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Bientôt l’été is a videogame for two players. Two players who pretend to be lovers. They pretend to be lovers separated from each other by lightyears of deep space. They have lonely walks along the shore of a simulated ocean, thinking wistful thoughts of each other. Thoughts from ancient Earth literature by Marguerite Duras.
Data di rilascio: 6 feb 2013
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A new Tale of Tales in the making!

3 giugno

Even though we still have a lot of work to do, we have set up a page here on Steam for our new game in production, called Sunset. Please have a look and let us know what you think so far.

We're making this game for you. So we really want to know.

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Fast company - "Bientôt l’Été resonates like an accomplished painting or a good piece of music."

The Verge - "Finally, a video game as artistic and hard to understand as French films."

Akimbo - "I was at times elated by the beauty of the sentiments expressed and, at other times, surprised by how dark it could feel."

Informazioni sul gioco

Bientôt l’été is a videogame for two players. Two players who pretend to be lovers. They pretend to be lovers separated from each other by lightyears of deep space. They have lonely walks along the shore of a simulated ocean, thinking wistful thoughts of each other. Thoughts from ancient Earth literature by Marguerite Duras.

The empty beach, the strong wind, the gentle music and a small colony of electric seagulls are their only companions. Yet their heart is full and their mind confused. Walk along the shore, until they meet the emptiness.

When it all becomes too much, they run towards each other. Enabled by intergalactic networks, they touch each other’s holographic bodies in cyberspace. A surreal game of chess becomes the apparatus through which they, man and woman, can talk. The words they have were given to them, as they have always been to lovers everywhere.

The sea remains, tugging at their hearts when not at their hairs and clothes, as it itself is tugged by the virtual moon. And as great as the desire for the other may be, they cannot stay away from the wind and the waves and the sand. Every time they find a new treasure. An abandoned tennis field. An heap of coal. A dead dog. Ordinary. Absurd. Meaningless. Yet comforting.

Enter a café, exit a villa, enter a casino, exit the ruin of an ancient colonial mansion. We know this is not real. So it doesn’t surprise us. Nothing surprises us. It doesn’t matter when you feel the pain of love. Of being in love, of falling in love, of leaving in love. There is no such thing as time. There is only love. And it never stops. No matter how much it hurts.

Requisiti di sistema (PC)

    • OS:XP
    • Processor:2 Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Geforce 7600, Radeon X1600
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • OS:7
    • Processor:3 Ghz
    • Memory:3 GB RAM

Requisiti di sistema (MAC)

    • OS:10.6.8
    • Processor:2 Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Geforce 7600, Radeon X1600
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • OS:10.6.8
    • Processor:3 Ghz
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
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For the record, I have played this game, but for some reason Steam isn't showing my actual time put into it.

"A work of art"

Yes, I have to admit that Bientôt l'été was indeed a work of art. But that's the exact reason this game is practically unplayable. I gave it a little while, hoping to get somewhere, but instead I just sat there and played chess while rereading the same dialogue over and over. I don't know whether this game gets more interesting or enjoyable later on, but from what I have played, I can tell you that I'm glad I bought this during last year's Summer Sale, because for $9.99, Bientôt l'été shouldn't be payed for until it goes on sale... between 80-100% off.
Pubblicata: 7 giugno
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I never understod this game. I watched and read reviews about this game so maybe I could be able to do so. I played it, and I was really excited about giving it a try, but after some time.. I became hopeless. So here is what I think the porpuse of the game was:
*Since it is a walk simulator (and I'm not very familiar with them) I found some kind of peace but the lack of communication/interaction made me feel awkward and very dissapointed since the multiplayer option never worked for me. - you might find peace but in a weird way.
*The story... doesn't even have one. - maybe that's what the game wants you to do, to build/imagine your own. (then you better read a book or play Minecraft, or something like that).
*Music is okay and it indeed relaxes you but there's always something else that relaxes you.
*The controls.. arghh... just terrible.

