Travel across Europe as king of the road, a trucker who delivers important cargo across impressive distances! With dozens of cities to explore from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and many more, your endurance, skill and speed will all be pushed to their limits.
Data de lançamento: 16 Jan 2013
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Mercedes-Benz New Actros work in progress

25 agosto 2014

The readers of Steam announcements (and our blog) have long suspected that another vehicle we surely must be building is the 2012 New Actros truck tractor. It has taken us a lot of time and effort to obtain the necessary license; to finally complete the "Big Seven" European truck manufacturers licenses.

At long last, we are happy to show you that we are doing some solid work on the truck! In fact we are now working hard to speed up production of the 3D model, with one senior 3D designer assigned to the task of creation of the exterior of the vehicle, while another 3D guru is working on the dashboard and interior.

Check out some Work in Progress screenshots of this majestic truck:

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Getting ready for ETS2 1.13 Update

21 agosto 2014

Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.13 is entering finalization for release - and this time it is all about Achievements!

As you may have noticed from our blog posts jumping from topic to topic between different projects and sub-projects, the team at SCS Software is actually a swarm of quite a number of micro-teams developing various new features to grow the truck simulator ecosystem. Some things take longer to develop, with some we may even be notoriously slow, but we believe that our approach is right to achieve our ultimate goals eventually, and we hope that you are having fun being along for the ride. Achievements is one little step among many for us to help us in testing the necessary improvements in our infrastructure towards game data persistence.

So, achievements. Actually, at this stage we are preparing two different sets of achievements for you:

  1. Steam Achievements
  2. World of Trucks Achievements

Steam achievements were much requested by our Steam player community. Thankfully, the native integrated Steam achievement system made it reasonably simple to implement, certainly compared to us having to roll our own superstructure on top of in-game achievement tracking.

On the other hand, the initial set of World of Trucks achievements is a turning point in setting up the the back-end codebase for extensive future updates. WoTr updates are sure promising to be interesting and we'll talk about them in the future...

We understand that at this stage of the life cycle, with many players having sunk tens or even hundreds of hours into the game, some achievements might be, shall we say - not timely. You might even think that you have tried everything the game has in store for you...

So with that in mind and with help of Steam community, we have compiled a list of ETS2 achievements with a very seasoned player in mind. You can think of some of the more difficult ones as little quests or challenges for you to undertake in the game. Still there are achievements that are very easy, we still have new players coming aboard having just bought the game, and we want them to get some satisfaction quickly. Experienced player can take them for granted already.

It was not our goal to make anyone suffer pursuing our achievements, as it sometimes the case with games; forcing players to grind. Almost all our achievements are within the reach of average player given enough dedication.

Let's have a peek at the current ETS2 Steam achievements in more detail:

Total Achievement Count: 28
  • Easy - 8 - pretty much everyone would achieve those and so quickly notice the achievement feature, that's how easy it is ;)
  • Medium - 8 - not all achievements get unlocked quickly, but none of those should be a problem for any user
  • Hard - 11 - certain degree of patience and dedication is required to track and complete those. However the truckers are patient people and we have all confidence in them.
  • Extreme - 1 - thats for the most hardcore, never to give up types that drive through the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • Discover more than 60% of the map - I am a GPS Medium
  • Discover 100% of the map - Pathfinder Extreme
  • Use the train to cross the channel - Choo-Choo Easy
  • Utilize a boat - Sardine Easy
  • Discover all recruitment agencies - Head hunter Hard
  • Use all ports in the game (counts sea and train ports) - Successfully docked Hard
  • Buy a truck online - From the comfort of your home Easy
  • Design and apply to your truck a custom multi-color metallic paint - My precious Easy
  • Drive at least 999 km with each truck brand featured in the game. Only your owned trucks are counted. (MAN, DAF, Majestic, Renault, Iveco, Scania, Volvo) - Test drive limited Medium
  • Take an urgent delivery for a minimum of 550 km and complete it with less than 30 minutes remaining - Just in time! Medium
  • Complete a delivery that was greater than 2,000 km - Long hauler Medium
  • Perform jobs for at least 15 different companies in the game - Reliable contractor Hard
  • Complete a job worth over €130,000 and minimum 2,200 km without using a ferry - Profit hunter Medium
  • Complete deliveries with all trailer types (Machinery, ADR cargo, Container, Refrigerated, Liquid cargo, Fragile cargo, Construction, Bulk cargo) - Experience beats all! Medium
  • Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) for a job that is at least 1000 km. - Job is only worth it if it's done well! Medium
  • Complete 5 jobs in a row - in-time, without taking any damage and without using autoparking - Careerist Hard
  • Use automatic parking - Friends are always here to help you Easy
  • Take and complete jobs with at least 30 different cargoes - All is possible Hard
  • Gain 20,000 XP for several consecutive jobs with the total distance below 10,000 km - Minimaxer Hard
Company Progression
  • Use quick travel to return to your headquarters - Honey, I'm home Easy
  • Own a garage in every city in your headquarter country - National company Medium
  • Own a garage in every city - Property magnate Hard
  • Achieve 100% of productivity for at least 5 large garages at the same time - Working with the elite Hard
  • Reach an average daily profit of €450,000 - Bath of success Hard
  • Achieve at least 75% of the average garage productivity across all of your garages. Must own at least 10 large garages. - Performance optimizer Hard
  • Have at least 10 female and 10 male employees of maximum level in your company - Aspects of professionalism Hard
  • Use a rest stop - Zzzzz Easy
  • Use a filling station - Gas, no petrol! Easy

