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Opplev et fantastisk eventyr i en av de mest fascinerende universene! Midt blant konspirasjon og svik, må du prøve å overleve de organiserte intrigene rundt Iron Throne.
Utgivelsesdato: 7 Jun 2012
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Opplev et fantastisk eventyr i en av de mest komplette og fascinerende universene i middelalder-fantasy-litteratur. Game of Thrones er et stort rollespill som setter deg i kjernen av et spennende plott, hvor din skjebne vil bli veiledet av hevn, troskap og ære.

Spill som to svært forskjellige helter på tvers av de to hovedoppdragene som fører deg til hjertet av mytiske steder fra Westeros. Midt blant konspirasjon og svik, må du prøve å overleve de organiserte intrigene rundt Iron Throne.

Utvikle din karakter, lær kraftige ferdigheter og delta i taktiske og spektakulære strider; forbedre dine diplomatiske ferdigheter så du kan bruke tale over vold. Men viktigst av alt, vær oppmerksom... alle dine handlinger kan få store konsekvenser for eventyret ditt!


  • 2 originale historier basert på universet av «A Song of Ice and Fire" av George R.R. Martin
  • Spektakulære og taktiske strider!
  • Mange sekundæroppdrag å gjennomføre
  • Utforsk de mytiske stedene fra sagaen, og møt ikoniske karakterer


    • Prosessor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    • Minne: 2048 MB
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Harddisk: 7 GB
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Publisert: 26 April 2014
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Do you like games with great dark stories, memorable characters and awesome quests. If yes, then it is a no-brainer that you will like this game big time. It is also heavily underrated, so this one is a hidden gem. While it has some cheap mistakes, this game still deserves your attention.
The STORY[10/10] is one of the best I've ever known and I red a lot, seen a lot of movies, so yeah it's quite something. There are two protagonists: Mors Westford, who is an honorable man in the Night Watch and a mounstruos beast in combat. He has a dark past, lives in a cold place; you could say he's iron made. Also, he's a skinchanger, being able to control his hound. The other one, Alester Sarwyck, a Red Priest who can manipulate fire, who comes back to claim his title and land as a lord, now being ready to face the world he fled from. The villian is the evil-cunning-great fighter type, whom you'll want to kill the moment you see. Every key character ends being involved in the Game of Thrones, so things get brutal and the happy ending... up for debate.There are many sidequests that enhance the story and reward you with cool items(and experience).
The GRAPHICS[6.8/10] look outdated, but maxed out looks nice, and the artstyle is attractive. The real problem is reusing models, which means sometimes you'll have triplets in a cutscene. The main characters and all the places are unique, though, so work and clever thinking was used in the design as well. Such a shame it doesn't use better technologies, would have been a lot better for a lot more people.
COMBAT[8.9/10] is made as tactical, but as you'll progress in unlocking stronger abilities, you'll synergize with the battlefied, emerging victorious, without much thinking. Finishers depend on the class and weapons used, and both differ greatly from what you have at your disposal. I enjoyed combat and class exclusive abilities that I have a reason to replay the game. The downer here is the difficulty, if you play on Lord you might be stressed a lot, and that can happen on Knight too. Best you choose the Squire, since there is no achievment affected by the difficulty.
All in all, it's a great RPG with high replayability value. Don't listen to the bad reviews, because those reviewers didn't even finish the game. It gets better and better as you play, so giving up on it is a bad decision. If you've watched the show you should check it out; if you've red the books, you should own it; if you're new to the series but like RPG's, the same for the book readers(if it's on sale, after all it's your risk).
GAME SCORE[8.5/10]
Publisert: 11 Februar 2014
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Game Of Thrones uses the same combat mechanic and presentation of pretty much all of the recent Cyanide Games games. So there's the slowdown ability for you to take strategic decisions in combat, and you (usually) have two characters that you control. One is focused on crowd control and healing, one is focused on one-on-one fights and stealth.

And all of this is set in the Game Of Thrones universe, which I like very, very much. There are (side)quests to finish, secrets to find, people to fight, all the while following two interesting stories that come together near the end of the game, which should take you 15-20 hours if you play normally. If you rush it's a few hours less, about 12-15 hours.

The graphics are good, faces are a bit messed up and out of date though, and same of the environments lack finer detail and variety. However, the atmosphere is accurate.

The voice acting is mostly solid. I heard a few sentences here and there that were spoken without any passion. Nothing major, but it did detract from the experience a bit. The music, on the other hand, is excellent.

Game Of Thrones is a good game, that could've been much, much better with a little extra work and polish.
If you don't know Game Of Thrones then I suggest you skip the game (but you will miss out on the better stories, mind you), otherwise give it a try. You probably won't be disappointed, but let's see what Telltale Games will come up with first. I have high hopes for their game.

[Rating: 75/100]
Publisert: 2 Mars 2014
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In spite of it's myriad flaws as a game, the writing and characters are so compelling that I found myself playing despite not really having any fun with the game's mechanics. The final chapters are exquisite and completely transcend the game's low budget conventions. And I'm not really a fan of Game of Thrones either. But this is a fine example of what a really good team can do on a budget.

Definitely recommended to fans of the Witcher and old Gothic games.
Publisert: 18 Februar 2014
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Don't let the reviews and the 5 sec quiters tell you this game is bad its a nice game with a good story.I won't deny that it has its shortcomings laggy cam dated graphics etc but it a nice old school rpg enjoyable for rpg fans and a must buy for Game of thrones fans.
Publisert: 11 Mai 2014
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