Je bent gestrand op een afgelegen eiland en een radeloze schepeling in een krankzinnige wereld vol gruwel. Hoe ga je dit overleven? Verzamel de bladzijden van een overlevingsgids en probeer de gids te ontcijferen! Ga op zoek naar eten, water en onderdak voordat het te laat is. O, nee, het wordt al donker?
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Releasedatum: 23 okt 2013

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Bevat 7 items: Barricade! DLC, El Diablo Islands - Host, Heat Wave DLC - x 3 pack, Hello my name is... Nina. DLC, How to Survive, Kovac’s Way DLC, One Shot Escape DLC


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"How to Survive, is a Fun top down zombie survival game. Totally worth the money if you are looking at a single player game, it also has shared co-op."

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15 juni

How to Survive - Feedback Survey 2015

Dear community,

We would like to gather feedback from you to better plan our future developements after the release of How to Survive: Third Person Standalone.
We have updated the feedback survey. We'd appreciate if you took a few minutes to fill it


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“How To Survive is more than just a solid zombie role-playing game, it's also one of the best games of the year. With its mix of Diablo-esque hack and slash and dual-stick shooter action, 505 Games' newest Xbox Live Arcade game is a real surprise. It has a deep crafting system and a world you can't help but want to explore. How To Survive rewrites the book on zombie RPGs!”
90% – Gaming Nexus

“While there have been several games that have recently released that fall into the growing zombie survival genre, How to Survive manages to do enough differently to earn its place among the crowd. The game’s strong emphasis on crafting and juggling basic human needs helps distinguish itself from other titles. Additionally, the story campaign features a tale that manages to contain a few plot twists despite its simplicity. One area where How to Survive shines is the game’s strange brand of humor which is helped along by the title’s decent voice acting. In all, How to Survive is recommended to any fans of either the undead or survival simulators. Those who enjoy intricate crafting or top-down gaming should also give it a look.”
4 Stars – Examiner

“In terms of graphic and sound design, How to Survive looks good and sounds even better. The lighting gives real-time shadows based on not only the source but the time of day as the shadows move with the passing sunlight. The island is beautifully rendered, and animations are fluid and zombie deaths are pleasingly gory, chunks of body parts will liter the ground and roll depending on the shape of the surface”
8/10 – Gamer Horizon

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If you own or purchase How to Survive you can purchase How to Survive: Third Person Standalone with a 50% off discount.
If you are interested in this single player 3rd person re-play of the original nightmare, you can find more information here:

Over dit spel

Je bent gestrand op een afgelegen eiland en een radeloze schepeling in een krankzinnige wereld vol gruwel. Hoe ga je dit overleven?
Verzamel de bladzijden van een overlevingsgids en probeer de gids te ontcijferen! Ga op zoek naar eten, water en onderdak voordat het te laat is. O, nee, het wordt al donker? Probeer de nacht te overleven en terwijl je dit doet, verzamel dan geweldige spullen en knutsel zo'n 100 wapens en gereedschappen in elkaar, van shotguns tot molotovcocktails. Nu kun je jezelf en vrienden tenminste verdedigen als een ware held!

• Kies uit een van drie speelbare personages, elk met verschillende eigenschappen en vaardigheden.

• Verken vier eilanden met unieke planten en dieren en allerlei weerzinwekkende gedrochten.

• Verzamel “Survival guide”-filmpjes voor tips die je leven zullen redden!

• Speel samen met een vriend(in) offline in de verhaalmodus of voltooi samen 8 lastige uitdagingen.

• Probeer het “Iron Man”-moeilijkheidsniveau voor een zware game-beleving.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Ati 5700 series/NVIDIA GeForce GT240 or equivalent
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
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Geplaatst: 1 februari
TL;DR - This game is boring and repetitive, but a couple of the DLCs will make the game a lot more fun. The Kovac's Way DLC is a MUST HAVE! Without this, the base game is trash. If the difficulty is too hard for you, get Hello my name is... Nina. DLC, her skills make the hardest difficulty more manageable. El Diablo Islands DLC will adds a lot more content if you liked the base game.

