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ENEMY FRONT is de allereerste echt moderne WW2 FPS met prachtige afbeeldingen, levels met een open einde en een zeer rijke en interactieve gevechtservaring, die verder gaat dan het standaard lineaire FPS-model met vaste verhaallijnen, waardoor de speler hier de volledige vrijheid krijgt om zijn eigen speelstijl te gebruiken.
Releasedatum: 10 jun 2014
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ENEMY FRONT is de allereerste echt moderne WW2 FPS met prachtige afbeeldingen, levels met een open einde en een zeer rijke en interactieve gevechtservaring, die verder gaat dan het standaard lineaire FPS-model met vaste verhaallijnen, waardoor de speler hier de volledige vrijheid krijgt om zijn eigen speelstijl te gebruiken. Intense gevechten, sluipschieten, geheime missies en sabotage – verschillende technieken die een maximale inleving voor de speler betekenen, en wat het telkens opnieuw spelen van het spel mogelijk maakt.
Tegen de in detail weergegeven achtergrond van adembenemende Europese plaatsen neemt de speler de rol aan van de Amerikaanse oorlogscorrespondent Robert Hawkins, die naast de verzetsstrijders vecht die het opnemen tegen de machtige Nazi strijdkrachten in Frankrijk, Duitsland, Noorwegen en tijdens de opstand in Warschau.
  • Kies je eigen gevecht: het spel mengt razendsnelle FPS acties met nauwkeurig sluipschieten, geheime missies en dodelijke sabotage in het allereerste WW2-spel met een open einde.
  • Moord op afstand: gebruik sniper-geweren om vijandelijke linies uit te dunnen en richt speciaal met dodelijke nauwkeurigheid op officieren, vijandelijke sluipschutters en soldaten die zware wapens bedienen .
  • Adembenemende afbeeldingen interactieve omgevingen en spectaculaire gevechten tijdens vele iconische verzetsacties in de WW2.
  • Kies je eigen wapen uit een volledig arsenaal wapens uit de WW2 met alle categorieën van handgeweren, semi-automatische wapens, aanvalswapens, sniper-geweren en specifieke wapens van het verzet zoals de Stengun, het Welrod pistool met geluiddemperen het semi-automatische wapen Lightning.
  • Heers op het slagveld: combineer verkenning, explosieven en scherpschutterskunst om je aanvallen voor te bereiden en de superieure Nazi troepen te misleiden en in de val te lokken.
  • Veel van je vragende, vernietigbare omgevingen en een geavanceerde, tactische AI zorgen ervoor dat de gevechten altijd voldoening geven en een dynamische ervaring zijn.
  • Zeer goed opnieuw te spelen, 10 uur durende campagne vpoor één speler en multiplayer online spelen met tot 12 personen, allen ondersteund met de CRYENGINE-technologie.


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, with the latest Service Pack
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo at 2Ghz, or AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz, or better
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 8800GT with 512Mb RAM or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
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22.0 uur in totaal
Its a good game, specially the story. And for longer gameplay try to get all achievements of the story. The MP is dead. But if you create with youre friends a server and play a match to get the MP achievements
Geplaatst: 29 juli
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17.6 uur in totaal
Have you ever thought to yourself "You know what would be really cool? A game where you play as a reistance fighter, stealing supplies and ammunition from the enemy, using sabotage and hit and run tactice to strike back at the Nazi war machine." Well then good news! Enemy Front does not let you do this.
In Enemy Front, you too can go on (now famous, but at the time top secret!) British SOE/Norwegian commando raids as an American journalist for some reason, or sink famous German ships that never actually sank until after the war.

In exchange for the ability you have unfortunately lost the power to leap over even small fences, thus making it impossible to go anywhere the devs don't want you to go, but at least you can freeroam inside the nice little linear road they've set out for you. Plus, there's those convenient little infinite ammo boxes every twenty seconds, which is good, because otherwise you'd be at risk of running out occasionally and would have to conserve your ammunition, since you only carry four reloads for any given weapon (regardless of whether this is 20 KAR98 sniper rifle bullets, 20 KAR98 bullets (which are somehow different) or like 400 PPSH rounds) at a time.

Thrill at the nonscripted pleasure of running away from an exploding building down a fixed, linear path, then being knocked down by an explosion and helped back up in a cutscene! Not once, but twice! It's like no FPS you've ever played before, and definitely not one that came out in 2007 and starred a man with an enormous moustache!

Marvel at the time-travelling French resistance member who inexplicably gives you an STG-44 during a flashback to 1940, two years before that weapon's design was finished, and three years before the first one was built!

Chuckle warmly as the game provides you with a demolition objective, which is coincidentally the only destructible object in its "Engaging, destructible environment"! Clap appreciatively as you find the explosives you need literally right next to the objective - again! Wonder aloud why you can't place those charges on any of the other nearby things, even though you've done so before, then realise it's because the devs didn't think far enough ahead to provide an alternate route in their 'open-ended levels' in case you used up all your explosives!

Sigh indulgently as you breach through yet another door and go into slow motion to shoot all the nazis inside, not forgetting the guy who gets knocked onto his rear by the exploding door basically every single time.

Whoop with joy as you destroy the Nazi war machine's vaunted Panzers by shooting their frontal armour once, with a single shot antitank weapon! Gleefully call that weapon a Panzerschreck, even though it is clearly a Panzerfaust!

