Take out the Big Gun sounded simple enough, except the Strogg were waiting. You, and a few marines like you, are the lucky ones. You've made it down in one piece and are still able to contact the fleet. The Gravity Well, the Strogg's newest weapon in its arsenal against mankind, is operational.
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发行日期: 1998年9月1日


Requires the Steam version of QUAKE II to play

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Take out the Big Gun sounded simple enough, except the Strogg were waiting. You, and a few marines like you, are the lucky ones. You've made it down in one piece and are still able to contact the fleet. The Gravity Well, the Strogg's newest weapon in its arsenal against mankind, is operational. With the fleet around Stroggos, 5% of ground forces surviving, and that number dwindling by the second, your orders have changed: free your comrades. Destroy the Gravity Well.

  • New Enemies - The Stalker, Turrets, Daedalus, Medic Commander, Carrier, and the Black Widow.
  • 14 Entirely new levels and 10 new deathmatch levels.
  • New Power-Ups - Deathmatch specific power-ups: Vengeance Sphere, Hunter Sphere, and Anti-matter bomb.
  • New Weapons - The Chainsaw, ETF Rifle and Plasma Beam.


    最低: 一个 100% 兼容 Windows XP/Vista 的电脑系统

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Firstly, Quake 2 IS and will ALWAYS BE my favorite FPS of all time, a nice story, incredible music, fun enemies, and an excellent campaign with hub worlds which are still VERY rare today and work flawlessly in Quake 2. But this isn't a Quake 2 review.

Quake 2 Mission Pack 2: Ground Zero is the final installement of the Quake 2 trilogy (Excluding Zaero and Juggernaut, both of which I am trying to find at a decent price ESPECIALLY Zaero over 50 dollars for just the disk!) But that is besides the point.

The story is pretty much, after the events of Quake 2 and the Reckoning, all the units are attempting to leave orbit because of their victory... however they can't because the Strogg's Gravity Well is forcing them in oribt. Quickly, they send a bunch of units down but only a few survive, you play as Stepchild whom crash landed onto one of the mines of the Stroggs and now you much survive, kill the Widow and blow up the Gravity Well letting everyone survive.

This game bleeds Quake 2 and is an excellent expansion, sure it is a tad short at only 14 levels, but just like the original and the Reckoning it is made up of Hub Worlds, called Units, there are 5 (There are 10 in the original game). Every hub has a central mission and many mini missions that add up to finishing that central one. From blowing up the mine core to killing the Widow there is quite a bit of variety for such a small expansion pack.

The new weapons are cool in their own right, sure they won't replace the BFK10k but why would they? If they did then the game's challenge would be a mininum. The weapons range from a Nailgun from Quake 1 to a lazer that burns people! It is a ton of fun to use the weapons and adds more variety. The new enemies are mostly just upgrades of the originals, but there are some brand new ones with spiders that climb on the roof!

The final boss, not going to spoil it but, is a lot more fun then the previous attempt on Reckoning, mostly because its a whole new boss and not just a redesigned arena version of the original.

The levels are nice and have interestning areas to explore, from the unstable mines to a toxtic waste dump there sure is a nice ammount of variety here. And is just fun to explore everything.

Do I recomend this? No and Yes, I recomend playing Quake 2 and only if you like that then play this, because this is an expansion after all.

However, if you are a diehard Quake fan like me then play it if you haven't already!

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A mostly good expansion pack let down by annoying turrets that interrupt the pace of the game.
Still worth checking out if you enjoy Quake.
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+ even more Stroggs to kill!
+ hardcore gameplay
+ nicely designed levels
+ fantastic atmosphere
+ sound effects
+ nice story
+ good variety of enemies
+ great set of weapons
+ pretty good ending


- no music in Steam version
- sometimes too hard (evil, &%$@# turrets, grrrr)
- terrible voice acting in intro video

One word review: Evil

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Ground Zero was the second mission pack released for Quake II. This pack had a lot of new features as well as some new level designs, but most of all new single-player missions! Buy this for more single-player missions in Quake II.
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Same deal as the last mission pack but now you must battle the spider queen!
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An alright expansion.
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Quake 2 Ground Zero is a second mission pack that has been released for the official game. Created by Rogue Entertainment, developers of Strife (A great game btw) putted much more love and challenge than Xatrix's The Reckoning, 1st mission pack for Quake 2. What do i mean by that? I shall reveal it!

