Bientôt l’été es un videojuego para dos jugadores. Dos jugadores que simulan ser amantes. Simulan ser amantes separados el uno del otro por años luz de espacio profundo. Tienen paseos solitarios por la costa de un océano simulado, pensando con nostalgia el uno del otro. Pensamientos sobre antigua literatura terrícola de Marguerite Duras.
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16 de febrero

Sunset pre-order available

As of now, you can pre-order our new game Sunset from the game's web page: Pre-ordering gives you a Steam key on launch day, at a discount, and also a non-DRM version of the game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Plus you are helping the creative team get through the last stretch of development. Thanks!

Don't forget to have a look at the new screenshots and video we've just uploaded! And let us know what you think.

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1 de diciembre de 2014

On sale for two more days

If you were unsure about Bientôt l'été or you know somebody who is, now is the change to give this wonderfully strange game a try for cheap. 50% off for the next 2 days.

All proceeds of the sale go directly into the development of Sunset. Nothing is wasted!

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Fast company - "Bientôt l’Été resuena como lo hacen un cuadro bien pintado o una buena pieza musical".

The Verge - "Por fin, un videojuego tan artístico y difícil de entender como el cine francés".

Akimbo - "A veces me exaltaba con la belleza de los sentimientos expresados y, en otras ocasiones, me sorprendía ante lo oscuro que podía parecer".

Acerca de este juego

Bientôt l’été es un videojuego para dos jugadores. Dos jugadores que simulan ser amantes. Simulan ser amantes separados el uno del otro por años luz de espacio profundo. Tienen paseos solitarios por la costa de un océano simulado, pensando con nostalgia el uno del otro. Pensamientos sobre antigua literatura terrícola de Marguerite Duras.

La playa vacía, el fuerte viento, la dulce música y una pequeña colonia de gaviotas electrónicas son su única compañía. Aún así, sus corazones están llenos y su mente confundida. Caminan por la orilla hasta encontrarse con el vacío.

Cuando se vuelve demasiado, corren el uno hacia el otro. Gracias a las redes intergalácticas, sus cuerpos holográficos se tocan en el ciberespacio. Un surrealista juego de ajedrez se convierte en el sistema mediante el cual ellos, hombre y mujer, pueden hablar. Las palabras que pronuncian se las han dado, como siempre se les han dado a los amantes en todas partes.

El mar sigue ahí, tirando de sus corazones, cuando no de sus cabellos o ropas, como si del mismo mar tirase la luna virtual. Y, por grande que el deseo del uno por el otro sea, no pueden separarse del viento y las olas y la arena. Cada vez encuentran un nuevo tesoro. Un campo de tenis abandonado. Una pila de carbón. Un perro muerto. Común. Absurdo. Sin sentido. Aún así reconfortante.

Entrar en una cafetería, salir de una casa de campo, entrar en un casino, salir de las ruinas de una antigua mansión colonial. Sabemos que todo esto no es real. Así que no nos sorprende. Nada nos sorprende. No importa cuando sientes el dolor del amor. De estar enamorado, de enamorarse, de marchar estando enamorado. No existe eso que llaman tiempo. Solo hay amor. Y nunca para. No importa lo mucho que duela.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
    • OS:XP
    • Processor:2 Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Geforce 7600, Radeon X1600
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • OS:7
    • Processor:3 Ghz
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
    • OS:10.6.8
    • Processor:2 Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Geforce 7600, Radeon X1600
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • OS:10.6.8
    • Processor:3 Ghz
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
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Publicado: 23 de enero
I received this game quite a long time ago, but never got around to trying it until this week. Apparently it was promoted as on sale as recently as last month, but the experience of myself and other recent users is puzzling, as if the game is no longer supported nor properly functioning.

For instance, a primary feature of this game, "encounter" at a cafe table seems available neither in simulation mode nor with live players showing up. This has been reported by myself and other current players in the discussions section for this game, and if it is a temporary situation or other issue there has been no notice taken of it yet by the developer/publisher.

I have never before used the "report this game" feature of Steam, but having selected it I see that it only applies to content, so I don't know how to discourage people from buying this game except to tell you that for myself and others the game is essentially not functional at this time and perhaps should not be available for sale.
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Publicado: 2 de noviembre de 2014
Couldn't play with my friend - the netcode didn't work. Overall a boring, pretentious game.
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Publicado: 8 de abril
I generally support art games, but no.
Why tale of tales? Why? Your art games used to be good.

