Apenas os mortos sobrevivem. Uma enorme nave mineira de longo curso perde o contacto após a descoberta de um estranho artefacto num planeta distante. O engenheiro Isaac Clarke embarca numa missão de reparação, acabando por se deparar com um banho de sangue de pesadelo — toda a tripulação da nave foi massacrada e infectada por uma praga...
Análises de utilizadores: Muito positivas (3,515 análises)
Data de lançamento: 20 Out, 2008

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Recomendações de Curadores

"One of my favorite horror games of all time. Unlike most horror games, it actually has a very compelling story arc, and pushes you to continue."
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Acerca deste jogo

Apenas os mortos sobrevivem.

Uma enorme nave mineira de longo curso perde o contacto após a descoberta de um estranho artefacto num planeta distante. O engenheiro Isaac Clarke embarca numa missão de reparação, acabando por se deparar com um banho de sangue de pesadelo — toda a tripulação da nave foi massacrada e infectada por uma praga alienígena. Isaac está isolado, encurralado e envolvido numa luta desesperada pela sobrevivência.

  • Desmembre estrategicamente os inimigos Necromorph, membro após membro.

  • O combate em gravidade zero significa que os inimigos podem atacar a partir de qualquer sítio.

  • Desvende a terrível verdade por trás deste thriller chocante.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistemas operativos suportados: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 ou Vista

    • Processador: 2,8 GHz ou superior

    • Memória: 1 GB de RAM ou mais para o Windows XP (2 GB para o Vista)

    • Placa gráfica: placa gráfica compatível com DirectX 9.0c, com Shader Model 3.0, 256 MB ou mais de memória, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 ou superior (a 7300, 7600 GS e 8500 não satisfazem os requisitos mínimos de sistema), ATI X1600 Pro ou superior (a X1300, X1300 Pro e HD2400 não satisfazem os requisitos mínimos de sistema)

    • Disco rígido: 7,5 GB de espaço livre

    • Som: placa de som compatível com DirectX 9.0c
Análises úteis de clientes
1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
17.8 hrs em registo
Publicada: 3 Agosto
Um jogo que realmete merece o termo "survival horror", pois alem de ser um jogo otimo para os amantes de jogos de terror (como eu), o jogo te mostra, que tudo pode ficar pior quando vc tem q lutar pela sua vida no espaço, um jogo com uma jogabilidade perfeita, uma boa historia e gráficos q impressionam até hoje
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76 de 80 pessoas (95%) acharam esta análise útil
11.9 hrs em registo
Publicada: 22 Junho
-Great atmosphere.
-Great sound design.
-Fun story and world.
-Very fun and satisfying game play. The dismemberment is incredibly well realized.
-Monster design
-One of the best minimalist HUD.

-Can feel like one long fetch quest where everything goes wrong.
-Monster diversity.
-Running the game without vsync creates lights flickers due to the high frame rate at which the game runs on modern system. (fix by enabling vsync in the Nvidia control panel, in game vsync limit the game at 30fps)

-Some of the mission objectives can become annoying.

Great game overall, highly recommend it.
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71 de 79 pessoas (90%) acharam esta análise útil
8.3 hrs em registo
Publicada: 13 Julho
Clarke's Journal. October 13th, 2508:

Today I recieved an emergency call from USG Ishimura, me and my crew are coming there to find out what's the problem. I'm really happy because this is my chance to finally see my girlfriend, she is working there as a medical officer. I love her very much.

Clarke's Journal. October 14th, 2508:

It didn't go so well. It appears something on the ship has killed everyone. I still hope that my beloved Nicole is alive. I must find her!

Clarke's Journal. October 15th, 2508:

I have made a terrible mistake.
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58 de 63 pessoas (92%) acharam esta análise útil
12.8 hrs em registo
Publicada: 28 Novembro
I'm sure everybody told you this is a good game, so i will give you a recipe for pancakes instead:

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon white sugar
1 1/4 cups milk
1 egg
3 tablespoons butter, melted

1. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix until smooth.