<<Games like Lifeless Planet and Proteus have much more to offer, they lead you where they want to, and they indeed give you different feelings such as fear or excitement, Bientôt l'été gives you freedom, gives you a choice.. but after that, nothing gets to happen>>

(If you still want to try it) Buy it on sale, or never buy it at all.
Pubblicata: 12 luglio
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Just played it while I was drunk and somehow it was good.
Pubblicata: 21 giugno
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+ Relaxing "walking simulator"
+ Eerie, dreamy, surreal, transcendental design, music and ambiance
+ Bold multiplayer concept: People are strangers, no direct means of communication

- Lack of any significant, forward-driven narration/story/plot
- Lack of any significant, long-term gameplay
- Odd/Awkward, not exactly comforting (keyboard) controls
- Multiplayer barely works for the lack of people playing this game (workaround: joining Steam group and timing online time with other people)

Interesting from an art-ish and ambiance-related point of view, lacking gameplay-wise, and with an irritating control scheme.

Badmouths may call it a boring walking simulator. It provides less exploration and narration than for example Dear Esther, but a bit more than for example Proteus, and has it's own unique graphical style and ambiance. The graphics, sounds and music give you an eerie feeling, it's dream-like, surreal and transcendental, and for this alone it's interesting to look at and listen to, eventually even admirable.

You select a male or female character stored inside tubes. "It's nearly summer" you are told. You appear with your character on a simulated/virtual beach shore and walk it. Random phrases will appear drawn onto the ground. You "collect" ("remember) some of them by closing your eyes, you also hear them voiced in French then (they are always subtitled in the language of your choice). You collect some object "hidden" beneath some worldly, "holographic" thing (a tree, a bush, a crane, ...) that disappears to reveal this object (chess pieces mostly, and one more unique and confusing one which leaves room for interpretation). You enter a house, meet with a virtual partner of the opposite gender in some sort of bar, put your objects in turns on a chessboard (freely, you don't actually play chess - some spots trigger the words/phrases you previously collected to appear on the screen and be voiced), take a smoke, drink some whine or select some pre-set of music tracks to play music-box like in the background. The lines you collect and make appear are circling around the two characters and their relationship, who are or used to be lovers After that you leave the house, walk along the shore again, collect more phrases and another object and enter the house again. This you repeat as many times as you wish, at some point the simulation starts over again with you collecting about the same pieces again (the game however seems to remember all pieces you once collected - I've just started up the game again and could place all the objects I once picked up many months back when I first played this game).

The partner in the house is either A.I.-controlled or an actual human who is playing the game at the same time as you do. You don't see his/her name, he/she is a stranger, there is no text or voice chat to use, you only communicate with the words and through symbolism you can do with the chessboard and the objects, and the only indication whether there is someone else playing/waiting in the house is - from what I've been told and noticed - a window you see from the outside that has lights on. I haven't been able to meet up with a real human yet, because either the mechanics to match you up with one are not working too well or this game was never played by too many people to begin with. There is a Steam group one can join, and sometimes people try to group up through it. However this is a bit of a misleading way of playing this game, since it was obviously intended to meet strangers, an idea Tale of Tales originally came up with in "The Endless Forest", but which isn't executed too well in this game. A game that did this better was the PSN game "Journey". But I guess one must probably consider that "Journey" was a larger success than any of Tale of Tales' games ever were - the more players play these games the higher/better the chances to meet up with them. At some point no one will play these anymore, I guess, not even "Journey".

