Dystopia is a cyberpunk game on the Source engine that places the player into tense combat situations in a high-tech world spanned by computer networks. Playing as either Punk mercenaries, or Corporate security forces, the player will fight through the physical world to gain access, via jack-in terminals, to cyberspace.
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Utgivningsdatum: 10 sep, 2005

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Spela Dystopia

Mod för Half-Life 2


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"(Mod) Dystopia is a cyberpunk game on the Source engine that places the player into tense combat situations in a high-tech world"
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“...a super sleek, fast paced , 100% Cyberpunk treat for the whole family.”

“...an ambitious conversion for Half Life 2”
PC Gamer (UK)

“...translating that dirty ‘hi-tech low-life’ [Cyberpunk] chestnut into a balanced multiplayer game”
PC Zone

Om detta spel

Dystopia är en total omvandling av Source-motorn, ständigt under utveckling av Team Dystopia, som placerar spelaren i snabba stridssituationer i en högteknologisk värld breddad av datornät. Som Punk eller Corporate kommer spelaren att slåss i den fysiska världen för att få tillgång till jack-terminaler, in i cyberrymden.
Cyberrymden är en tredimensionell representation av världsnätet. Inne i cyberrymden måste spelaren använda sig av program för att hacka sig in i system, kopplade till den fysiska världen. Spelaren måste samtidigt bekämpa fientliga hackare och försvara kritiska system. För att vinna måste spelarna balansera fysiska mål och mål i cybervärlden. En del klaras av antingen i den fysiska världen eller i cyberrymden, medans andra är en kombination av båda.
Spelaren blir indragen i actionfyllda slag. Även om spelaren är en soldat beväpnad till tänderna med det senaste inom eldkraft, eller kan snabbt infiltrera en cyberrymd-nod, kommer dom bli tvungna att delta i actionfylld strid. Genom skicklig användning av högteknologisk vapenarsenal och lagsamarbete, som finns tillgängligt, kommer spelaren att uppleva vad "jack in, kick ass !" innebär.
Team Dystopia är en samling av hängivna och duktiga spelare som skapar ett actionpackat multiplayer-spel. Dystopia bygger på teman och begrepp i Cyberpunkvärlden och genomför idéer som utvecklats under år av spelupplevelser. Med ett omsorgsfullt utformat gameplaysystem hoppas vi kunna producera nästa steg i online multiplayer-spel.
  • Dubbel gameplay, sammanlänkade i den fysiska världen och cyberrymden
  • En mycket detaljerad futuristisk "realworld" miljö
  • En 3D "cyberrymd"
  • Unikt konfigurationssystem för spelarna
  • 10 uppdragsbaserade kartor
  • 4 Phistball kartor
  • 12 stora och kraftiga vapen
  • 14 valbara implantat


    Minst: Processor på 1,2 GHz, 256 MB arbetsminne, DirectX 7-kompatibelt grafikkort, Windows XP, mus, tangentbord, Internetanslutning

    Rekommenderas: Processor på 2,4 GHz, 512 MB arbetsminne, DirectX 9-kompatibelt grafikkort, Windows XP, mus, tangentbord, Internetanslutning

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Upplagd: 4 maj
Dystopia is a pretty good multiplayer Mod for Half Life 2 set in the future.

I did play the mod quite a lot back in the day and I did enjoy it. These days, Dystopia is pretty much abandoned (like most multiplayer HL2 mods).

If you can find some people to play with you will still have a great time and I will recommend it, because of what it used to be.
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Upplagd: 2 juli
itse gud
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Upplagd: 3 juli
the corp mediums have huge butts!

in cyberspace, you'll have fun throwing really hard math problems at baddies to fry their brains ( in the form of laser tag and dodgeball ) in a low-gravity neon bouncy castle!

in meatspace it's a run and gun adventure!

don't worry about teamkilling! no mic ragers here! just prepare for flurry of positive reinforcement of your great aiming through the form of voice commands!
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Upplagd: 27 april
I started playing this game in 2006, and stopped a few years ago so this review is maybe a bit dated. I've played a lot of games like most of you so I have some reference.

This was the most fun I've ever had in a FPS, let alone game, ever. I can't even think of a game that was more fun than Dystopia beta U4-U5 or comes even close. Before steam started tracking play time, I must of had at least 500 hours in this game. I tried explaining to someone how fun this game was a few days ago but it was just lost on them.

As previous reviewers have stated there were certain elements to the game that made it so fun like sneaking into enemy base and backdoor hacking to turn the turrets on the other team. Or trying to sneak in while invisible to press first objective switch in vaccine. It was just so thrilling. This game required team work to win but was niche enough to have a great community of players who knew what they were doing since this was back in the day before mods were so streamlined though steam. Which ment that it was a 10 v 10 of players who knew each other and knew how to play the game which made for really fun games. The maps were very well designed too (I played vaccine for 6 months as the only map in the mod at the time).

Even the weapons and body mods were unique and fun. The laser rifle required you to hold it down to charge it and release when you wanted to shoot which made it really balanced, Same thing with the other weapons, they were really gratifying. For a mod in 2006 that had invisiblity, thermal vision, healing, leg jumpers, etc made by a random devteam, the whole game seemed very balanced within the first 2 updates, given the amount of upgrade and weapon variations.

I'm probably just rambling on in this review because I really can't pinpoint what made this game so great. There's a hundred games like it but still nothing that comes near it. Maybe it's just nostalgia about a simpler time with games but I hope not because that would mean that I will never have as much fun as I did back in 2007 playing video games. I'm downloading it now.

I don't think so sista
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