DISCLAIMER: I bought all the DLCs, and all my playthru and review is based on my experience of having all the DLCs activated.

WARNING when buying DLCs, the Heat Wave DLC - x 3 pack is the same as Heat Wave DLC - Kenji's pack, Heat Wave DLC - Abby's pack and Heat Wave DLC - Jack's pack combined! DO NOT REPEAT PURCHASE!

The game is quite interesting at first, but it gets boring and repetitive very soon. The game consists of fetch quests from start to finish. While fetching items, you got to take care of your other needs other than health.

During the early game, you might need to spend some time gathering food and resources, but once you venture into 2nd island, food water and sleep are just things that take up some of your limited inventory space. And if you are playing solo, inventory space is VERY LIMITED! I play co-op with my friend, and yet we are still struggling on holding all the quest items and crafting ingredients.

Crafting might seem complicated at first, but in fact there are only a handful of recipes to do.

Playing co-op have their pros and cons.
- Co-op have a very lousy camera. Both players share the same camera, therefore when both players wander too far away from each other, off-screen zombies become very dangerous.
- The connection is quite crappy, it will de-sync every couple of minutes, ruining a lot of fun. Also, the desync will cause the joining player to take a lot of damage sometimes.
- Quest rewards will only be given to the host player, so if the reward is a good gun, only one of you will get to use it.
- Food and drinks must be shared.
+ You have double the inventory slot.
+ You have double the health, so when one is dead the other can try to survive and revive the dead player without having to reload checkpoint.

The other game modes are a waste of time.

If you collect 100% achievements, you will need Kovac's Way DLC, Barricade! DLC, One Shot Escape DLC, and El Diablo Islands. You will also need a lot of patience and luck.
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7.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 24 maart
How to Survive is one of the Best Survival games I have played so far [24/3/2015]. It is about surviving [Duh] and finding many ways to Escape off the Island/Place that you are at. You can either play online, offline [local co op] and co op with a friend [counted as online].
There are alot of weapons you can design and make, to fight your way through. There are zombies that are weak, boomers and Mutant Giant zombies that have like zillion health.
You can meet survivors all across the map, and they are asking for your assistance.

This is a very fun game, I recommend and really consider you to buy it.

Rate: 10/10
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Geplaatst: 23 februari
Sometimes my biggest fear is that I will end alone...

I don't mean alone because I'm not able to find the love of my life
I don't mean alone because all my friends will leave me
I don't mean alone because there will be no more ingredients to make a nice carbonara again

I mean that I will woke up, I will do my things, I will go out and I will find the total absolute nothing.
And the moment when, with all my fears coming true, I will go round the corner...suddenly...the light...

A russian guy that will approach me and he will tell me "No worry my friend...I will teach you how to survive"....

Because this is what will happen in this game

You was planning to spend your summer on a small lonely island full of amazing wonderful girls (if you are a boy) / boys (if you are a girl) / sheeps (if you...well...nevermind) but suddenly a huge octopus will push your ship to hit some rocks and you will end into the luna park of zombies.

But the thing that will really creep you out is not the fact that every step you will do there will be a group of zombies trying to eat the fact that you will find a russian...A SOBER RUSSIAN.
That is a thing that you should really be fact even the zombies tries to avoid him...remember...if you get bitten by a zombie you become a zombie...if you get bitten or bite a become a russian.

But apart for this...this is a really really really really underrated game.
Yes I know you will say "IT WAS REALLY CHEAP SO IT IS CRAP!" it isn't. Developers put a lot of passion inside this game and you can clearly see that after the last patches.
The game itself is not only improved but they have added some quite good stuff...from weapons to game modes to achievements...all stuff that will make this game more enjoyable day after day.

