Legend of Dungeon is a randomly generated action RPG Beat'em'up with heavy Rogue-like elements, striking visuals, and dynamic music.
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"Beat-em-up gameplay mixed with dungeon crawling. Edge of your seat tension with tons of items to discover and loot to find. Highly addictive and fun."

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25 mars

Legend Heroes Expansion!

We've added Classes, Pets, and VR!

Now you can find and save 8+ lost heroes from within the dungeon! Return them to the Tavern and they will unlock as playable classes.

Tame wild animals (or die trying) and they will help you. By petting some creatures within the dungeon you can Tame them and they will follow you from room to room, fighting monsters for you and other things!

If you posses the mystical helm of Oculus Rift, you can explore this game as a unique 3D diorama! Take this 2.5D game to a whole other 0.5D!

Along with these new features we've added more Monsters, Bosses, Weapons and Hats! Overall, the game is more fun than ever! ːrobotloveskittyː

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22 janvier

Legend of Dungeon: Legend Heroes beta! + Starr Mazer Crossover

The promised massive update with classes and tame-able pets is nearing completion! What you may not know, is that you can play the update right now! All you have to do is Opt into the Beta.

New features like:

  • Unlockable Classes
  • Tameable Pets
  • New Bosses, Monsters, and Items
  • Finale Music
  • Oculus Rift Support
  • Full Controller Support

Go to your Steam Library, Right-Click on
Legend of Dungeon > Preferences > betas tab
and opt in from the drop down menu! (no password required)

It's true you might run into a stray bug, (if you do, please report it!) But we also think its pretty stable and really really close to being finished :)

STARR MAZER Crossover!
We are pretty excited about Starr Mazer. For the duration of their Kickstarter, the protagonist, Brick M. Stonewood will be visiting Legend of Dungeon's Tavern as an unlockable class! The creator of Starr Mazer, Don Thacker, is the writer for our new game Upsilon Circuit. When he told us about his dream game, we knew Brick would make an excellent addition to Legend of Dungeon.

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“It's challenging to play, pretty to watch and heaps of fun...”

“Legend of Dungeon looks scrumptious”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“If nothing else, Legend of Dungeon is a master class in how to make the tried and true feel fresh again.”

Steam Greenlight

À propos de ce jeu

As you journey deep into the dungeon, you will find weapons, items, and long forgotten magic.. ..if you're lucky, it might help you to fight off the droves of mysterious creatures you will encounter. There will be complete darkness to contend with, potions to quaff, secrets to discover, traps to avoid, hats to wear, and treasure that (if you make it out alive) will make you a legend.

Legend of Dungeon is a randomly generated action RPG Beat'em'up with heavy Rogue-like elements, striking visuals, and dynamic music.

Key Features

  • 26 Floors of Randomized Dungeon
  • Unlockable Classes!
  • Tameable Pets!
  • Tons of Items, Weapons and Magic!
  • Hats, hats, hats!
  • Free Range Boss Monsters with special item drops
  • Random encounter NPC’s to buy from and gamble with etc.
  • Real-Time Beat'em'up style combat
  • Up to 4 Player Cooperative Gameplay (same PC, multiple controllers)
  • Permadeath (with 2+ players, you become a ghost, and collect spirit orbs to resurrect)
  • Randomized Dynamic Music built from over 300 tracks!
  • VR Mode!
  • Full Controller support
  • Local and Online Score Board
  • Dynamically Shaded Pixel Art and Real-Time Shadows

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu Linux 10.10
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or Radeon® HD4800 series, 512 MB of memory
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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Posté le : 22 novembre 2014
It's a rogue indie game, but it's not another rogue indie game. Legend of Dungeon is an addictive romp on classic dungeon crawlers. The graphics in this mix 8- bit characters, modern day textures, and AMAZING lighting that work so well together you'll find yourself just stopping to appreciate it time and again.
The story is simple, you are generic adventurer A in search of treasure, and go searching a dungeon. You make your way down gaining exp as you desecend by killing monsters. The farther you go down the stronger the enimies, with it all being random each playthrough.

