Maia is a colony building game set in the not-so-distant future. Your colonists make planetfall on a hostile world and you must ensure their survival and their safety, constructing their off-world habitat from almost nothing and sheltering them from a dangerous, often deadly environment.
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Udgivelsesdato: 3. dec 2013

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

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“Hi! Thanks for checking out our early access release of Maia. Alpha access gives us the unique opportunity to work with the community and craft the game together. Maia is a game with unprecedented complexity, and developing features directly with our players allows us to refine these intricate game systems to create a world that really feels alive.”

Hvor lang tid vil dette spil være i tidlig adgang?

“We want to keep development hurtling forwards at a steady rate and plan to release update builds once a month as the game progresses. (You'll often see smaller updates go out sooner as we push out important fixes as soon as we have tested them.)

We plan to reach version 0.50 (the full sandbox experience) during July 2015. After that we will be releasing the campaign, extra single player maps and full modding tools over the coming months, whilst refining the game and adding greater depth to the content.”

Hvordan er det planlagt, at den fulde version skal være anderledes fra tidlig adgang-versionen?

“We plan for the full version of the game will have a complete single player campaign as well as the current sandbox mode. The campaign will last between 10-18 hours, depending on the player, but we expect the sandbox mode and additional single player maps (and of course mods) to give the player potentially endless replayability.”

Hvad er den nuværende tilstand for tidlig adgang-versionen?

“The game is still very deep in development, so many things might be broken. Sometimes in a rather amusing manner, sometimes... less so. The current sandbox build (0.48) has the core game play of colony building, colonist interaction and base simulation, the best is still to come.”

Er prisen på spillet anderledes under og efter tidlig adgang?

“We have priced the game at a reasonable price to avoid people impulse buying the game in it's early state. Once the campaign is in, and the community feels that we have hit the right level of quality, we will be raising the price by around 10% to reflect it.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We try to read every forum post and email sent to us and work hard to consider and incorporate peoples feedback into the game.

You can follow updates and give us feedback on the game via Twitter on @Maia and on IRC users can join us on #maiagame on Quakenet. If you want to talk directly to me, the developer, I am @Simoroth on Twitter!”
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"It's a little rough right now, but the developer is a great guy and does regular updates."

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22. april

Maia 0.48 Has Ignition!

Maia 0.48 is out! The ignition update bring us a new hazard. Fire!

The brand new fire system really adds a challenge to base gameplay. Poorly maintained items will short circuit and catch alight. The fire is simulated realistically using oxygen from the atmosphere, the energy stored in objects and heat transfer between them. Even in an unpressurised room, objects can retain now heat and reignite when oxygen is reintroduced. Lock doors and bulkheads to choke off the air supply or risk letting your colonists try and fight the flames unaided.

Tutorial 2.0

The tutorial has been drastically reworked to provide a softer landing into the game for new players. Get a simple base up and running in five minutes by following the easy steps.


The hydroponic plants are now more deeply simulated. Responding realistically to changes in lighting colour and intensity around them. Through simulated photosythesis they produce more breathable air and can now be used in lieu of mechanical atmosphere generation.