2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

all honor to the first guy who did that...
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53 de 59 pessoas (90%) acharam esta análise útil
14.1 hrs em registo
Publicada: 3 Setembro
"The marker must be returned to the planet,IT MUST" and to be honest i was glad that i to returned to this classic game and i really enjoyed losing my sanity all over again.
I played this game when it first came out on the X-BOX 360 and at the time thought it was one of the best game's i had ever played and on finishing down loading it i was a little worried and concerned if i was still going to love it as much as i did and if after all this time i would not feel the same way about it ?????
Of course i need not have worried as this game still pack's the same punch now as it did then,and still impressed me with both its jump scare's and its all together moment's of sheer horror i did not see coming the first time round and they still managed to make me jump out of my chair again this time as well.

Dead Space - Official Trailer - YouTube


To most the plot wont need explaining and i wont go into to much detail here let's just say this,the game is set in the year 2508 and the USG Ishimura a "planetcracker" starship send's out a distress signal during a mining operation on the planet Aegis VII.The Concordance Extraction Corporation (CEC) send's the USG Kellion to investigate.After a guidance system malfunction crash'es the Kellion into the Ishimura dock (in explosive fashion),the crew set's out and tries to find other mean's of transport.
As they explore what appear's to be an abandoned ship they find out it is'nt that abandoned after all,that's when the horror truely begin's for engineer Isaac Clarke, Commander Zach Hammond, and Computer Specialist Kendra Daniels as they encounter thing's that are (shall we say) no longer what they once were.
The graphic's in this game are still as impressive now as they were when the game was first released (and that was 6 year's ago-and yet this game can still pack quite a graphical punch),and the enemies and the ship still look as good now as they did then.
The sound and music in game are (not to put to finer point on it) amazing and really do help the scare's along and help you feel all together unnerved about your time on this haunted and possesed ship from hell.

"Dead Space 1", full HQ original soundtrack (OST) - YouTube


The spoken dialogue in game is all delivered with sheer perfection and would'nt sound out of place in a big hollywood SCI-FI blockbuster (Gunner Wright who is the voice of Isaac Clarke really does stand out).
The gameplay has stood the test of time and really does show up some more modern games (especially HORROR) for what they are poor game's,i enjoyed solving the puzzle's and blowing the limb's of enemies as much this time as i did the very first time i played the game.
And for a game to impress me as much now as it did 6 years ago really is a testament to what EA Redwood Shore's acheived and i was also happy that they continued the story by producing two very good animated film's to accompany the franchise.

Here's the trailer for the first movie -

Dead Space: Downfall - Trailer - YouTube


Will you like this game if you have'nt played it,well yes of course you will if you like a well made and top notch game full or horror,suspense and wet your pant moment's but if your the sort of person who hide's at the sight of "GHOST FACE" from "SCREAM" then i just wouldent bother.
Anyway remember watch your back and oh whats that in the corner of my eye.............................."AARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH" ok its just my wife ????

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34 de 38 pessoas (89%) acharam esta análise útil
37.0 hrs em registo
Publicada: 24 Outubro
Holy jeez this game scared the crap out of me! I love everything about this game, from the terryfying scenes to the hardcore gameplay. I really enjoyed the way the camera angles and mouse set up really lent to the scariness of the game. It causes a certain degree of panic when you know there is an enemy, but you can't find him unless you stay calm and move slowly without panicing. I really liked this game a lot and I definitely approve!!
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15 de 16 pessoas (94%) acharam esta análise útil
11.7 hrs em registo
Publicada: 13 Agosto
LOVE IT! Played it back in the PS3, i played it in the dark, alone, at night. Gave me the chills for dayzzz! Soon i bought on the PC just to re-enjoy the experience. The atmosphere is beautiful, the necromorphs will always be a threat. and always shoot a necromorph that is laying on the ground.


