Bare de døde overlever. Lyset går på et enormt gruveskip i det ytre rom når det graver frem en merkelig gjenstand på en fjern planet. Teknikeren Isaac Clarke drar ut for å reparere skaden, men oppdager et marerittaktig blodbad – hele mannskapet på skipet har blitt drept på grusomt vis og er infisert med et fremmed virus.
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Utgivelsesdato: 20. okt, 2008

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Bare de døde overlever.
Lyset går på et enormt gruveskip i det ytre rom når det graver frem en merkelig gjenstand på en fjern planet. Teknikeren Isaac Clarke drar ut for å reparere skaden, men oppdager et marerittaktig blodbad – hele mannskapet på skipet har blitt drept på grusomt vis og er infisert med et fremmed virus. Nå er Isaac isolert, fanget og i gang med en desperat kamp for å overleve.
  • Lemlest Necromorph-fiendene på strategisk vis, lem etter blodig lem.
  • Vektløse kamper betyr at terroren kan slå til overalt.
  • Oppdag den grusomme sannheten i denne sjokkerende thrilleren.


    • Operativsystem som støttes: Microsoft Windows® XP SP2 eller Vista
    • Prosessor: 2,8 GHz eller raskere
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM eller mer for Windows XP (2 GB for Vista)
    • Grafikk: DirectX® 9.0c-kompatibelt skjermkort, Shader Model 3.0 kreves, 256 MB eller bedre, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 eller bedre (7300, 7600 GS og 8500 oppfyller ikke systemkravene), ATI X1600 Pro eller bedre (X1300, X1300 Pro og HD2400 oppfyller ikke systemkravene)
    • Harddisk: 7,5 GB ledig plass
    • Lyd: DirectX® 9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort
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Publisert: 23. august, 2015
Alien + The Thing + Event Horizon = Dead Space

Top-notch atmosphere and a compelling story.

Mouse sensitivity is crap, though turning v-sync off at the NVIDIA Control Panel fixes that right up.

10/10 would planet crack in restricted system again.
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Publisert: 31. oktober, 2015
Dead Space is pretty cool, I guess.

Set in the distant future of 2002, you play as Isaac Clarke, a man with two dads: Isaac Newton and Arthur Clarke. Unlike many Sci-Fi protagonists, Isaac is a space Engineer, which is like a normal Engineer but in space. And if EA promotional content is anything to go by, Isaac is also a golfer, a skateboarder, a mercenary, a world famous pugilist, and probably a really good kisser.

One day, Isaac and friends go to fix a bunch of broken stuff aboard the USG Ishimura, a ship that's literally named "Rock Village". Unfortunately it does the opposite of make villages out of rocks and instead cracks planets open to eat the sweet sweet planet juice hiding inside. Ooh baby. Unfortunately, someone opened the space zombie can and now there are space zombies everywhere.

On the bright side, even though Isaac majored in engineering, he also apparently minored in being a unkillable death god from the 4th dimension because Isaac's right hook hits with about enough force to send the moon out of orbit and crashing into the planet below. When this game was still coming out back in 2008, the developers boasted that Isaac was at a disadvantage because he was an engineer and not a space marine. But Isaac still opens up more cans of Whoop A than the entire Earth military combined. It must be all that pent up space sexual frustration. Because he's in space.

The most unique aspect is that, outside of maybe one or two weapons, Isaac remains in his field of expertise in terms of equipment. But then again, his first weapon is called a plasma cutter. As in a tool that cuts things with plasma. Why don't you just give him a asteroid chainsaw while you're at it?
Actually, do that, that would be awesome.

But outside of developer words, Isaac is a huge faker. Sure he screams at everything and runs like a girl. But at the same time the guy can quick draw and open fire like the best of them. But lets stop talking about that hunk of murder for a moment and talk about the Ishimura itself.

The Ishimura is the largest and oldest ship of it's class. Roughly 1.6 Km in length if the wiki is to be believed. When you're inside it's dark, dingy, Event Horizon inspired interior, you can actually kind of believe that people lived in there. Outside of the workbench and the machine that sells you murder tools for money. There are constant reminders that the Ishimura at one point, had it's own ecosystem and community. The ship seems to have everything from accommodations, recreational areas, movie theaters, video games, posters of products, vending machines, and even a restaurant. My favorite was the Zero-G basketball. Get dunked on, son.

The Necromorphs, Daughter Space's antagonists, are gross little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s. Originally the inhabitants of the USG Stonetown, the necromorphs now hunt through the halls, killing anything that doesn't look like them as well as spreading this weird mossy flesh stuff that looks like the stuff I find on my toilet seat.

