Play as the daemon-hunter Baron Dashforth in a side-scrolling co-op brawler set entirely on the grand spectacle of a theatre stage that rewards performance over pummeling. Perform shattering takedowns and reversals!
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リリース日: 2013年9月18日


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"Showed at PAX Prime 2013 - A beat 'em up set in a theater during the Victorian era is a rare sight indeed."


“The best beat 'em up since Castle Crashers.”

“ of the most charming action games of the year...”
9/10 – Gaming Nexus

“One hell of a performance.”
8.1/10 – IGN


Play as the daemon-hunter Baron Dashforth in a side-scrolling co-op brawler set entirely on the grand spectacle of a theatre stage that rewards performance over pummeling. Perform shattering takedowns and reversals! Electrify the audience with devastating linked attacks as you have a friend join as sidekick Scampwick and use every stage-trick you know to bring the house down! Play out the most spectacular moments of the Baron’s life; improbable beasts, astonishing villainy and, at the heart of it all, the mysterious Foul Play!

Supporting Cast

  • 22 Incredible Acts: From the deserts of Cairo to the depths of Atlantis
  • Over 50 hideous enemies drawn from the Baron's recollections
  • Learn 12 Electrifying stage-tricks to bring the house down
  • Have a friend join as sidekick Scampwick in Local & Online Co-op modes
  • Beautifully animated scene changes re-create the Baron's adventure
  • Never before seen 'Daemon Diary' charts the discovery of Daemonology


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP with SP3, Windows Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 3GHz Intel or AMD CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6200 / ATI Radeon X600 w/ 256 MB
    • Additional Notes: Wired Xbox 360 Gamepad Recommended
    • OS: OS X 10.6
    • Processor: Duel Core Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Additional Notes: Wired Xbox 360 Gamepad Recommended
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor: 3GHz Intel or AMD CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6200 / ATI Radeon X600 w/ 256 MB
    • Additional Notes: Wired Xbox 360 Gamepad Recommended
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What you have stumbled upon, Gentlemen, is a most nefarious plot of chivalry and woe, fit only for a stage whose grandeur and acoustics are rivaled only by the spectacle that will unfold within it. Speaking of spectacles, your monocle'd mainstay, Baron Dashforth, will awe you with athleticism, respire you with reveries, jaunt you with jocoseness...well you must understand by now, chap. The ballast of the Act teeters precariously, as unfathomable daemons, a clumsy custodian, and ghastly ghouls will relentlessly chase the utter annihilation of the prodigious protaginist. Procure yourself this gentleman's guide. If not for yourself, my languorous lad, then for the feeble scamp in the front row!

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My my, glad I got this - a very funny platformer.

If you have previously played Castle Crasher, this game is similar but more action-oriented.

So what, we control a character that's supposed to perform a... foul play. While we're performing our play on the stages, we move forward, beating enemies and pleasing our audiences with good performance.

The campaign is divided into five acts, each acts have five levels, each levels is approx ten-fifteen minutes long, a bit longer if you're into boss battles. The objective is simple, you just need to beat each enemy waves with style - be it by performing chain combos to fill and maintain the meter gauge (audiences' mood). Don't let it get too low or the curtain will close and game over. A bit lacking aspect, though, is that the campaign is incredibly linear - you have no option to do anything else and can only follow the direction the game wishes you to. You can, however, replay earlier stages from main menu to achieve higher scores.

The combat mechanic is very simple, chaining normal and powerful attacks while deflecting the enemies or throw them against each others. And this what differentiates from Castle Crasher, it offers more lively battles and flexible ala Devil May Cry DMC but in 2D. By chaining you'll be increasing your scores and earns stars that'll be calculated at the end of each level. As you progress, you'll unlock more abilities/perks to use in game. Use these to... chain more enemies. Heh.

And of course, playing coop is much more fun than alone. It's hilarious, really, to have a messed up battle on the stages.

Graphic wise I'm incredibly amused. It really is that great - suitable for this game - colorful and innately bunch sense of humor drawn into the art and character designs. Special effects don't distract you from the battles and carefully blend with the stages, movement and attack animations are not sluggish and feel natural. FPS throughout the level is stable enough even during chaotic battle. Some minus points though, there are no deep customizations like AA or refresh rate and some commonly supported resolutions are not supported. But overall, I'd say the job well done.

And lastly, controller support is great - and I expect it so much because this is a platformer. I wouldn't even give the game a damn great review if it had poor support, but this Foul Play is just apt at adapting controller support. Dinput and Xinput are both supported, moreover each buttons can be customized in game. No complaints from me on this aspect really.

Funny thing is, metacritic user score gives this 69/100. Don't listen - it deserves more. A recommended game from me.
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If this game was a spoon, it would be a good spoon.
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Fun hack and slash kind of game that has many combos you can perform with your co-op partner.
controls are very smooth and the response rate is rather fast.
one downside is that it finishes rather quickly (finished it in 3 hours), hence, i recommend buying it during a sale.

Baron Dashforth: ....
Scampwick: ... is that? ...
Baron Dashforth: ... yes.. its my fathers boxers
Scampwick:... are you sure?
Baron Dashforth: yes, i can tell by the skidmarks.. it's definitely his...
Scampwick: ......
Baron Dashforth: .....
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