Legend of Dungeon is a randomly generated action RPG Beat'em'up with heavy Rogue-like elements, striking visuals, and dynamic music.
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Data wydania: 13 Wrz, 2013

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Kup Legend of Dungeon


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8 grudnia, 2015

Update new version Upsilon 0.95

For those of you in the open beta, trying out the new Interactive streaming mode, here are some updates! (If you want to join the open beta and try streaming follow this guide!)

v0.95 change log!
Fixed Horrible Audio bug on 26th floor
Fixed Snake Sticks not dropping from inventory.
Added Low HP warning sounds
Nerfed Level up potions (after 8 their effects diminish)

You can also read our blog post about this, which also talks about a Fan Art (steam card) event, and LoD:M updates.

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“It's challenging to play, pretty to watch and heaps of fun...”

“Legend of Dungeon looks scrumptious”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“If nothing else, Legend of Dungeon is a master class in how to make the tried and true feel fresh again.”

O tej grze

As you journey deep into the dungeon, you will find weapons, items, and long forgotten magic.. ..if you're lucky, it might help you to fight off the droves of mysterious creatures you will encounter. There will be complete darkness to contend with, potions to quaff, secrets to discover, traps to avoid, hats to wear, and treasure that (if you make it out alive) will make you a legend.

Legend of Dungeon is a randomly generated action RPG Beat'em'up with heavy Rogue-like elements, striking visuals, and dynamic music.

Key Features

  • 26 Floors of Randomized Dungeon
  • Unlockable Classes!
  • Tameable Pets!
  • Tons of Items, Weapons and Magic!
  • Hats, hats, hats!
  • Free Range Boss Monsters with special item drops
  • Random encounter NPC’s to buy from and gamble with etc.
  • Real-Time Beat'em'up style combat
  • Up to 4 Player Cooperative Gameplay (same PC, multiple controllers)
  • Permadeath (with 2+ players, you become a ghost, and collect spirit orbs to resurrect)
  • Randomized Dynamic Music built from over 300 tracks!
  • VR Mode!
  • Full Controller support
  • Local and Online Score Board
  • Dynamically Shaded Pixel Art and Real-Time Shadows

Wymagania systemowe

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • System operacyjny: Windows XP
    • Procesor: 2.0 GHz
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Miejsce na dysku: 500 MB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: Mac OS X 10.5
    • Procesor: 2.0 GHz Intel
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Miejsce na dysku: 500 MB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: Ubuntu Linux 10.10
    • Procesor: 2.0 GHz
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Miejsce na dysku: 500 MB dostępnej przestrzeni
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( 48.6 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 25 maja
I thought it would be a great game to play with friends, and it has the potential to be such. However in its current state i cant recommend this game to anyone.
-There is very little blance in terms of damage, some monster will do absurd damage
-Most fights are one of two 1)desperatly wating for your summons or spells to killeverything, or waiting for environment to kill everything
- there is no reasonable method to heal, so its a slow decent to death.
- DId i mention the balance is bad, cause it is.
- you can play with 4 people and all be mad together
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( 4.5 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 24 maja
Might of been fun if it had online multiplayer but it gets old fast solo. I'm actually not even sure why I don't like it either. I went into it excited but by the time I died on my first run I just felt nothing. No rage, no frustration, but also no desire to try one more run. Just kinda indifferent. (I only actually played it for about a hour, the rest of my playtime is leaving it running for the trading cards.)

