Faites l'expérience explosive de ce jeu de science-fiction d'arcade qui remet la franchise au goût du jour avec cette campagne solo et multijoueur épique.
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Date de parution: 3 juin 2010

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"Alien Breed feels like a game from the last generation of consoles. It is a solid action game"
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À propos de ce jeu

Alien Breed™ Impact est un jeu de tir de science fiction, arcade et explosif, qui ressuscite la franchise tant adulée grâce à une histoire épique, des nuées d'aliens belliqueux à l'intelligence redoutable, des armes puissantes, des environnements riches et hautement détaillés ; le tout implémenté grâce à une technologie de pointe permettant une expérience de jeu exceptionnelle.

Principales caractéristiques :
  • Alien Breed est de retour ! - Un mélange détonnant de jeu de tir arcade, survivial-horror et de stratégie avec des armes améliorables et customisables.
  • Un mode histoire solo épique - La campagne solo suit l'histoire du jeu à travers cinq environnements gigantesques qui sauront vous proposer un challenge digne de ce nom.
  • Jeu libre - Un mode de challenge solo - dépassez votre meilleur score sur une mission déjà effectuée.
  • Coopération à deux joueurs - Travaillez ensemble pour triompher des hordes d'aliens à travers trois cartes spécialement crées pour ce mode de jeu.
  • Fonctionnalités en ligne Steam additionnelles - Match rapide, créer une partie, liste d'amis, chat vocal, classements et succès coopératifs.
  • ESSAI GRATUIT - La section d'essai du "Prologue" – spécialement conçue comme une introduction au jeu ; jouez-y tant en solo qu'en mode deux joueurs de coopération en ligne.
  • NOUVEAU – Un magasin d'améliorations - Trouvez vos camarades déchus et les casiers pour accumuler de l'argent, puis dépensez le stratégiquement dans des armes ou des kits d'amélioration au magasin.
  • NOUVEAU - Les ennemis - Les ennemis d'Alien Breed ont été ré-imaginés et améliorés.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :

    • Interface : Windows® XP SP2
    • Processeur : 2.0+ GHZ simple cœur
    • Mémoire : 1Go de RAM
    • Graphismes : NVIDIA 6800+ ou ATI Radeon X700+
    • DirectX® : DirectX® 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 1.5 Go d'espace disque
    • Son : Carte son supportant Windows
    • Autres exigences: Connexion Internet requise.
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Posté le : 15 décembre 2014
Click for Gameplay Trailer
-----------This is my review account, because the low playtime.
+ good animations
+ nice particle effects
+ good lighting
- general detail poverty
- little variety

+ sometimes really creepy
+ exciting for large attacks
- too many repetitions of situations and tasks

+ great background music
+ good sound effects

+ three levels of difficulty
+ campaign will steadily trickier
- generally too simple
- barely boss fights

Level Design:
+ partly optional routes
+ money and ammunition partly well hidden
- very little variety

- has no special attacks
- does not work in a team
- engages blunt at

Weapons & Extras:
+ weapon upgrades
+ hero Upgrades
+ different types of grenades
- sometimes lack of ammunition
- few weapons

+ occasionally thrilling
- overall quite thin
- presented in lean comic sketches

Game Size:
+ large locations
+ secrets
+ achievements
+ leaderboards
+ co-op
- solo playtime around 6 hours

Multiplayer: adequate 2 / 6
+/- nice co-op shooting, in the long run but dull.

Alien Breed: Impact s playful as well conservative such as ideas poor and also the scenario affects out sucks. nevertheless I sink immediately in another world when I go on the hunt for aliens. Probably it is because the mix of fast battles and the calm Discover orphaned corridors provides an incredibly motivating game play - combined with a good dose of nostalgia. And of course the fact that the space stations are staged so atmospheric. The machines whir, transformers energy suddenly fly into the air and the spider-like adversary intrusive jump out of the ventilation shaft - this must arcade action look like in space!
The developers have quietly can bring a little more variety to the game, for example, by more boss fights or puzzles.
You should play the title only in appetizers. Per day for half an hour - thats enough.