But now that everyone is dead, outside of a few induviduals, as well as all of the angry space zombies onboard, is the Ishimura scary? Well, outside of the atmoshpere, no, not really. If anything the game is like a reverse horror story about alien lifeforms doing their best to try and stop an angry man covered in metal bits, jacked up on blue milk and packing more heat than the Detroit police department.

Is Dad Space a good horror game? No. Is it fun? Yes, I would say so. The weapons are crunchy and fun to use, the enemies have enough variety to make you switch up your strategies, and there's enough bread crumbs and rewards for exploration to get you into finding audio logs and picking up space money to buy space stuff.

I'm not saying that Dude Space would be scarier if Isaac was defenseless. I happen to not enjoy horror games where you run away a bunch very fun because I'm already very good at running away from my problems. I'm just saying that maybe they should have turned it down a bit, maybe even gave Isaac less equipment but more evasion options, such as hiding or sweet slide tackles. Not even half way through the game I had to start putting health items away because my aim is as perfect as I am handsome and I was losing space for ammo in favor of the blue milk boxes.

But should you play Father Area?
It's a fun game, just not a scary one. I did not find myself pooping my pants or screaming really loudly for YouTube money. But I did find an appeal in going from room to room exterminating the space Vampires. It's almost like a natural selection thing.
Man eat planet.
Space zombies eat man.
Immortal war god eat space zombie.

DeDe Laboratory is on the cheap, and usually goes down in price during sales. Give the game a looksy, maybe it'll hook you in for the sequels, which I'm heading to next. It's definitely one of EA's better games, but that's probably not saying much considering the crimes they commit on a regular basis.

Ded Sposs gets 8 irate space miners out of 10.

Also, apparently the game had really gory death scenes but I didn't get any of those because I'm objectively the best.

Just the best.

The best Curator:
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Publisert: 28. august, 2015
This game is art, out of the few games I have played with this sort of spooky shooter theam I have truly enjoyed this one more than others, in between trying to solve the problem at hand as well as killing the necromorphs that charge at you there are tens of hours worth of exploring, while it's not a game that forces the exploration of the entire map I enjoy having the option to do so anyway, I'd play it any time in any day.
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Publisert: 6. januar
Great game from 2008.
Took me exactly 9 hours to complete story on easy with exploring almost every room.

Enemies got me scared a lot and I got several goosebumps.

+ Zero-G movement added a new level of movement to the game
+ Story is good
+ Difficulty Easy is very easy and you can focus on Story
+ HUD is embedded in gameplay, like a hologram your character is seeing

- Sometimes mouse controls are a bit laggy
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Publisert: 13. januar
Recommend for Casual Gamer
Not recommend for Hardcore Gamer

First 3 hours experince:
*The control feel like Resident Evil, have to be very accurate aim

After 3 hours experince:
*The space is so dead, just like Event Horizon movie

After 6 hours experince:
*Monster is really dangerous, never under estimate them

After 9 hours experince:
*Running back and forth same area, because need to get save station & store purchase

After 11 hours experince:
*I beat the game with very careful play style!

Enjoyment: 8/10

+Work well in keyboard, mouse
+Very quick loading on modern PC
+Super high quality graphic for 2008, but still decent!
+Realistic sound & graphic effect = Scary
+Dead Space atmosphere + Jump scare!
+Headshot is not lethal anymore
+Dead body can be dismember
+Ammo can be sell = earn money more quick
+Useful weapon upgrade
+Allowed to play in a heavy space turret
+Informative map & waypoint guide
+Gameplay Ability: Stasis Module = Make a monster slowmo
+Gameplay Ability: Kinesis Module = Move an object without touching
+Good story, especially ending. But story been dragged too long, i perfer a short version.
+After the end of the story, player is able to restart the game with all upgraded
+No cloud save, that mean able to load other player saved files

-Need to find a save station to save game
-Most of the time stuck in the same spaceship, lack of exploration area.
-Melee attack animation wait 2.5 sec before player can change weapon or run away
-Cannot look above 90 degree, because player is wearing a space helmet
-No cloud save, need to backup save file manually
-Graphic issue during audio log reading (Very rare)

= Linear story (12 Chapters)
= No Coop mode
= No Multiplayer
= No Steam Achievement

Replay value?
*Recommend for gamer that looking forward to maximum upgrade on weapon & suit.
*Player able carry upgraded gear in new game, but remain same difficult. Unless download other player saved files.

Worth buying?
*Yes, for normal price; Or wait for sale, there will be 75% off
*No, don't buy if you don't have enough money.
*Is a good collection for horror game fan.

Control tweak? Yes, solved:
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