A Halloween adventure from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions.
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"A Double Fine Game 'Never has a game dealt with the subject of Halloween so charmingly.' -MEGamers"

Despre acest joc

Costum Quest este o aventură de Halloween de la Tim Schafer Double Fine Productions . În acest şarmant joc de roluri , alege-ţi eroul şi colindă prin trei medii de viaţă pline de umor şi poveste Double Fine . Termină misiunile , organizează-ţi petrecerea , şi adună costume de-a lungul drumului care îţi permit să te transformi în campioni puternici şi să îi înfrângi pe maleficii Repugians . Această poveste eroică de vacanţă va capta imaginaţia copiilor şi va ajunge în inima acestora .
Continuaţi aventura Costum Quest cu pachetul cu conţinut descărcabil Grubblins pe gheaţă inclus gratis in versiunea pentru PC . Înfruntă noi inamici în timp ce îndeplineşti misiuni suplimentare , costume , ştampile de luptă şi cărţi cu tratamente înfiorătoare . Ajută monştrii să înfrângă Araxia şi să aducă pacea în Repugia !

Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: 1.4 GHz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.0 GB free hard drive space
    • Video Card: 256 MB GeForce 7600GS, Radeon X1600, or Intel HD Graphics
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Video Card: 256 MB GeForce 220, Radeon 4550, Intel HD 3000 Graphics
    • OS:Snow Leopard 10.6.8, or later
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 700 MB HD space
    • Video Card: ATI HD 2600 / NVIDIA 8800GT / Intel HD3000 or better card with at least 256 MB VRAM
    • OS:Snow Leopard 10.6.8, or later
    • Processor: Intel Core i Series Processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 700 MB HD space
    • Video Card: ATI HD 4670 / Nvidia 285 or better with at least 512 MB VRAM
    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 700 MB HD space
    • Video Card: 256 MB GeForce 8800, Radeon HD 2000, or Intel HD 4000 Graphics
      Open GL: 2.1
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Postat: 11 octombrie, 2014
Congratulations, fellow Steamer. You are so incredibly unsure wether to buy this game or not, that you've traveled to see obscure and unpopular reviews for it. Well, like a lot of people triumphed above my review, Double Fine's Costume Quest is well worth your Hamilton.

I'm not saying Wren and Reynold's interactive debut is perfect, though. For example, during cutscenes, you can't read the halarious dialogue at your leisure. After a certain amount of time, the game will assume you are done, and move to the next speech bubble. I didn't exactly have a problem with it, until my 5-year-old cousin wanted to play. She's not exactly Speedy Gonzalez when it comes to reading. Also, there are some glitches, like when Lucy and Everett stay behind an arcade machine while you're on the other side of the mall. Said glitches don't interfere with gameplay, though, so don't fret.

Like I commented on before, the dialogue is really funny. The story essentially revolves one twin trying to rescue the other from goblins who mistook the other for candy corn, and ultimately stopping a witch from stealing all the candy, thus ridding the world of Halloween. Yes, it's a Double Fine game.

The trick-or-treat gameplay has its ups with me, as you won't know wether you'll get a candy shower from a grownup, or a chance to try your new costume's attacks on a goblin. I highly recommend visiting Sadie. Those stamps will help. Overworld puzzles are pretty straight-forward. Overall, this game is a Halloween classic, and a must-play. Take that for what it's worth, or just go to the next review, as they, too, gush this game's awesomeness in your face.
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Postat: 12 noiembrie, 2014
NOTE: This is a shortened review without screenshots.For my full review, please visit Real Gamer Reviews

Costume Quest is a Halloween-themed, turn-based RPG developed by Tim Schafer’s crew at Double Fine Productions. For those who don’t know, Tim Schafer is the mastermind behind critically acclaimed (but not necessarily financially successful) games such as Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and more recently, Broken Age. In many ways, I feel that Tim Schafer is the Tim Burton of video games. Whilst not all of his games (or in Burton’s case, movies) are necessarily fantastic, all of them share a common, whimsical and imaginative style with a quirky sense of humour. Therefore, going in, I had big expectations going into this game. Needless to say, given the big red thumbs down above this review, these expectations weren’t quite met.

The game takes place on Halloween, where you (the character that you pick) and your sister/brother (the character that you didn’t pick) go out trick-or-treating, only to have your sibling kidnapped by strange monsters. You effectively spend the rest of the game in an attempt to rescue said sibling. There are three major locations to explore, including your initial suburb, a mall and … another suburb with a fair. Simple, straightforward, and not a whole lot more to say than that.