Score: 68 / 100

Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam.
Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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Posté le : 30 octobre 2014
Only recommended if you're a fan of the original game and want to see the it redone in a modern engine with more modern gameplay.

Impact isn't a bad game but there isn't a lot to truly recommend it. The gameplay is similar to the old Alien Breed with the addition of new weapons, enemies, and a 3d camera. Despite some of the enemies having ranged attacks or special abilities, the AI will charge you the majority of the time or amble about a short distance away not using their abilities. I'm not sure if this is any different on hard but that's how it is on normal. This also means the weapons, of which there is a decent variety, are ultimately just another way to dispatch the rushing bugs as nothing requires a change in tactics.

Similar to the original Dead Space, your character, the chief engineer, will shuffle fom waypoint to waypoint fixing everything that needs fixing and believe me a whole lot of ♥♥♥♥ is broken. This can get pretty tedious as the story is not advanced much in this first installment of the three episodes.

If you are planning on playing through all three episodes, be aware that your progress does not carry over from each game. Each episode is a separate executable and there is no way to import a save file to carry over your progress. This means at the start of episode 2, you have lost all your weapons, upgrades, and items acquired in episode 1. This feels very strange considering how quickly each episode picks up from the end of the last one.
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Posté le : 2 décembre 2014
I can't seem to get on with this game. The controls were good, the graphics are okay, the overall feel is good.. It's just the huge amount of backtracking I've had to do so far that puts me off massively. I've completed the first mission and I just felt like it could have been around a 5 minute completion time if it wasn't for the fact that every time I would progress, the game would send me back a few minutes to activate something I've already passed previously.
Is it just a technique to make a small map feel bigger? Probably. But it got very boring very quickly.
I'm going to keep going at it, and if my feelings change I'll update this review accordingly. But for now I'll stick with changing the game's name to "Alien Breed: Backtrack".
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Posté le : 25 octobre 2014
I liked this game quite a bit! I've played through the second one as well (Assault). It's a run and gun, isometric alien shoot-em-up. It all takes place on ships infested and breaking apart. You kill aliens, repair and bypass things, explode stuff, and reek havoc in general. The gunplay feels really good because the aliens get knocked down and impacted by gunfire. This makes even the generic machine gun feel good to use because you can keep aliens at bay with its stopping power. I even played the second game occasionally with a controller and it felt pretty good (although I went back to kb/m because of the precision).

The story reads (literally) as a pulp sci-fi comic book, but it's interesting enough to frame the combat. This game makes killing aliens fun :)
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Posté le : 8 décembre 2014
This is a very fun and exciting top-down shooter from the creators of Worms.
It's got great graphics, it's fun, exciting, and challenging without being overly difficult or annoying.
The gameplay consists of your controlling a marine through 5 stages of corridors and rooms, searching for weapons such as Shotguns, Laser Rifles and the powerful Ion Spike, or items such as a Med Kit, Armor, Grenades, or the useful Sentry Gun which can be placed in specific power points in the maps. You will also find Intex Terminals, which will allow you to buy more ammo, sell unwanted items, and save your game.
A variety of aliens will burst from walls and the floor and attempt to EAT YOU as you move around the maps, so always be alert and watch your back. Things can get frantic and dangerous if your not careful.
I highly recommend this game! Even after completing it I still enjoy it for Leaderboards and co-op online.
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Posté le : 18 novembre 2014
Fun third person shooter with the sci-fi alien theme. Collect items, find more ammunition and grenades and make your way through the facility to save yourself and the colony. Good graphics, good controls, and good solid action gameplay.
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Posté le : 15 novembre 2014
In the interest of full disclosure, I never played the original Amiga release of this game.

Alien Breed: Impact is an isometric shooter that is simple to get the hang of. The game is centered around a spaceship that has been taken over by aliens, and you have to complete various tasks to ensure your survival. At first, it is a fun game. However, as you play, you will notice its greatest flaw: it is incredibly repetitive. There is not much variation in the missions: get to a waypoint and kill things along the way. There is also little variation in the environments. Weapons are simple which fits this game well. Each one has three attributes that can be upgraded: reload time, rate of fire, and damage per shot. There is some strategy involved as only one of these can be upgraded at a time.

