'The Raven - Vermächtnis eines Meisterdiebs' ist das neue Krimi-Adventure in 3 Kapiteln von den Machern von „The Book of Unwritten Tales". Paris, 1960: The Raven hält Europa in Atem. Seine Einbrüche sind spektakulär, sein Erfolg einzigartig.
Nutzerreviews: Größtenteils positiv (471 Reviews) - 78% der 471 Nutzerreviews für dieses Spiel sind positiv.
Veröffentlichung: 23. Juli 2013

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"King Art beweist ein ums andere Mal, dass sie nicht nur gute Geschichten schreiben, sondern sie auch spannend und atmosphärisch inszenieren können."
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“This first chapter's characters, art, puzzles, and mystery get The Raven adventure trilogy off to an amazing start.”
9/10 – IGN

“The first episode of The Raven offers up a captivating story, intriguing characters and brilliant audio production to get the three-part series on track right away.”
4/5 – Adventure Gamers

“The Raven — Legacy of a Master Thief is not a book adaptation, but it is clearly a loving homage to both Agatha Christie and her books, and one made by people with some skill.”
88 % – RPG fan

Digitale Deluxe-Edition

Die Digitale Deluxe Edition beinhaltet:

  • Soundtrack
  • Story book (Zahlreiche Hintergrundinformationen und Artworks)
  • “Making of” Broschüre
  • Papercraft Maske des Raben (zum Ausdrucken)
  • Digitales Poster (zum Ausdrucken)

Über dieses Spiel

'The Raven - Vermächtnis eines Meisterdiebs' ist das neue Krimi-Adventure in 3 Kapiteln von den Machern von „The Book of Unwritten Tales".

Paris, 1960: The Raven hält Europa in Atem. Seine Einbrüche sind spektakulär, sein Erfolg einzigartig. Die Öffentlichkeit fiebert seinem nächsten Coup entgegen und ist geschockt, als der junge Ermittler Nicolas Legrand den Einbrecherkönig stellt und tödlich verwundet.

London, 1964: Ein uralter Rubin, eines der beiden legendären „Augen der Sphinx", wird aus dem Britischen Museum gestohlen. Am Tatort wird eine Rabenfeder entdeckt. Versucht jemand in die Fußstapfen des Raven zu treten? - Legrand nimmt die Ermittlungen auf. Zeitgleich klingelt in Zürich ein Telefon. Wachtmeister Anton Jakob Zellner schaut hinter einem Aktenberg hervor. Er ahnt nicht, was weniger hundert Meter von ihm entfernt in einem Banktresor verborgen liegt. Er greift zum Telefon und sein Leben nimmt eine entscheidende Wendung...

Alle drei Kapitel sind ab sofort verfügbar:
  • Kapitel I: Das Auge der Sphinx
  • Kapitel II: Wiege der Täuschung
  • Kapitel III: Mörder und Raben

Key Features:

  • King Arts spannendes Krimi-Adventure voller unerwarteter Wendungen und Überraschungen
  • Cineastische Inszenierung mit hunderten Kamera-Einstellungen und dutzenden Cutscenes
  • Optionale Rätsel und Punktesystem für Adventure-Veteranen
  • Notizbuch und Hilfefunktionen für Adventure-Einsteiger
  • Feinste Echtzeit-3D-Grafik in Full-HD


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    • Processor:2.0 GHz CPU
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Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
38 von 48 Personen (79%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
17.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16. Juni
I initially bought this game at full price due to the positive early reviews (which were mostly based on the first chapter).

Unfortunately, the game is severely broken for many users and the developers have done little to fix these issues since the game's release. These are not only minor bugs or annoyances, but critical game breaking issues.

I usually love these types of adventure games, but in this case, I have been unable to progress beyond the first chapter (disregard the deceptive amount of hours on record; I have left the game running in the background on several occasions while running errands, sleeping or looking for solutions to the problems I've encountered). It is unlikely that I will get a refund as I bought the game long before Steam's refund policies were changed. Instead, I want to warn future potential buyers of the problems they may encounter.