Full list of changes:
  • MSAAx4 and MSAAx8 support in the menu. If your GPU is hefty enough to run antialiasing you can now benefit from the extra clarity and detail in the graphics. 
  • Text effects are now also tweakable in the menu. If you had problems reading the text before due to the scan lines or glitching, you will be able to adjust them to your needs.
  • Long planned optimisations to the renderer. For some people they may see as much as a 30% increase in performance and also less lighting tile errors.
  • Balancing for colourblindness. Several colours have been tweaked and information adjusted to make the game more playable.
  • Fire and fire damage added.
  • Space suits can become charred and damaged over time.
  • More placement information, you will get a visual and text warning if interaction points of an object are blocked when in placement mode. If all interaction points are blocked, the object will not be buildable.
  • Interaction point holograms are brighter and more obvious, change colour when blocked.
  • Several unbuildable objects now fixed.
  • Colonists will no longer get stuck placing a flag.
  • Colonists will no longer eat chickens to extinction.
  • Colonists wearing suits will no longer spin on the spot in the airlock.
  • Game config.xml reworked, holds more settings data. Less likely to get corrupted, can rebuild properly if a corruption is detected.
  • Picking game res at startup will pick the desktop res instead of the highest capable res of your monitor.
  • Heat haze glitchyness fixed.
  • Game rendering/lighting optimised, many shader bugs fixed.
  • Reflections optimised.
  • A new email tab. See all your emails, queue them up, right click to dismiss them.
  • Email system's first email is now a quick intro to using it.
  • Emails for deaths, research notifications and other major events.
  • More email variation. New important information may be mentioned by colonists.
  • Sleep is more effective at reducing fatigue.
  • Flywheel system's model changed for easier reading of the lights.
  • Several tweaked models and textures on items like the worklight.
  • Critical AI bugs fixed. AI will now never ignore blueprints.
  • IMPs will prioritize minerals better.
  • The protobirds are now a bit more likely to kill chickens.
  • Colonist lander capsules now work better. No more map glitching and multiple colonists can come down.
  • Colonist lander UI is now never hidden, but is greyed out and a timer provided.
  • New UI fixes and improvements.
  • Loads of new music. Really really awesome synth ambient tracks that will make your spine tingle.
  • Brand new comprehensive tutorial to get new users up and running with the game much faster.
  • Toilets are no longer death traps.
  • Flags have stopped exploding.
  • Level generation is now deterministic so the tutorial will always be on a good world.
  • 30+ major critical or crash bugs fixed.
  • Glitching on older Nvidia hardware fixed.

    Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports. We have a lot of new fixes and features coming. We'll be posting an updated road map here in a few days.

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18. februar

Maia 0.47 Touches down.

Maia 0.47 is here with some big gameplay changes. Here's a video demoing today's build:

New features

The PA system. A stern automated base announcer that warns of incursions into your base perimeter, low atmosphere levels and other hazards facing your poor neglected colonists.

Flywheel energy storage. Conserve your energy using um, the principle of the conservation of energy. Nothing says "safe" like a big hunk of metal spun up to thousands of RPM.

Detailed construction. Colonists will now build new rooms based on your blueprints.

Aggressive protobirds! Protect your chickens and shiny objects from this new spiny menace.

Other new things:
  • Animation system changes. Less teleporting and glitchyness. More fluid and efficient character motion through the world. Less "getting stuck".
  • Save files now hold more data, colonists personalities will be maintained. Lots of small save bugs fixed. Including the much loved "colonist sex flip" bug.
  • Creature AI expanded. See them search out places to sleep and mark their territory.
  • Hydroponics now produce a more accurate (and useful) amount of atmosphere.
  • Multiple airlocks now work much better. Colonists will pick reasonable routes to use them. Good for large bases.
  • Balancing of damage and repair needs for wind turbines and work lights.
  • Door placement based on raycasting. This system will allow arbitrary object placement on the walls. So soon we will have lights, readout screens and clocks to place around your base.
  • Rewritten wall intersection tests. This should fix many of the issues with the AI getting totally stuck and also improve framerate
  • Hunger and fatigue deaths for creatures are now balanced.
  • Colonist needs tweaked for better accuracy, it will also make the game a little easier.
  • Twenty or so crash bugs fixed.
  • IMP wandering off bug fixed. Many rough edges fixed in the IMP code.
  • Improved meshes for all rooms. Unified texture atlases to improve rendering speed.
  • Chicken AI re-added so they will now prefer brighter warmer places.
  • Chickens will also now breath atmosphere.
  • Chicken breeding rate limited a bit more to stop them asphyxiating your whole base when their population explodes.
  • Colonists will prefer eating chicken and hydroponic fruit over rations.
  • Read information about rooms when mousing over them in interaction mode.
  • Skinning is fixed on the main character bodies. No more weird distortions. (Some heads still need updating.)
  • Many other bugs and issues fix that the community reported. Thanks!
That's all for now. As always, some things didn't make it in time for the announcement, so look out for new features popping up over the next week or so!

