America’s Army: Proving Grounds is the official game of the U.S. Army and part of the highly acclaimed America’s Army game series. This free military game focuses on small unit tactical maneuvers and puts you to the test in a wide variety of new America’s Army maps as well as AA fan favorites.
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America’s Army: Proving Grounds is out of Beta!

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the beta to help make this version of America’s Army the greatest ever! Here are some of the big changes we have been working on and if you haven’t already, Download America’s Army: Proving Grounds to experience it yourself!

Audio Engine Upgrade
Integration of the Wwise audio engine gives us more realistic spatial awareness through enhanced attenuation (roll-off) curves and object obstruction, real world spatial reflections from the convolution reverb plug-in, punchier, more visceral weapon audio, and more immersive bullet impacts, cracks and whips, enhanced by a HDR(high dynamic range) plug-in.

Rank System
Our new rank system has players progressing through the enlisted ranks of the U.S. Army. Start as a Recruit headed to basic training and work your way to the Sergeant Major of the Army.

Character and Weapon customization
Several gear configurations are available for each role on a fire-team and there are multiple camo patterns to choose from. The color of the camo is set by the map and you will see everyone on your team with the camo pattern you select.

Each weapon has several skins available and they must be unlocked by completing weapon challenges. Challenges can also unlock additional optics for most weapons.
Check out our Steam Guide for all the details.

In-Game Menu and HUD changes
Join servers, customize your soldier and weapons, launch training levels and adjust your settings from the in-game menu instead of the launcher. This will make for a smoother, more immersive experience.

We adjusted some colors on the HUD that you see frequently when you are playing to be less “arcady” feeling and more immersive. The blue colors were changed to yellow and golds and the reds were darkened so they don’t stand out quite as much.

Enemies have new weapons
Enemies now have a distinct weapon to match each of the U.S. weapons. They can only be used when picked up from secured enemies, except the CZ-2 pistol can be unlocked.

Demorec (server recorded gameplay)
You can now record the game on the server to replay later. This is a great feature for making movies or reviewing matches from comp play. It requires you to have access to the folder on the game server where the demos are stored and you need to transfer them to your client to replay. During the replay you can move the camera around anywhere in the environment and controls allow you to play, rewind, fast forward or slow-mo the action.

Mission Editor
The community has created hundreds of maps and shared them on the Steam Workshop. We have made improvements to the experience when playing user created maps, so it should be easier than ever to find a server running custom content, download it and play! Be sure to check out “Overload”, a map designed by community member Drecks which won our map design competition. AAPG artists and level designers made a few modifications, and Overload is now included with the game as an official map! We will be on the lookout for additional maps to include in official map packs or deliver with the game in future updates.

Learn more at

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14 juni


Two hundred forty years ago, our nation's leaders established the Continental Army. Today, the Army is the strategic landpower of the joint force; called upon to prevent, shape, and win against our adversaries.

This year, we celebrate 240 years of selfless service to the nation. Selfless service is at the core of what it means to be a Soldier - putting the welfare of others ahead of oneself. The willingness of our Soldiers - to place themselves in harm's way and to protect our nation's freedoms - is what makes us the premier all-volunteer force. The Army has served proudly, faithfully, and selflessly for 240 years, and we remain steadfast in our commitment.

240 Years of Selfless Service to the Nation

The Army continues to serve the United States with extraordinary Soldiers, Families and civilians, who display exceptional character in defense of our nation. The Soldiers of the Continental Army helped forge a bond with Americans built on duty and victory, which sustains our profession 240 years later. As we answer the nation's call, we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in our fight for freedom.

How well do you know the Army? Take the quiz here and post your results!

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Key Features

  • You are a U.S. Army Soldier
    Rank - Progress through the enlisted ranks of the U.S. Army from a Recruit heading to basic training to the Sergeant Major of the Army
    Weapons - M4A1 Assault Rifle, M16A4 Assault Rifle, M249 Saw, M14EBR-RI, M24 Sniper Weapon System, Remington 870 MCS, M1911 and M9A1 Pistol
    Grenades - M67 Fragmentation Grenade, M106 Fast Obscurant Grenade and M84 Stun Grenade
    Optics - M68 Close Combat Optic, M553 Holographic Weapon Sight, M150 ACOG 4x Optic, Elcan M145, Leupold Mk4 and Ghost Ring Sight
    Supported Fire allows you to rest your weapon on obstacles to reduce recoil
    Bullets do instant and bleed damage, bandage yourself to stop the bleeding
    Enemy Weapons - Secure the enemy and pickup a Czervenian weapon as a backup for extended engagements

