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Du skibbruden på en isoleret ø, en desperat udstødt i en verden, der mest af alt minder om et rædselskabinet. Hvordan vil du overleve? Du samer selvfølgelig siderne i en overlevelsesguide og finder ud af det! Find mad, vand og husly, før du omkommer. Åh åh, bliver det mørkt? Find ud af, hvordan du kommer gennem natten i live!
Udgivelsesdato: 23 Okt 2013
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Indeholder 6 emner: How to Survive, Heat Wave DLC - Abby's pack, Heat Wave DLC - Kenji's pack, Heat Wave DLC - Jack's pack, Kovac’s Way DLC, Hello my name is... Nina. DLC

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Dead Summer Days Bundle is OUT NOW, "El Diablo" DLC Release Date Announced, and MORE!

11 August 2014

Attention Survivors!

A new survival bundle is available today called the "Dead Summer Days Bundle."

This bundle includes:
  • The Game
  • "Heat Wave x 3 Pack" DLC
  • "Kovac's Way" DLC
  • and, "Hello, my name is Nina" DLC
The bundle will be available starting today for $16.99. You better get it! Kovac says it's a rule.

"El Diablo Islands" DLC is set to be released on August 28th!

Download this DLC and venture on a new set of volcanic Islands: discover new fauna and characters, learn to craft fantastic tools and weapons taking advantage of the different weather effects to face the most surprising enemies.

"El Diablo Islands" Includes:
  • Extension of the original story
  • New main and side quests
  • New characters: Scientist & Scientist's Assistant.
  • Fog and Storm weather effects.
  • Environment: Volcano (3 islands).
  • Weapon: Electro Gun, Blower Gun.
  • New zombies.
  • Game element: Toxic clouds, Lava flow, Electric pylons, Weather remote controller, Electric backpack, fireproof boots.
  • Living Animal: Iguana.
  • Zombie Animal: Iguana.
Players will have the choice to continue playing the original story or to restart the story in its extended version.

You can also invite a friend to play online the new quests with you even if they don't have the DLC!

And more is on the way!
Two new DLC packs are coming to the islands called "One Shot Escape" and "Barricade!" More details may surface through the flames as we get closer to their release.

Things are hot on the islands, and it's only getting hotter!

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From Paris With Games - How to Survive is 50% until July 16th!

14 Juli 2014

With the French revolution anniversary, Steam renews its partnership with Parisian video game cluster Capital Games for an amazing celebration of video games made in France!

Eko Software’s How To Survive joins the celebration with 50% off on the game and available DLC until July 16th!

Merci beaucoup!

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“How To Survive is more than just a solid zombie role-playing game, it's also one of the best games of the year. With its mix of Diablo-esque hack and slash and dual-stick shooter action, 505 Games' newest Xbox Live Arcade game is a real surprise. It has a deep crafting system and a world you can't help but want to explore. How To Survive rewrites the book on zombie RPGs!”
90% – Gaming Nexus

“While there have been several games that have recently released that fall into the growing zombie survival genre, How to Survive manages to do enough differently to earn its place among the crowd. The game’s strong emphasis on crafting and juggling basic human needs helps distinguish itself from other titles. Additionally, the story campaign features a tale that manages to contain a few plot twists despite its simplicity. One area where How to Survive shines is the game’s strange brand of humor which is helped along by the title’s decent voice acting. In all, How to Survive is recommended to any fans of either the undead or survival simulators. Those who enjoy intricate crafting or top-down gaming should also give it a look.”
4 Stars – Examiner

“In terms of graphic and sound design, How to Survive looks good and sounds even better. The lighting gives real-time shadows based on not only the source but the time of day as the shadows move with the passing sunlight. The island is beautifully rendered, and animations are fluid and zombie deaths are pleasingly gory, chunks of body parts will liter the ground and roll depending on the shape of the surface”
8/10 – Gamer Horizon

Om spillet

Du skibbruden på en isoleret ø, en desperat udstødt i en verden, der mest af alt minder om et rædselskabinet. Hvordan vil du overleve?
Du samer selvfølgelig siderne i en overlevelsesguide og finder ud af det! Find mad, vand og husly, før du omkommer. Åh åh, bliver det mørkt? Find ud af, hvordan du kommer gennem natten i live! Nu du er i gang, så saml nogle af disse fantastske ting og byg over 100 håndlavede våben og redskaber - fra haglgeværer til molotovcocktails. Nu kan du forsvare dig selv og dine venner som en boss!

• Vælg en af ​​de tre spilbare figurer, hver med forskellige karakteristika og færdighedstræer.

• Udforsk fire øer fyldt med unik flora og fauna og en række afskyelige uhyrligheder

• Saml "overlevelsesguidens" videokapitler for at lære tips, der vil redde dit liv!

• Spil med en ven offline gennem historietilstanden eller gå online og spil med en ven gennem 8 krævende udfordringer.

