A Dwarven Prince on a quest to reclaim his people’s stolen land will take you on a great journey. Explore a continent filled with buried treasures and unearth mysteries that have laid hidden since the Great War.
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A Dwarven Prince on a quest to reclaim his people’s stolen land will take you on a great journey. Explore a continent filled with buried treasures and unearth mysteries that have laid hidden since the Great War. Take charge of your Dwarven settlement while mining, exploring and utilizing your resources with a combination of strategy and management.

Order the inhabitants of a Dwarven settlement to dig, build and conduct research in order to strengthen the clan. Be careful though because you must defend your Dwarves from the terrible beasts that lie in the depths. A unique world is generated each time a new level starts, so you will need to dynamically adapt your strategies and tactics during each session.

As you advance, the Dwarves will level up and gain new skills; progressing from weak dwarvlings to near immortal warriors or master craftsmen. There are also rare resources to be found deeper in the earth that grant access to better buildings and equipment. However, the deeper you dig the more dangerous foes you might unleash…

Key Features:

  • Explore – The randomly generated maps offer replayability while also providing a sense of exploration
  • Build – customize your settlement with not only practical constructions, but beautiful ones too! Build objects you think look great, while still gaining progress. Home is where the art is.
  • Command – With an intuitive order system the player can easily control oodles of dwarves simultaneously without the need for extensive micro management
  • A 13 level, story driven campaign
  • Custom game mode: Create a world without enemies so you can build uninterrupted or spawn lots of them to increase the challenge

Requisiti di sistema


    • OS:Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor:Dual Core 2.4 GHz processor
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Shader Model 4.0 compatible card (minimum Nvidia GeForce 8000, AMD Radeon 2000)
    • DirectX®:10
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:3 button mouse, keyboard and speakers


    • Additional:3 button mouse, keyboard and speakers
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Pubblicata: 25 novembre 2014
Frankly, I would not recommend this game to anyone. It does have somewhat of a quite nice-looking art, with some promising ideas and some quite interesting "Dungeon Keeper"-ish gameplay mechanics and would potentially make a good Alpha Early Access Game. However, I cannot recommend this in the current form.

The game in a nutshell, has an over-extended tedious campaign full of repetitive missions which lack a large sense of achievement and satisfaction, some quite uninteresting dull combat and gigantic lack of content which makes the game more repetitive and dismissable. It is a superficial game with a big lack of difficulty summarized by the fact that the AI while not completely terrible, is not challenging in any way.

To top it off, it is quite full of bugs and many other issues. I have some FPS problems while playing the game as well as some sudden graphic issues (as well as some glitches) . The bugs really downgrade the game even further and combined with those other issues mentioned, causes the gameplay to be really limited.

It is playable, although it is not a really good experience as a game in whole. In theory, could have made an acceptable Early Access game but as a finished project it is not really satisfactory even. Do not buy it
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Pubblicata: 9 aprile
I recently played through the campaign for A Game of Dwarves. I'm giving it a thumbs up, but a qualified one.

The Game
The game is something of a builder/manager game: you control a settlement of dwarves and guide them in both mining out the area around their settlement and building the things they need to be happy and do well.

I really liked the potential of this game: I find it a fun thing to occupy myself with while watching TV or just winding down in the evening, and there is some challenge to it too — more than once I restarted a scenario to come at it from a better angle.

Overall, I'd say it's a decent enough game when it's available at a reasonable price. Less than $10 is certainly OK, but around $7 might be more appropriate.

The Problems
Why would I want to knock the price down further? Well, the game certainly has its flaws. For one, while there are Steam achievements for the game, some simply cannot be earned because some of the levels won't give you full credit for completing them. (Paradox knows about this bug but has said that, with developer Zeal no longer in existence, no further development will be done.)

There are several other little problems that, while they are not game-breaking, can be annoying as well.

  • Dwarves have problems climbing staircases, and sometimes repeatedly fall through them before navigating them successfully (this can be particularly annoying when they're starving and need to get up those stairs to eat).