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Om dette spil

Maia is space colony building simulator from independent developer Simon Roth. Guide your colonists as they make planetfall on a hostile alien world and do your best to ensure their survival and safety.

Your Mission

Keep your colonists alive by constructing their off-world habitat from the planets crust and sheltering them from a dangerous and often deadly environment. Your task is to gain a foothold on this strange alien world, building facilities where your colonists can live and work, as well as researching the secrets the planet holds.

Build your Base

To keep your colonists alive, you will need to build rooms for specific tasks. Your colonists need a living area, livestock containment and research lab, among other kinds of rooms. To expand your base further, you can use your IMP Robots to clear out areas of the cave your colonists have chosen to inhabit. The detailed simulation of temperature and atmosphere within the base influence the colonists and their actions.

An Enormous Procedurally-Generated World

Twelve light years from earth, the planet 3452C[Maia] circles Tau Ceti. Its atmosphere is toxic, its surface is ravaged by solar flares and meteor blasts and its unstable crust is constantly shifted by earthquakes. Nevertheless, it is habitable and there is room for you to build your base. The world is currently up to 2km x 2km with multiple levels.

Research and Learn from the Planet to Survive

The hard science fiction featured in the game is based on real technology. Because a lot of the equipment is ocassionally reliable 1970s-style technology, the colonists must also spend their time fixing and upgrading items as they build the base. The creatures that inhabit Maia are also based on real world research.

Dangerous Atmosphere

Manage the atmosphere in your colony with carefully placed airlocks, doors and bulkheads. Keep the air flowing or face the horror of painful asphxiation.

Advanced Colonists AI

Your colonists are real people. Simulated right down to their wants and needs. You must try to keep them happy, and perhaps more importantly, sane.

IMP Robots

Let the IMP robots do all the digging for you. Use these robots to clear out areas so you can build more rooms.

Treacherous Weather Patterns

Maia isn't safe. The weather alone can be deadly. The meteor strikes, seismic activity and solar flares can become risks to your colonists and their equipment.

Genetically Engineered Super Chickens

To survive, your colonists will need to create and manage new sources of food. Introducing the genetically engineered super chicken, the Uberhuhn. With research you will be also able to harness the local fauna and flora to keep the rations stocked.

Custom Engine

Maia's game engine is custom-made by Simon Roth. Exclusively used in Maia, the custom engine has stunning graphics and visual effects.

Immersive Soundtrack

Maia's soundtrack is atmospheric and adaptive, it responds to in-game events and draws you into the Sci Fi aesthetic of the game.

The Inspiration

Taking inspiration from games as diverse as Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital and The Sims, Maia also draws from 1970s Sci Fi aesthetic and features a healthy dose of dry, dark humour. It's a mix of strategy, management, construction and terrible deaths on a distant world.

To Come

  • A single player campaign.
  • A first person exploration mode.
  • More indigenous life forms and a functioning food chain.
  • Somewhat sassy computers
  • realistic water and lava simulation.
  • Cats with bee suits.

Get Involved

One of the great things about early access is being able to have players follow along with the games creation. This immediate feedback is extremely valuable to the games development. You can see our updates and give us feedback on the game via Twitter or the forum.
If you need some help with getting started in the game, you can check out our guides or head over to the official wiki.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-3250 or AMD 6350
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 260 or ATI 5770 - or equivilent with 1GB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel i5-3570K or AMD FX 8350
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 470 or ATI 5870 - or equivilent with 2GB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Mavericks
    • Processor: Intel i5
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD 6750M
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: Mavericks
    • Processor: Intel i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 650M
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-3250 or AMD 6350
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 260 or ATI 5770 - or equivilent with 1GB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: OpenGL 3.2 support is required.
    • OS: 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel i5-3570K or AMD FX 8350
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 470 or ATI 5870 - or equivilent with 2GB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: OpenGL 3.2 support is required.
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Indsendt: 5. april
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Early access review of build 0.47. Ignore the steam playtime; I bought this outside of steam at 0.3x.

