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0.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 22. März
Lately people compare other shooters with Call of Duty games ... but they forget that Activision hasn't made an decent WWII game since long ago. So please stop saying other games are bad just because you have bad taste in games. This game has good graphics, awesome gun feel and alot of gore. I recommend it if not full price at least when there is a sale. The fact that this game hasn't had a good PR is because they released it at the wrong time when other triple A games have been released. If you are a WWII shooter fan i say this do buy it, it is worth it even if some say it isn't. People have different tastes, some like it some don't. Happy shooting ...
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9.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26. März
I am not sure why so many people have rated this down, maybe since they paid the full $30 for this game. I personally got this game in the bundle and the way I calculated it out, it came out to be around a dollar for this game, and to me, this game is easily worth that dollar. It is not a AAA game, but it is not an indie game either. It reminds me a lot of Sniper Elite V2, except that you can play as a sniper, or you can use smgs and other assault weapons. However, sometimes when you snipe an enemy, you get a little mini cut-scene that almost looks like the same cut scene from Sniper Elite V2, except it does not show what the bullet actually does to the enemy, it just shows them falling back dead. This is not Splinter cell, but there is a decent stealth option. The bushes sometimes provide cover and sometimes you can be seen through it. I did manage to do an entire mission stealth with no one ever getting alerted. You can tag people, but it sometimes works, and sometimes does not tag them, even if you over over them for a good amount of time.

As I said in the beginning, I paid around a dollar for this, and I feel I got my money's worth, though I would never buy it full price, or even on sale.
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17.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 4. Mai
Firstly, Enemy Front is SP only game like almost all of the CI stuff. They did a lot lot of cheap realises. MP is dead, so dont buy this game if you are not SP-player.

Enemy Fornt is a better version of Mortyr. This series is about commando who takes part in special/partizan operation during WW2. Probably nobody know this game, exept Poles. Motyr has only SP campain, no MP.

And now CI games realised abroad a better version of Mortyr - Enemy Front, calling it "great game wow, next Crisis". They always describe like that. Cheap games witch you can buy in newsagence for 4$ too. But non-Poles didnt know about it, they expected good MP and CoD's style SP. But Enemy Front is like Mortyr - you are one men army killing hordes of Germans. So that game is big disappointment for people who trust CI that they will made game of the year.

The main disadvantage of EF is bug and crash fest. You've got to preapare that 50% of map loading get stuck. Another bad aspect of game is that soldier's equpment is unhistorrical. You can find Stg-44, Sten Mk2 ,Panzerfaust or Germans wearing camo pants in 1940. Wz-35 AT Rifle has 5 round mag but in real life it has 4 bullets. Also German SMG-gunner skin is a diseaster - hakenkreutz on arm suggest Hitler's guard. But on helmet you can see Wehrmacht signs. Any way on the uniform you can see sign of artillery but also tankcrew one...

Some people complain about graphics. It just OK, not the best, not the worst.
Also players complain about stupid AI. AI is copy-paste from one used in Mortyr: Operation Thunderstorm, Terrorist Takedown 2, Code of Honor 2 and games like that. So prepeare that German soldiers act like Afgani partisans in MOH: Tier 1.

But this game has also good sides. Firs one is really beautiful presentation of buildings in Warsaw like Pasta or Saint Cross Church. Next possitive aspect of game is that you can find weapons like Weltrod, DeLise, Browning Wz-28 or Lightning SMG. They are not present in common FPS serieses.

And why to but this game? Campain. It isnt difficult but long enough. I really enjoyed my time playing it. You can take part in historical battles in Poland, year 1944 and fictional ones in France , Norway and V2 complex. This deffinitly good game for people who like Rambo-style playing, like me.

I will mark it like in school: 3+/6
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0.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19. März
Wow, just wow, really bad. I only played 40 minutes and I was totally underwhelmed. Glad I bought this in a cheap bundle deal. LOL
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6.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 12. Juni 2014
Enemy Front lässt Review-Schreiber erneut nach einer dritten Möglichkeit zur Abstimmung - neben Empfehlenswert und "nicht Empfehlenswert" - bitten. Wieso? Weil es "eigentlich" ganz ok ist - wenn man keine großen Ansprüche hat und man eignetlich nur ein wenig Rumballern möchte. Wer hingegen einen etwas ernsthafteren WW2-Shooter sucht, der Herausforderung bietet und eine gewisse historische Korrektheit, nun... dann ist Enemy Front leider ein Rohrkrepierer.

Alles fängt damit an, dass der Protagonist des Spiels, zum Helden des War.schauer Aufstands im August 1944 stilisiert wird. Er ist amerikanischer Reporter, wird teilweise abschätzig von anderen Soldaten "Schreiberling" betitelt und rennt duch die Welt, als wäre ihm Kriegsgerät näher als Stift und Papier. Natürlich darf er auch all die wichtigen Aufgaben lösen - auch wenn sie letztlich Kriegsentscheidend sind und seine direkten Vorgesetzten mehr als einmal seine Eignung als Soldat - und auch seine Beweggründe - anzweifeln. Aber hey, als Schreiberling in Frankreich oder Polen MUSS man einfach besser sein, wenn man auf den Namen Robert Hawkins hört.

