Onde HeXen termina, o verdadeiro pesadelo começa. Deathkings of the Dark Citadel é a única expansão oficial para o HeXen original. Este pacote de conteúdo adicional apresenta 20 novos níveis para um jogador vindos da equipe do HeXen original, assim como uma série de novas opções multijogador.
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Data de lançamento: 1/jan/1996
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Sobre este jogo

Onde HeXen termina, o verdadeiro pesadelo começa. Deathkings of the Dark Citadel é a única expansão oficial para o HeXen original. Este pacote de conteúdo adicional apresenta 20 novos níveis para um jogador vindos da equipe do HeXen original, assim como uma série de novas opções multijogador.

Deathkings of the Dark Citadel foi a primeira expansão que a Raven Software produziu. Além de fornecer três novas centrais para o HeXen original, a expansão Deathkings foi o primeiro jogo multijogador que permite que oito jogadores se conectem a uma rede local (LAN) ao mesmo tempo.

Requisitos de sistema

    Mínimo: Um computador 100% compatível com Windows XP/Vista

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Publicada: 18 de junho
HeXen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel is an expansion pack for Hexen, released in 1996. It doesn't feature any new gameplay elements, instead it adds more hard levels for single player and adds more levels and improvements for Multiplayer and Deathmatch. But since everybody uses Zandronum for multiplayer in Doom engine games anyway, it's only just more levels.

Now, if you will try to play the game right as it was installed by Steam you will be met by disaster. It really got to be the worst out of all games that id software published here.
Most importantly, the game is unpatched. It's original release. A flawed original release, where develoeprs somehow forgot to link music of Hexen to new levels. So, unless you download and patch the game up, you will have to enjoy some silence. Amazing. Check community guides on how to do that.
Then, as usual, DosBox isn't configured good. It lags and so you have to go to game's directory, open the needed .conf file and edit "ddraw" output to "opengl" one.
And then if you want to choose your control and music device, then you will have to go to game's folder again and drag "setup" file over "dosbox" to launch it.

Expansion pack pulls quite an excuse plot twist to justify action: The evil or the sphere teleported you away into land of the dead where you have to defeat Deathkings before being able to return. Who are they anwyay. Ah, right, they just reuse end bosses from Hexen.

So, game adds three new hubs to conquer. Which totals in around 30 levels. They don't use any new textures. Though there are some interesting inviroments anyway. But it's more of Hexen but harder.

The thing is, Hexen was already too dragged. It didn't had enough of variety in combat and weapons for each class. It had tedious part. And bringing even more levels that are also harder and bring no new gameplay elements, well, it's not a good idea. At all.
Yes, it has a sin of using bosses of Hexen as tough enemy. You fight big mage demon at the first level of the second hub already.

It doesn't help that I had glitch two different glitches on the first hub. First, there weren't enough of fire masks, key items, in the first world. Yes, I checked with walkthrough on all spots. Somehow, there wasn't. Somehow. And then on another level magic bridge just didn't appear either. And wyverns, bosses of Hexen, got stuck in walls too. So, watch out on first hub.

And main problem and difference in difficulty is monster respawn.
Original Hexen would spawn Ettins, common melee weak enemies, after each 10 minutes. Or at least it feels so. It was there just so player will not get lonely while being lost.
Dark Citadel rushes you down and beats you up. It can spawn hordes of any kind of enemy more often. And shielding centaurs that are incredibly annoying or flying imps that shoot fireballs at you aren't good enemies to respawn.
What it means is that you will have to rush levels down, having to solve "puzzles", saving/loading and doing other things while being rushed down and under constant heavy pressure. Killing enemies in this game doesn't bring any benefit, there is no leveling or such. You only waste mana and time. A lot of them. So you will have to try not to pay attention to them as you have to rush rush rush your way. And if you get lost, like everybody does in Hexen, then it will not be pretty.
It gets really bad on the main level of the last hub, Citadel itself. It's pretty much a hall with teleporters and switches. With water pools for no reason. And enemies not only respawn all time there, they also teleport around when reaching water pools for some reason, with without any special effect. You will be telefragged at least once.

Actually, perhaps it's easier to play as Mage here. His basic weapon, that don't require mana, is a ranged one.

