Explora un paisaje postapocalíptico devastado por la guerra y enfréntate a enemigos usando varias armas en este híbrido FPS/RTS.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 26 sep. 2011

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"ND is a hybrid FPS/RTS,that combine teamwork with real time action,good & big maps,12+ weapons 10/10"
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30 de junio

New Community Forums online!

Hello Everyone,

As of today we have brought the Community Forums back online.
We hope that you will pay us a visit once more and come chat with other gaming fanatics on our big gaming community.

Ofcourse we have restored the Nuclear Dawn, Dark Matter, SourceBans and Stargate: TLS forums aswell, and they are now part of the main forums for easy browsing.

You can try to login with your old username and password, or request a new password right on our forums and ofcourse dont forget to change your avatar to something cool :)

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you soon on our new forums: http://forums.gameconnect.net

The GameConnect Team

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2 de mayo

Nuclear Dawn Dedicated Server update released

An optional server update has been released with the following changes:

  • Fixed issue with wall regeneration causing walls to require a single high amount of damage to destroy them when nearing low health (rather than continuing to accumulate damage).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selling Sonic Turrets.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when R.E.D.s detonated.
  • Fixed an exploit that could allow instant class/subclass changes when not near an armory.
  • Fixed Poison Command Ability not dealing damage in affected area.
  • Updated Bad Santa achievement to be attainable any time during December and January.

Additionally, the Authoring Tools have been updated to fix a crash issue when running the game in -tools mode.

Thank you to yed of NDix for assistance in identifying causes of some of the issues and helping test fixes.

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“Si Savage y Natural Selection eran tus juegos favoritos, encontrarás tu lugar natural en Nuclear Dawn”.
Rock Paper Shotgun
“...una experiencia multijugador estimulante”.
8/10 – Destructoid
“Un híbrido de FPS y RTS sorprendentemente profundo y bien diseñado”.
83/100 – PC Gamer

Acerca de este juego

Nuclear Dawn es el primer juego en ofrecer una experiencia completa FPS y RTS sin perjudicar a ninguna de las dos partes.
Juega como un soldado en un paisaje post apocalíptico, modelado en base a ciudades modernas, y afronta la lucha con tus enemigos como infantería armada, de asalto o de sigilo, utilizando diversas armas y configuraciones para cumplir tus objetivos. La parte shooter en primera persona de Nuclear Dawn es dura, de ritmo rápido e implacable, con armas que dependen más de tu habilidad y tus tácticas que de unos reflejos rápidos y de la memorización del escenario.
Después, toma el control de Nuclear Dawn desde arriba y juega como comandante. Organiza a tus jugadores en escuadras y asígnales objetivos tácticos. Planifica las rutas de recursos para tu ejército y la producción de tus estructuras para un desarrollo posterior. Explota el terreno y las localizaciones de los recursos para bloquear el avance de tus enemigos y aplastar sus planes con puño de hierro. Investiga e implementa nuevas tecnologías para proporcionar ventaja a tus soldados en el campo de batalla y establece bases de avanzadilla para liderar el asalto sobre tus enemigos, con una gran variedad de estructuras defensivas y ofensivas a elegir para construir tu fortaleza perfecta.

Características Principales

  • Dos facciones: El Imperio y el Consorcio tienen paradigmas de construcción de bases totalmente diferentes

  • Comandante RTS: Produce estructuras, investiga avanzadas tecnologías, desata devastadores ataques contra tus enemigos y dirige a tu equipo hacia la victoria como comandante RTS

  • Cuatro clases: Cada facción dispone de cuatro clases con varias configuraciones diferentes para un total de más de tres docenas de armas

  • Escuadras: Modo de guerra total basada en escuadras para 32 jugadores

  • Seis mapas: Viaja por los mapas multijugador más grandes y detallados creados con el motor Source hasta la fecha

  • Armamento avanzado: Como comandante, deberás proporcionar curación a tus tropas y muerte a tus enemigos administrando tus habilidades avanzadas

  • Estadísticas y desbloqueos: 60 rangos, 12 desbloqueos para cada arma, logros, aparatos y mucho más

  • SDK: El Software Development Kit para Nuclear Dawn estará disponible para que la comunidad cree mapas personalizados, etc.

  • Potenciado por Source: Basado en el motor de L4D2 y modificado para proporcionarte la experiencia definitiva de combate online

  • Potenciado por Steam: Disponible tanto para Mac como para PC mediante Steamplay con soporte para Steam Cloud

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • SO: Windows® 7 de 32 y 64 bits / Vista de 32 y 64 bits / XP o posterior
    • Procesador: Intel Core 2 Duo a 2.4 GHz o equivalente
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 6 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Tarjeta de 128 MB compatible con DirectX 9 y con Pixel Shader 2.0b (ATI Radeon HD 2900 - nVidia GeForce 8800)
    • Sonido: Compatible con DX 9.0c
    • SO: MacOS X 10.6.7 o posterior
    • Procesador: Core 2 Duo a 2.4 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 6 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: ATI Radeon HD 2400 / nVidia GeForce 8600M / Intel HD Graphics 3000
    • No Soportado: OS X 10.5.x, gráficas ATI X1600 o X1900, gráficas nVidia GeForce 7 o gráficas Intel inferiores a Intel HD 3000.
    • OS: Ubuntu or Debian/Linux 12.04 or higher
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 6GB of free HDD space
    • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 2400 / NVidia GeForce 8600M / Intel HD Graphics 3000
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Publicado el 27 de mayo
I've seen this game when it was on sale for 2,49€, and since I found the fps/rts hybrid idea interesting I thought I would give it a try, wouldn't lose much money anyways if it would be bad. What a great decision!
It turns out this is an amazing and well designed co-op game, it is definitely not what one would expect from a 2€ game, it is rather a 20€ game.