Wie dem auch sei, das Spiel ist krude, denn die KI macht was sie will und vor allem die Gegner-KI macht Dinge, die nicht so einfach nachzuvollziehen sind. So sind die Landser allesamt strohdoof und rennen wie ein paar Bekloppte ins gegnerische Feuer, reagieren nicht wirklich auf Alarme (Beispiel Norwegen: Im Hafen ist Großalarm, die Sirenen heulen, die Stukas drehen ihre Runden und ca. 20m weiter, hinter einem Tor, machen es sich die Deutschen gemütlich, da sie und das Areal, in denen sie stehen,ja noch nicht getriggert wurden). Auch die Schießkünste sind interessant. Entweder sie treffen nix aus 5m Entfernung - oder alles aus 50m Entfernung. meh!

Natürlich gibt es auch eine Menge Waffen, die man aufheben und einsetzen kann. Blöd nur, dass die Entwickler entschieden haben, dass bei Levelbeginn oder in bestimmten Abschnitten, wo ein neuer Abschnitt geladen wird Waffen vorgegeben werden. Hat man also gerade A befreit und erhält den Auftrag, im nächsten Level B zu erobern (was zeitlich und räumlich aufeinanderfolgt), dann kann es passieren, dass man andere Waffen hat. Eben noch eine MP40, hat man dann irgendwas anderes. Seltsam.

Leveldesign ist Schlauchlevel-Design, allerdings gibt es abseits des Weges so viel Raum und Platz, dass das so zunächst gar nicht auffällt. Man kann also Gegner - wenn man denn möchte - weitläufig umschleichen und sich dabei die doch hübsche Level-Architektur anschauen.

Grafisch ist es ganz schick, doch irgendwie scheint zwischen Ingame-Grafik und den Zwischensequenzen, einen Qualitätsunterschied zu geben. Ingame-Grafik hui, die gescripteten und als Videodatei abgelegten Zwischensequenzen eher pfui. Texturen sind schwächer, Animationen hölzerner... scheint so, als hätte man die Zwischensequenzen lange vor dem Finishing des Spiels gerendert.

Ein weiteres Problem ist die eher maue Präsentation. Die deutsche Synchro von der Qualität der Sprecher zwar noch ok, allerdings ist das, WAS sie sagen, totaler Blödsinn - und zuweilen Inhaltlich falsch. So heisst es mehrfach, man solle eine Straßenbahn besetzen. In den Bergen. In den norwegischen Bergen. Ganz. Oben. Die "Straßenbahn" entpuppt sich dann als Seilbahn. Yeah.

Auch sonst gibt es einige Probleme:

- Es gibt keinen FOV-Slider. Wer das Spiel mal gespielt hat, wünscht sich diesen. Man kann zwar über die CFG die Werte einstellen, aber ist das doch recht fummelig.
- Massive Belastung der Grafikkarte. Die Lüfter schreien nach wenigen Minuten Gameplay - auch wenn nicht so viel auf dem Bildschirm zu sehen ist.
- Es gibt einen Multiplayer-Modus, aber kein Anti-Cheat-System. Kein VAC, kein nix.

Im Großen und Ganzen ein Spiel, dass man sich vielleicht in einem Deal holen könnte. Daher - als Vollpreistitel - eher nicht empfehlenswert
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Verfasst: 16. Juni 2014
Have you ever thought to yourself "You know what would be really cool? A game where you play as a reistance fighter, stealing supplies and ammunition from the enemy, using sabotage and hit and run tactice to strike back at the Nazi war machine." Well then good news! Enemy Front does not let you do this.
In Enemy Front, you too can go on (now famous, but at the time top secret!) British SOE/Norwegian commando raids as an American journalist for some reason, or sink famous German ships that never actually sank until after the war.

In exchange for the ability you have unfortunately lost the power to leap over even small fences, thus making it impossible to go anywhere the devs don't want you to go, but at least you can freeroam inside the nice little linear road they've set out for you. Plus, there's those convenient little infinite ammo boxes every twenty seconds, which is good, because otherwise you'd be at risk of running out occasionally and would have to conserve your ammunition, since you only carry four reloads for any given weapon (regardless of whether this is 20 KAR98 sniper rifle bullets, 20 KAR98 bullets (which are somehow different) or like 400 PPSH rounds) at a time.

Thrill at the nonscripted pleasure of running away from an exploding building down a fixed, linear path, then being knocked down by an explosion and helped back up in a cutscene! Not once, but twice! It's like no FPS you've ever played before, and definitely not one that came out in 2007 and starred a man with an enormous moustache!

Marvel at the time-travelling French resistance member who inexplicably gives you an STG-44 during a flashback to 1940, two years before that weapon's design was finished, and three years before the first one was built!

Chuckle warmly as the game provides you with a demolition objective, which is coincidentally the only destructible object in its "Engaging, destructible environment"! Clap appreciatively as you find the explosives you need literally right next to the objective - again! Wonder aloud why you can't place those charges on any of the other nearby things, even though you've done so before, then realise it's because the devs didn't think far enough ahead to provide an alternate route in their 'open-ended levels' in case you used up all your explosives!

Sigh indulgently as you breach through yet another door and go into slow motion to shoot all the nazis inside, not forgetting the guy who gets knocked onto his rear by the exploding door basically every single time.

Whoop with joy as you destroy the Nazi war machine's vaunted Panzers by shooting their frontal armour once, with a single shot antitank weapon! Gleefully call that weapon a Panzerschreck, even though it is clearly a Panzerfaust!

Get really mad because this game's devs clearly put no effort into their research and have no idea what actually happened in World War 2!

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