Get really mad because this game's devs clearly put no effort into their research and have no idea what actually happened in World War 2!

Post sarcastic reviews about it instead of doing something productive with your life!
Geplaatst: 16 juni
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725 van de 975 mensen (74%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
7.6 uur in totaal
Remember the first time you parachuted into occupied (virtual) Normandy, France in the dead of night? Took out those German patrols stealthy-like? Created a distraction so your comrades-in-arms could take the beachhead and secure a landing site? Or remember being packed in an LCU (VIRTUAL), sea water and vomit sloshing beneath you; the Atlantic tossing you about like a plaything before your ship slammed into the beach? The ramp lowered, bullets chewed your men up around you; imposing, gray, gloomy skies contrasted that red, roiling surf? I sure as ♥♥♥♥ do. The developers of “Enemy Front” also remember. They remember and they want you to TOO.

It's been years since we've gotten a great WWII shooter. DAMN OUR HUBRIS. “Developers, we are SICK of killing Nazis. Come on, let's see something new,” we cried. “Okay, how about Nazi zombies?” they replied. And we were content for a time. But we wanted more. So they decided to drown the market in Tom Clancy Russian/Arab/Chinese right-wing wet dream masturbatory aid for the last SEVEN years. It's gotten more boring than WWII ever was. Because history is tangible. It happened. It happened to our grandparents. We can read books and watch documentaries and visit sites. It's real. It's powerful. Pretend future conflicts just aren't the same. They aren't bad, no! Just different. They don't have the same staying power. Remember my first paragraph? Bet you all remembered each of those moments vividly as I described them. Okay, now reflect on some of the latest modern shooter moments. OH ♥♥♥♥, REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU GOT NUKED? Yep. That was pretty heavy. WHAT ABOUT THE GHILLIE SUIT CHERNOBYL LEVEL?!? Oh yeah, that was excellent! Got anything else? No? Okay.

So I hope I've made my position in this debate clear. Now this WWII shooter might not be the savior we're looking for, but it's a fine first effort. The story is interesting, but Citizen Kane this is not. The characters are interesting but one note, underdeveloped, and underutilized. But this is to be expected from the genre. This isn't why we play WWII shooters though, is it? No. We play them to kick Nazi butt. So what little suffers from the weaker story elements the gameplay salvages.

You can approach a level in one of two ways: either come in Captain America style, rocking Nazi faces with your raw and unrelenting patriotism, or you can hit them Sam Fisher stealth style. This duality is very rewarding. The gunplay is great. I can feel the jolts up my arm; I feel the impact of each bullet, whether it's striking flesh or cover. I feel totally immersed. I'm a grimy, grizzled, Nazi-blood-hungry warrior – I'm not playing a video game in my underwear, hungry for day old pizza. The AI is serviceable. I'm playing on expert difficulty. They tend to rush in, unfortunately. Sometimes they display tactics, but on at least a few occasions I've taken a shot in an open area and fallen back, watching them funnel one by one into my death corridor. But otherwise they're competent – just don't expect “Brothers in Arms” tactics. The graphics are excellent, especially considering this is also a PS3 and Xbox 360 release. The ruined cities feel alive, buzzing and burning. The countryside is verdent and beautiful, still scarred by the brutality of war. And the sounds, last but not least, the sounds. Bullets whiz and ping, Germans shriek and shout orders, bombardments are heavy. The score is a little repetitive but it certainly is soaring and epic, fitting for the setting. If the gameplay makes this immersive, then the sound design is the icing on the cake.

A few gripes worth mentioning. I'm a resistance fighter. Thank God the Germans just left open ammo crates lying around everywhere otherwise, I don't know, I might have had to drop my weapon, change things up! And I'm tired of every European out of WWII speaking near perfect English. I wouldn't have minded subtitles; French speaking French, Polish speaking Polish. Finally, the game touts open worldness as a feature and pressures you to explore. I wish there were some collectables... propoganda leaflets and art, love notes and correspondence. History. An unfortunate missed opportunity.

So for my fellow history buffs and historical war enthusiasts AND EVEN A FEW OF YOU MODERN FANATICS, I think you'll have a good time with this game. It has serious nostalgia potential. You will likely smile and reflect on your time with this game when you're finally finished playing. For thirty bucks this is well worth your time. This is almost AAA quality. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Now go liberate (VIRTUAL) Europe.
Geplaatst: 10 juni
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302 van de 424 mensen (71%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
3.8 uur in totaal
Not bad, not by any means good. I mean, if you played sniper ghost warrior, its more or less that, just with ww2 smgs instead of a modern sniper rifle. Buggy as ♥♥♥♥, and there is only like 4 mp maps. But it does look rather good, and the single player is decent. But just dont bother for $25. Wait for it to go on sale.
Geplaatst: 10 juni
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1.2 uur in totaal
I truly want to enjoy this game, I do. The problem with Enemy Front is that the controls are relic-like. When walking you feel like you are part trudging through muck and part floating through the air on a rubbery cloud. The aiming is not precise either and thankfully the AI rounds are not very lethal. You can quite literally stand up from behind cover with a Kar 98k and plink away until your heart is content. The controls make for some aggravating multiplayer as well.
I wish that I could give Enemy Front my blessing, but unless a major overhaul occurs, it looks as though this will not be a happy return to the old WW2 clandestine days of old that Medal of Honor ushered in. I hope that one day I can edit this review and place a thumbs up.
Geplaatst: 10 juni
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