The gameplay provides a lot of room for in-depth teamwork with a variety of classes and weapon kits, all suited for different situations, and it is decently balanced. Playing this with friends and good communicating commanders on both teams gives quite an intense outcome. You will be fighting for key positions and pushing back of waves of enemies with commander support, you will get behind enemy lines and assasinate their commander or sabotage their power-grid so your fellow players can rush their positions, you will be going after resource points with your squad to ensure your commander gets resources, ...
Each match is different and highly dynamic, depending on what strategy the commanders and soldiers choose. Playing on the same map is never the same thing!

Which brings me to another point: maps. I can't stop getting surprised at how well the maps are designed in this game. They are full of detail, full of alternative paths, full of hidden places you can use to get an advantage, and the atmosphere is just awesome.

The only problem of this game is its small player base. Most of the time there are one or two full servers of 32 players each, and steamgraph says there are 100 players at peak times/evenings.

If you like the idea of fps/rts hybrid games then you should definitely check this out! It goes on sale very often, and even for 9€ the price is still a joke considering what you get. If you watch the store videos and you think it could be cool, don't hesitate! The game is so much better than it appears in those videos!
It is a shame that this game does not get more attention. Only you can change that! Grab your friends and get Nuclear Dawn! NOW!
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Publicado el 2 de mayo
I just can't stop playing it. Nuclear Dawn simply doesn't let you the time to be bored. The game is really fast-paced and quite easy to understand and to master either as soldier or as commander. The community is welcoming and is always looking for trainees. For its price, it's an excellent gift you could do to yourself or a friend. Don't hesitate, try it, play it, love it.

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Publicado el 25 de mayo
Have you ever found it annoying that you always have to take care of your units in RTS, one moment of distraction causing heavy fatalities due to "your units not doing anything unless you order them to do something?". That's the idea behind Nuclear Dawn;

As Commander, you can focus on expanding, supporting your troops and defending your base, while your units are real players and act autonomously. Most of the time, the Commander is an experienced player.

As Player, you are supported by structures built by the Commander, and support him by repairing and protecting the foward buildings.

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy buildings and protect your own while your commander establishes foward outposts and expanding, eventually building into the enemy base.

If you ever played Battlefield 2 and liked the concept of the big, open maps, this game is for you. The class system is very similar to BF2, and in addition, so-called gizmos are unlocked as you level up, like extended magazines, ACOG scopes, boosts, medical enhancements, and so on.

The FPS and RTS part of the game fit together smoothly, and a constant communication between commander and the team is obligatory in order to achieve victory.

The community is very friendly and mature and there are always 1-2 full servers.

Highly recommended
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Publicado el 29 de mayo
There were very few games like "Nuclear Dawn" prior to its release; only the original "Natural Selection" and one (maybe two) other games fit in the same black sheep category of FPS/RTS. There was ample fun to be had in the game's myriad roles: you could sit in your team's bunker as the commander and spread buildings deliberately towards the enemy base in a game of chess, supplying and defending your pawns; you could play as the hulking siege, crushing the other team's build-out; you could suit up as the the equivalent of the heavy in "Team Fortress 2" to lock down valuable resource points; you could slip through enemy lines as the stealth, literally turning invisible until you were ready to stab sieges, snipers, or even commanders in the back; you could play as a support, healing teammates, repairing the commander's buildings, or wielding flamethrowers and gas grenades; or you could be an "assault" to hunt down spies with your thermal vision and protect all of the other classes around the map.
Ultimately, the game wasn't just about kill-death ratios, the FPS's typical "gold star" award; it was about cooperating with a commander who linked power plants, relays, spawn points, and supply stations across the map to feed you ammo, while you grabbed and defended resource points to help him or her build these structures. Sometimes the matches were over in an instant, with expert commanders extending a few relays right to another commander's base while veteran players held down resource points. Other times, matches turned into classic trench warfare as expert teams clashed, or new players stumbled. Sometimes, commanders were demoted, either because they couldn't get the job done or their teammates didn't understand how to do the job for them. There was little room for goofing off, but plenty of room for brilliantly-executed plans.
The game always suffered from a lack of buy-in; it was rare to find all of the servers filled to capacity, and tournament organization was difficult. However, this was counterbalanced by an incredibly close-knit community which simply had fun together, as well as working on mods and Steam Workshop additions. Even as the developer's support waned and server populations dwindled further, the community remained for some time.
While the subsequently released "Natural Selection 2" was graphically astonishing, I found it to be incredibly demanding on my sub-par rig when it came out. This is still a plus over what some might consider previous-gen graphics in the case of ND, although the innovative gameplay more than made up for the graphical shortcomings. The gameplay styles in ND and NS2 were also incredibly different, with NS2 being incredibly fast-paced; the learning curve in NS2 was nearly impossible if, like me, you had no experience jumping into the game. Again, this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, just a difference. The units in ND's two different factions were somewhat unique, although some of these differences were not as big as they could have been - particularly when one looks at the "aliens vs. marines" dynamic of NS2.
However, these comparisons aren't really fair. On it's own - and for its time - ND was a fantastic blast, and still could be. If you can still find a server to play on, it's absolutely worth a shot. For $10, it's not much of a risk at any rate, particularly if a sale happens along.
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Publicado el 12 de junio
It would be awesome if the servers had more than a grand total of 3 people. Guess I missed the glory days. It's a fun game but oh well...
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