Dystopia is a cyberpunk game on the Source engine that places the player into tense combat situations in a high-tech world spanned by computer networks. Playing as either Punk mercenaries, or Corporate security forces, the player will fight through the physical world to gain access, via jack-in terminals, to cyberspace.
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发行日期: 2005年9月10日


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Merry Dysmas Everyone

It's Dystopias 10th Christmas. We may not be a large community, but it is your continued support that makes dystopia a fun game year after year. While you are taking advantage of Steam Sales, remember that Dystopia is always free and we always have games occuring, so once you've completed your new game and need something else to play, we're here to frag you in the name of Datatrust.

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“...a super sleek, fast paced , 100% Cyberpunk treat for the whole family.”

“...an ambitious conversion for Half Life 2”
PC Gamer (UK)

“...translating that dirty ‘hi-tech low-life’ [Cyberpunk] chestnut into a balanced multiplayer game”
PC Zone


Dystopia 对 Source 引擎进行了质的变换,并在 Dystopia 团队的努力下不断发展,使玩家置身在由计算机网络连接的高科技世界里的激烈战斗中。无论是选择作为 Punk Mercenaries 还是 Corporate Security Forces 的一员,玩家都要通过战斗并借助侵入服务器终端从物理世界进入网络空间。
Dystopia 团队集合了一批有奉献精神和才华的玩家,制作出了这么一款内容丰富有趣的多人联机游戏。Dystopia 绘制了庞克主题风格,并实现了多年游戏经历所衍生的想法。有着这样一个精工巧琢的游戏系统,我们希望能在线上多人联机游戏体验上迈出新的一步。
  • 双层游戏体验;相互关联的现实世界和网络空间
  • 一个非常详尽的未来“现实世界”环境
  • 一个 3D 的“网络空间”——计算机网络环境
  • 独特的玩家配置系统
  • 10 张突击类型的地图
  • 4 张踢足球般的 Phistball 模式地图
  • 12 种极大威力的主武器
  • 14 种可供玩家选择的移植配件


    最低配置:1.2 GHz 处理器,256MB 内存,DirectX 7 显卡,Windows XP,鼠标,键盘,互联网连接

    建议配置:2.4 GHz 处理器,512MB 内存,DirectX 9 显卡,Windows XP,鼠标,键盘,互联网连接

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It's like skyrim with LAZERZ!

I kid, its a great game. Think unreal tournament meets Neuromancer.
The bunnyhop is very strong in this game, and it is a legit way to outmatch people.
You can go into cyberspace, and hack into terminals by clicking buttons.
You can have augments, and don't worry, they are VERY BALANCED. Half the things cancel each other out.
The maps are unique and fun, and all you need is half life 2.

Now, the only real gripe is the player base. But before you scroll away, I have a solution, the PYRAMID SCHEME.
It works like this.
1. Download HL2 and this mod.
2. Play it and have fun
3. Wait for sale, buy friend copy of HL2 and tell them to play it with you OR tell them to play the mod with you if they have HL2.
4. Have friend repeat.

Within 1-2 years, we will have a thriving playerbase, all thanks to the strategies of Bernie Madoff.
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Pretty fun multiplayer with quite a unique concept. The teams have to fight both in the real world and in cyberspace at the same time. There are different classes, plenty of different weapons and abilities, and overall graphics, sound, maps, etc. are pretty good considering it's free.

It's a shame this does not have more players, it's free after all. I'm afraid it doesn't appear to be very sexy on the store page, at least that's why I was too lazy to try it out for a long time.

This game is NOT dead though. The community is small, but regular, and most of the veterans are quite welcoming and helpful. Although you will still meet people who prefer to troll new players rather than help them. Either way, dear kiddies, stop playing CS:GO and jack into Dystopia!
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One of my best experience in a Half-Life 2 mod. The art, the fluidity, the gameplay, the weapons, the musics, the ambiance... everything came from passion. And this is exactly what the video game "industry" lacks.
Get yourself a HL2 copy (if not already done) and try Dystopia. Jack-in.
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Dystopia is the best source mod ever made.
It is a high-skill caped game which requires both teamplay and tactical awareness.
The 16 different primary weapons provide a fresh experience which sets the game ahead from other tactical shooters with standard gunplay , e.g. Counter-Strike.

The official maps are very unique and can provide thousand of hours of fun.
There are also a lot of custom map which bring variety and new concepts. Since neither the developers nor the custom map makers did suffer from any boundaries set by the marketing department to their creativity, the results are simply awesome.

This game is insanely fun and challenging on public servers, but also works as great in 5 vs 5 clan matches.
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