Unfortunately I bought 2 keys on chrono.gg because I remembered online multiplayer being mentioned a video and am now stuck with an extra key I don't have a use for and can't refund.
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Mr. Xyphrr™
( 0.4 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 9 maja
Produkt otrzymany bezpłatnie
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( 18.5 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 8 maja
Fun dungeon crawler, gets repetitive at times but overall it is very atmospheric, colorful, strategic, and HARD, 8=D. There are a large variety of enemies, bosses weapons and areas. Each seed is generated randomly, like minecraft or terraria. This games gets a 7/10 for me mostly because of the price and it gets repetitive at times. 8=D
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( 0.4 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 7 maja
Meh, I tried it for a bit, and as a dungeon crawler lover, I can say it's actually boring, repetitive, mediocre. It all feels empty, confused... I don't know, I just think it's not enjoyable, the combat isn't good, nothing is very good.
Buy Hammerwatch instead, it's so much funnier.
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( 20.2 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 5 maja
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.
Never gonna run around and desert you.
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye.
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.
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( 2.3 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 28 kwietnia
Super vicio, ideal para coperativo.
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( 135.9 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 28 kwietnia
Many broken achievements. If the developer isn't competent to implement something as simple as achievements, how competent can the game really be ?
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( 0.3 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 21 kwietnia
I really want to love this game. It looks absolutely fantastic, the graphical style and effects are brilliant. But it isn't a great game. Firstly it is not gamepad friendly. Configuring controls is an exercise in frustration and virtually requires the keyboard. The music is OK but gets annoying very quickly and while the 2 1/d are some interesting gameplay flavour, it's just not really that fun. And there just doesnt feel like much co-op in the co-op. The level design is repetitive and bland and personally it just doesn't live up to its potential. If only Bit Dungeon had a local co-op mode ...
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( 0.5 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 20 kwietnia
Played for 30m in Vive VR mode, and found it frustrating.

Attacking moves the player forward slightly, which is constantly. It's also exceedingly annoying to line up enemies on the correct y-axis, resulting in constant frustration.

The "How to Play" is a single screen that doesn't actually explain much of anything, so the player is left to parse what's possible and what stats are/mean for themselves. I'm a huge fan of roguelikes that don't explain themselves much, but this is failing to explain basic gameplay - it's frustrating, not a fun avenue of exploration.
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( 1.0 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 18 kwietnia
LoD has been in my library forever, I couldn't get into. Enter VR support [beta]... Night and day difference, VR brings clarity and immersion that makes this a dungeon crawler I can sit and play for an extended period.
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( 0.8 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 18 kwietnia
Great game with endless amounts of fun, could sit and play this for hours on end.
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Bjorn Dunkelheit
( 2.3 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 13 kwietnia
Gameplay becomes stale after a few tries; difficulty is too high with repetetive gameplay makes it last all too short.
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( 10.2 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 8 kwietnia
There are better games in the genre. The Age of Indie has run its course. We need graphics, complexity, the total package, once again!
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Ben Dover
( 3.8 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 27 marca
Started game.
The game tells me to hold down to enter.
I hold down.
Nothing happens.

10/10 would bang
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( 7.9 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 24 marca
If you don't have an Oculus Rift: Meh, there's better games out there, can't really recommend this one too much.
If you have an Oculus Rift: BUY THIS NOW IT IS AMAZINGLY GOOD!

Recommended, because I have an Oculus Rift.
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Red Pool
( 1.5 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 22 marca
this game has a couple of problems.

First, leveling. when you level up, you gain an additional 10 health. What's wrong with that? Your current state of health stays the same. So if I level up from 1 to 2, I gain +10 to my maximum health (100 to 110) but my health stays the same (1/100 to 1/110). I wish it would gain me health, as I die very often from the monsters in this game. Oh, and you have to collect green balls to level up.

The monsters. Most of them aren't problems, but some of them are. My most recent dungeon (as of 3/22/16, 8:02 PM) I activated a switch that game me a monster that did 25% of my health on the second floor. Mind you was only level 2 (24/110 health at the time). So this was a instant kill for me, and something that made me want to stop playing. The monsters also have a pretty good chunk of health, and it doesn't show how much damage they do. Showing how much damage they do is just a personal prefrence, as I would like to know who I could and couldn't take on

The controls. I play on an xbox 360 controller (it's personal prefrence) and you're able to rebind the controls. Nice! But the way the rebinding is made is a bit inconveient. It goes in an order saying "press a key to make it do "certain action"". It's a nice idea, but the action/use button is your main use of a button, and I wish in the main menu the A key or right trigger would be it untill the game starts. It's a lot easier to remember, and having to come back to this game after a long time would be confusing to have the X be the "accept" button.