Take a look at the forum posts below:

Bug thread (13 pages so far): https://steamcommunity.com/app/233370/discussions/0/846959998013346908/

Save games disappearing (this is my biggest issue at the moment, as you can see by my posts to the below threads):




Linux/Mac issues (there are too many of these threads to list them all):



More examples can be found on the game's discussion page and I recommend reading through it. These issues have NOT been fixed, despite the game having been out for two years now.

This leaves the game unplayable for many people; whether you are going to be one of these people depends on your luck and on your operating system. Mac and Linux users seem to have the most issues. As the game is listed as being compatible on these operating systems, this is inexcusable.

As for the game itself (or the little I have been able to experience of it), the story is an obvious homage to Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. The first chapter starts off slow, but quickly builds up suspense once the titular "Raven" makes an appearance. I have heard that the second and third chapters are a bit of a let down compared to the first chapter's conclusion. The puzzles are alright, but nothing memorable comes to mind. They mainly seem to revolve around using the right object in the right location. I didn't encounter any logic puzzles or truly creative solutions. There is some pixel hunting involved, which I found annoying in the initial train sequence (although it is possible to reveal hot spots in the game by using up "points", this locks certain achievements from being accomplished). The animation and movement in the game is frankly awful, but I was able to ignore it for the most part. It does not really compare well to contemporary medium-high budget games, and as such the standard asking price is a tad steep. I would write more about the game itself, but my save games were erased three times in a row and I have given up on making any progress beyond this chapter.

Basically, if you play on Mac or Linux: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

If you play on Windows... buy at your own risk. The first chapter seems decent enough; I can't personally comment on the final two chapters, but many reviews online seem to paint them in a rather mediocre light. Even if you do not encounter the technical issues that apply to Mac or Linux users, the game is still rife with random bugs which can impede your progress. I'd wait for a sale, or hope that the developers finally take notice of these issues and release a patch.

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26 von 28 Personen (93%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
25.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 18. Juni
Just finished the game and have to give it a good recommendation. The game has a lot of atmosphere for a very good story that is not transparent. I enjoyed the game very much, the graphics were well done and fit the time of the story very well. It's a pretty simple point and click adventure game, although sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to advance in the game. Some thinking is required. The voice acting was done very well in my opinion and the music through out the game was also very well done. Most of the schievements are pretty easy to get, one is difficult and you may need to find some help to get it done as it is a tricky one to get for most. I have over 20 hours in the game but 3-4 hrs of it were AFK time. It is an enjoyable game without being to stressful so it's fun to just sit down and play it and see what you can figure out and enjoy the story. The only minus I can really give the game is some times the UI can be a bit clunky and getting your character to walk where you want them to can sometime be frustrating but not to the point it wrecks the game. 7/10
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9 von 12 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
27.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 9. Mai
Months after playing through, I still find myself thinking about this game every once in a while. Despite a few buggy mechanics, The Raven is a solid, memorable point and click mystery. Top notch voice acting and well designed puzzles guide you through a wonderfully written story that is both unique and an impressive homage to the traditions and tropes of the mystery genre. If you typically enjoy any of these elements, this is definitely a title to check out.
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2 von 2 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
2.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. August
Entertaining and captivating fun for those who enjoy point and click adventure games. Excellent story The graphics are Stunning The colors are beautiful and the game play smooth The Story makes this game really awesome it requires that you pay attention to the details The Raven's action is swift, the dialogues are interesting The game is very much story driven and it requires that you pay attention to the details and the hints that is littered various places throughout the game
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3 von 4 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
65.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23. Mai
This is a game I was following since it was teased. I loved every second of it and the story was engaging. I liked the plot twists and the characters were well-written. I was often distracted by how bad the controls were. They felt like Tanky resident evil controls with fixed camera angles only worse, can you imagine that? But these bugs are merely trivial to what it offered in terms of story that it made me forget about them from time to time. A must-play for any adventure game fan.
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