In the future we might add more interesting achievements, of course also shaped for a seasoned user or related to some particular expansion with fresh content. So if you wish to contribute an idea, we'd be glad to hear it in comments.

According to our internal plans, we are aiming at the September time-frame for release. Stay tuned!

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“Unexpectedly engrossing. Heed the mockers and you'll miss one of the PC's finest and freshest driving games.”
85/100 – PC Gamer

“With its stellar gameplay and presentation, Euro Truck Simulator 2 set a new standard for the simulation genre.”
95/100 – Gaming Nexus

“There are titles in the simulation market which can be sold on the novelty factor alone, but tend to be disappointing games. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not one of them, it is strangely cathartic, engaging and relaxing.”
True PC Gaming

Steam Greenlight

Sobre o jogo

Travel across Europe as king of the road, a trucker who delivers important cargo across impressive distances! With dozens of cities to explore from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and many more, your endurance, skill and speed will all be pushed to their limits. If you’ve got what it takes to be part of an elite trucking force, get behind the wheel and prove it!

Key Features:

  • Transport a vast variety of cargo across more than 60 European cities.
  • Run your own business which continues to grow even as you complete your freight deliveries.
  • Build your own fleet of trucks, buy garages, hire drivers, manage your company for maximum profits.
  • A varied amount of truck tuning that range from performance to cosmetic changes.
  • Customize your vehicles with optional lights, bars, horns, beacons, smoke exhausts, and more.
  • Thousands of miles of real road networks with hundreds of famous landmarks and structures.

World of Trucks

Take advantage of additional features of Euro Truck Simulator 2 by joining our online community on World of Trucks, our center for virtual truckers all around the world interested in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and future SCS Software's truck simulators.

  • Use in-game Photo Mode to capture the best moments and share them with thousands of people who love trucks.
  • Favorite the images you like the most and return to them anytime in the future.
  • Discuss the screenshots with everyone using World of Trucks.
  • See the best images hand-picked by the game creators in Editor's Pick updated almost every day. Try to get your own screenshot on this list!
  • Upload and use your custom avatar and license plate in the game.
  • More features coming soon!

To join World of Trucks, simply sign up with your Steam account on the join page.

World of Trucks is an optional service, registration on World of Trucks isn't required to play the game.

Requisitos do sistema – PC

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 7600 GT-class equivalent
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Sound:Direct-X compatible
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Quad core CPU 3.0 GHz
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce GTS 450-class
    • DirectX®:10
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • Sound:Direct-X compatible

Requisitos do sistema - Linux

    • OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor:Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 7600 GT-class equivalent
    • recent binary ATI or NVidia drivers (MESA may not work reliably with ETS2)
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor:Quad core CPU 3.0 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce GTS 450-class or better
    • recent binary ATI or NVidia drivers (MESA may not work reliably with ETS2)
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
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Eu joguei e não é uma cilada!

Publicada: 3 maio 2014
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 é um dos melhores simuladores que já joguei, senão o melhor.

Ele é um jogo que veio pelo Greenlight da Steam, e com certeza é um dos melhores ou até o melhor que já veio, isso tudo com a ajuda do público.