  • Pathing is generally pretty good, but, for some reason, when some dwarves are attacked, they just stand around instead of fleeing and you end up needing to move them manually or watching them die.

  • If you happen, at some point, to spend all your money, no new wealth tally shows up when you get more (until you restart the game).

  • There are a lot misspellings and grammar mistakes in the game text — anywhere from repeatedly misspelling "environment" to sentences that make no sense whatsoever and game missions being called different things depending on what piece of text is referring to them.

  • I've had a lot of problems with camera angle. Sometimes about midway into a level, it just decides the only view I want of the dwarves is at the level of their feet, and nothing I can do can get it to reset or take a better angle. The only solution is waiting for it to get so bad that, when you load the game, the game corrects it.

  • Level design leaves a lot to be desired: sometimes the monsters right by your starting location are, say, level 10 or better, while the ones far away and deep underground are level 2. It seems somewhat random.

I'll also say that, tone wise, I'd have preferred fewer puns and pop culture references (example: one resource is "dragonforce", with the tooltip, "the hardest metal known to man") and dialogue that was worthwhile reading — instead, it frequently pauses your game mostly to waste your time. Some of that is, I think, poor translation work (or non-native English at the very least), and it tended to annoy me to some degree in that I generally expect a bit more polish from a game I've paid to play.

The Good
Yet, all that aside, I really did enjoy the game itself. That is, despite its slap-dash feel and poor finishing. The pacing is relaxed, and the graphics cute enough that you can spend time just enjoying digging around and making nice settlements.

There are some DLC available for A Game of Dwarves, both add-on packs (Pets, Ale Pack, and Space Dwarves) plus some in-game purchases of furniture available. I got a few of the in-game furniture packs, but they seemed a little overpriced (about $0.99 USD for three pieces of furniture).

Overall: the game can be fun, and I can entertain myself for an unreasonable amount of time laying out settlements and making attractive rooms for my dwarves to enjoy. Just know that the game is not really "finished" in a sense, and try not to pay full price for it.
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Pubblicata: 24 febbraio

This game looks interesting, but have just spent 2 hours trying to:

a) understand the clunky controls
b) make sense of the 'levels' its too easy to get 'lost' between levels - therefore you spend more time clicking buttons and getting annoyed than playing
c) get the dwarves to follow commands! the dwarves to seem to follow commands all that well, it is intermittent.

I can't actually say I 'played' the game.

I dont recommend the game unless you like clunky management and functions..


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Pubblicata: 30 novembre 2014
The game is fun, However, I'm going to have to not recommend this game because of just one reason.

Hidden DLC's.

I based my choice to buy the game and the 3 steam DLC's on the total price and the expectation that would be all till new DLC's would come out some future day.
Only to find there were already about 10 more dlc's once you open the game and find an in-game shop.

Not to mention the ingame dlc store for the free items seems to be broken for several people, but that's another matter.
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Pubblicata: 8 maggio
despite being out for two years, it still feels like an alpha and hasn't been updated since 2012

its fun for all of ten minutes until you run out of new content and the game starts glitching up
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Pubblicata: 9 maggio
A Game of Dwarves. I hoped it was going to be a 3D and simpler version of the wonderful DF, since so far, I can only get a simple outpost going in that game. Now, Game of Dwarves sadly does not contain disasters like weather, flooding, or even... like lava? Underground Lakes or Lava pits I think would have been a good addition, but sadly we do not see those here. The only problem you will EVER face is the underground dungeon... rooms. Which you can dig up, sometimes it holds like a gnome, which is just an entirely useless enemy to put in, since it does NOTHING. Or you might get Orcs or goblins, which are a bit of a problem, but my dwarf guards always just wreck them immedietly.
Also, the game carries little to no challenge whatsoever. Why? Because the Devs added one ability you can use at any time, without restriction which just absolutely ruins challenge. A teleportation ability. You can use it on any dwarf anytime, anywhere, without restriction, and a five second cooldown... WHAT!? So, maybe your dwarf Miner dug up a ruin full of Goblins and Orcs? Simply teleport him out and spawn in your Five Highly trained guards to wreck them. NO CHALLENGE, WHATSOEVER. Now, I find mining in the game useless. I mainly just dig to reach the dungeons, for some kind of excitement. But I found myself just selling the wood I grew and then buying the things I needed, so basically, I had one Dwarf Miner, and about Ten Dwarf Farmers constantly growing wood. This turned out to be MUCH more productive then the slow mining in this game, since you can buy ALL the resources in the game with gold, you really do not even need to mine to be successful.
Now the animations and graphics in this game are bad, ok? There just so basic and dull.