One more thing: this game is unforgiving. Unless you have friends (or amazing RNG), then there's no point to playing. I've got to level 6 because of good RNG, but died because of 2 bosses (it was my fault :P) in the same room that we're too challenging for me. From what I can tell, Unlike Borderlands 2, the monsters stay the same health even if there are more players. It feels like the devs are saying that you need to buy some more copies/have friends to get this game to make the game eaiser. This feels like a cheap trick, as I probably would rather have something saying "pay another $0.99 to continue!" (i'm kidding.). The worst part is it sounds like the devs would do that. I read a review about this game about a player who had a problem, so he refunded. The devs then asked for him to buy it just to try and fix it. Like really? (if you don't believe me: http://imgur.com/kPA0vdJ )

The gameplay. You see what you get, spam a key/button to kill a monster to get experience to level up to win the game. It's very repetitive, but the monster variations make it a little more fun. There's nothing really much else to say about it.

Is it fun? Yes. Is it a good game? Yes. So why am I giving this a thumbs up? Because I know that this game can improve, and something about this game makes me come back every time. I really do like playing this game, but it does need a couple of fixes.

Edit: I also tried getting the PETA achievement. It didn't work. That means I killed a cat for no reason. I feel bad now.
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( 0.3 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 16 marca
Przydatne? Tak Nie Zabawna
( 51.8 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 9 marca
great game for anyone who likes to crawl dungeons with friends (virtually)

spiritual successor to toejam and earl

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( 5.7 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 6 marca
u run around a cave and die.

harder than darksouls and i like it when i shoot lasers and summon robots.

11/overusedjoke -rotten tomatoes
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8.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 12 grudnia, 2015
I got this game on a whim back when I was experimenting with rogue-likes.

What you see in the videos on the store page is what you get. You absolutely can judge this game based on those videos. I wish more Steam games had videos that were actually representative of the games they advertised.

I personally found the gameplay to be mediocre. The game is initially entertaining, but gets old pretty fast. The combat is unrefined - I didn't feel like there was anything new I would or could have learned to become better at defeating enemies. The game doesn't change much from one playthrough to the next, which is a real negative for a roguelike.

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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
6.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 czerwca, 2014
Gra dla fanów pixelowych klimatów, fajna na zabicie czasu.
Jeżeli ktoś lubi odkrywać ciemne zakamarki ~dunów~ to bardzo polecam, można się wciągnąć ^^
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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
30.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 20 czerwca, 2014
Jedna z najlepszych gier w jakie grałem. Pełna humoru i zabawy. Za każdym razem jest inne ułożenie lochu.

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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
18.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 13 września, 2013
Legend of Dungeon. Polecam i pozdrawiam ~Kacper Lewczuk
Świetna oprawa graficzna, muzyczna, ogólnie stylistyczna. Świetny klimat, humor, coś dla fanów rpg'ów pixelowych, polecam bardzo serdecznie. tylko 9,99 Euro. Warto!
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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
30.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 12 marca, 2015
Jestem po prawie 8 godzinach grania w LoD i muszę przyznać, że gra mnie oczarowała!

+ Muzyka
+ Grafika
+ Dźwięki wrogów
+ Oświetlenie
+ Poziom trudności
+ Ranking najlepszych graczy
+ Poczucie humoru
+ Możliwość gry z innymi graczami
+ Absolutna miodność z rozgrywki, wciąga!

Jest warta każdej wydanej złotówki. Gdyby Legend of Dungeon kosztowało 30 euro, w dalszym ciągu byłoby warte swojej ceny.

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4 z 16 osób (25%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
1.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 grudnia, 2013
kaszana straszliwa gry nawet za darmo nie warto instalowac szkoa ze na stemie nie mozna wycofac sie z nieudanych zakupow
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4 z 22 osób (18%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
2.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 15 lutego, 2014
Hmmm, gra spełniająca moje oczekiwania :-D Krótko, zwięźle i na temat ;)
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194 z 212 osób (92%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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23.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 4 kwietnia, 2015
I used to think this was a bad game before the update

Then I found a bear
Then I tamed him
He mauled a necromancer
The necromancer dropped a spell
The spell summoned anything
My bear killed anything
The spell summoned death
We defeated Death
Death joined the party
I ate some apples
The spell summoned more everything
More killing everything
I was level 18 on the 2nd floor
The spell summoned a massive demonic skull
I died in two seconds

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60 z 67 osób (90%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 3 osób ta recenzja jest zabawna
23.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 listopada, 2014
It's a rogue indie game, but it's not another rogue indie game. Legend of Dungeon is an addictive romp on classic dungeon crawlers. The graphics in this mix 8- bit characters, modern day textures, and AMAZING lighting that work so well together you'll find yourself just stopping to appreciate it time and again.
The story is simple, you are generic adventurer A in search of treasure, and go searching a dungeon. You make your way down gaining exp as you desecend by killing monsters. The farther you go down the stronger the enimies, with it all being random each playthrough.

