Oplev et utroligt eventyr med en af de mest komplette og fascinerende universer! Midt i en baggrund af konspirationer og forrædderi skal du prøve at overleve de iscenesatte intriger omkring Jerntronen.
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Udgivelsesdato: 7. jun 2012

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Om dette spil


Oplev et utroligt eventyr med en af de mest komplette og fascinerende universer i middelalderlitteratur. Game of Thrones er et fantastisk rollespil som sætter dig ind i midtpunktet af et spændende plot hvor din skæbne vil blive styret af hævn, loyalitet og ære.

Spil som to vældig forskellige helte gennem to hovedopgaver, som fører dig gennem hjertet af mytiske stedet fra Westeros. Midt i en baggrund af konspirationer og forrædderi skal du prøve at overleve de iscenesatte intriger omkring Jerntronen.

Udvikl dine karakterer, lær kraftige evner og deltag i taktiske og spektakulære kampe; forfin dine diplomatiske evner for nogle gange at ty til snak frem for vold. Men mest af alt, pas på... alle dine gerninger kan have store konsekvenser for dit eventyr!

Centrale elementer:

  • 2 originale historier baseret på universet omkring “A Song of Ice and Fire” af George R.R. Martin
  • Spektakulære og historiske kampe!
  • Mange sekundære opgaver til at gennemføre
  • Udforsk de mytiske lokationer fra sagatoen og mød de ikoniske karakterer


    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    • Hukommelse: 2048 MB
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Harddisk: 7 GB
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Indsendt: 6. november 2015
This game was tragically under estimated from the moment it was released. Once you get through the introduction and preface scenes in the beginning of the game you are no longer playing as a character in some game but you feel as if you are transformed into the main characters and you forget that you are playing a video game.

Someone obviously ♥♥♥♥♥♥ in the cornflakes of all of the major game reviewers right before they gave their opinions of this game. It was blantantly obvious they did not play more than 30 minutes of the actual game and the rest of the drivel they wrote came from the pamphlet that was inserted into the box. The little bit of the game they did play, it was quite clear that they were not paying attention to the story being unfolded or the characters they were playing because all they could do was complain about the graphics art not being up to their "standards" and how the combat system took actual strategy and forethought in order to win a battle.

The story line itself was captivating and full of constant twists and turns. Nothing was as it appeared to be throughout the entire gaming experience and by the time you reach the end you are blown away because NO ONE saw that ending coming. Unlike many rpgs out there that try to create the illusion that you are making the decisions for your character that matter in the world around you, this game actually does make all of your choices have consequences. Sometimes they are immediately revealed and other decisions that you thought were trivial end up drastically changing major plot lines throughout the game. While it is a colossal cliche it applies to this game whole-heartedly, "I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me."

I highly recommend this game to anyone that deeply enjoys real rpgs and is starving for orginality and complete immersion into the rpgs they play. While this game was not on the same financial budget as say Skyrim, it is a testament to the developers of this game that they spent all of their energy and money into making a quality game that surpasses any of the blockbuster games that have been released in the last couple of years.
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29 af 41 brugere (71%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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39.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 22. december 2015
+Great Story
+Play as a Worg
+Play as a Red Priest
+There is an achievement called "Pimp"

-Keyboard and Mouse controls make running/moving in the desired direction a major pain

8/10- Would use my dog to rip out midieval throats again
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11 af 13 brugere (85%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
39.4 timer bogført
Indsendt: 15. februar
Game of Thrones - The Role-playing Game

Game of Thrones is story driven role playing game set into action of the first season of a highly praised television series of the same name (or the novel by George R.R. Martin) If you are not familiar with neither the book nor the series, despair not. The game still offers an immersive story and enjoyable gameplay for you. Maybe it even sparks interest of yours to discover why it is so popular and give a chance to either the book or the series or even both.