Makes me want to start smoking again just out of sheer annoyance.
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Publicado: 9 de abril
I have so many things I could say about this game, but I will try to keep it short and in summary.

+ this is an art game, if you like art games, you'll like this game
+ surprisingly even though the visuals don't first appear to be anything special, everything came together quite perfectly and actually was a rather beautiful experience overall
+ on top of the visuals, the music was great as was the voice acting, I'm a big fan of subtitles though
+ it's potentially quite philosophical, it's relaxing, it's strange and confusing, it offers an alternative to the usual repetitive stimuli that we get elsewhere
+ if you're a fan of French films, the absurd, smoking cigarettes with wine, then you'd found your niche

now for the negatives... first I will say I love the concept of this game, I love it. It momentarily brought me back to my first experience with Journey... I went through a lot of emotions playing this game. From confusion, to wonder, to sadness and nostalgia. And then, ultimately, to boredom.

- this game gets boring very very very quickly, there is no one else playing it and you will likely have to sit and talk to an ai which can be hit or miss (I spoke to the ai a dozen times, during which I had been moved to tears in one of my conversations, and in another everything said was nonsense and meaningless)
- yes this is a walking emulator, but you walk so incredibly slow it might as well as be a crawling one and the landscape doesn't change it's the same sad waves mile after mile, if I really wanted to go have a weird introspective experience I'd actually get up and go to the beach
- after about an hour you've really gotten the whole experience and whatever you gained from that you gained from it, there is little to no replayability

overall though? 8/10 I liked it. While the execution is not great and because no one actually plays it (thus leaving you alone to talk to yourself or an ai), it feels as though it wasn’t fully realized. The parts are there, and the pieces almost fit, but not quite. It did make me feel deeply, but those feelings were merely stoked on by the game not created by it. It is likely to be a hit or miss with the audience, if you’re into this sort of thing you have probably already experienced something like it and if you’re not into it, you’re gonna loath the experience. I’d recommend giving it a shot either way, I don’t regret buying it or playing for over an hour. There is something here, you just may need to dig a little deeper.
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Publicado: 4 de mayo de 2014
Los experimentos en el mundo de los videojuegos siempre me han interesado, y Bientot es uno de ellos. Básicamente, sin ninguna mecánica para ganar ni perder, lo que busca es que dos jugadores desconocidos exploren y se relacionen el uno con el otro a través de frases prefabricadas que puedes encontrar tiradas por ahi. La idea es interesante, pero el resultado a mi personalmente no me ha llegado en ningún sentido. Al tener que usar frases prefabricadas obtenidas por el tedioso proceso de simplemente caminar, lo que ocurre es que no puedes expresar realmente nada de ti mismo, con lo que el resultado que se produce es que surgen conversaciones sin demasiado sentido ni coherencia porque ambos "jugadores" deben relacionarse en base a esas frases predefinidas. Con lo cual, realmente no se produce una interacción entre los jugadores/personas, sino que esta está tan mediada por la tecnología que lo que se produce es una especie de entramado de frases sin demasiado sentido que, en algún momento, a alguien pudieron parecerle la menos mala de las opciones.
Gráficamente el juego es muy pobre, lo cual evita que podamos adentrarnos bien en su ambientación. A nivel sonoro también lo es, y el sonido sólo puede estar en francés (aunque traducidos los textos). Para finalizar de rizar el rizo, encontrar jugadores a estas alturas no es imposible, pero hay franjas horarias enteras en las que no hay ninguno.
Personalmente, creo que es un experimento muy innovador e interesante en interacción humana, pero no uno que haya llegado a buen puerto. Un 3.
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Publicado: 25 de noviembre de 2013
Before noting that I said I do not recommend this, please understand that it's not bad.
With this confusing statement out of the way, let's get started. Bientôt l'été isn't a game. It's an artistic piece, and this needs to be understood. From what I could gather, the goal of it was to demonstrate how people can communicate, even if limited by language, actions, or possible phrases (as seen by the chess board in-game). However, this requires that someone somewhere is playing at the same time you are, unless you want to talk to an AI. It's a beautiful experience when it works well, but this is so rare I can't recommend a purchase at any time other than during a sale. Due to the game's artistic goal and nature, it was heavily slammed upon release, driving away potential players. Without a community waiting for another person to chat with, more people slammed the game for not having a community. This is Bientôt l'été's biggest problem, without players it simply cannot achieve the desired effect.
For this reason I suggest buying this when it's on sale. More players are likely to be experimenting with it at the same time as you, and you're more likely to see the beauty of limited conversation with a complete stranger.
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Publicado: 12 de febrero de 2013
This is, by far, the best cigarette smoking simulator on the market. At first, it seemed confusing with the long walks on the beach and random phrases popping up on screen, but only once I entered the café did I realize the actual draw of this title. As I sat at the chess board and waited five minutes for a partner to join, I then realized something else; I was the only person to buy this game. Thank god they included a computer controlled character to interact with or I may have missed the hidden gem in this pile of coal.
We moved our chess pieces across the board and spoke sweet nothings to each other until only silence hung in the air. And then I saw it. Near the bottom of the screen was a classic lighter and a half full soft pack of smokes. Move over wine glass! The true beauty and meaning of game play was at hand. Once clicked, the screen goes black and you can actually hear your character click the flint, light up, and take a long, smooth drag. You can almost taste the tobacco. A puff of smoke fills the screen upon return to the scene. The cigarette is then seen majestically smoldering in the ashtray on the table. If clicked again, another drag is taken until there is nothing but a snuffed out filter left.
Oh, but that's just the beginning. It seems there is no limit to the amount of cigarettes you can smoke! My only complaint would be that there aren't enough ways to put out your coffin nail. The choice to put it out on your lover's hand or leave it floating in their wine glass should be included in a future patch for the sole reason that some of the predestined lines are mad creepy. 8 out of 10 because I can't tell if they're menthol or not.
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Publicado: 16 de enero de 2014
Before you, I never knew anguish. I tried to Imagine myself without you.