ENjoy ^-^
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21 de 27 pessoas (78%) acharam esta análise útil
7.9 hrs em registo
Publicada: 11 Novembro
Best stomping simulator

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19 de 24 pessoas (79%) acharam esta análise útil
11.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 12 Novembro
One of the best triple A titles I have ever played. You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer who has traveled to a Planet Cracker class ship to fix a communication relay, your motivation, the woman you love.

Things aren't so hunky dorey when you get there and what ensues is one of the best, albeit frustrating at times, survival-horror games ever made.

+The game still looks beautiful 6 years after release and there are plenty of opportunities for great screenshots
+Combat occasionally feels clunky but very satisfying when you dismember enemies
+Overall gameplay is good and rewarding
+Challenging boss fights
+Resource management is challenging but adds another level of gameplay to Dead Space
+When you complete the game you can start over with all of your items as well as some rewards for completing the game

+/-The plot, while the storyline itself is excellent, especially the twist at the end, some parts of the game are incredibly frustrating, e.g. 'Oh great you managed to find that thing which will save us! Oh but I just realised actually it won't be good enough, go find something else'
+/-Even medium difficulty is challenging at times, personally I like this but others may not
+/-Creepy enemies but not a particularly scary game especially compared to DS2

-Aiming while using matter cannons or while suspended by a 'large' necromorph is absolutely appalling even with a controller, very difficult to tell which way you need to move the weapon in order to get it in the right position
-Mouse controls aren't great and controller sensitivity can't be changed
-When using the steam overlay your normal mouse may appear in the game after using the mouse in the overlay
-No achievements

This is easily one of my favourite games and I'm so glad I played it to completion.

The verdict:

El K.
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15 de 17 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
0.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 12 Novembro
Great horror. Not recomended on LSD..

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23 de 32 pessoas (72%) acharam esta análise útil
9.7 hrs em registo
Publicada: 4 Outubro
Event Horizon : The game !
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12 de 13 pessoas (92%) acharam esta análise útil
7.1 hrs em registo
Publicada: 1 Setembro
Dead Space is an action oriented survival horror game.
You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer that is part of a rescue team. Your mission is to repair the spaceship USG Ishimura, a huge mining vessel that carves out chunks from planets and harvests the valuable ore. Shortly after they arrive on board all hell breaks loose. Their craft is destroyed, leaving them stranded on the Ishimura. The crew is attacked by nightmarish creatures. Seperated from the others it is up to Isaac to wander the halls, search for any friends or survivors that are still alive and fix as many problems as he can until he can find a way to escape the ship.
The setting is where the game shines. It definitely feels like you are in deep space. There are sections in a vacuum, things sound differently as you would expect if you were in an airless environment. You also have a small air supply that will run out if you are not quickly. There are other parts where there is no gravity and you can leap from floor to ceiling or walk up the sides of a wall.
A cool aspect is that there is no HUD. Health is displayed on the back of your suit and ammunition is displayed when you hold up your weapon.
Another interesting feature is the holographic screens that appear throughout the ship and when someone is talking to you. All elevators and doors have one of these screens instead of a standard switch.
The graphics are good. It has great lighting effects, textures, and models.
The sounds also really help with the immersion. You will sometimes hear random clanking, footsteps, or alien grunts and shrieks that keep you on your toes. The music gets intense when you are under attack by a group of aliens and is kind of spacey when you are just exploring alone.
Overall, if you like blood, gore, horror and action you should try Dead Space. There might be too much action in this game for the old school survival-horror fans but it should still be ok for them.

Sounds 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Gameplay 9/10
Atmosphere 10/10
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10 de 10 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
7.5 hrs em registo
Publicada: 9 Julho
“In space no one can hear you scream.”

Dead Space represents a great third person shooter experience with intense horror elements and interesting combat mechanics. It is very atmospheric with ambient creepy sounds and music, which will keep you on edge. The slow-paced movement of the protagonist also contributes to the great atmosphere.

The other large appeal of Dead Space is the combat system. Instead of going for the typical headshot, it introduces the strategic dismemberment. You must cut off certain limbs to kill your enemies, which is a welcomed variety within the shooter genre to unlearn the headshot.