Items give the game a good idea of how seriously you should take the game. Hats are the armour for the game. Different hats giving different stats. They can vary from a miners hat that lights up an area, to a cat helmet, to a literal cat sitting on your head and so much more. Weapons vary from all shapes and sizes. You can be very lucky with weapons, or just get nothing. I've had playthroughs where on the 5th floor obtained a Scythe that did +199 damage, and enimies were mearly targets, until a giant minatour appeared from a trap door and tossed me to the side. The only way to heal yourself is by eating apples, or finding a health potion, but potions are random depending on their color. An Aqua potion could be a health potion one game, and make you vomit the next game.
In the end Legend of Dungeon will always have me trying again to see if I can make it to the bottom of the dungeon. It's simple and easy on the eyes, but provides a challenge if the playthough allows it. It's a great time consumer and is definetly worth the buy.
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56 z 67 osób (84%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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10.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 24 czerwca, 2014
When I started playing this, I thought that the controls were too simple to make an interesting game. There’s only movement, a jump button, an action button, and a simple inventory system.

But it turns out that there’s such a variety of interesting items to use, that it’s not a simple game at all. You’ve got melee weapons, guns, spell books that can summon monsters, different hats to equip for different abilities, potions with random effects, light sources, item magnets, cats which shoot lasers from their eyes, unicorn shaped shields, and other stuff. And there’s also a massive variety of enemies, which will require different strategies to defeat or avoid.

There’s a lot of interesting ways that the entities in the game can interact with each other. For example: I summon a bunch of skeletons to defeat my foes, one of the skeletons touches a torch and is set on fire, the fire spreads to the other skeletons and eventually to me, and I burn to death.

I should also mention that the lighting effects in Legend of Dungeon are amazing, especially in the dark rooms where you need to carry a light source with you. The game is best played in a dark room, for maximum atmosphere. I found the controls quite hard to master on a keyboard, but they work very well with a controller.

Also, the shield is overpowered.
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29.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 31 grudnia, 2013
If you havn't completed this game then shouldn't be writing a review for this game as alot of the reviews people have written are stating incorrect facts.
"You can only move and do one type of sword attack" wrong you can do charged attacks, shoot guns, bows&arrows, cats with laser beam eyes etc.
"You can only use items such as apples to refill your health" apart from the 30hp and 100hp heal potions ?
"Your appearance is randomized every once in a while" you can change your appearance at any time in the tavern even going back to the beginning to do so. Gear also changes your appearance.
"The combat engine is: attack button." you can move and jump to dodge attacks, cast spells(alot of spells including enchanted weapons shooting skulls from being able to summon allied monsters or every item in the game meaning boxes with apples and snakes inside to powerful weapons and enemy monsters), ranged attacks (rocket launchers, muskets, lasers),

Its a great game and the only downfall of this dungeon crawler is that it isnt online multiplayer.
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56 z 68 osób (82%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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27.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 27 grudnia, 2014
Legend of Dungeon has no story whatsoever. You are simply an adventurer (or four adventurers, if you have three friends who are willing to crowd around your computer screen) attempting to reach the 26th floor of the dungeon to find and retrieve the legendary treasure there. The controls are configurable, and gamepads are supported, so a session full of yelling at three friends to give you that new helmet can be yours if you've got the hardware for it. There aren't many buttons required for each player, but I don't relish the idea of putting more than two people on the same keyboard; a gamepad just feels more natural for this game. Still, as long as one player remains alive, anyone who dies has the chance to avoid the aforementioned permadeath by collecting orbs that will bring them back to life, and that's the kind of perk that makes a little keyboard crowding feel like less of a hassle.

Whether you're playing alone or with friends, randomness is the main characteristic of Legend of Dungeon. The levels are randomly-generated, as are the enemies you find there and the items you pick up along the way. In fact, although you find a rainbow's worth of potions as you progress, even those are randomized at the start of each playthrough. In one play, the inky black potion may put you to sleep, but in another, it may heal 100 HP. The game never tells you what a potion does, even if you've already tried one of that color during the current game, but the developers have hinted that this may change in a future patch.