This game is about walking on the beach. And drinking wine. And smoking cigarrettes. And conversations that are incredibly fatalistic.

I liked the feeling I had after I played this game, but I cannot recommend it. I feel like it's more like a prototype for a mini-game. Kind of like a dream sequence or something, that keeps you from getting bored with the actual game, except there is no actual game. Just uselessness coupled with self-hate. C'est la vie.
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Publicado: 21 de junio de 2014
Just played it while I was drunk and somehow it was good.
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Publicado: 26 de septiembre de 2014
A friend of mine gifted this to me for my birthday. He's not my friend anymore.
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Publicado: 4 de diciembre de 2013
Game developers should be encouraged to challenge the status quo with narrative and mechanics, but I feel that there are certain best practices for game design that Tale of Tales often overlooks for no visible reason or benefit to the game. While Bientôt l'été has the most conventional controls and straightforward instructions of their games to date, it still suffers from the same problem: some strange design decisions have little to nothing to do with, and may even hinder the concept.

Imagine the PS3 game Journey: two players meet at random in a surreal world to make a connection. Except in Bientôt l'été, both players are chat robots stating phrases at random while smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, and playing chess (with a catch: you have to find the pieces first, but one at a time). The highlight of the game should be the multiplayer, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be very populated (a symptom of its avant garde concept, I guess), and the interactions are severely limited.

What should be a virtual date with a stranger in a surreal world becomes tedius, with no real interaction or connection with said stranger. Unlike Journey, which limits your characters' intractability to serve the purpose of the mechanics and design, Bientôt l'été's design stands at odds with its concept, preventing players from creating any kind of meaningful connections.
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Publicado: 26 de diciembre de 2013
This hits a very niche market... and not very well. I typically really enjoy introspective forlorn romps through artsy settings, but this is a bit of a streatch even for me.

Spoilers follow:

No seriously, there's nothing to this game, so litterally anything I say past this point will "ruin" it for you.

Don't read further unless you've either already played it our have no intention to.

So the idea is that you go for long walks on the beach reflecting on this relationship you've had. Sometimes there's something on the beach that will drop a chess peice which you can take to the house and use on a chess board to hold something resembling a conversation with an online partner... The dialouge seems to suggest that these two love each other out of necessity and not for any actual romantic reasons... they don't seem to actually like each other but are bound to eachother anyway. It's really sad...These two need to see other people, but it's clear that there are no other fish in the sea, so to speak.
Oh, and once you've collected all the chess peices, the next item to drop is a gun... well that escalated quickly. You can use the gun on the chess board like a peice. It does nothing in particular, but I think it's more meant to be a metaphore for putting an end to the relationship more than anything.