Now, Dwarfs NEVER interact with one another, cannot build relationships, and simply Work, Eat,Sleep,Work,Eat,Sleep. (Etc.)

Alright, I think I am just going list the Pro's and Con's now.

-Casual and easy to learn Lite City Building game. +++
-Basic leveling system, though very basic, it does have it's perks. ++
-Somewhat Funny Story, yeah, it's not good, just somewhat funny with lots of references. +
-A tech tree, yeah, just a basic tech tree.+

-Animations and graphics are dull, but do not take away from the fun of the game.

-The same song keeps repeating... The same Song keeps repeating.... THE SAME SONG KEEPS REPEATING! --
-Small item and furniture variety --
-All the Dwarves look the same -
-Dull Combat and mechanics really ruin it. -
-Not Enough Disasters or Events. --

Now, I got this on a sale for $2.00, this game is not worth the asking price of $10.00, since it feels like an alpha game, more around $5.00 - $4.00 is more what it is worth. You should pick it up on a Sale IF you are into City Builders. It's an Ok game, which I enjoyed playing, which is why I am giving it a thumbs up! :)
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Pubblicata: 17 febbraio
A Game of Dwarves is a fun casual game. If you just want to play something that's not too demanding, then this is a good game to consider. It has a few flaws, like what feels like unfinished AI, but, if you just want to spend some time playing an easy, fun game then this one is a real contender.
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Pubblicata: 5 novembre 2012
Avevo grandi speranze su "A Games of Dwarves", ma purtroppo questa volta mamma Paradox non mi ha soddisfatto. Per carità, è comunque un gioco economico e che fila liscio liscio, ideale magari per qualcuno che si avvicina per la prima volta ad uno "strategico-gestionale" o a qualche fanatico di nani. Vi interessa un gioco in cui costruite dungeon sotterranei e vi faccia passare ore ed ore spensierate? Ritiratevi fuori Dungeon Keeper II o il meravigliosissimo Evil Genius. Volete scavare cubi di terra come forsennati e costruire robe belle? Minecraft e Terraria son ancora imbattuti. Se invece volete costruire una fortezza nanica, accontentando le richieste di nobili scassapalle, facendo funzionare l'industria metallurgica, mineraria e agricola, costruendo difese a colpi di trappole ed eserciti addestrati e con il rischio di risvegliare un Balrog per la vostra ingordigia nello scavare troppo in profondità... vabbè... ma che ve lo dico a fare : Dwarf Fortress Docet.

Leggi l'Astrorecensione su : http://theshelternetwork.com/game-dwarves-il-gioco-del-scavare-del-dormire/
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Pubblicata: 14 agosto 2014
com'è che si dice... si dice che cazzo è
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Pubblicata: 19 gennaio 2014
I so badly wanted to give this game a good review...

Here is why I like it. The game is extremely slow paced with only as much challenge as you take on. It is great fun digging out your dwarven stronghold. I have spent hours upon hours designing awesome underground towns for my little buddies to live in. I bought the game on a steam sale and I do feel that it was a value for the price.

Here's the bad... Once you've played one level you've pretty much played them all which lends the game to tedium. And it's not really much of a game. It's more of a Dwarven Stronghold Designer. There is no challenge, random events or enemies that attack your dwarves without you digging them out. Even though I bought about half of them (I really wanted to support the game), but I hate DLC in a game like this. Especially in AGoD, the DLC (maybe except for the Pets add on) came off as a desperate cash grab. There is no reason why these items were not included in the core game. Especially considering there are tons of reports of game/achievement breaking bugs in the game. There is also an overworld to the maps that apparently goes completely unused.