How you feel about this chaos will almost entirely determine your overall reaction to the game. I've played it quite a few times now, and I've never reached the end, but the intrigue of what items may appear next time brings me back. Will I get a machine gun? A top hat that spews smoke like a chimney? A miner's helmet with a light for dark rooms? Or maybe something else that I've never seen before? There's no way to know, and the creativity the developers put into the items makes it fun to find out each time. Of course, the flip side is that when you don't know what you'll get, every time you play can begin to feel the same and you may feel that there's more luck involved in your success than skill.

The game's visual presentation is another element that could strike some gamers differently than others. It's an intentionally pixelated style, similar to that seen in Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery. There's no denying that it is a frequently-used style these days, and that turns some gamers off, but I think it's done well here. Legend of Dungeon's environments and enemies are all clearly defined, and the particle effects fit well with the game's overall look.

Light can play a big factor in your survival, so it's fortunate that plenty of attention was focused into creating a lighting engine that works well. Some rooms are pitch black and, unless you've found an item that provides more light, you must inch forward and watch for any hint of a monster coming near your tiny pool of visibility. And even if you have your own light, is it a helmet, or is it something you'll have to carry in your hands instead of a weapon? Is that worth the risk?

The sounds of enemies play a similar role in your survival, particularly in those dark rooms. Each type makes a distinct noise when they notice you and come to attack, and you quickly begin to recognize common foes. This helps not just in dark rooms, but in knowing how to time your attacks in any room where you're facing a number of enemies. There is no voice acting and only occasional, but perfectly serviceable, music. This might be a negative in some games, but in this one the crucial need to hear the monsters makes the lack of constant music a good thing.

Legend of Dungeon is fun to play, but it's a game that you're unlikely to actually finish without trying a great number of times. And since you can't save your game, each attempt is a fresh start. The question is whether you'll continue to enjoy the game's randomness long enough to attempt it that many times. As for me, it's the kind of game I find myself thinking about when I'm not playing it; making plans for the next round; trying to decide what I could do better and how to progress farther. I'd rate that as a pretty good indicator of success for any game.


Be sure to check out Nerd House Gaming for more reviews!
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538.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 13 sierpnia, 2013
I made this, so... maybe I'm a little biased? But its good times guys.
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0.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 12 stycznia, 2015
That may seem surprising if you just look at the screenshots, but this game actually supports the Oculus Rift. And that literally adds a whole new dimension to it.

Played normally, it's a 2d game that uses 3d techniques for its rendering but sill looks and feels very 2d and retro. But in the Rift you can see the whole level in true 3d from any angle just by moving your head. It's like the game is an animated diorama or board game. That works surprisingly well and I'm sure this kind of perspective will become very common in VR games in the future.

This is not the type of game I would normally consider playing on a flat screen, but in the Rift it's a lot of fun.

(Note: currently steam does not count my play time in VR as it's a different .exe)
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74.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 24 lipca, 2015
Simple and fun. Wander around a dungeon and beat up various monsters who try to screw you up in various ways. Chug colorful potions and regret it when you start puking rainbows. Blast mummies in the face with a tommygun while wearing a cat on your head. Encounter a gigantic evil skull and abandon all hope of survival forever.

It's great is what i'm saying. One of those games where failiure merely encourages you to try harder and try again.
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29.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 31 stycznia, 2015
As with most of my reviews I'll keep this straight and to the point, Legend of Dungeon is a great game and deserves a lot more than it recieves though it has some annoying flaws. As of when this review was written, I have played 25.1 hours of Legend of Dungeon.

The Pros and Cons.