The gameplay is quite simple and original. It is a mix between a crafting game a survival horror and a RPG.
Crafting because all your weapons, armour, ammo and so on...needs to be crafted.
Survival because you will need to eat, sleep, drink etc...
RPG because you will have a series of skills that you will learn level after level (the stats are automatically leveled up)

The graphic is quite good and there are some interesting effects (rain, fog where you will literally see nothing, lightings etc..).
The main story itself it is quite short yes but all the side quests and the nice number of possibilities about how to deal with some situations will make the game going for a while. Even the new different game modes are a huge plus (survival mode, escape mode or barricade mode...and even a series of challenges with some objectives).

There are even several types of zombies...some of those only appears during night....and so be advised...only predators live at night...

Very nice thing is that you can make all this thing alone or co-op. And we all know that with a friend everything is better.

What else can I say? Do you have few coins to spend for a game that is original and will give you several quite good hours of fun alone but even more hours of fun with friends? Buy this game.
Are you looking for a zombie RPG where you will have to spend 10.000 hours only for the tutorial? Well this is not the game for you then.

HTS is a simple but very fun and original game. If you find it on sale don't think about it, just get a couple of copies for you and your best gaming buddy and you will be not disappointed.

Graphic 7/10
Sounds 7/10
Gameplay 8/10
Longevity 7/10
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Geplaatst: 9 juli
-Quick Review-
Atratzu's Rules: Chapter 1, this game is excellent.
How to Survive is a zombie-survival game developed by EKO Software and released October 2013.

-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: As with any “zombie apocalypse story” there's only so much you can deviate from the status quo. You wake up after a shipwreck, find you're on an island with zombies, need to go do a number of fetch quests while all the wimps hide and you bring the carnage!

Gameplay: This is where the game impressed me, but before I jump the gun and explain what I like... the controls are very basic, use mouse buttons to aim and fire/swing, ASDW to move, the game is played from the third person fixed above view camera.
(Atratzu did some research and learned that this view is known as “Isometric view”. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's the term you're supposed to use. Isometric-fixed-camera?)
Now to explain the fun part, like most survival games these days, How to Survive has a “Crafting system”. I'm a sucker for crafting, I feel like it gives me one of the strongest sense of progression...But I'm also biased and desensitized to it (translation: if you don't like crafting, don't touch this game). You need to scavenge various materials to make weapons, tools, and food. There are different types of herbs, sticks, animals, various junk items that become useful later, and more.
The other main feature I would like to point out is the “leveling system”, mostly everyone is familiar with this concept by now, in this game when you level, you get skill points that you can spend to get different perks and abilities.

Achievements: How to Survive has a total of 43 achievements. There are four categories: 1) Completed while playing through the game on you first play through (about 7-12+ achievements, depends on how thorough you are when you play). 2) Complete these special abilities/conditions. 3) Difficulty related achievements... These are always the roughest achievements to get in the game because it requires Mastery and stubborn determination. 4) Lastly, there are DLC achievements so if you want to go for 100%, you'll need the DLC (about 6 achievements).

Price: How to survive is priced at $14.99 This game will definitely earn it's value from gameplay, My personal preference is that I always want a game to last one hour for every dollar. If you'd like a better deal I recommend waiting for a steam sale; be it summer or winter.
I also need to mention that I didn't actually buy this game, it was gifted to me by Eyriana (other names: “Decimaeya” and “Unreal”), so thank you for the gift!

Conclusion: There is one more feature that should be mentioned before I wrap up my review; there is multiplier and local co-op, but I haven't played those modes yet.
To quickly recap, the story was stereotypical, the gameplay was crafting + looting * Zombies, the Achievements are generally hard earned + DLC, and the price is fair because of how long you'll play the game.
I recommend this game to anyone who likes the following genres: Zombie, Survival, Crafting. Thanks for reading my review!
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4.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 23 juli
Good game with mang annoying details e.g. don't know when the game can be saved, hard to find out where to load previous game.It's so cheap when the discount is on
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