I got about 6 hours out of this game, and I was taking my time looking for hidden items. I imagine this game would take four hours without taking your time. I have not played the co-op, but that might make this game more fun.

Overall, I would not recommend this game unless you can get it inexpensively or you really like these kinds of games.
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Posté le : 24 novembre 2014

- Level design is fantasti
- Gameplay is addictive and solid
- Top down shooters are great and this ones no different
- Can pick it up cheap within a trilogy
- Can be played co-operatively with a friend

- Objectives are a little repetitive
- There aren't a lot of options or collectables in terms of inventory but the weapons do feel satisfying

Verdict: Its difficult to put my finger on why I enjoyed playing through this game so much as everything about it points to a poor game but it just feels right and looks great too
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Posté le : 24 décembre 2014
a fun top down shooter. this is a remake of the original, i never played the original so i cant compare the two. but i can compare it to others like it. compared to other games like shadow ground and alien shooter, this one does stand up. though i do have a few complaints.
1) lack of enemy attack variations. some of the enemies can shoot but the majority of the time it is just charging at you
2) the back tracking. most of the play is backtracking from one locked door to a computer or room you passed earlier to unlock that locked door.

and a few minor points:
1)hey include placeable sentry turrets that you can buy for 3k but i never found them that useful as the only place you can put them is on power pads. bought one and never used it
2)the price of weapon upgrades. i only ever had enough money to buy one or two upgrades the entire game, even when i was saving money for one it was difficult as they are expensive and credits are not that plentiful.

this game also has a co op assualt mode but i didnt play it so cant say if it is good, but i do like that that option is there.

those points aside i still recomend this game if you are a fan of the genre. it just isnt a perfect game but well worth getting if it is on sale.
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Posté le : 21 janvier
Nice retouch of the original game!
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Posté le : 28 novembre 2014
A very decent twin-stick shooter. This game really does a lot of things right, but unfortunately falls just short of being a great game. Let's start off with the premise of this game. You are a battle hardened engineer (which I'm not sure those words go together) who is traveling on the massive ship, the Leopold. You've just come out of a warp jump and your ship slams into a gigantic vessel that dwarfs your own. Blah blah blah etc etc etc you can find out the rest in game, but the idea is basically having to go around and fix an enormous amount of problems that seem to never end on the Leopold, all while fighting off thousands of this never before seen alien species. Nothing too original for the plot, and when it comes to the aliens, obviously borrows a lot from the Alien movies (which is not a bad thing).

Now onto the game itself. We'll go ahead and start with what the game does great and that is the graphics and environment. The game looks phenomenal for it's price point and for when it was made. The unreal engine in use here really shows off it's stuff as every room and enemy is very, very detailed. Even the action itself looks downright awesome. It's hard to get tired of obliterating countless aliens whenever the guns look this amazing in action. Of particular note, the flamethrower looks incredible, and so do all of the fire physics. The environment differences between the Leopold and the alien vessel are also a drastic shift. While most of the electronics, doors, and corridors look the same (which raises a lot of questions), the alien vessel feels much more ancient and powerful than the Leopold just from the environmental shift.

After that though, the game does start to falter. The story is subpar throughout this first episode, but I will admit curiousity as to where that alien ship came from, and in general where those aliens came from. After reading the logs, they speak of genetic experimentation that the aliens obviously went through so that only raises more questions. At this time I'm halfway through the second game and very little more has been exposed. Other than that, the characters are flat and predictable including the main character. Any side characters besides MIA are quickly forgotten and seem to have no bearing on the game.

The gameplay itself is mildly entertaining. Most of the time you'll be navigating from one room to another to fix *enter ship system here* while gunning down a number of random aliens that are constantly trying to murder you. And....that's kind of the whole game. There really isn't much else to speak of. The guns are the generic AR, shotgun, flamethrower, pistol etc. The enemy variety is also on the bland side as most of them will charge you relentlessly no matter what. There's only one boss fight in the game and while slightly different from the normal gameplay, does nothing to change the status quo the game has already firmly set.