The control scheme isn't entirely bad but not exactly too enjoyable. This is a problem I keep seeing in the games made by Tale of Tales. You look around by moving the mouse to either side of the screen, you walk by holding down the left mouse button, you close your eyes with the right mouse button and run with spacebar. It feels odd/awkward and not very comforting. They could adapt to the more classic control schemes that games with a first- and third-person view give you, the usual WASD and mouse-look thing. I don't see any good reason in doing things differently there. Has it to do with being different for the sake of being different? Or are they inept and don't play their own games? I don't know, and I don't like being harsher to them than they deserve. You can play with a gamepad too, maybe I should try that and will feel better then.
Pubblicata: 18 aprile
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gr8 m8 i r8 8/8
Pubblicata: 22 luglio
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Solitamente sono molto loquace ed argomentativo ma oggi mi trovo in forte difficoltà dato che devo tentare di esprimere impressioni (addirittura contrastanti) di un titolo estremamente aleatorio e peculiare, anni luce distante rispetto alla gran quantità delle opere in commercio nel panorama videoludico attuale. A sviluppare il gioco di cui parlerò a breve sono proprio i Tale of Tales: una delle software house che stimo di più in assoluto, proprio in virtù della loro capacità di proporre esperienze interattive che sfuggono ad ogni canone e ad ogni generalizzazione. Bientôt l'été è, infatti, un "videogioco" estremamente interessante ed originale: non ci sono nemici da uccidere, non ci sono obiettivi da raggiungere, nè achievement da sbloccare. Come affermano gli stessi sviluppatori, Bientôt l'été è un videogioco per due giocatori che aspirano ad amarsi ma, l'uno e l'altra, sono separati da anni luce di spazio profondo e si potranno incontrare fisicamente solo in un'occasione, ma di questo parlerò più avanti. Non appena inizieremo a dedicarci a quest'opera, ci verrà richiesto di scegliere un personaggio maschile oppure femminile e ci ritroveremo a camminare sulla riva di una spiaggia, mentre sullo schermo leggeremo delle frasi apparentemente sconnesse tra di loro. Il nostro unico scopo, infatti, sarà quello di muoverci osservando il sole che sorge o tramonta, vivendo esperienze illusorie e oniriche ed il tutto sarà accompagnato da una colonna sonora estremamente evocativa. Il titolo, dal sapore fortemente metafisico e surreale, sembra che voglia far meditare il giocatore sul senso della vita, sull'amore e sulla morte, offrendo degli spunti di riflessione dal profondo impatto filosofico. Dopo aver trascorso del tempo in quest'atmosfera suggestiva, pascendoci di illusioni remote e di profonde consonanze interiori, potremo decidere di entrare in un cafè dove incontreremo, finalmente, il nostro partner (che dovrà essere necessariamente del sesso opposto rispetto a quello scelto nella fase iniziare). Ci si ritroverà a giocare a scacchi, decidendo di bere del vino o di fumare una sigaretta: in realtà non c'è alcuna competizione, dovremo solamente spostare delle pedine (in gran parte raccolte sulla spiaggia) mentre i due giocatori pronunceranno delle frasi apparentemente insensate; però, ad un livello più profondo di interpretazione, il giocatore più attento si renderà conto che il senso metaforico di questa finta competizione è, appunto, il significato più manifesto dell'esistenza stessa: una competizione dove non ci sarà nessun vincitore (a causa della caducità della vita). Bientôt l'été sembra proprio che voglia riflettere sulla superficialità dei rapporti tra le persone, che vivono un'esistenza vuota e grama, in cui la spontaneità e la dimensione puramente soggettiva di ogni individuo vengono fortemente limitate da una società che tende alla massificazione, annullando quelli che sono i tratti peculiari di ciascuno di noi. Sotto molti aspetti, quindi, il titolo, è una forte critica alla società contingente e agli stili di vita prefissati e cristallizzati che caratterizzano la vita quotidiana di ogni uomo. Questo titolo sarebbe stato perfetto se non presentasse due difetti che ne limitano fortemente la fruibilità: la traduzione dei testi in lingua italiana è pessima e per questo consiglio di giocarlo in lingua inglese o in francese; inoltre, c'è un bug che impedisce ai giocatori di potersi incontrare ingame e questa è una gravissima lacuna dato che il titolo è studiato proprio per essere giocato in coppia: si è costretti, quindi, a giocare sempre con un bot guidato dal computer e ciò limita fortemente quella che sarebbe potuta essere un'esperienza sublime. Tutto sommato, nonostante questi (gravi) difetti, Bientôt l'été è un buon titolo che, però, appassionerà solo ed esclusivamente una nicchia molto marginale di videogiocatori, dato che solo in pochi saranno in grado di apprezzarlo e di goderne le profonde sfaccettature e di coglierne l'essenza più recondita.
Pubblicata: 21 aprile 2013
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