The game does not feel finished. It is painful how much potential is here. It is a genuine crime that the money wasn't there for the game's full development.
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Pubblicata: 4 novembre 2014
Buggy and unfinished.

Good art style, but feels low quality and rushed.

DLC available for a game that should be an alpha: It has clearly been designed as cash crop from day one.

Developers/Publishers simply slapped on a 1.0 sticker and moved onto other projects.

Bugs consisted of terrible pathfinding, graphical issues and many other issues. Clunky.

Not really anything to do after an hour of two of gameplay: Literally no reason to play on.

Dug into dungeon of mobs and got absolutely massacred, had a few warriors as well.

This is not anywhere near a Dwarf Fortress 3D successor like I had hoped, nor will it clearly ever be, which is a shame as it had potential.
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Pubblicata: 26 novembre 2013
Best viewed as a sim dungeon, dwarven style. There's a campaign mode where dwarves seek to reclaim their land from evil magi, but it's pretty rudimentary (I like the Dwarves-Elves angle in the story though!). It does structure gameplay a bit on each level with preset elements and gives some bonus incentive to continue playing, however it's still rather sandboxy experience, in the end not differing all that much from actual "custom mode", which is pure sandbox without the preset storyline elements.

Otherwise, if you want to treat it as a strategy game (real time with pause), you're going to be dissapointed. It's as if creators were aiming to make something like Dungeon Keeper but in full 3D (multiple levels of dungeon not just one), changing the tone from dark lord to sort of supposedly benevolent dwarves, perhaps being inspired by Dwarf Fortress, but in the end they realized they won't make it and dialed down difficulty a lot. It's very basic, no AI to speak of, no challenge, you can do everything at your own pace without being forced to discover (always marked) rooms with enemies until you feel ready. No enemies respawn or surprise you unless you dig your own grave unprepared. Many things feel unbalanced and purely aesthetic in nature (although aesthetics do have gameplay implications of keeping dwarves happy - the more you dig, the more decorative stuff you need for dwarves to feel at home). Early game on a new level is rather slow in terms of trying to push story forward/discover random enemy rooms, because you are too weak. And then, after a bit of building up, you're totally overpowered. Especially once you realize your ability to move stuff anywhere you want by your godly player powers is overpowered on its own.

So yeah, as a sort of sandboxy doll house, err- dwarven dungeon, it can work pretty well. You dig around, gather resources, set up farm for food and wood (ultimate renewable resource that buys you everything), and possibly some shrooms for happiness (yeah.. but I usually just stick to wood for cash and get happiness otherwise :P), build some cozy place for your guys to live, occasionally fight baddies who won't be a problem at all after a bit of building up, push story forward. Can be somewhat slow, and there surely are better sim games, but the overall tone and setting here is pretty unique for such genre I think.

Doesn't work at all as a strategy game, though. And if you want to be picky, animations are bit off, but otherwise looks are sort of cute.

Bonus points for spelling "dwarves" properly (not "dwarfs"). Malus points for broken achievements (one mission is broken and doesn't give you full influence, required for cheevos).

Also take note there are silly in-game cosmetic microtransactions, but many are free and you can easily ignore the rest (of which only Ales DLC is separate on Steam and only gives you ale tree and kegs to increase dwarven happiness). Bigger DLC is Space Dwarves, which changes medieval tone to futuristic, but it only works in pure sandbox (aka custom) mode, not in the campaign mode. No idea about the Pets DLC.