As previously stated, Costume Quest is largely a turn-based RPG. Unlike many other turn-based RPGs such as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, battles are not random encounters. Instead, they are generally triggered by either knocking on doors (“trick or treating”) or walking into a wandering enemy. A large majority of the enemies that you face in the game are compulsory, as you are required to “trick or treat” every house in each area in order to move to the next area.

The “class system” in the game is determined by the costume that each character is wearing. Each costume has a normal attack (which to my knowledge is the same regardless of which costume you use) and a special attack, which you can use every 3 turns, which each have their own unique abilities. This usually consists of extra damage, healing, armour or some negative effect on the enemy (such as stun). You initially begin with one character with the Robot suit. As you progress through the game, you unlock more characters (maximum of 3) and costumes (of which there are many). Unfortunately, despite the large number of costumes, many of the characters play very similarly and largely fall into 3 major classes – a fighter that deals damage, a healer and a character that provides buffs. This is exacerbated by the fact that, apart from one single boss fight (in which you are constantly reminded to use a particular sort of character), you can more or less run through the entire game without changing your costumes at all.

The battles themselves play out similarly to most turn-based RPGs, with the notable addition of timing-based button prompts, which will be familiar to people that have played Paper Mario or The Mario and Luigi RPG series on handheld Nintendo systems. The prompts for each attack depend on the costume that each character is using, and successfully completing these will lead to additional damage (when on offence) or reduced damage (on defence). These prompts include things such as pressing a button immediately, pressing it at a certain time, twirling your left stick around or mashing a button repeatedly. Although these do add some depth to the battle system, in the sense that you can’t entirely fall asleep at the wheel and just mash A repeatedly, it still remains far too shallow and far too easy. I am practically an old man when it comes to gaming, and even with my old-man reflexes, I managed to hit approximately 99% of the prompts without any trouble.

Winning the battles awards you with which is used to level up (which increases HP and strength) and candy, which is the currency in the game used to purchase stamps, which can be equipped to your characters to give bonuses, such as increased damage/defence, splash damage and so on. Once you’ve reached the level cap and/or have purchased all of the stamps (both of which I did prior to finishing the game), there’s no longer any purpose to the battles, making the already cumbersome and tedious battles just that much worse.

The rest of the game is padded with tedious fetch-quests, hidden-object finding and an awfully unoriginal and unimaginative mini-game. Worst of all, you are required to do these same activities each time you move to a new area. Most (but not all) of the costumes that you unlock have a secondary ability that can be used outside of the battle. The Robot suit, for example, has rollerblades which allow you to travel faster (which is generally why you’ll spend most of your time in this suit) and travel up ramps, leading you to so-called “hidden areas”. The other costumes have abilities that are, for the most part, used once in a particular part of the game (most of which is right after you obtain the costume) and then never necessary again. As a result, most of these abilities seem really tacked-on, which is a real shame as I feel like they could have done so much more with it.

First things first – I loved the cartoony art style used for this game. I really have no complaints about the graphics. The characters are cute and the setting is undeniably Halloween. Remember - nothing screams Halloween more than Jack-O-Lanterns and candy, and be warned – there are Jack-O-Lanterns and candy everywhere in this game. The sound and music are, for lack of a better word, appropriately Halloweeney. One thing that they absolutely nailed is the animations used for the battle transitions, in which the cardboard boxes and cheap trousers used to create the children’s costumes are transformed into visually-impressive life-like versions. This will hit all the right spots for anyone that’s worn an awful costume in their younger years and imagined looking so much cooler. With that said, having these animations play out every single time you enter a battle wears out very quickly, which is exacerbated by the fact that there’s no way to skip them.

Another major gripe that I had was the complete lack of a map/mini-map. This, coupled with the fact that most of the sub-areas in the game look more or less identical, resulted in me walking around in circles looking for the last house to trick-or-treat, or the last hidden child.

By far the biggest hook for this game is the classic Tim Schafer-esque humour and dialogue that we’ve come to expect from Double-Fine. Whilst not every line will necessarily make you laugh out loud, it’s hard not to at least smirk. At the very least, you’ll appreciate the effort that Double Fine has gone through to give each and every character a unique line of dialogue. It should be noted that the game lacks any voice acting, instead opting to go with on-screen text. On one hand, it’s a shame, given how awesome the voice acting has been in some of DF’s earlier (i.e. Psychonauts) or later (i.e. Broken Age) has been. On the other hand, bad voice acting could have destroyed the delivery of the quirky, humorous one-liners.