So, Deathkings isn't good expansion pack It feels like it just milks on Hexen more. It's hard not in a good way, it's buggy, it brings nothing new outside of levels and it just makes Hexen outstay it's welcome. You miss nothing.
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Publicada: 17 de fevereiro
An absolute obnoxius ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of a game. It offers nothing new over Hexen. No new weapons or enemies, just 3 new map hubs. I can't even recommend it even if you liked the original Hexen. It's not just 'More of the same' but the difficulty is lazily increased by enemies continuously spawning into the map - constantly interrupting your ability to focus and find the required switch or key. Enemies jump and spawn from anywhere endlessly, but ammo is still limited. Environmental traps are impossible to intuit so you will regularly killed out of the blue when fighting endless waves of monsters. I had to quit by the end of the first hub, it was clear that the completion of the game depended on attrition tactics - constantly die until the combination of luck and switch memorization gets you through.

You probably already have this game if you have Hexen, as I believe it's just the one bundle, but if you dont, then don't buy it. Its the same game as hexen but designed to punish with almost no enjoyment.

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Publicada: 21 de dezembro de 2014
De boa, não joguem essa expansão.

Como as outras expansões feitas para FPSs dessa época, tudo que eles queriam era montar episódios com fases de alta dificuldade, mas que pouco somava ao plot do game, no entanto, nesse sentido, as expansões de Wolfenstein 3D, Doom e Heretic, ainda fazem mais sentido, pois veja: Spear of destiny age como uma prequela pra Wolfenstein3D; Ultimate Doom faz um retcon do final, explicando melhor o que diabo tinha a ver aquela cabeça de coelho; em Heretic a expansão shadow of the serpent riders conclui se Corvus conseguiu ou não voltar pro seu mundo ao entrar no portal do último episódio do jogo normal. Já essa expansão de Hexen não soma nada pra história, não possui inimigos novos(que até Spear of Destiny tinha), e os cenários são longos e irritantes.

Somado a isso, tem a excelente idéia que os desenvolvedores tiveram de dar respawn nos inimigos sempre depois de alguns minutos sem nada na tela(isso tbm tem na campanha normal), então pode crer que vc vai ficar de saco cheio de matar sempre os mesmos inimigos quando estiver perdidão, andando pra lá e pra cá que nem tonto.

A versão do Steam tbm está sem as músicas, pois parece que eles não disponibilizaram a versão final lá, completando ainda mais a desgraça.

Passei por esse inferno todo e abracei o capeta, então, confiem em mim, não joguem isso, se satisfaçam apenas com a campanha normal(que já não é fácil) e esqueçam que Deathkings of the Dark Citadel existe. Não comprem nem se estiver em promoção!
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Publicada: 25 de agosto de 2014
Completed: 8/25/14 in 13 hrs on Cardinal (Hard) Diffculty.

I decided to up the difficulty for the playthough of this expansion and let me tell you it was much more difficult then expected. The worst enemies are those damn Swamp Stalkers. They hide in the water and in doing so they are untargetable and likely to ambush you. One map also had 4 Death Wyverns in it and the first game had it was a boss. They really tried to up the difficulty this time around.

Deathkings as well as the original Hexen included an inventory system and character selection. They should have added some new mobs or a new playable character in the expansion as they did with Hexen II but I forgive you guys. :)

Deathkings is a fun game if you don't mind the retro PC graphics and gameplay. It tells you how far we have come in the genre, why some newer titles have failed. Because you don't need high resolution textures for a game it just needs to be fun and Deathkings does that. Incredibly difficult.

I fear the art of Hexen will never again be replicated. The 90s are over.
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Publicada: 20 de dezembro de 2011
Good old Hexen and its Add Ons. Me and my friends played this for hours and hours killing each other, playing COOP ect. I think the atmosphere survived the ages, but for some reason the gameplay/graphics feel so poor I cannot bring myself to go back and play it again... yet Duke Nukem and DOOM I can easily play again.

This game was not made for those faint at heart. It was difficult, dark, and strange. You can get stuck on some level for hours that would normally only take 10 minutes because they would hide buttons, hidden triggers, or just the requirement of killing a monster hidden behind a glass window you can only shoot from a distance.

The three chars to choose from are very very different and add a interesting element to the game that old school games really didn't have. I would only get it for Nastagia, for those that never played it... you will not like this game.
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