In addition the available upgrades and customization for your weapons and RIG are all well-done. The absorbing storyline is another strength offered by this game, especially the background story profits from it and is continued in Dead Space 2.

Fun fact: The weapons in Dead Space are mostly improvised from mining tools, such as a plasma cutter, rotary saw, a hydrazine torch (repurposed flamethrower), a high-energy contact beam, and a force cannon that emits powerful shock waves.

My rating system consists of six categories in descending order of importance:

- Atmosphere
- Combat & Controls
- Details
- Tactical gameplay
- Characters
- Story

Based on the performance each category will receive one of the following grading:

- S-Rank: excellent
- A-Rank: very good
- B-Rank: solid
- C-Rank: satisfactory
- D-Rank: inferior

If the S-Rank is awarded, a quote from the game or personal comment will be added as a token of my respect (in brackets).

Atmosphere: S-Rank

(More of what?! What the hell are those things?! Is that the crew?!)

Combat & Controls: S-Rank

(Cut off their limbs!)

Details: S-Rank

(Warning! Ten kiloton mass detected in food storage.)

Tactical gameplay: A-Rank

Characters: A-Rank

Story: A-Rank (S-Rank for the underlying storyline)

There are no achievements to conquer.

Achievement difficulty: none

Dead Space 3 (PC) – Third person shooter
(Action / Horror) – 2013
Dead Space 2 (PC) – Third person shooter
(Action / Horror) – 2011
Dead Space (PC) – Third person shooter
(Action / Horror) – 2008
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21 de 31 pessoas (68%) acharam esta análise útil
19.4 hrs em registo
Publicada: 10 Novembro
This game is even more horrorfic and scary than Miley Cyrus herself! 11/10. A horror masterpiece!
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10 de 12 pessoas (83%) acharam esta análise útil
14.2 hrs em registo
Publicada: 16 Julho
its like a simulation for when you walk around your house at midnight
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9 de 11 pessoas (82%) acharam esta análise útil
23.8 hrs em registo
Publicada: 14 Outubro
One of the greatest horror games of the last generation, for sure. Dead Space builds up suspense and tension, using a sci-fi environment, a creepy atmosphere, and lots of blood. You play as engineer Isaac Clarke, who goes on a routine mission to repair a damaged spaceship. Obviously the mission isn't so routine, and it's up to Isaac to find his girlfriend Nicole and escape with the rest of his crew. The enemies are known as the Necromorphs - humans who have changed into hideous creatures. Over the course of the game you will find new weapons, armor, and upgrades to help you along the way. Just be sure to stop playing the series at two; Dead Space 3 is a whole new kind of monster...
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6 de 6 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
18.3 hrs em registo
Publicada: 24 Outubro
Antes de começarmos a falar deste jogo lembre-se desse nome " Warren Ellis ". Ele foi um dos escritores e produtores do jogo,onde todos queriam caminhar para um lado tendo Dead Space como um shooter em terceira com muito ação e tiroteio ele foi o cara que disse "NÃO" Eu quero corpos dilacerados no chão muito sangue e um bela doze de horror,e em uma de suas entrevistas ele disse exatamente isso " Eu quero que o jogador tenha medo de jogar Dead Space " .Muitos podem ir de encontro mas pra min foi satisfatório.

Dead Space faz com grande perfeição o que muitos jogos não tiveram capacidade de mostrar.Nesse jogo simplesmente não há limites para o horror ,de inicio a proposta é fraca,mas conforme a campanha vai se desenrolando obriga o jogador a buscar o seu desfecho .

O jogo possui uma jogabilidade honesta sem muito segredo e o nível de dificuldade em certos momentos chega a ser intrigante ,há diversos monstros na tela que o impossibilitam de realizar o seus atos . A escassez de munições e suprimentos de saúde é o ponto positivo e álíbi que o jogue tem de te mostrar que não é apenas atirar,atirar,atirar e atirar,de certa forma a outras formas de buscar o seu objetivo é claro dentro dos limites pré estabelecidos dentro do jogo .