Overall, if you can get this game on sale (like it is currently), go for it. It's 5 hours of decent entertainment with maybe a few more hours stuffed in if you can find a co op partner. Just don't be looking for an incredible game with endless hours of fun in store, because it's simply not there.

Score - 6.5/10
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Posté le : 24 août 2014
Pushing Buttons and Back-Tracking: The Game
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Posté le : 23 août 2014
To be honest in this review, i didn't like this game at all... Alien Swarm which is free, has much better story and it's more fun than this game...

Annoying "move forward,... oops, malfunction, go back and repair it" is all that game is... and shooting aliens ofc...., maps are really long, but after first level game gets boring and annoying with always doing the same thing....

Online gaming is dead,..

Maybe all that is the reason why none of my friends own this game :( ...
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Posté le : 16 décembre 2014
I have restarted this game maybe five times since it's launch. I have even tried playing it with a friend and it's still an absolutely generic and boring game. The graphics are nice but that's where the good things end. The game is literally walk to point A, push a button, shoot predictable enemies, walk to point B, push a button, shoot predictable enemies... Rinse and repeat! All games are repetitive to some extent but they could at least make a better effort at masking it! I finished the game and the final boss encounter was absolutely pathetic. Honestly just don't waste your time. Go download Alien Swarm. It's ten times... no... a hundred times better than this piece of crap and IT'S FREE!!!
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Posté le : 16 novembre 2014
Completed the first single player level. A top-down 3D alien-shooting game, visually themed like Dead Space. The game is good. Although there is a lot of going back to the same places to pick-up keycards and all such stuff, it was an overall interesting journey.
There are three levels exclusively created for online co-op. No one is playing online nowadays, but the online stuff works. Played online with a friend of mine just before an hour, i.e. on 17th November, 2014.

Don't purchase it for $10 or something, you may regret. But if you can get if for up to $1 and if you have a friend you can play co-op with, may be this is a nice game to kill some time.

What's more.................Lots of loot, different guns, upgradable weapons and in-game terminals to purchase ammo and medikits, sentrie guns and grenades. Some features are really good.
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Posté le : 2 novembre 2014
It's a good shooter. I will try the next two episodes too I think and the multiplayer. You should try it too.

As almost every game this could be better too ofcourse. There is story I guess but it doesn't dominate the game. It's mainly a shooter. I play in veteran level and it is not hard, so you should probably play it on elite level ;). My biggest problem with the game so far is the camera control. In the beginning I used the Q and E keys, then I discovered that you just have to move the mouse at the edge of the monitor to turn the camera. I am used to it now, but could be simpler.
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Posté le : 12 novembre 2014
it's a good alien top down shooter i would recommend you buy it if you like top down shooters
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Posté le : 5 septembre 2014
Game is an endless series of "Fetch and Run" quests

Here's everything you need to know about this game:

OMG, there's a fire! Quick run back half way across the ship to activate fire suppression (shoot 3 aliens)! OH NO, the panel isn't powered, find the generator and fire it up (shoot 5 aliens, 2 of them really big)! Fire out? Good, lets go all the way back to that first door and find out why we need to backtrack again (Shoot 2 aliens, assorted sizes).

Rinse and repeat!
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Posté le : 27 janvier 2014
Alien Breed : Impact, le premier de la trilogie offre une bonne entrée en matière avec un gameplay particulier et une histoire assez prenante et qui, d'ailleurs, fait que je vais continuer l'aventure.

Qques points négatifs cependant : la caméra qui n'est pas toujours très bien cadrée et le mode coop quasi inexistant.

Globalement ce jeu reste quand même pas mal avec une diffuculté assez bien dosée. A essayer !

PS : pour les chasseurs de succès : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=154481562
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Posté le : 27 décembre 2011
Jeu en 2D, mélange d'Alien, Doom, Dead Space, où l'on progresse dans les couloirs d'un vaisseau dans l'espace. Graphiquement sympa, peu de munitions. Assez sympa dans l'ensemble, à petit prix c'est correct ;)
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