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Prova l'esplosivo shooter arcade di fantascienza che ha riportato in vita un franchise storico in una epica campagna single player e in una campagna multiplayer cooperativa.
Data di rilascio: 3 Giu 2010
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Acquista Alien Breed: Impact

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Acquista Alien Breed™ Trilogy

Include 3 oggetti: Alien Breed: Impact, Alien Breed 2: Assault, Alien Breed 3: Descent

Informazioni sul gioco

'Alien Breed™ Impact' è un esplosivo shooter arcade fantascientifico che riporta in vita uno storico IP per mezzo di una trama epica, sciami di nemici alieni estremamente intelligenti, armi distruttive, ambienti dettagliatissimi e ricchi di particolari; tutto ciò implementato grazie ad una tecnologia di altissimo profilo, per assicurare un'esperienza di gioco all'avanguardia. In aggiunta alla campagna singleplayer da brivido, il gioco offre anche una modalità battaglia cooperativa online, per due giocatori, intrisa di azione implacabile.

Key Features:

  • 'Alien Breed' è tornato! Un concentrato di azione applicato ad un mix di stili diversi: i presupposti dello shooter arcade e del survival horror, sono arricchiti da una componente tattica che implica una gestione oculata degli upgrade delle armi e la customizzazione delle stesse.
  • Epica modalità storia in singleplayer. La modalità campagna singleplayer segue la narrazione del gioco attraverso 5 ambienti enormi ed impegnativi.
  • Modalità singleplayer free-play. Si tratta della sfida in singleplayer: batti il tuo stesso punteggio conseguito in una missione precedente.
  • Modalità di gioco cooperativa a due giocatori: collabora per sconfiggere le orde aliene lungo le tre mappe progettate ad hoc.
  • Feature aggiuntive Steam online: Partita veloce [Quick Match], Crea Partita [Create Game], Lista Amici [Friends List], Chat Vocale [Voice Chat], Leaderboard e Achievement Cooperativi.
  • FREE TRIAL. La sezione sample del "Prologo" è specificatamente pensata per fungere da introduzione al gioco: giocala in singleplayer oppure in modalità cooperativa online per due giocatori.
  • NOVITA' - Negozio degli upgrade. Fruga tra i compagni caduti e negli armadietti per accumulare denaro, che servirà ad acquistare gli upgrade per potenziare, in maniera strategica, armi e kit vari.
  • NOVITA' - Nemici. Gli avversari originali di 'Alien Breed', ripensati e migliorati per l'occasione.

Requisiti di sistema


    • Sistema Operativo: Windows® XP SP2 o successivo
    • Processore: 2.0+ GHZ Single Core
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Scheda video: NVIDIA 6800+ o ATI Radeon X700+
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Disk: 1.5 GB
    • Audio: Scheda audio supportata da Windows
    • Altri Requisiti: Connessione ad Internet necessaria
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Personal Rating: "Grab it during a massively discounted sale"
Traditional Rating: 3/10
Genre: Isometric 3rd Person Shooter

While playing though the first episode of the newly resurrected Alien Breed franchise I was constantly reminded of how the game lacked atmosphere and most importantly scares considering the plot revolves around aliens inhabiting a wounded spaceship.

Whilst the environments and aliens themselves are suitably grotesque, not once did I cower in fear of what may lay just around the corner. For the most part it was all pretty dull with the game simply going through the action tickbox motions - if you want to call searching for keycards to open locked doors action. You will spend a vast majority of the game searching for one keycard or another to open a locked door ad nauseum.