Em partícular eu recomendo joga-lo com Headset de alta qualídade ou média,pois o som do jogo é um absurdo de bom,foi realizado um ótimo trabalha pela Visceral ao aplicar o som de maneira impecável nos ambientes da nave em que se passa o jogo.

O fator medo esta presente em todo o jogo,inclusive há momentos em que aquele susto é inevitavel o jogo consegue fazer isso de forma simples e eficaz

Agora a controversia ,um grande título não é composto a penas por pontos posítivos e sim por negativos,sendo assim aqui fica alguns .

• O personagem principal Isaac Clarke provavelmente deve ter o seus diálogos censurado dentro do jogo,pois eu não ouvi um diálogo se quer ,lamentável,deve ter esquecido de colocar algumas falas para ele,pois o que ele faz no jogo é fazer o que lhe é pedido sem argumentar em ipotese alguma .

• Personagens sem carisma.

• Muitos críticam que Dead Space é somente um corredor escuro com alguns monstro e nada mais.SIM! seria mais o menos isso,não á variações de monstros e o cenários são repetidos,muda algumas coisas de um para o outro .

• Parte dos objetivos são clichês de outros jogos e chegar a ser cansativo .

Definitivamente Dead Space traz o que há de melhor no cenário de horror SCI-FI.
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7 de 8 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
18.3 hrs em registo
Publicada: 25 Outubro
This game is truly a horror masterpiece. The special about it is that Isaac isn't a soldier trained to kick ♥♥♥ but an engineer trained for fixing stuff. Going into a battle for survival against aggressive Necromorphs is always a terrifying experience. Do yourself a favor by playing Dead Space only in a dark room with headphones to experience the true horror. The only part I dislike about it is that it makes you feel edgy almost all the time knowing that danger lies around every corner.

P.S. Playing the game with a controller is strongly recommended (for smoother aiming) and also hard difficulty.

Overall: 9/10
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8 de 10 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
15.8 hrs em registo
Publicada: 8 Outubro
Overall score = 8/10

Dead Space is a wonderful game combining many genres, third person shooter, survival, action, and horror, all into on. While some games fail when trying to do too much, Dead Space is able to do all of these parts well and deliver a satisfying experience from start to finish.

Dead Space progresses very nicely from start to finish. The story is intriguing and, while horrifying space creatures is nothing new, presents a well rounded and detail/lore filled experience that took some thought to follow. The opening sequence leads very nicely right into the action, immediately making you want to find out just what happened to that ship.

As far as firefights go, this game offers some intense sequences. Whenever I overcame a hoard of enemies I felt like a badass, but I always hoped that an engagement like that wouldn't happen again. This may be what Dead Space does best: present you in an environment that makes you uncomfortable, leave you feeling exposed at all times, and give you just enough to get the job done if you do it right and think on your feet.

That being said, I found the biggest flaws in the game to also center around the combat situations. While there are plenty of action sequences in the game, it is not as smooth as other action games, which is of course fine as this isn't the initial purpose. However, some sequences and enemies felt cheap to me when you meet them. The enemies are varied, challenging, and interesting as a whole, but some sequences are downright frustrating. Often this happens when an objective is not fully clear or your purpose is not adequately explained. I don't expect a game to hold my hand, but when it isn't clear what that button you just pressed does, but swarms of enemies come out of the vents, it can become exhasperating. Fortunately, this doesn't happen too often.

The progression system in Dead Space is very good and rewarding. You can build your loadout to your playstyle and upgrade equipment to suit your strengths. Dead Space offers a variety of weapons to use and tactics to implement to keep battles fresh and fun.

I would definitely recommend Dead Space, even though it is a few years old. It is still a great game, and at a discount during Christmas or summer for $5 simply can't be missed.
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8 de 10 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
21.7 hrs em registo
Publicada: 31 Outubro
Hadn't felt such a good sense of survival horror ever since the late 90s Residnt Evil games.
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