Shortly after landing on an alien surface, you learn that hundreds of your men have been reduced to just a few. Now you must fight your way through heavily fortified military installations, lower the city's defenses and shut down the enemy's war machine. Only then will the fate of humanity be known.
User reviews: Very Positive (461 reviews) - 95% of the 461 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 11, 1997

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"Fast paced, hardcore shooter action with fantastic levels and enemy variety."

About This Game

Shortly after landing on an alien surface, you learn that hundreds of your men have been reduced to just a few. Now you must fight your way through heavily fortified military installations, lower the city's defenses and shut down the enemy's war machine. Only then will the fate of humanity be known.

System Requirements

    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system

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Posted: August 30
One of the first games I ever played. One of my all time favorites.
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Posted: August 17
This is a game from the past. As mean old game.
I bought that game for nostalgia, but this game is still good how I remembered it!

I think to the other players do not share my nostalgia, but I guess the today's player would enjoy this game as me did!

This game like a hack-and-slash with guns. Because, there is a very short story detail and there are only two video animations. At when you start the new game and at when you end the game.

I know the story is really short.
For example; You are a soldier and you have got down an alien planet for kill the 'Stroggs'. You gets many of short missions like; go there, switch that, get that, destroy that, etc..
It sounds like boring, BUT NOT! Not those thing gives to this game fun, the atmosphere do that what consists the strange good yellow tone, the sci-fi place, short of story and that strange rock music what seems like does not match the game, but though it is still good at the playtime.

Only one thing!
You must install the [Ultimate Quake II Patch] for the original-full experience.

Good things:
-Strange good atmosphere.
-Low hardware requirements and runs well.
-Seems like hack-and-slash.

Bad things:
-Must install the [Ultimate Quake II Patch] for the original-full experience.
-Can not disable the mouse accelerate. (I used to it)

I recommend this game those who like the FPS style, old games, sci-fi stories and the less details story.
P.S. I suggest play 'Hard' difficulty for more fun. This 'Hard' not like hard as you expected. If you use the [Energy Shield] item then it becomes more easy.

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QUAKE II Mission Pack: Ground Zero
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Posted: June 20
My PC is not powerful enough to run this game :(

Time to upgrade?
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Posted: August 4
You play as Space Muhreen Bitterman and you shoot and explode your way through the planet of Strogg - abominations of stolen flesh and robotics. You basically take their planet apart, little by little, all on your own, with one of my favorite final bosses as the cherry on top.

Quake invented FPS.
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Posted: July 30
Quake 2 is FPS developed by id and released in 1997 for PC, on their new id Tech 2 engine. It's not really a sequel to Quake 1, but instead it was developed as serapate title and then at the end was given such name. It also had PS1 and N64 ports. I didn't play them, but they are probably inferior ones. Though, from what I seen, PS1 has best usage of colors.

So, how Steam version was handled? In id style! Which means no soundtrack for you. It just wasn't included, once again. You will have to track down (soundtrack) CD of a game. And then deal with music looping issues. _inmm software helped me here.

Game also doesn't support widescreen by default. But I am sure you can find a way to tweak it. Or just use sourceport.
It also was stuttering for me by default. Strange enough, once I would go into Video setting and exit, it would get fixed for me.
It also refused to save configuration for me, so I had to change things back on each launch.

Multiplayer community is small but still there. Now, I may not be good enough to tell away bot from human, but I belive that you will at least find one Deathmatch with 5-10 players. Though yea, Free For All Deathmatch is the only gametype you will end up playing. Small.

The plot follows Bitterman as he is one of the marines that were sent to planet of flesh-hungry cyborgs - Stroggs. As offense is the best defence. He ends up being possibly the only one surviving the first human attack on planet and now has to destroy and disable all the important strogg structures, alone.
So yea, sounds like another Rambo vs World. Though, you can actually meet some captured marines in the levels, but they all went insane. It addsa nice touch to the setting, though it still feels a bit too gamey to see that you can't interact with them in any way. Or just that there are no sane ones, just crawling around.
It also has CGI cutscenes. Which would be awesome, but it's a wasted potential, as almost all of them are nothing but a fancy intermission screens. Hexen on PS1 made better use of them, really.
Manual is nice though.