In the end, this title isn't very strong overall, but I still recommend it for its setting, however only to people who like to mess around sandbox/dollhouse style and maybe have some TV series to watch at the same time for slower moments or something xD
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Pubblicata: 16 gennaio 2014
Basically an abandoned early-access game, A Game of Dwarves had a lot of potential, but is left poorly optimized and riddled with bugs. Seemingly inspired by the much better "Dwarf Fortress", A Game of Dwarves sought to improve upon it with better graphics, only to fall short in every other area. It can be fun to build in, or stripmine, as suits your moods, but there's no strategic depth and any of the levels can be beaten almost blindfolded (which is how your dwarves behave half the time). Overall, it can be fun to waste some time in, but I can't recommend you purchase it.
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Pubblicata: 2 ottobre 2014
My first impression of this game was very optimistic; its gameplay was somewhat different from most games, and the games that this one is likened to are only in 2D, making this very promising.

However, after the first hour it became very apparent that this game was designed to be casual- no real resource management or needs/logistics to cover even the most sprawling of dwarven strongholds. Granted, the game IS in the casual genre, but a game like this has so much potential that it comes off as more of a half-baked idea than intentionally casual. This is evident in the lack of true challenges and very repetitive gameplay.

So, avoiding the strategy genre because there is nothing challenging, I wouldnt count it as a building game either. The number of items available arent very many for a builders' game, and what's available is most likely useless decoration, which would have been fine if the game had direction, but because of the immense amount of time it takes to make one or two decorations, playing this just doesnt seem worth the effort.

I was looking forward to this as an alternative to Towns, but I am disappointed to say that Towns is far more engaging and rewarding.
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Pubblicata: 23 novembre 2014
sadly it bugged and not really playable. tried to fix some of the grafic bugs appearing on my pc, but i reinstalled everything (and sadly invested 3-4 more hours for just this) + there is no support anymore. Paradox Interactive normally stands for quality and good games, but this is just crap.
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Pubblicata: 19 novembre 2014
I bought that game with no expectations at all. And that's probably what helped me enjoying it. In the end, I did enjoy it. I even went up to the end, which kind of took me some time. Of course, it is full of downs/cons, like, it's a casual game, it's quite bugged, it has huge slow downs when the map becomes huge and full of your constructions, it is not very deeply thought and programmed, the scenario is poor, the dialogues useless, blablabla, you could make a huge list of the bad stuff, as there are probably more of these than the good ones. HOWEVER. However. All in all, there is one huge aspect of that game that is so nice that in the end it becomes heavier or at least as heavy as the bad stuff in the balance used to rank this game: the exploration feeling and the construction features. And you know what? These two simple facts, no matter how bad all the other things are, made me feel closer than ever to the golden past of games like Dungeon Keeper, more than any other game did these past 20 years. So, if you understood the whole situation here, yes: I DO recommend this game.
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Pubblicata: 9 maggio 2014
At first quite nice. Digging, gathering resources, creating home for little creatures. But after some time the game gets really boring. And is full of annoying bugs or weird "features". Yes, really weird. For example you can build some furniture like beds or chairs. But dwarves don't use them (at last in the way you can observe). What is more annoying the cannot pass through items like chairs or plants. So it's easy to block their way. Just after a short time it's quite easy to notice a lot of bugs.

The game has some potential but seems to be unfinished or even abandoned.
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Pubblicata: 6 maggio 2014
Not like dwarf fortress, not like dungeon keeper, and infested with micro-transactions.
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Pubblicata: 2 giugno 2014
As much potential as this game had, it's sad to see it never actually befoming a fun game.
The digging is fun, and there's good bits of crafting and decorating and other things that are fun.
But the engine the devs used, killed any modding community or content sharing.

That and the tedium of the 'story' missions ie 'where can i dig to get to the sparkly square and tell my warriors to go' sadly remove all the acutal management and tactical parts of the game.

I wish this had gotten a sequel made in a more flexible engine that allowed for actual AI.

Skip it.
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Pubblicata: 21 ottobre 2014
Not a good game. A little fun, but it gets dull. It is fun to dig a dwarf base. But story missions are pretty much all the same. The way enemies are handled is really annoying. Also, it has a bunch of bugs. Eg. Your dwarves will always fall down stairs once before going up them, because the game does not understand that it is not an empty space.

It also has a bunch of DLC, $5 DLC at that. I would pay maybe $2 for the game, so...
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