It's not often I write a negative review, especially of early access games - either it's too soon to tell, or the game is so bad that Jim Sterling will deal with it. Maia, though, I want to warn people off, for now.

Maia should not be in early access at this time, and it certainly should not have a ticket price of $25. This is an alpha stage game, with serious, fundamental flaws that need to be worked on before this can be an enjoyable beta experience.

Maia is a colony builder, like Spacebase DF9 or Rimworld. It takes the Towns approach of letting you set tasks and build spaces but not directly control the colonists. With good AI and balanced priorities this works well; without it, you get issues as with Towns. Maia is somewhere in between: the AI isn't very good, but there is so little going on in the gameworld that it's just about good enough, unless you do something weird.

Graphically I like Maia. It's got a 1980s styrofoam-and-foil aesthetic, with big-head robots and Space: 1999 jumpsuits. The graphics are very unpolished, but this game I think qualifies as alpha at this stage, so that will come.

The UI is just so bad. It is clunky, awkward to use, with unintuitive keybindings, an absence of necessary information in the overlay, no easy way to check what your colonists are doing, and an annoying over-sensitivity to screen scrolling when you're trying to get the obnoxious and imprecise mouse cursor over the icons. Drawing rooms is a chore, which is an issue when that is pretty much the only thing you can currently do in the game.

It's also very poorly optimised. Running on min settings, with a mid-range computer in excess of the recommended specs, I get memory crashes, terrible frame rate issues, and periodic freezing as the game tries to calculate something. I've spent a lot of time on forums trying to find ways to address these issues at my end, with no luck; I'm not the only person with this experience. A certain level of poor optimisation is to be expected with early access, but not to the degree where it derails your playing.

Development is okay. I feel like they should be further along than they are at this point. For over a half a million dollars in funding and a year and a half since the first playable build, it should be further along than this. I think Maia, Towns, DF9 et al illustrate one central truth about town-management games: they take time to develop. If you over-promise, you get DF9; if you rush and then run out of hype, you get Folk Tale; if you don't nail the AI, you get Towns. Dwarf Fortress didn't happen overnight; without having to worry about graphics or platform integration that game took years to get to anything like a quality gaming experience.

And that's principally why I am warning against Maia. For a well-funded game to be charging $25 for an early access build that isn't optimised, isn't visually polished, doesn't have basic features, lacks solid AI, and is without the diversity of content you need for a game in this genre, that's not a good investment. I accept that an early access game will be content-light, will have areas needing to be polished, but when a colony-manager after this much work still doesn't have basic UI, AI and optimisation sorted out, they are going to have no chance of adding more content without bringing the game crashing down.

I want this game to succeed, but they don't need more money, and you don't need the current experience of Maia. Give them until the end of the year, see where they're at then; they will either have fixed these issues by overhauling basically the core of the game, or it will have gone the way of Folk Tale. Either way you'll have your answer.
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Indsendt: 22. januar
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
As of Patch 0.47, I can say that you should not buy this game. It is very promising, but the mechianics are not there. the AI is quite stuipid, building things take loger than it should, and over-all it runs like a donkey with heat stroke. I bought this back when it was around patch 0.05 and I have not seen anything since that would make me want to put more hours into it.
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Indsendt: 24. april
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Hard to vote this down -- the concept is great, and the team is clever, and dedicated to the project.

One day, this will be an awesome game, but right now -- even as an Alpha -- I honestly feel Maia is too rough, and too early in its development cycle, to appeal to anyone beyond those who are fully committed to the testing and review of something in the earliest of prototypical stages.

Another way to put it? I regret spending money on Maia in its current state -- but I expect I'll be glad of the purchase later on in the Alpha development life cycle.

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Indsendt: 27. december 2014
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The game is very promising and I'm confident it will at one day be real fun to play. As of now however it is not playable. Don't listen to people who say otherwise. The colonists keep getting stuck and die, the AI just stops working at all. No hard reloads of the game can solve this. They also tend to get stuck all over the place, run outside without suits and die, try to do jobs but then return at the last second to do nothing at alll, etc.

I bought this, knowing it's alha but awaiting some working base building at least. It's way too early for that though.