And well, to be honest, Quake 2 is the last title in Quake series that I played. I heard that it was a classic and heard many other good things. And once I got to play it, I was amazed... at how awfully generic FPS title it was.

I mean, sure, it's better than Quake on theory. Because more realistical levels. Or better enemy AI. Or just better engine from technical standpoint, with smooth animation and colored lighting.
Yet the game as a whole it creates a fairly dull single-player experience.

Setting isn't exactly interesting. It's nice that levels are connected into small hub and that they are bigger. And that you are given missions that explain what to do next. But level layouts are still linear, so it hardly matters. There are very few interesting levels, mostly factory and research labs, where you can see what Stroggs do with humans. Terrifying.

But outside of them they don't have anything interesting going on, while also not being as abstract as Quake or Doom ones. It also doesn't help that game looks awful. Whatever technical improvements engine may have, they all are supposed to just improve art design. And art design here is quite bad, consisting of red and grey. Grey and red. And more red than you will ever want to see. Even Hexen 2 which used Quake 1 engine looked better. Or Quake 1, which still used more colors and it was contributing to gritty atmoshpere.

Gameplay isn't exciting either. It's much more slowed-paced. It makes use of more hitscan enemies attacks. It just feels like it promotes more of cover-based tactics. Sure, there are few different enemy types with slightly different attacks, but in the end it still doesn't make a big difference. You peek out, you shoot, you hide from machinegun bullets back around corner. Or from railgun. Quake 1 had Ogres and Fiends, one would spam grenades around room and was often placed in interesting spots, while fiends were dangerous enemies that easily charged at you, all of which making you strafe and navigate, being more interestign to fight against. Quake 2 is just plain not exciting. Even melee enemy, Berserker, isn't threatening here, being slow, attacks while standing, easy to get out of attack reach with a single step, easy to knock down.

On more positive note, Enemy AI was improved. While they don't provide as much of fun as Hexen 2 ones, they still show more life to them. Mostly just ducking here and there. They get covered in blood as you shoot them down and some of the common enemies can even give the last few shots before dying. Don't worry, they don't aim when they do that, just shoot straight, so it's not annoying and looks awesome. Can always gib.

Not sure what to say about equipment. Yes, you got more weapons than before. They got some interesting ideas behind, I like that recoil on Machine Gun, back before recoil was a common thing. You can also choose whether you want to have weapon on left, right or in center, which impacts where shots come from too (it's in multiplayer setting, but affects single as well). And heck, it has railgun. Which even does extra damage on unaware enemies. It's still feels like you have too much ammo and that weapons aren't too specialized in single. But still, nice.

Quake 2 also adds inventory. It wasn't implented good. There aren't so many items to use. Sure, being able to use Quad Damage whenever you want is nice, radiation suit and rebreather help with secrets. But that's about it. It suffers because developers decided that they have to put weapons you have as inventory items as well, making it harder to navigate while bringing nothing. Even worse is that they put grenades between all this mess that you can't select otherwise.

Bosses are quite meh. You can quad-damage them anyway.

Soundtrack is quite nice. At least great when you listen to it serapately and some memoriable rock. Or whatever genre this is. It gets a bit monotonial after a while. A nice touch is that music suddenly ends when you complete all goals on the level, showing that you got nothing to do there anymore. It somehow ends up being awkward though, when you still got something to do.

Multiplayer on other hand is a big improvement over Quake. Now, it's still old-school and will not interest many, especially seeing how Quake 3 Arena is out. But you got to say that's it's quite a little fun. It's slower-paced, sure. But it finally got balance in weapons. The one who has rocket launcher no longer dominates whole arena, as other weapons are viable alternatives with their own specialization, mostly range difference. Better for those who prefer a bit more thinking and a bit less reflexes. I do have a bad feelign that railgun may end up being a bit too good, penetrating and killing unarmed players in one shot. But I didn't play for long.

And well, I wrote some bad things here, sure. Yes, I think that this game is generic and missable. But you know, it's still a fine generic FPS. With very few bright spots. It's not something I would call a classic, but you can still have fun with it. And it doesn't do anything way too bad in gameplay. No cheap deaths or such to frustrate you. So, feel free to check it out.
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