The game starts on the northern part of the Seven kingdoms located on the continent called Westeros. On this very place the continent is divided by the 700 feet high wall built 8000 years ago and guarded by an antient order called Night's Watch. The first hero is Ser Mors Westford sworn brother of this order, a ranger able to track almost anyone with a help of his dog. One day a letter arrives with a special request for Mors about protecting a woman sent north. No reason just this, the letter was sent by an old friend of his and arrived with a bunch of soldiers dedicated to find her. Something is not right here and Mors was allowed to go for that girl and find out what is that all about.

The another character is a former southern nobleman Alester Sarwick who just arrived home for his father's funeral. After 15 years in exile in Essos, where he became a red priest of the Lord of Light, he came back to find his home in depression and poverty. This used to be a prosperious center, what could have happened. After finding out that his brother Gawen was disinherited and his sister Elyana has been betrothed to their half-brother Valarr, Alester makes an underlying decision to stay and help the things sort out.

++ Story

As you've seen the story is divided in two parts, following acts of two characters which at the first look are separated by far distance and have nothing in common. However their past and future are bound together. How? I guess you will have to find out for yourself if you want to know more.

The story is the best part of the game. It has action, twists, heartbreaking moments, shortly everything you desire. In addition it is very detailed and can offer you closer look into this universe, its history, society, places or significant characters. It's achieved mainly through archives of Westeros which you can collect during gameplay and afterwards read in the Codex in the menu of the game.

- Choices

Even though the dialogs offer you many options your choice doesn't really matter. Only once you have a choice which influences the end of the game. I've tried reaching both endings and the difference is only in the ending cutscene and last 2 minutes of the game. Exept this its the same, so I don't see any point in playing this game twice and trying different playstyles.

- Combat, Abilities and Skills

Since you can play for two characters in one fight you are able to control both and it's reached genuinely through quick switching between them and using their abilities during "slowed time". Being able to slow time in order to time attacks and maximize the efficiency is a gentle solution and enables finishing the game even on the hardest difficulty (as I did). It is entertaining, but as the game develops it's all the same again and again.

When we are talking about choosing capabilities, which you take in the abilities tree, choice doesn't really matter. You will be using only a few and most of them are useless to you. As usually you will get through with stun and damage ones. Skills improve your proficiency with particular weapons or effeciency of an armor you use, so easily you know what to pick. Another thing is that during gameplay you can obtain some traits improving your character, increasing hit chance or deflection for example, but only with a minor impact.

The last thing to mention here is the level cap. It can be reached only at the end of the game after you have finished everything possible in the game. So in conclusion only usefulness of reaching it is gaining a steam achievement.

- Semi-open World and Side quests

The game plays out on a few locations of different sizes. As a whole this world is tiny and you can't miss much in it because you come back to every location so many times it is almost impossible unless some exceptions which are sealed after finishing a chapter.

During gameplay you can meet only few side quests in the advanced phase of the game. These will bring you again on the locations you have been before and most of these tasks are solved by tedious dialogues with different types of people or fighting which is then more tiresome than entertaining.

6.5 /10

I would recommend this game only to those interested primarily in the story. This is a nice completion for fans of Game of Thrones, but as I have said before even others may find this game interesting and enjoyable.
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12 af 16 brugere (75%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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Indsendt: 8. februar
i stopped a guy from looting a corpse by moral meanings, so i could loot the corpse.
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6 af 6 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
35.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 11. november 2015
After finishing this game, I am angry. I am angry at the actions of some of the characters. I'm angry at some of my own actions. But mostly I'm angry at the critics who gave this game such awful scores. That really substanties what RPGs have become - people appreciate shiny graphics over a plot.

The graphics in the game are mediocre. The combat system is average. The voice acting.. less than average. None of this matters, though. The story will take such a grasp of you that you'll find yourself trying to keep your eyes open at 8am to play just a little bit more. The story saves it all. It's one of the best experiences I've had in singleplayer games this millennia. Buy it. Show those critics they're wrong.

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