O jogo tem 7 marcas de caminhões, que são Volvo, Scania, DAF, MAN, Renault, Iveco e Mercedes-Benz (no jogo é Majestic, e a linha Actros dela se chama Across, mas a SCS Software, produtora do jogo, já conseguiu a licença com a montadora para ter seus caminhões e sua marca reais no jogo)

Como o próprio nome do jogo diz (Euro), você anda por vários países europeus, mas não todos. Há a DLC Going East que acrescenta mais 13 cidades do Leste Europeu, mas acho que mancaram em deixar de fora a Espanha e Portugal. O jogo possui um monte de cidades na Alemanha, algumas no Leste, e por ai vai, mas o foco principal das estradas são as Autobans, as estradas alemãs.

Além de poder fazer vários fretes, com caminhão da empresa ou com o seu (se já tiver), você tem um imenso poder de gerenciamento. Você pode aumentar sua garagem, contratar novos motoristas, comprar outras garagens, etc. E outra coisa bem legal é que você pode pedir empréstimos para o banco do jogo, que variam de 10000 euros até 500.000 euros, e com parcelas diárias a serem pagadas.

O jogo também simula muito bem as diversas tecnologias presentes nos caminhões reais, como Retarder (acessório que possui 4 níveis de ativação e que ajuda muito a segurar o caminhão numa decida sem matar o freio principal) e Freio Motor (é melhor usado quando o motor está com giro alto, e também salva bastante o freio principal, que se for muito usado, pode ter problemas de pressão de ar a qualquer parada).

Mas o jogo tem seus contras. O motorista do caminhão só aparece com camera de fora. Na de dentro, você não vê motorista algum. A inteligência artificial é boa, mas tem suas falhas. As vezes algum automóvel bate do nada em você e quem leva multa adivinha quem é? Você mesmo!!

Pra completar, você pode sincronizar o jogo com várias rádios do mundo europeu e escutar uma boa música enquanto dirige. Os gráficos são bonitos na minha opinião, e o jogo é bem leve. Até em placa de vídeo On-board você o roda tranquilamente. Ainda pode-se colocar vários tipos de mods, que vão ao gosto do jogador.

Um excelente jogo desenvolvido pela SCS Software e vindo pelo Greenlight Steam. Vale cada centavo gasto, mais ainda com o Going East e com uma boa promoção. Muito difícil achar um jogo igual no mercado. O sucesso é tão grande que já estão desenvolvendo o American Truck Simulator, só que agora no continente Americano e com caminhões americanos.

Publicada: 12 maio 2014
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Com um mapa bem extenso e muitas paisagens a visitar esse se destaca pela sua excelencia em simular a fisica e sons dos caminhoes, senti um pouco de falta de liberdade em "visitar" lugares alem das pistas e garagens, mais adorei a sensasão de dirigir, as musicas sao medianas, a ideia de construir um imperio dos transportes e otima, espero que uma continuacao seja lançada de olho em outros detalhes como uma cidade mais "viva" melhores musicas e mais locais a se visitar, porque no quesito simulacao esta perfeito!
Publicada: 26 abril 2014
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Jogo excelente recomendo a todos que gostam de simulação de veiculos.
Publicada: 21 maio 2014
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Isso é facilmente um dos melhores jogos que eu tenho em 2013, e provavelmente permanecerá em minha lista. Eu nunca joguei um jogo como este antes e agora ele tem me viciado. É cada vez melhor!

No começo eu estava apenas apreciando a paisagem, a jogabilidade de dirigir os caminhões, tendo diferentes postos de trabalho, e nivelando-se o meu XP para que eu pudesse ganhar mais dinheiro e comprar meu próprio caminhão (Volvo FH16 Globetrotter). Agora estou trabalhando para atualizar o meu caminhão e meu negócio. A parte de negócios é bastante viciante também. Você pode tomar um empréstimo, expanda a sua primeira garagem, começar a comprar mais caminhões e contratar motoristas para trabalhar para você. Estou ansiosa para conseguir dinheiro suficiente para comprar uma outra garagem em outro lugar e começar outra frota.

Você não pode apenas usar seus pontos de habilidade do XP para melhorar estrategicamente suas habilidades e recompensas um passo de cada vez para ganhar mais dinheiro, você pode fazer o mesmo com os drivers (ou optar por ter suas habilidades de auto-equilibrado).

O cenário é lindo e há alguns pequenos toques de coisas diferentes para ver na estrada e em cidades diferentes.
Publicada: 5 junho 2014
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