To sum up the game: Help I'm trapped in a holodeck of angst and regret! I don't know what love is and I want to kill myself because I'm so messed up about it!
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Publicado: 7 de junio de 2014
For the record, I have played this game, but for some reason Steam isn't showing my actual time put into it.

"A work of art"

Yes, I have to admit that Bientôt l'été was indeed a work of art. But that's the exact reason this game is practically unplayable. I gave it a little while, hoping to get somewhere, but instead I just sat there and played chess while rereading the same dialogue over and over. I don't know whether this game gets more interesting or enjoyable later on, but from what I have played, I can tell you that I'm glad I bought this during last year's Summer Sale, because for $9.99, Bientôt l'été shouldn't be payed for until it goes on sale... between 80-100% off.
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Publicado: 18 de abril de 2014
+ Relaxing "walking simulator"
+ Eerie, dreamy, surreal, transcendental design, music and ambiance
+ Bold multiplayer concept: People are strangers, no direct means of communication

- Lack of any significant, forward-driven narration/story/plot
- Lack of any significant, long-term gameplay
- Odd/Awkward, not exactly comforting (keyboard) controls
- Multiplayer barely works for the lack of people playing this game (workaround: joining Steam group and timing online time with other people)

Interesting from an art-ish and ambiance-related point of view, lacking gameplay-wise, and with an irritating control scheme.

Badmouths may call it a boring walking simulator. It provides less exploration and narration than for example Dear Esther, but a bit more than for example Proteus, and has it's own unique graphical style and ambiance. The graphics, sounds and music give you an eerie feeling, it's dream-like, surreal and transcendental, and for this alone it's interesting to look at and listen to, eventually even admirable.

You select a male or female character stored inside tubes. "It's nearly summer" you are told. You appear with your character on a simulated/virtual beach shore and walk it. Random phrases will appear drawn onto the ground. You "collect" ("remember) some of them by closing your eyes, you also hear them voiced in French then (they are always subtitled in the language of your choice). You collect some object "hidden" beneath some worldly, "holographic" thing (a tree, a bush, a crane, ...) that disappears to reveal this object (chess pieces mostly, and one more unique and confusing one which leaves room for interpretation). You enter a house, meet with a virtual partner of the opposite gender in some sort of bar, put your objects in turns on a chessboard (freely, you don't actually play chess - some spots trigger the words/phrases you previously collected to appear on the screen and be voiced), take a smoke, drink some whine or select some pre-set of music tracks to play music-box like in the background. The lines you collect and make appear are circling around the two characters and their relationship, who are or used to be lovers After that you leave the house, walk along the shore again, collect more phrases and another object and enter the house again. This you repeat as many times as you wish, at some point the simulation starts over again with you collecting about the same pieces again (the game however seems to remember all pieces you once collected - I've just started up the game again and could place all the objects I once picked up many months back when I first played this game).

The partner in the house is either A.I.-controlled or an actual human who is playing the game at the same time as you do. You don't see his/her name, he/she is a stranger, there is no text or voice chat to use, you only communicate with the words and through symbolism you can do with the chessboard and the objects, and the only indication whether there is someone else playing/waiting in the house is - from what I've been told and noticed - a window you see from the outside that has lights on. I haven't been able to meet up with a real human yet, because either the mechanics to match you up with one are not working too well or this game was never played by too many people to begin with. There is a Steam group one can join, and sometimes people try to group up through it. However this is a bit of a misleading way of playing this game, since it was obviously intended to meet strangers, an idea Tale of Tales originally came up with in "The Endless Forest", but which isn't executed too well in this game. A game that did this better was the PSN game "Journey". But I guess one must probably consider that "Journey" was a larger success than any of Tale of Tales' games ever were - the more players play these games the higher/better the chances to meet up with them. At some point no one will play these anymore, I guess, not even "Journey".