Items give the game a good idea of how seriously you should take the game. Hats are the armour for the game. Different hats giving different stats. They can vary from a miners hat that lights up an area, to a cat helmet, to a literal cat sitting on your head and so much more. Weapons vary from all shapes and sizes. You can be very lucky with weapons, or just get nothing. I've had playthroughs where on the 5th floor obtained a Scythe that did +199 damage, and enimies were mearly targets, until a giant minatour appeared from a trap door and tossed me to the side. The only way to heal yourself is by eating apples, or finding a health potion, but potions are random depending on their color. An Aqua potion could be a health potion one game, and make you vomit the next game.
In the end Legend of Dungeon will always have me trying again to see if I can make it to the bottom of the dungeon. It's simple and easy on the eyes, but provides a challenge if the playthough allows it. It's a great time consumer and is definetly worth the buy.
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Posté le : 4 avril
I used to think this was a bad game before the update

Then I found a bear
Then I tamed him
He mauled a necromancer
The necromancer dropped a spell
The spell summoned anything
My bear killed anything
The spell summoned death
We defeated Death
Death joined the party
I ate some apples
The spell summoned more everything
More killing everything
I was level 18 on the 2nd floor
The spell summoned a massive demonic skull
I died in two seconds

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Posté le : 27 décembre 2014
Legend of Dungeon has no story whatsoever. You are simply an adventurer (or four adventurers, if you have three friends who are willing to crowd around your computer screen) attempting to reach the 26th floor of the dungeon to find and retrieve the legendary treasure there. The controls are configurable, and gamepads are supported, so a session full of yelling at three friends to give you that new helmet can be yours if you've got the hardware for it. There aren't many buttons required for each player, but I don't relish the idea of putting more than two people on the same keyboard; a gamepad just feels more natural for this game. Still, as long as one player remains alive, anyone who dies has the chance to avoid the aforementioned permadeath by collecting orbs that will bring them back to life, and that's the kind of perk that makes a little keyboard crowding feel like less of a hassle.

Whether you're playing alone or with friends, randomness is the main characteristic of Legend of Dungeon. The levels are randomly-generated, as are the enemies you find there and the items you pick up along the way. In fact, although you find a rainbow's worth of potions as you progress, even those are randomized at the start of each playthrough. In one play, the inky black potion may put you to sleep, but in another, it may heal 100 HP. The game never tells you what a potion does, even if you've already tried one of that color during the current game, but the developers have hinted that this may change in a future patch.

How you feel about this chaos will almost entirely determine your overall reaction to the game. I've played it quite a few times now, and I've never reached the end, but the intrigue of what items may appear next time brings me back. Will I get a machine gun? A top hat that spews smoke like a chimney? A miner's helmet with a light for dark rooms? Or maybe something else that I've never seen before? There's no way to know, and the creativity the developers put into the items makes it fun to find out each time. Of course, the flip side is that when you don't know what you'll get, every time you play can begin to feel the same and you may feel that there's more luck involved in your success than skill.

The game's visual presentation is another element that could strike some gamers differently than others. It's an intentionally pixelated style, similar to that seen in Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery. There's no denying that it is a frequently-used style these days, and that turns some gamers off, but I think it's done well here. Legend of Dungeon's environments and enemies are all clearly defined, and the particle effects fit well with the game's overall look.

Light can play a big factor in your survival, so it's fortunate that plenty of attention was focused into creating a lighting engine that works well. Some rooms are pitch black and, unless you've found an item that provides more light, you must inch forward and watch for any hint of a monster coming near your tiny pool of visibility. And even if you have your own light, is it a helmet, or is it something you'll have to carry in your hands instead of a weapon? Is that worth the risk?

The sounds of enemies play a similar role in your survival, particularly in those dark rooms. Each type makes a distinct noise when they notice you and come to attack, and you quickly begin to recognize common foes. This helps not just in dark rooms, but in knowing how to time your attacks in any room where you're facing a number of enemies. There is no voice acting and only occasional, but perfectly serviceable, music. This might be a negative in some games, but in this one the crucial need to hear the monsters makes the lack of constant music a good thing.

Legend of Dungeon is fun to play, but it's a game that you're unlikely to actually finish without trying a great number of times. And since you can't save your game, each attempt is a fresh start. The question is whether you'll continue to enjoy the game's randomness long enough to attempt it that many times. As for me, it's the kind of game I find myself thinking about when I'm not playing it; making plans for the next round; trying to decide what I could do better and how to progress farther. I'd rate that as a pretty good indicator of success for any game.