I recommend the game. But not yet!
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10 af 10 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
6.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 15. februar
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
I love this game and I have high hopes for it, it is the type of game that I have been looking forward to for a long time, I wish there was more city building games out there, but this is a colony base game still in developing stage and so far I have enjoyed the updates and it seems to get better each time, there is a still a few flaws but I know as the developer gets the information on those, he tries to update the game, I can't wait until it is finished and everything is fixed, but in the meantime, enjoying the product as it comes along, and I know that the developer is doing a fantastic job.
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13 af 16 brugere (81%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
4.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 12. marts
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Its very early in the development of the game, but it is coming along nicely. Each update adds and fixes things.
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Indsendt: 27. februar
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I Purchased this game on the release week i think and that was a while ago I was early access then and it is early access today, I have read some of the neg reviews and the tone is slow to get updates, broken game play, stupid AI. then I think early access there is no false clam here saying this game is 100% ready to blast your socks off this game is early access and it will be for a while yet and as for the slow updating i can say I picked up this game again when alpha 47 started and there has been a hot fix jsut about every day the Dev and his relatively new team are working on the game every day make fixes addressing bugs and concerns on the steam forums Simon the Dev is there every day that i looked this week nailing down reported bug to keep the testing of the game moving forward that's were this game is right now Testing because it's in alpha development.

So yes slow update was a issue but with recent events I don't see that being a problem any more and if you worried about the dev burning out or burning the cash of there customers like some other early access dev have done Simon has already addressed these concerns This game is receiving good attention from the dev team and the progress is moving faster then i have ever seen it on this game improvements are happening faster with that said there is still a ton of testing for game breaking glitches left to do so don't expect a glitch free game yet.

Good Dev and team listens and interacts with the community
steady progress of the game with hot fix’s and cont updates
A increasing R&D system in the game, watch your tech evolve and grow
Game mechanics are pretty realistic looking in to all aspects of the human condition
Looking forward to new features and such the sky is the limit!!! or so a hope :P
Really cool looking 1970's future look to it

Game is still riddled with game breaking glitches that are just waiting to be discovered
game is poorly optimized ATM (But what do you expect form early access a gold toilet?)
Colonist AI is really really dumb some times but that's a WIP kinda thing.

When it's all said and done this game is going to be great till then Colonist starving to death becasue they forget to eat 10/10
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11 af 15 brugere (73%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
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Indsendt: 8. februar
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Promising game, but Simon Roth has got quite a lot to deliver. My hopes are high for this one!
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16 af 26 brugere (62%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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Indsendt: 4. januar
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
The game seems like it will be good, and it has a lot more content than when i first picked it up when it appeared on Steam EA. But, it is somewhat unplayable right now.
It randomly crashes, and the AI is either bugging out and colonists/robots end up stuck in place, or they are actually getting stuck. Colonists seem to get materials, go to work desk, and then repeat, endlessly.
The UI isn't finished yet, even the main menu is bad - instant changing resolution when you click for the next one, and you can only click one way :/ .
So, I would recommend following the game, and seeing what it is like in 6 months or a year.
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6 af 7 brugere (86%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
6.4 timer bogført
Indsendt: 18. marts
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Decent so far. There are a few bugs still. iIt is still in early access. The devs are on the forums answering questions and helping out offten.
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4 af 4 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
8.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 31. marts
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
I've owned this game about 8 months now (don't let me play time fool you it doesn't track my offline time)

the devolper speaks with the players and even makes custom fixes for peoples problems - which I find impressive - he goes out of his way to stay with his vision of the game BUT also blends in player requests so that his dream for the game builds on what the players wants which makes it a solid game concept.

it is early release with a small team so if you want a game with 2-4 updates a month this isnt' for you - if you want a solid game with tons of hope that you actually can ask for stuff with a actual chance for it to get in - this is your game

there is some cons I won't lie to you - its got some bugs - colonist seem to be sucidal at times refuseing to eat drink and die - the robot miners seem to get confused - and the space chickens seem to hate me - but that said each game update I have fewer complaints and so much new and cool things are added

I was worried 8 months ago when I bought this game - but now I'd definatly have purchased it with a smile. - I might not be a fanboy of this game - but if the devolper keeps it up I might have to convert
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9 af 14 brugere (64%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
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Indsendt: 5. februar
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Its a fun game. Still alot of stupid behavior though. Like colonists starving in their sleep. I do look forward to what the future of this game will bring though.
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4 af 5 brugere (80%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
8.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 2. maj
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Maia has a unique classic sci-fi charm, and it's already fun to grow a base and see how wildlife and colonists go on with the daily ilfe.