The control scheme isn't entirely bad but not exactly too enjoyable. This is a problem I keep seeing in the games made by Tale of Tales. You look around by moving the mouse to either side of the screen, you walk by holding down the left mouse button, you close your eyes with the right mouse button and run with spacebar. It feels odd/awkward and not very comforting. They could adapt to the more classic control schemes that games with a first- and third-person view give you, the usual WASD and mouse-look thing. I don't see any good reason in doing things differently there. Has it to do with being different for the sake of being different? Or are they inept and don't play their own games? I don't know, and I don't like being harsher to them than they deserve. You can play with a gamepad too, maybe I should try that and will feel better then.
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Publicado: 24 de marzo de 2013
I really enjoyed Dear Esther. I also enjoy Tale of Tales other games, like The Path. I simply do not understand nor enjoy this game at all. I went into it with low expectations and an open mind, I left questioning exactly what should be considered "art" in gaming.

Bientôt l'été is the most pretentious of pretentious indie art games. One that is "too deep for you" to even understand whatever trivial message it's trying to put across. Let me just say right now that when a developer needs to address their entire userbase in a forum post, revealing what their inspiration for the game was in order for you to understand its purpose, then the developer has completely failed to convey any sort of rational thought with their game. Still, no one slightly understands the purpose of Bientôt l'été and those who do are obviously elitist intellectuals whose thoughts and opinions on the matter are also "too deep for you" to understand yet again. It's hard not to call Poe's Law into play.

This game has a mechanical crutch which becomes limited by its users. The main attraction of Bientôt l'été is being able to connect with other players in a cafe of sorts, decked out with a chess board, a glass of wine, cigarettes, and the ability to communicate intricately with one another. Except this all falls apart when you realise you're the sole person in existence to be playing this game at this point in time, forcing you to instead substitute a human presence with artificial intelligence. This severely impacts the game as a whole.

I never found a partner to play with so I had to resort to A.I., and after collecting all of the chess pieces I managed to find a gun... although my character holds it backwards. Does this gun do anything more than intimidate the opposing player? If not, then there is no point to this game since there aren't enough people playing this game at any one time; you can't really surprise artificial intelligence.

The entire process of Bientôt l'été took me little over 80 minutes to achieve. After collecting the gun and positioning all the chess pieces in their correct order, hoping for something to "unlock" or tell me I've done something right, only to find out nothing much happens. I decided to go back out and collect more items, coming to a stinging realisation that the cycle has restarted and I'm collecting the very first chess pieces again.

This game is insulting.
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Publicado: 15 de agosto de 2013
Bientot L'Ete can be considered art. But, it's not. Its interface is clumsy, the graphics are passable, the sounds ok, the gameplay non-existant, the controls poor and the story alright. It's an interesting idea that is poorly executed. I had no pleasure playing (experiencing ?) it.
If you really want to play a Tale Of Tales game play The Path instead. That one's certainly more enjoyable than this piece of crap. Otherwise just stay away from it and go play something decent.

[Rating: 52/100]
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Publicado: 15 de marzo de 2014
i'm stoned this is great
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Publicado: 12 de julio de 2014
I never understod this game. I watched and read reviews about this game so maybe I could be able to do so. I played it, and I was really excited about giving it a try, but after some time.. I became hopeless. So here is what I think the porpuse of the game was:
*Since it is a walk simulator (and I'm not very familiar with them) I found some kind of peace but the lack of communication/interaction made me feel awkward and very dissapointed since the multiplayer option never worked for me. - you might find peace but in a weird way.
*The story... doesn't even have one. - maybe that's what the game wants you to do, to build/imagine your own. (then you better read a book or play Minecraft, or something like that).
*Music is okay and it indeed relaxes you but there's always something else that relaxes you.
*The controls.. arghh... just terrible.

<<Games like Lifeless Planet and Proteus have much more to offer, they lead you where they want to, and they indeed give you different feelings such as fear or excitement, Bientôt l'été gives you freedom, gives you a choice.. but after that, nothing gets to happen>>

(If you still want to try it) Buy it on sale, or never buy it at all.
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Publicado: 8 de julio de 2014
If you want a very foreign feeling game that is as pointless as all those bad french jokes americans use. Buy this game.
Beautiful ethereal music score. Still have no clue what I was doing.

If you want a foreign game that makes more sense and has an end, but is very very foreign, go get "The Void".
It's russian.
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Publicado: 9 de febrero de 2013
Bean Toilet
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