  • There are lots of good items, each with randomized stats and perks though it is nothing compared to BoI: Rebirth
  • Enemies are varied and require multiple strategys to defeat
  • Bosses are EXTREMELY hard
  • The potion system works very well and provides an intresting twist into the game
  • CATS!
  • The Class sytem works very well [BETA]
  • The way to complete the game (retrieving the treasure) makes it different from other games in which you 'kill the boss and The End'
  • Multiplayer is very useful and makes it more fun to play, it's better together!
  • You die a LOT!
  • Game sometimes gets repetitive as you adapt to a routine strategy
  • Updates are released every 4 months
  • A giant rebalance of Monsters should be done, some are really OP whereas some aren't. Though they have tried to balance them in Wraith [BETA], only the slime has been worked on so it's more of a challenge.
  • Gameplay gets repetitive after a while
  • Updates are somewhat infrequent

My Opinion
I think it's really fun to play but needs to have some things looked at.

Final Score
I give Legend of Dungeon an:
Because: They need to adress some minor problems and add more content in but it's an overall fun experience, if you have friends to play it with.
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Zamieszczono: 1 grudnia, 2013
I was really hoping this game would be good. You can only move and do one type of sword attack, and use items such as apples to refill your health. The level art is always the same no matter what dungeon floor you are on. The game lacks a good inventory system for the tons of items you pick up. Your only way of switching items is cycling through them in a long list.

The little art that appears in the game is fantastic, and the music is great too.

It might be more fun as a co-op game, but you can only play local co-op. I'm not sure who does that on PC. For some reason the pre-release videos of this game made me assume that you had a party of AI heroes, but that is not the case.

Overall, feels a bit half-baked, like an early access title. The game has no back story or lore, it is like an Atari game with pretty graphics. Could be great with some more features such as block and roll commands, real inventory system, and changing dungeon art design every few floors. Needs a save system too. I played for awhile yesterday, came back today and my progress was nowhere to be found.

Edit: After playing the game some more I managed to have a decent run until the game crashed on Level 7. Still not sure I could recommend it yet, but that was the most fun I had with it. Got a badass fire sword and upgraded the hell out of it at the random blacksmith. Also had a magic item that summoned a dark warrior to fight for me. Pretty cool. Realllly needs a quicksave system like Dungeons of Dredmor so you can stop and come back to that point later. I don't have the time to sit down and try to run through all at once.
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Zamieszczono: 3 grudnia, 2013
As good as a rougelite should ever look, interesting lighting effects help break the monotony of these games. Other than that, most of what you'd expect, randomly generated levels, enemies, & Loot. The loot in the game seems a bit sparse, might not entice the most hardcore of rougelite fans. If your looking for a cool indi-game like I was, this one is not bad, worth the sale price. One thing to mention the the fighting system uses a "negative edge" style attack, where your character attacks when you release the button, took me a bit of time to realize, although I improved, I still thought this to be difficult to time the release of button while in the heat of battle. Also, the "streets of rage" perspective is a bit awkward to judge where you are in space but that's whats kinda cool about it too. Overall, It's a good game, great replay value.

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9.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 18 marca, 2015
I love this game. It's FUN: my #1 reason for playing games.

The goal sounds simple: start in the tavern, work your way down to the 26th level, get the treasure, and bring it back up to the tavern, and you win. Simple, right? HA!
I usually play this game late in the evening, after I've done everything for the day and am winding down. I can't beat it, I can't even get close to beating it, but I enjoy every moment playing it. When I die, then I go to bed. ;-)

Legend of Dungeon is colorful and gorgeous. The pixel art style here is well drawn & attractive. The colored lighting of effects, with light sources & real-time shadows vault what might have been an "ordinary" pixel art game of the '90s into a beautiful, 21st century game.

It combines the randomly generated levels/rooms/monsters/objects of a rogue-like with a classic "beat 'em up" style of movement & gameplay which I enjoy more than normal 2-D side-scrollers or classic top-down games.
The neat quirks of this game keep it interesting. Everything's randomly generated, even the color of the potion bottles to their effects; different every game. The swing of your melee weapons need to be timed well to hit your enemy best: you don't just button mash. Spellbooks that shoot flaming skulls or spawn monster companions mix up your strategy as you go, as do rare projectile weapons. A spray paint can will help you mark your path on walls (or just vandalize the walls!). Sometimes you get a room with so many baddies, or really wicked ones, that the only thing you can do is RUN! Or get lucky and find a path of rooms around.

I really enjoy playing the Daily generated dungeon, and this is the only game where I've cared to know where my score ranks world-wide.

If I had to use 1 word to describe Legend of Dungeon: FUN.
2 words? Colorful fun. =)
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