Be sure to check out Nerd House Gaming for more reviews!
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Posté le : 12 janvier
That may seem surprising if you just look at the screenshots, but this game actually supports the Oculus Rift. And that literally adds a whole new dimension to it.

Played normally, it's a 2d game that uses 3d techniques for its rendering but sill looks and feels very 2d and retro. But in the Rift you can see the whole level in true 3d from any angle just by moving your head. It's like the game is an animated diorama or board game. That works surprisingly well and I'm sure this kind of perspective will become very common in VR games in the future.

This is not the type of game I would normally consider playing on a flat screen, but in the Rift it's a lot of fun.

(Note: currently steam does not count my play time in VR as it's a different .exe)
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Posté le : 31 janvier
As with most of my reviews I'll keep this straight and to the point, Legend of Dungeon is a great game and deserves a lot more than it recieves though it has some annoying flaws. As of when this review was written, I have played 25.1 hours of Legend of Dungeon.

The Pros and Cons.

  • There are lots of good items, each with randomized stats and perks though it is nothing compared to BoI: Rebirth
  • Enemies are varied and require multiple strategys to defeat
  • Bosses are EXTREMELY hard
  • The potion system works very well and provides an intresting twist into the game
  • Gameplay is varied and makes a great way to kill time
  • CATS!
  • The Class sytem works very well [BETA]
  • The way to complete the game (retrieving the treasure) makes it different from other games in which you 'kill the boss and The End'
  • Multiplayer is very useful and makes it more fun to play, it's better together!
  • You die a LOT!
  • Game sometimes gets repetitive as you adapt to a routine strategy
  • Updates are released every 4 months
  • A giant rebalance of Monsters should be done, some are really OP whereas some aren't. Though they have tried to balance them in Wraith [BETA], only the slime has been worked on so it's more of a challenge.

My Opinion
I think it's really fun to play but needs to have some things looked at.

Final Score
I give Legend of Dungeon an:
Because: They need to adress some minor problems but is overall a fun experience, if you have friends to play it with.
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Posté le : 12 décembre 2014
If you're looking for a quick and easy pick-up-and-play dungeon crawler, Legend of Dungeon does it in style!
Think about it like Diablo, but the loot system isn't as in-depth.

Key points I'd say is that it's co-op. The items are funny and imaginative. Spells don't require mana so finding a really good one can be really overpowered (in a good way) and overall I love the art direction :D

Here's a First Look I did of LoD. Keep in mind that since this video, the game has included a basic form of saving (when you quit the game, it saves).

Also if you'd like to see the multiplayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Vikg1RWNt0
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Posté le : 18 mars
I love this game. It's FUN: my #1 reason for playing games.

The goal sounds simple: start in the tavern, work your way down to the 26th level, get the treasure, and bring it back up to the tavern, and you win. Simple, right? HA!
I usually play this game late in the evening, after I've done everything for the day and am winding down. I can't beat it, I can't even get close to beating it, but I enjoy every moment playing it. When I die, then I go to bed. ;-)

Legend of Dungeon is colorful and gorgeous. The pixel art style here is well drawn & attractive. The colored lighting of effects, with light sources & real-time shadows vault what might have been an "ordinary" pixel art game of the '90s into a beautiful, 21st century game.

It combines the randomly generated levels/rooms/monsters/objects of a rogue-like with a classic "beat 'em up" style of movement & gameplay which I enjoy more than normal 2-D side-scrollers or classic top-down games.
The neat quirks of this game keep it interesting. Everything's randomly generated, even the color of the potion bottles to their effects; different every game. The swing of your melee weapons need to be timed well to hit your enemy best: you don't just button mash. Spellbooks that shoot flaming skulls or spawn monster companions mix up your strategy as you go, as do rare projectile weapons. A spray paint can will help you mark your path on walls (or just vandalize the walls!). Sometimes you get a room with so many baddies, or really wicked ones, that the only thing you can do is RUN! Or get lucky and find a path of rooms around.

I really enjoy playing the Daily generated dungeon, and this is the only game where I've cared to know where my score ranks world-wide.