The pack gives you some new weapons such as the powerful ETF Rifle that acts like a Nailgun from Quake 1 with the ability to penetrate the shields or a Tesla Mine which shoots lightning to anyone except you at the very short range with less damage, commonly used to distract or lure the enemy for a better shot. There are also other weapons you can find but i ain't gonna spoil the fun in here other than the fact that this expansion has more new weapons than the previous one.

Like The Reckoning, you have new enemies to deal with, although less than the 1st expansion but it is compensated by their health and their abilities. Such as the sneaky Stalker that attack from unexpected way, DESPICABLE turrets that shoots their chosen ammo such as rockets, blaster or railgun which are extremely smart and more.

Speaking of the smart enemies, Rogue Entertainment has updated the AI for all of the older enemies as well like: Enforcer won't load his chaingun to shoot, Gunners' grenades are more accurate and worst of all, Tanks are even bigger ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s as they will IMMEDIATELY shoot rockets at you once you leave the cover which turns them into the most annoying and worst enemy to deal with (Yet ONE new enemy will give you even hard time to kill him than the Tank itself).

As hard as it looks like, the Ground Zero brings more new powerups such as the downgraded Quad Damage which is more common to find called "Double Damage", Defender Sphere which reduces your damage you recieve and attacks the enemy etc. Although the multiplayer lets you use even more new powerups than the single player. Oh and no Invulnerability powerup, as it has been replaced with one of the powerups.

Onverall, this expansion will offer you the biggest challenge of all Quake's mission packs giving you new powerups and weapons to play along with new enemies to deal with. Hope your skill is high....as you will need it.
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ground zero thats offensive
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Short version: avoid this and play the infinitely-superior Reckoning instead. Long version: Rogue apparently thought they were still making Strife, which means that a Q2 mission pack somehow features confusing and maze-like maps with terrible backtracking elements. The new weapons range from passable to useless, with the reskinned splash-damaging nailgun being the best, and the chainfist being the worst, since you're required to get up-close to the average Q2 enemy to use it, universally-known as a terrible idea

And to complain about both, the level design severely-limits how you can effectively-use the rocket and grenade launcher, two things a Quake game should never have an issue accommodating by design. The cramped and compacted rooms and corridors make using both either suicidal or a total waste of ammo, as enemies will either be on hard-to-hit ledges, blocked by walls/poles/architecture, or too close to where you bathe in the splash damage yourself

And then the ENEMIES, every new enemy is a horrible pain to deal with, and not in the fun strategy-deducing way, but the projectiles-that-might-as-well-be-hitscan way, I'm looking at YOU, plasma-shooting spider-thing. The worst addition however is the fact that there are autotracking sentry turrets EVERYWHERE, you generally can't go a minute or two without running-into one, and they hurt, a LOT. They take forever to destroy due to the fact you have to be constantly-moving in order to avoid either their painful blaster shot, or usually-instagibbing rocket shot, and they have an ungodly amount of health for a fixture, so better make sure you actually hit them
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Only good thing is the nailgun is back. Confusing map design and objectives, overpowered new enemies, too many enemies per map, not enough ammo, not enough health packs or armor, etc. Just really terrible overall.
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Interesting new weapons, and a great final boss, but I do not recommend this due to the fact that there are too many turrets placed throughout most of the levels in the game.
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What kind of a ♥♥♥♥♥ing nerd needs a mission pack to Quake II
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a Good expansion to a great game.

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I gotta say this expansion pack is definitely a huge improvement from the first one.
In this one you play as a soldier named stepchild and your mission is to land on the planet and destroy the Gravity Well.
Simple as that. Well this time around you fight some new enemies. From spiders that make cute noises when you kill em to damn annoying turrets from what seems like every corner to getting new weapons as well.
You get your good old classic nailgun back.(My old love) A plasma beam cannon to some Tesla mines and more.
Still same 5 chapters but they're actually fun to play and not annoying like the first expansion pack was.
All in all i gotta say this is by far a pretty fun expansion pack.
8/10. Amazing.
Still Steam overlay is broken sadly.
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More missions is always good, right?
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If you liked QUAKE II then you will LOVE this mission pack! It took me 7 hours to finish too! I might even like this more than QUAKE II! It adds some new weapons and is not as challenging as the last mission pack, but I got more enjoyment out of this one, plus you get a new really cool final boss! If you liked QUAKE II you should get QUAKE II Ground Zero! (P.S. If you can't launch this mission pack you will need to right click on QUAKE II, click properties, and click launch options. Then you need to type in: "+set game rogue" (without the " "). Then just launch QUAKE II and it should launch this DLC)
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