• Prøv "Iron Man"-sværhedsgraden for en krævende hardcore spiloplevelse.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Ati 5700 series/NVIDIA GeForce GT240 or equivalent
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
3 af 3 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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1 review
7.9 timer bogført
Alle burde eje dette spil. I how to survive, samler man våben/armor op som man løber igennem områder og finder dele som kan bruges til at opgradere de våben/armor man allerede bruger.
Indsendt: 11 Juli 2014
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14 af 17 personer (82%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
335 products in account
80 reviews
25.3 timer bogført
This game is actually very good, and I'll be buggered if I know why it wasn't more popular than it was. After all, neither the "zombie" or "survival crafting" genres seem in much threat of extinction at this very moment, but, well...maybe the sheer quantity of such gaming experiences is precisely WHY this one got lost in the shuffle.

Really quite the little undiscovered gem, which isn't to say it's a 100% frustration-free romp, but my complaints are relatively few and minor, namely: It's a tad LONG for my tastes (then again, just about all games these days ARE, hahaha); the aiming mechanism is sometimes frustrating (especially with melee weapons, which it's hardly even necessary for); and the night-time sequences, while spooky at first, become increasingly tiresome once you realise all you really have to do is stand next to a camp-fire for ten minutes and you'll be home-and-hosed (though the temptation to wander away and get up some bonus XP is most definitely there, and usually just ended up getting me into needless trouble...but that's just the kinda eejit I am sometimes).

But on the whole, ♥♥♥♥ it, it's pretty darn fun, not without humour and certainly not lacking in hearty bloodshed. Best zombie game since those two that Valve did, that I'VE played at least (and I'll play just about anything with zombies in it, let's face it). Definitely the BEST ZOMBIE GAME SET ON ONE OR MORE DESERTED ISLANDS to be released in recent years (not pointing any fingers at any infinitely better-known and infinitely LAZIER franchises with similar thematics which I could mention, of course)! I'll definitely be playing it again sometime, and if that's not a recommendation, well I'll be a Coco's uncle (sorry, but you might have to play the game to get this little in-joke...go on, you know you wanna)...

Verdict: 8.5/10.
Indsendt: 14 Maj 2014
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9 af 11 personer (82%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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32.3 timer bogført
A fun, 'Diablo'-esque Third-Person RPG, "How to Survive" caught me a little off guard. At $2.25 (Summer Sale 2014), I certainly wasnt expecting much but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this title from 505 Games.

The story is straighforward - play as one of three protagonists stuck on a deserted island infested with zombies, and learn 'how to survive' long enough to find a way out. The gameplay is fun, good graphics and atmospheric sound, M&K controls are intuitve and responsive, features a broad selection of weapons (from Axe's, Machete's, Bow & Arrows, Molotov Cocktail's to a wide variety of guns), and interesting characters. The game's strength however was the Inventory setup - which allows you to collect a seemingly random mish-mash of junk from your travels around the island and combine them in various ways to create useful items (Eg. String and a wooden stick to create a fishing rod, An old bottle, kerosene and a scrap of fabric to create Molotov Cocktail's, An old rubber tire, an axe and string to create body armor etc etc).

'How to Survive' might not break any new boundaries but 505 Games have taken on a disparete variety of gameplay elements and executed extremely well to create a refreshingly fun, zombie-horror romp. At $2.25, this one is a no-brainer - A Definite Recommend (8/10)
Indsendt: 1 Juli 2014
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10 af 13 personer (77%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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1.3 timer bogført
Well what can i say about
How To Survive,
Its a zombie apocalypse kind of game that is done in a kind of top down third pesron view,
ive only done over an hour at the minute of writing this review,
so i am still new to it in that sense,
the pro's to the game are that as far as i have got there is a very good crafting system in place,
the enemies, "zed's",
have some variety to them and to be honest some of them you are going to have to think to be able to kill or get away from them,
the missions resolve around go here, fetch this, do that kind of play,
similar to state of decay,
in that you have other survivors that you can help,
in return they might give you something or even a weapon,
the graphics seem decent enough,
they are not triple AAA title good,
but for what the game is and does, they arer fairly polished in that regards,
Anyways to cut a long story short,
i would say go and buy it,
Especially if it is in the sale as i did,
That way you wont be dissapointed if you dont like it,
me myself found it to be a refreshing change to DayZ SA that i am currently obseesing on,
Overall i would give the game a
Overall Score 8/10
Thanks for reading my review,
Hope it has helped in making you buy this game
Good Luck

The survival videos that you find and the kovac's way tip's are funny as hell,
And well worth it for the laughs that you will get from watching them...
Indsendt: 16 Maj 2014
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10 af 13 personer (77%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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4 reviews
3.8 timer bogført
Not a bad game at all. Game starts off by leaving you stranded on an island with virtually nothing but your wits and clothes, and was quite an enjoyable experience for me. The talent system felt kind of lacking and pointless to me, however, and the game offers only up to about 15 hours of gameplay i'd say. After that it'll probably rot in your library un-touched. Combat is not too bad, controls are pretty solid, graphics are kinda nice, and the game is an ok pc-port, dis-regarding the fact that controller buttons still show up instead of keys. I would say to wait for a %50 sale+ since the game won't last you very long. If the storyline had been longer or had more things to do, i would consider buying it full price (I picked it up on a sale for $3)
Indsendt: 6 April 2014
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