If I had to use 1 word to describe Legend of Dungeon: FUN.
2 words? Colorful fun. =)
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Posté le : 28 mars
Lovely graphics, soothing music, and clunky, inscrutable gameplay. Possibly the worst inventory system I've ever seen in a brawler too. Because who doesn't like cycling through hundreds of poorly documented randomized crap items in combat in order to be able to mash the A button effectively?

Buy the soundtrack, tip the artist, skip the game.
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Posté le : 14 mars
This game looked awesome due to the art style, and my friends and I love rogue-likes. We quickly discovered that there is 1 attack, a clunky inventory, and when 1 of them dies, they just have to wait it out. Single player its even more boring. This game is just shallow. I've played flash games with more content.
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Posté le : 25 mars
Quite awhile ago me and my friend purchased the game thinking we could play online multiplayer, but sadly there was none. Although everytime either of us would go to eachothers house we would play the game untill we won or lost.. it took nearly a year, everytime we'd run into some kind of new or crazy monster that would one shot us and we wouldnt even be upset because it was expected.
well finally we got too the bottom floor gathered all the loot and raced upward ((after finding floor 27, and falling and then breaking my inventory))
when we finally reached the top we were so full of joy that we overcame this game, it was like at the end of jumanji.. like ♥♥♥♥ it was so damn good.
If you dont believe that we beat this impossible game.. you'll see that the 11th highscore in the world is Swaglord69 thats right, we ♥♥♥♥ing did it.
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Posté le : 31 mars
Let's begin with the negative. The combat in Legend of Dungeon is fairly poor. It's unrewarding and the controls are somewhat clunky making maneuverability frustrating and difficult. If you're looking for a strong combat system and tight controls, I would reccomend you stay away from this game. I was personally a little dissapointed, however, I soon found Legend of Dungeon has loads to offer. The randomly generated dungeons, countless items, multiplayer compatability, and Virtual Reality option all make for an enjoyable experience. I bought this game on sale for $2.99, and I would reccomend that you wait for a discount as well.
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Posté le : 21 mars
This is a great dungeon crawler/roguelike/RPG with an excellent graphical style and a soundtrack that fits the visuals. It is a lot of fun if you can get 4 people playing on the same PC and harkens back to 4-player arcade games like Guantlet except with way more random events and the quirky sense of humor of the devs to keep you on your toes. Most of the potions have unknown effects so you have to experiment quite a bit to see what each on does, oftren with harmful and hilarious results. Did I mention hats? There are some amazing hats in this game that have all kinds of different stat modifiers for the players. The monsters are tough, varied and often do things that you are not expecting. So if you are a fan of classic 4-player beat 'em ups and modern roguelikes you really will love this game.
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Posté le : 3 avril
This game is hard. Really hard. Not like that annoying Spelunky "screw up for even a fraction of a second and you're dead" hard, but still quite challenging. I've yet to complete a single run successfully. It's maddening.

So why do I keep coming back and playing it over and over?

Really, I can't figure it out. You'd think a game where you consistently get your [insert body part here] handed to you by various dungeon monsters would get old and demoralizing, but if anything I find myself even more energized after a particularly (relatively) successful run that ends in failure. Before I know it I'm pressing start and exploring yet another randomly generated dungeon.

It might be the loot. While variety isn't huge, there's enough that you are never quite sure what you're going to pick up, whether you're going to have a highly defensive run, snap up a hugely powerful weapon, or maybe get your hands on some of the more fun utility equipment like bunny ears for high-jump fun. Every so often you get little to nothing in the way of good loot, but that's quite rare.

It could also be the gameplay itself. Simple controls, sprite-style block renders presented in a fixed perspective, and a randomly generated 26-level dungeon filled with monsters, treasure, switches, secret passages, and all sorts of other fun things. If you're okay with the graphics style, the inner explorer in you should be quite satisfied.

There's also the light tongue-in-cheek campy tone the game sets throughout the dungeon. Yes, there are scary monsters that can kill you in a heartbeat if you aren't careful, but (for example) a Vampire might utter a cliche chiptune-rendered "blah" as he reconstitutes after turning into a bat swarm and gibbing you. There's also the matter of the cats which inexplicably populate the dungeon, and which at times can functions as inventory, armor (hats, specifically), or even weapons. Cat weapons, you ask? One (hyphenated) word, my friend: Laser-cats.