Having slogged my way through all three episodes I can't heartily recommend anyone do the same unless you have absolutely nothing else exciting to play.
Pubblicata: 15 Giugno 2014
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People compare this series to that fantastic little bit of fun that is Alien Swarm. Well...beyond it having a similar character viewpoint, I don't get the comparison. Apparently in the far future, alien infestations are solved by finding door keycards and using those to access and restart busted generators and Halon fire systems, one of which tends to break and then require a tedious hunt back through the level you just finished for a fusebox, the other which can kill people it's supposed to save. Also, nine times out of ten, aliens come at you up through the floor...since they seem to have something against using wall vents, ceilings, and that little thing called "variety". The amount of recycled textures in every level can drive you nuts, since I kept getting lost because everything looks the same - note for the devs, that's NOT how you extend gameplay properly...unless of course your intent was to score lots of negative reviews, then I guess you did well.

I now remember why I gave up playing this heap back in January. By the sounds of it, the later two titles are just as bad, so I'd skip all three of them were I you.
Pubblicata: 20 Agosto 2014
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Nice game, which takes place on the spaceship infested with aliens. Simple story, nice graphics and even better atmosphere. Five maps in single player and three in co-op. Three difficulty levels, thirteen achievements, from what a few quite difficult to accomplish. Minuses - you can’t skip movies and dialogues and this can be annoying especially when you repeat missions to earn achievements. Logs we collect stay in our collection permanently if we save our progress with them – after we found any but died before saving our progress on terminal they disappear and we need to collect them once again. Irritating map, which needs to be minimized every time we access it to see it as a whole. Overall it’s worth buying especially on sale.

"Thank you for choosing INTEX"

Przyjemna gierka, której akcja rozgrywa się na statku kosmicznym opanowanym przez obcych. Prosta fabuła, fajna grafika i jeszcze fajniejszy klimat. Pięć map dla jednego gracza i trzy w kooperacji. Trzy poziomy trudności, trzynaście osiągnięć, z czym kilka dość trudnych do zdobycia. Minusy to, że nie można pominąć filmików i dialogów, co może być trochę denerwujące zwłaszcza jak się powtarza misje żeby zrobić osiągnięcia. Logi, które zbieramy podczas misji znikają z naszej kolekcji jeśli zginiemy i trzeba je zbierać jeszcze raz, po czym dotrwać z nimi do zapisu aby się zachowały na stałe. Denerwująca obsługa mapy, która trzeba minimalizować za każdym razem, żeby zobaczyć gdzie się znajdujemy. Podsumowując to na pewno warto mieć w swojej kolekcji zwłaszcza po przecenie.

"Thank you for choosing INTEX"
Pubblicata: 7 Maggio 2014
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All I see is complaints, complaints ... This game is fun ! I admit I got it on a bundle with the other 2 episodes, but overall it was worth it. The graphics are good and the action is enough for me plus it has several difficulty levels. I also tried Alien Swarm and I own Shadowgrounds Survivor, but I still play this game and its siblings much more due to 1 little feature: Xbox Controller Support. That really allows me to kick back on a couch and enjoy the game for what it is and it kinda reminds me of the good ol' Contra III days ... Maybe its just me ... Get it on sale !
Pubblicata: 2 Giugno 2014
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Alien Breed is an isometric sci-fi shooter where you independently control the direction your character aims and moves. You maneuver through a series of 5 stages in each episode, collecting weapons and items, and shooting aliens as they appear while you move from objective to objective provided on your mini-map.

It is difficult to write a separate review for each Episode, as they all largely play the same - you move from point A to point B to pick up access code C to open door D to get to point E to get access code F to.....you get the picture. Lots of backtracking through same-looking corridors, fighting similar looking enemies which pop out of the floor and walls.

It's fun, but only moderately so - I would NOT recommend playing through a single episode in one sitting, let alone all three episodes. The gameplay is repetitive and it's the sort of thing you'll want to put down for a while between sessions (I'd actually say on the level of months between episodes) so it doesn't get stale.
Pubblicata: 20 Maggio 2014
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Welcome to this stupid ship where the controls to operate every part of the ship are thirty miles from the thing you're trying to use. Thank you for choosing Intex.
Pubblicata: 6 Gennaio 2014
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