Dystopia is a cyberpunk game on the Source engine that places the player into tense combat situations in a high-tech world spanned by computer networks. Playing as either Punk mercenaries, or Corporate security forces, the player will fight through the physical world to gain access, via jack-in terminals, to cyberspace.
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Utgivningsdatum: 10 sep, 2005

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Mod för Half-Life 2


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2 oktober

Dystopia is back online

Hey guys, the update that Valve pushed yesterday has been reverted and Dys should work again for everyone.

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7 september

Dystopia is fixed. Please update to play.

Sorry about the weekend downtime. Some stuff got messed up that caused issues with connecting and playing. That should be resolved now upon updating your Dystopia client.

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“...a super sleek, fast paced , 100% Cyberpunk treat for the whole family.”

“...an ambitious conversion for Half Life 2”
PC Gamer (UK)

“...translating that dirty ‘hi-tech low-life’ [Cyberpunk] chestnut into a balanced multiplayer game”
PC Zone

Om detta spel

Dystopia är en total omvandling av Source-motorn, ständigt under utveckling av Team Dystopia, som placerar spelaren i snabba stridssituationer i en högteknologisk värld breddad av datornät. Som Punk eller Corporate kommer spelaren att slåss i den fysiska världen för att få tillgång till jack-terminaler, in i cyberrymden.
Cyberrymden är en tredimensionell representation av världsnätet. Inne i cyberrymden måste spelaren använda sig av program för att hacka sig in i system, kopplade till den fysiska världen. Spelaren måste samtidigt bekämpa fientliga hackare och försvara kritiska system. För att vinna måste spelarna balansera fysiska mål och mål i cybervärlden. En del klaras av antingen i den fysiska världen eller i cyberrymden, medans andra är en kombination av båda.
Spelaren blir indragen i actionfyllda slag. Även om spelaren är en soldat beväpnad till tänderna med det senaste inom eldkraft, eller kan snabbt infiltrera en cyberrymd-nod, kommer dom bli tvungna att delta i actionfylld strid. Genom skicklig användning av högteknologisk vapenarsenal och lagsamarbete, som finns tillgängligt, kommer spelaren att uppleva vad "jack in, kick ass !" innebär.
Team Dystopia är en samling av hängivna och duktiga spelare som skapar ett actionpackat multiplayer-spel. Dystopia bygger på teman och begrepp i Cyberpunkvärlden och genomför idéer som utvecklats under år av spelupplevelser. Med ett omsorgsfullt utformat gameplaysystem hoppas vi kunna producera nästa steg i online multiplayer-spel.
  • Dubbel gameplay, sammanlänkade i den fysiska världen och cyberrymden
  • En mycket detaljerad futuristisk "realworld" miljö
  • En 3D "cyberrymd"
  • Unikt konfigurationssystem för spelarna
  • 10 uppdragsbaserade kartor
  • 4 Phistball kartor
  • 12 stora och kraftiga vapen
  • 14 valbara implantat


    Minst: Processor på 1,2 GHz, 256 MB arbetsminne, DirectX 7-kompatibelt grafikkort, Windows XP, mus, tangentbord, Internetanslutning

    Rekommenderas: Processor på 2,4 GHz, 512 MB arbetsminne, DirectX 9-kompatibelt grafikkort, Windows XP, mus, tangentbord, Internetanslutning

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It may come as a surprise to see that I have, I believe, no hours in Dystopia. Yet, I'm writing a review for it. This is because I played the old version of Dystopia, before it had a store page. Dystopia is an incredibly important game to me, in that it is the game that got me to play PC games. Before Dystopia, I didn't know that PC was really a gaming platform. I remember being at my Mom's boyfriend's house, and hanging out with his child (who was almost twice my age) and watching him play it. I was blown away by the futuristic look of everything, and all the little secrets he knew about in the community-made levels. Not to mention, watching him hack whilst in cyberspace just seemed incredible to the eight or nine year old me. So, I wanted to play it. So I got Steam. But I couldn't play it, because it wasn't a stand-alone game. It was a mod. So I needed Half-Life 2. But I couldn't run Half-Life 2, and by proxy Dystopia, because my PC was trash at the time. Finally, I obtained a PC that I could play Dystopia on, and... it was dead. Hardly anyone played it. The game had died by the time I was finally able to get around to playing it. So there I was, 11 or so years old, unable to properly play the game I had up until then so longed to play and I thought to myself, "Well... I guess I could try out this Half-Life 2 game. Maybe it will be alright. The guy on the cover looks like a nerd though..."
So that's why Dystopia is important to me. Not only did it get me to start playing PC games in general, but it got me to start playing PC games on what is perhaps the greatest game of all time. So, even if it's still dead, I have to thank it for that. And maybe, just maybe, some day it will be revived and I'll be able to -really- play the game.
Upplagd: 9 maj
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Great game, shame the player base is dead.
Upplagd: 21 juni
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11 av 11 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
146.3 timmar totalt
Maybe, quite maybe the best game I have ever played. the game is very diverse with multiple different paths into a fight or down the map, you can choose to do anything you want in this game. the teamwork dynamics in this game are outstanding if you and small group of tight players can hold a large group of players back for several minutes and completely disrupt their flow and do the opposite when attacking albeit much harder since they have strength in numbers but nonetheless it is still possible. Case in point... Pipe Smokin Yeti's made the impossible possible with this game, holding objectives for 20 minutes, single players holding and killing all or 4/5ths of the team and weakening the last few. then we go into the weapons! like most futuristic games theres always some "weird" guns but they are awesome, an Electric "flamethrower" where you can charge a plasma like ball and litterally whip it around corners and the "Smartlock" pistols that shoot a tracer round and locks the pistol to that target and with 2 guns you can hit 2 contacts at once. I could continue but its best if you just try this game before it is lost to the ages of "MODS" still cannot believe it isnt in the free to play section. Sadly this game is dying and most likely wont see the light of day again or see the thousands of players engaging in cyber combat again.

Upplagd: 21 juni
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6 av 6 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
62.3 timmar totalt
Needs players then it'll be one of the better source mods ever.

The problem is...

"Hello? Anyone wanna play?"

Upplagd: 4 september
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Contrary to me not recommending this game, this game is unique. I would have enjoyed playing it other than the fact that the community is dead. Out of all the servers, only one had a player. Only one player. One of the greatest mods of HL2...shame it never took off.

Gameplay 8/10
Community 1/10
Upplagd: 13 maj
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17.5 timmar totalt
Ok, this game is UNIQUE, unlike you or snowflakes. Nothing plays like this game. It's objective based and takes place in 2 dimensions. In the physical world, you get all sorts of very cool futuristic weaponry and abilities like radars, sonars, invisibility, medical implants, heat-vision, etc. You can throw spidernades, direct rockets in your enemie's face, rocketfist their ♥♥♥, mow them down, desintegrate, electrify, bomb, chop them down as a bunnyhoppin cyberninja, whatever! And you can hack into the virtual world where you rocket jump, run like sonic and get into wall-running MLG-pro psychedelic laserfights.

Everything is fine-tuned, there is voice commands, the weapons are a pleasure to use and the way the mod plays is simply beautiful. Also, the music is pretty boss. It makes all the cyberman-shooting look cool.
Upplagd: 26 november, 2013
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