Experience the explosive science fiction arcade-shooter that resurrects a much revered franchise in an epic single player and co-op multiplayer campaign.
Обзоры пользователей: В основном положительные (Обзоров: 446) - 71% из 446 обзоров этой игры положительны.
Дата выхода: 3 июн, 2010

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Включенные товары (3): Alien Breed 2: Assault, Alien Breed 3: Descent, Alien Breed: Impact


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"Alien Breed feels like a game from the last generation of consoles. It is a solid action game"

Об этой игре

Alien Breed™ Impact — это взрывной научно-фантастический аркадный шутер, который возрождает культовую франшизу новой историей, роем умных противников-пришельцев, мощным оружием, детально проработанными и богатыми уровнями — всё реализовано с помощью лучших технологий современного игростроя. Помимо захватывающей одиночной кампании, в игре присутствует кооперативный он-лайн режим.

Основные черты:
  • Alien Breed вернулся! - Взрывная смесь жанров аркады, шутера и survival horror вкупе с продуманной модернизацией и тонкой настройкой вооружения.
  • Захватывающий одиночный режим - Кампания для одного игрока, которая проходит сквозь все пять огромных бросающих вызов миров.
  • Одиночный режим «вольной игры» - Побейте свои старые рекорды на уже пройденных миссиях!
  • Кооперативный режим на двух игроков - Работайте сообща, чтобы победить орды пришельцев на трёх особых картах.
  • Он-лайн функции Steam - Быстрый матч, Создание игры, Списки друзей, Голосовой чат, Таблица рекордов и Кооперативные достижения.
  • БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ ЭТАП - Пробный раздел "Пролог" – специально продуманное введение в игру, пройдите его в одиночной локальной или кооперативной онлайн игре на двоих.
  • НОВИНКА – Магазин улучшений - Собирайте деньги, обыскивая падших товарищей и сейфы, а затем тратьте их с умом в магазине на улучшения оружия и инструментов.
  • НОВИНКА — Враги - В игре по-новому представлены и улучшены противники из Alien Breed.

Системные требования


    • OS: Windows® XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 6800+ or ATI Radeon X700+ Video Card
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1.5 GB
    • Sound: Windows Supported Sound Card
    • Other Requirements: Internet connection required.
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30 из 35 пользователей (86%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
Пользователей, посчитавших этот обзор забавным: 1
25.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 19 апреля
Alien Breed is an isometric sci-fi shooter where you independently control the direction your character aims and moves. You maneuver through a series of 5 stages in each episode, collecting weapons and items, and shooting aliens as they appear while you move from objective to objective provided on your mini-map.

It is difficult to write a separate review for each Episode, as they all largely play the same - you move from point A to point B to pick up access code C to open door D to get to point E to get access code F to.....you get the picture. Lots of backtracking through same-looking corridors, fighting similar looking enemies which pop out of the floor and walls.

It's fun, but only moderately so - I would NOT recommend playing through a single episode in one sitting, let alone all three episodes. The gameplay is repetitive and it's the sort of thing you'll want to put down for a while between sessions (I'd actually say on the level of months between episodes) so it doesn't get stale.
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9 из 11 пользователей (82%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
2.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 30 апреля
Alien Breed is an excellent arcade-shooter released back in 2010. In fact, its original title was Alien Breed Evolution (only available on Xbox Live Arcade at the time) but after that it got its PSN and PC release.

You control a guy who tries to solve all kinds of mechanical issues on a ship while eliminating hordes of enemies.

Lots of shooting? Check.
Explosions? Check.
Ugly, alien monsters appearing out of thin air? Check.
Few but very efficient weapons? Check.
Coop beside single player? Check.
Extra difficulty levels for die hard fans / crazy gamers? Check.
Great graphics? Check -> Hail to you, Unreal Engine 3, as always.

The only downside is the number of sections where you need to do some backtracking to operate a machine; this makes the available 5 levels in single player a bit longer without showing you new sections. Still, the environments are varied and interesting.

Cool little game: hours of arcade shooting fun guaranteed!

Worth the purchase? Check :)
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2 из 2 пользователей (100%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
18.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 19 сентября
Older but still a good game, even to today's standards.

- Graphics on this style of game is really good
- Easy Achievements
- Co-op

- In co-op missions can not control the camera and therefore have a fixed view

If you're bored and looking for some simple game where you dispose of the invaders then this is just enough for you.
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3 из 4 пользователей (75%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
16.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 16 июня
(The good thing about no-so good games, is you reward yourself by an harsh yet inspired review)

So, what about Alien Breed: Impact? We know it's a remake of a 20 years old shooter by the original team. Seems like a great start.

However, the actual Alien Breed: Impact from 2010 is a game about painfully setting camera angles ; while exploring all the rooms and corridors of an heavily damaged spacecraft ; in order to gather as much as possible useful items from storage boxes and corpses (weapons, ammo, medikit, grenades) and also... money ! Money so you can buy more of these and upgrade your gear from Intex's deepspace-proof vending machines ; in order to [butter]cut your way through waves / spawns of [not really] challenging aliens ; so you can reach the next locked door you'll have to open or broken engine you'll have to start or fix... Sorry, I find all of this boring.

It's not a question of technical ability : Unreal Engine is solid, and Team 17 has a track record. It's about choices.

Sometimes, game design is like pastry : you have the ingredients, but you have to be precise of quantities, order of composition and cooking heat / time - otherwise you end up with nothing.
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2 из 3 пользователей (67%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
1.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 19 сентября
Alien Breed: Impact, isn't the best game ever. It's mediocre at best. This game isn't bad, it's just it's controls I don't like AT ALL. If the camera AND controls were better, i would recommend this game to everyone. But, there are some of you who like this game, and I don't judge. It's really not a bad game.

Alien Breed: Impact, (I will call it ABI (Ab-E)), is a mediocre game. The camera angle, and controls are BAD. You move around with the arrow keys, which makes it hard to use the mouse. You shoot using the mouse. They could've fixed this by making the moving controls WASD. And the camera angle is bird's - eye. And it doesn't move around well. Which makes the game pretty hard to play. The concept of the game, however, isn't bad. So, there are many cons, and little pros.

Overall, this game is mediocre. to say the most. The concept is good, while the controls and camera are terrible. But, if you are used to these kinds of controls and camera, this game is for you. If not, then just keep searching for another game.
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