As the greatest detective of all time you must find clues, interrogate suspects & unveil a mystery in a story full of twists!
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Data de lançamento: 25/set/2012

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“One of the legendary sleuth's greatest investigation”
8 out of 10 – GameSpot

“A Testament to the genre”
4.5 out of 5 – Gamezebo

“It is every bit as gripping as you would expect from a tale about the great detective”
8 out of 10 – Hooked Gamers

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Become the greatest detective of all time in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, a twisting, turning investigation game set in a faithfully-reproduced London of 1898. Suspected in a case involving theft, fraud and double-crossing, Sherlock Holmes will undergo a descent into hell in what will doubtlessly become one of his most thrilling cases yet. You will find all the elements of a grand investigation: examine crime scenes, find the clues, follow the trails, interrogate suspects and unveil the mystery behind a great adventure, led by a breath-taking story full of twists!

Key Features:

  • Lead Holmes’ darkest investigation: examine crime scenes, find clues, interrogate suspects
  • Discover Sherlock Holmes’ dark side in a breath-taking story full of twists and turns
  • Uncover new leads and clues as you explore richly detailed places all across London

Requisitos de sistema

    • Processor:AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2 GHZ
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:14 GB HD space
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Publicada: 8 de julho
Um jogo de investigação point and click, porém com jogabilidade diverisficada para aqueles que não são fãs de apenas clicar, o jogo é para um jogo de aventura muito parado, porém existem muitos puzzles, o que faz desse jogo um desafio muito interessante para os fãs de jogos de quebra cabeças. Sobre a história, assim como a maioria dos jogos da mesma distribuidora, a história tem um andar devagar e muitas horas entediante, porém há muitos momentos super interessantes e que poderiam ser assustadores, ou melhor tensos, se não fossem por alguns problemas com a atuação e a falta de adrenalina em situações perigosas pelas quais o detetive passa. No geral a história apesar de ser sido mal abordada é interessante e contém elementos tanto previsíveis quanto imprevisíveis, em minha opinião como um jogo de resolução de charadas mais que um jogo de investigação The testament of Sherlock Holmes é recomendável para os fãs de point and click, e recomendado para quem gostar de resolver quebra cabeças, mas como jogo investigativo, não chega perto de jogos como LA NOIRE.
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36 de 39 pessoas (92%) acharam esta análise útil
22.7 hrs registradas
Publicada: 11 de março
I just finished this game and have to say overall it is at least tied for my favorite SH game, the other being vs Jack the Ripper. It may just be my favorite. The graphics are an improvement over most of the SH games and overall the voice acting is very good. I loved most of the puzzles as well, it was a good mix this time, unlike Nemesis which mostly had math puzzles. The story was very good and kept me guessing as to what was actually going on. The scenes in the game were all very good, each location had a good feel and there were no tedious travels with having to go back and forth between several places in a single scene (Nemesis got very tedious). I managed to get all the achievements as well, in 22 hours of play time (of which 6 hrs were probably idle/afk time for me. If you like mystery games this one is highly recommended!
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7 de 7 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
12.5 hrs registradas
Publicada: 13 de março
If you like crime, mystery and Sherlock Holmes then you'll love this game. This game is mostly about finding clues, looking for items, completing puzzles and talking to other characters. It's not a point and click game but does have some essence of it. You can control Sherlock and walk around environments. Finding clues is easy but the puzzles will really make you think. If you intend on playing this game fast have a walkthrough on standby. The game nudges you through a lot of it but the puzzles and how to use items is trial and error. But what do you expect from a Sherlock game? It's real fun and I recommend it. The storyline and cut scenes really kept me interested. It's like playing a story!

Easy gameplay
Voice acting
Graphics were better than expected
Not boring
Easy to complete all achievements

Some challenges or tasks was tough enough to need a walkthrough. This was a personal matter because I was rushing.
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3 de 3 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
19.7 hrs registradas
Publicada: 11 de março
For a point-and-click game it was great, the puzzles were challenging but not to the point where you need to be a genius to solve them nor too easy that the game lasts 10 minutes
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4 de 5 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
7.2 hrs registradas
Publicada: 23 de junho
Being a fan of the TV show 'Sherlock', I had to play this game. This is my first Sherlock Holmes game and I was pleasantly surprised. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a point-and-click adventure game where you play as Sherlock (and Watson) trying to resolve the murder of a Reverend in his own church. I won't say more about the story since the main reason of playing this game is to discover that.

The gameplay is faily simple. Where you can interact, there is either a magnifying glass to look at some items or a hand to show that you can take the item or that you can interact with it. That's it. Most of the time, you'll have to look through everything to be sure that you didn't miss any important clue. The rooms are small enough so it's really easy to find everything.

Also, as a detective, there is a deduction board. You'll have to discover every clues to see statements about them. With these facts, it's up to you to choose between 3 answers which one is the right one about what happened in this case. There are multiple questions to be answered and you won't know if you're right until you have all the right answers. It can be hard but if you pay attention to the story, it will be fairly easy. There is also a lot of puzzles in this game. Some are logic and really easy once you understand how they work but some of the puzzles that does NOT involve any deduction/logic can be really hard and frustrating for some people. There is a skip buttons after some minutes so don't worry !

One of the problem in this game is that it's too linear for a detective game. There is no real choice to be made and even if you choose to go to a location instead of another, you'll end up going to both places without any change.

The story is really interesting and there are a lot of twists (I found it similar to the TV show and it's a good thing). The problem (because it's a videogame !) is that Sherock is not as funny as Cumberbatch's Sherlock (but it's understandable since there is no actor involved).

In conclusion, if you like point-and-click games, you'll like this one. It will definitely entertain you for hours ! (I finished the game in about 7-8 hours)
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