Note that this *is* alpha build: game is incomplete, and eventually colony will fall due to the random bug here or there. I like supporting the game, and i'm enjoying seeing it grow, but if you're looking for more playable game, wait a while, it's not there yet.
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23 af 42 brugere (55%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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Indsendt: 27. december 2014
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
In short, I love the idea of this game, I believe that it truly may become something great, but for the moment, the idea is not being realized very well. I understand that the game is in the alpha, but even in alpha it has some serious issues. I was one of the unfortunate fools that bought into Spacebase DF-9 early, and though I love the game, it has one major flaw... The characters are suicidal. I had hoped that Maia would have more polish than that other disaster of a space sim, but unfortunately, for now, my hopes were in vain. Just like in Spacebase DF-9 the AI literally is lazy to the point of dying, which makes this game, for now, unplayable to me. I am tagging this game as one I wouldn't recommend, at least not for now, but I do hold out hope, the game is still very active in development, and it is my sincere wish that more of these kinks get worked out, especially the lazily suicidal crew. To the devs, no offense, but it's hard dealing with the same thing in two games, especially when I had put so much hope in Maia after the complete disaster of SB DF-9. I know it's still alpha, and I'm glad you are still active, but please, fix the AI, it is my biggest frustration right now.
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9 af 15 brugere (60%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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Indsendt: 26. marts
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
I've had this game for over a year now, and while it still has a LONG way to go to be 100%, it has some great promise and is still lots of fun to play. It's not without its bugs and crashes (of which there are many), but it has that special feel of a game, the type you know you'll fall in love with.
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3 af 4 brugere (75%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
11.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 7. januar
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This game has a lot of great potential. It's an Alpha right now and it shows. AI improvements should be priority #1 over texture/graphics improvements. Structure placement (i.e. placing hydroponics or beds) should be #2. I had a colony die because a hole opened up in the ground under one of my bulkhead doors and destroyed it, effectively cutting off my hydroponics room from the rest of the colony with 3 colonists trapped inside. I routed some new doors through another part of the complex but the colonists just wouldn't build them. So basically everyone on the outside of the hydroponics room starved to death, everyone on the inside died of fatigue because they couldn't make it to the beds. I hope there is a better save option in the next update, because crashes are going to hapen often. Also, my robot keeps getting stuck places and just stands there even though I give him a clear path and give new orders. Sometimes it gets stuck if it wanders into a spot where a colonist is building something. In my last game, mine got stuck inside the materials hopper.

I'm going to give this a recommendation because I can see where the developers want to take it, in hopes that they actually follow through and dont end the project in favor of another.
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I've been playing the game for a while now.

It's slowly getting there.

The dev seems to care more about doing it properly, than doing it fast.

You need to be patient, but I would say there is promise.
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Maia is becoming more and more the game that i wanted but there is still loots to do like crashes and bugs and unfinished mechanics!
updates is coming so i have high hopes for this game :)
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I would like to see some sort of guage that shows energy made versus energy used, same for water, food, air etc. I enjoy the look of the game and look forward to future developments. I must say however, the tutorial was a bit confusing and I progressed better just experimenting with the game.
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This game has been a huge waste of money in my honest opinion.
I bought this game the week it was made availible in early access on steam. Since purchase, the game has recieved small content updates and claims to have fixed many bugs. Having decided that months later it would be a good idea to revisit the game and reinstall it, I am disappointed to have found little has changed. The game is still a sub-par, glitchy mess.


Save your money and go buy a decent game for half the price.
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