  • Two Mission sizes
    Experience fast-paced Battledrill Exercises (BDX) (6v6) that focus on small unit maneuvers. As you learn how the enemy might react, adjust your strategy for future engagements
    Forward Line Operations (FLO) (12v12) test your skills in a larger environment

  • Two Game Modes
    Standard mode has settings for normal pub play
    Comp mode has no revives, full friendly fire damage and no kicks for friendly fire

  • 4 Mission Types
    Activate - Activate all the objectives
    Extract - Extract the objective to the rally point
    C4 - Plant the C4 at one of the bomb sites and defend it until it explodes
    Take and Hold - Activate all the objectives and prevent the enemy from activating objectives you control

  • Character and Weapon Customization
    Each role on the fire team has several gear load-outs you can choose from. You can also select the camo pattern that you will see on your team. The color of the camo is determined by the environment you are operating in.
    Each weapon has several skins and optics that you can unlock by completing challenges with the weapon.

  • Teamwork is Critical
    Spotting enemies gives your teammates greater situational awareness
    Reviving your down buddies gets them back in the fight
    Securing enemies prevents them from being revived and communicating with their team
    Report your location and status to your team
    Suppression affects your enemy even if you don’t hit them. Use the M249 to control firing lanes and keep the enemy’s head down while your team flanks their position

  • Train in Shoot Houses
    Shoot Houses give you a place to learn how to use all the weapons in a single-player environment. They are fast-paced exercises that allow you to compete for the highest score
    Create your own shoot houses in the Mission Editor

Mission Editor

Create your own missions and shoot houses with the AA:PG Mission Editor
Share them on the Steam Workshop
View the Tutorial at
As your skills with the Mission Editor increase, you can move to the Advanced Editor
*The Mission Editor and Advanced Editor are developer tools that require more advanced hardware than what is required to run the game. Performance may vary.

About the Comic

The storyline that influences the America’s Army: Proving Grounds game is unveiled in the America’s Army Comic series. Learn more about the assignment you are on and the challenges you will face by reading the saga of American forces deployed to Czervenia, a tiny foreign nation in the middle of a chaotic conflict. In order to defend against Czervenian President-General Adzic and his army who are attacking the neighboring Republic of the Ostregals, America's Army has created new experimental combat teams, forged together in secret Proving Grounds, to uncover the General's insidious plot before time runs out. Read more at

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Do you have what it takes to train like a U.S. Army Soldier?

Take on the role of an 11B Infantryman practicing combat maneuvers at JTC Griffin, a fabricated training MOUT (military operations on urban terrain) environment. This training is crucial to your success as part of a Long Range Combined Arms – Recon (LRCA-R) unit, a full spectrum capable team that embarks on special operations missions behind enemy lines.

Key Features

  • You are a U.S. Army Soldier
  • Two Game Modes with 4 objective types
  • Character and Weapon customization
  • Teamwork is Critical
  • Train in Shoot Houses
  • Mission Editor and Steam Workshop


    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.4+ GHz Quad Core CPU
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compliant, Shader 3.0 enabled video card with 512MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10000 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant sound card
    • Additional Notes: Requires Internet Explorer 9 or later and the latest Windows Media Player
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: 3.3+GHz Core i5 CPU
    • Memory: 8192 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compliant, Shader 3.0 enabled video card with 1GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10000 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant sound card
    • Additional Notes: Requires Internet Explorer 9 or later and the latest Windows Media Player
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*threw a random frag grenade* 5 kills

10/10 more realistic than battlefield hardline
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One of the games that I've spent most of my time actually enjoying the company of the people I play with.

The community in this game is amazing. I just treat the game as a hangout and actually have fun with the people I play with. My friends list is quite full because of this game. You can actually get to know the people you play with and there's no point in being a troll in the game since you can just get rid of them easily and quickly if you're in a good server. :)

As for the game, usage of VOIP is very handy in the game. You really need to be tactical and communicate with your team in order to win. You can pick people up and "Revive" them when they get shot and are down, so long as they're not "Secured". There are 6v6 and 12v12 maps each with different objectives-- and you can also play custom maps as well (like maps from AA2 and even CS)

Good growing community.
Simple and easy to pick-up game.
You can even learn about the Army itself while playing and loading the game.
Most importantly, it's freeeee!

Sometimes it may get repetitive since the content isn't much compared to a pay to play game. :)
There may be some glitches since it's still in beta and sometimes you frustrated with the logic of the game.

Overall 10/10 one of the best f2p games I've played so far.
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Most realistic game ever.
Killed a man and watched him float away slowly.

10/10 Would float again.
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As far as the beta goes: This game seems very promising...
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