About the only bad thing I can say about this game is not bad so much as a missed opportunity: the game has co-op play, but it's local co-op only, as in everyone playing on the same computer with different controllers. The game makes the most of this by allowing you to completely customize controls for each player, up to and including having multiple players use different sections of the keyboard to play for people lacking enough USB controllers. Still, it's not as convenient as having each person able to play at separate computers - and more importantly, separate monitors.

Regardless of why it's fun, the fact remains that this game is fun. I'm not going to devote a huge amount of my time to it or anything, but It's one of my many go-to games when I have a little time to kill and no particular desire to play something with a complicated plot or with much tactical thinking required. Go down stairs to dungeon, kill baddies, grab loot, lather, rinse, repeat, wipe hands on pants. Beautiful simplicity.
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Posté le : 15 mai
>be a lv. 18 adventurer with a sweet katana and great armor
>find innocuous spell book
>black skull summon, YASSS
>Me, thinking it's a portable skeleton spammer
>casts at wall
>summons death
>one shotted by death

11/10 would cast spells again
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Posté le : 29 mars
First off, the game is very fun. It handles pretty smoothly, the RNG keeps things fresh, and it's beautiful in both sound and graphics. Secondly, there's a surprising amount of depth in the items and the difficulty of the game. Enough to keep me coming back repeatedly.

People keep citing Binding of Isaac as inspiration for/similar to this game, but I see more of Dungeon Stone Crawl Soup than anything else here. The randomized dungeons, the similar amount of floors, the similar goal. The only real Binding of Isaac-esque thing I see in this game is the descrepincy between it being "Rogue-like", as Stone Crawl Soup is, and being "Rogue-lite" as Binding of Isaac is.

The starter class is utterly terrible and it is, from my experience, a decent amount of work to unlock the other classes. Some enemies are utter ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and often I get hit when I can't clearly see why. There's little direction on why you do what you do or even what your overarching goal is(Or, at least I wasn't entirely sure until my third go around.) While I enjoy how obscure the game is on item and equipment effects, I feel it can also work to it's detriment at times, as the menu, to me, seems rather unintuitive and uninformative, which served to make me frustrated at first.

Overall, I'd give the game an 8/10 and will definitely keep watching this game as it updates.
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Posté le : 25 avril
i have a lot of fun playing this game
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Posté le : 25 novembre 2014
Although I have only played this game on single player, I will say that I enjoyed it IMMENSLY and will definitely be spending quite a few hours of my life attempting to defeat this evil dungeon! I am beyond excited to play this cooperatively!
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Posté le : 13 avril
Achievements do not work!!! Protection does not work!!

But! this game is awesome! one of the best games I've ever seen!
8/10. fix protection pls.
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Posté le : 29 mars
A simply brilliant rogue-like with beautiful design aspects. Don't let the pixelated look fool you. The way the devs use color and light (especially) makes this game really stand out from an aesthetic stand-point. There is always something flashing or glowing or light coming from something you have equiped and it all adds up to give the game a truly unique look. To top it all off, the sound effects compliment the aesthetics perfectly and you end up with a totally emersive experience.

The gameplay is just as pleasing as the design. The controls are tight and responsive and are set by the user before you even attempt your first run. There is a nice variety of weapons and hats (which act as your defensive equips) and it's always fun finding that new weapon that does massive damage or that new hat that makes your run faster or jump higher or whatever. Being a rogue-like, no 2 runs are ever the same and this random aspect gives the game possible endless replayability.

This game is still in beta and the devs are constantly adding new content. There are now different classes (i.e., knights, rogues, mages etc) and a new pet system which I'm just starting to really get to know. I'll update this review once I get a better feel for it all or the game hits it's final release.

As it stands now, this game is an easy 9/10 for me and absolutely worth the small price. This is one of the rare games that makes me want to buy copies for my friends just so they can experience it for themselves and to also help the devs and hopefully encourage them to keep up the amazing work. This game is a perfect example of everything that is right about indie gaming.
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Posté le : 4 avril
nice, it reminds me of dark souls on a retro and arcade way haha
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