Overall verdict:
Overall, the game was largely disappointing. It’s a shame, really, because the quirky presentation and humour really highlighted everything I love about Tim Schafer’s games – it was more everything else that let the game down, most notably the repetitive and shallow gameplay. I can honestly say that during the 8 or so hours that I spent finishing the game (including the DLC), I can’t think of many moments that I actually enjoyed myself. Therefore, with a heavy heart, I can’t recommend this game to anyone.
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Postat: 2 februarie
Excellent trick ot treating play style. Cartoony and light hearted but very challenging.
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Postat: 8 noiembrie, 2014
Costume Quest is a fun little RPG from the folks at Double Fine. You play as one of two suburbanite siblings (brother or sister) on a quest to save the other from monsters on Halloween, but the only way to do that is by trick or treating, getting candy, and crafting more costumes, naturally. From start to finish, this game does a great job in recreating the wonder and excitement of Halloween that we all remember from when we were little. You're not in costume as a robot, you ARE a robot. Each costume transforms the character into what the costume represents when you enter combat, a brilliant idea that makes you feel like your imagination is making it happen, as it did as kids. Each costume gives you different stats, 1 special move in combat, and some also have special abilites on the world map that you need to use to progress in a puzzle like way, though I am disappointed that the different costumes look the same regardless of which party member is wearing them.

This game oozes personality with its fantastic writing and entertaining characters. It creates a fun world that is both whimsical and believable and for that, Double Fine deserves a lot of credit. The game consists or 3 zones (for the normal game and 1 additional zone for the expansion Grubbins on Ice) that are each varied, noticeably distinct and very well realized. You start in the most familiar of places and gradually move to the more fantastic. The further you progress gives a feeling of going deeper down the rabbit hole. It's an adventure that, once finished, leaves you glad you made the journey.

This game is not perfect though. As with most turn based RPGs, the combat can get repetitive, and the system is rather shallow. There are only 3 choices in combat, basic attack, special move, and stamp attack. The special move is only available every 3rd turn and the stamp attack only exists if you have an ability stamp equipped so most of the time you will be using basic attack and each costume only has one animation for each battle option. Though combat incorporating timed button presses to strike harder or deflect some of an attack aids in keeping the player focused. Those same presses lead to another complaint: the default keyboard mapping is a bit strange and even movement felt a bit clunky on the keyboard; once I switched to an XBox 360 controller, the controls felt great and much more natural.

Another minor complaint is that sometimes the text goes by too fast (automatically) and you may miss a line here or there, which can be disappointing as the writing is a big part of what makes the game so enjoyable, but that's just a nitpick.

Also I wish the game were a bit longer, I managed to 100% complete the game in around 7 and a half hours. I wouldn't say the length is a con, more that I enjoyed playing and hated for it to end.

Overall: A great game with a great story, writing and atmosphere. It manages to accomplish exactly what it sets out to do. Could some things have been a bit better? Sure, but that can be said about most games out there. I'd give it 8.5/10
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Postat: 5 martie
What to say? This game is definitely a classic. You play as either the brother or the sister trying to save the other, who is kidnapped by monsters onHalloween as they try to invade this world. You use the power of various costumes along with the powers of friends you meet and have join your party as you progress along to the end. You also collect candy (money) and complete various quests for various people along the way.

It's arguably the cutest RPG out there and also happens to be a lot of fun. Although Double Fine has somewhat fallen from grace of late, this game remains a shining example of the sort of excellent games they are capable of producing. Definitely a game that shouldnt be missed or passed over by anybody. Make sure you play this on Hallowwen, and at least turn it on Christmas Day for a few minutes (you will know why if you do it).

A classic, one of the best games out there, and an easy 10/10.
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Postat: 17 ianuarie
A great game in all aspects. It is a relaxing change of pace in the gaming world littered with FPS's. Don't let that fool you though ! This is a game which will involve you for the short 6-7 hours it lasts and the boss battles though easier than average will require rudimentary strategy. In all an enjoyable game with leaves you smiling ! I mean, with Glowing Unicorns, Ghost Pirates and even Ninjithsu Scarecrows, there is little chance of going wrong :)

What's to Like ?

1. Good story, involving for both young and old.
2. Great variety of content for a short game, lots of items and quests.
3. Relaxing style of open world gameplay, with exciting battles.
4. Achievement Hunters will get 100 % easily.
5. Addon "Grubbins on Ice" DLC included by default ( Around 1/3 the length of the original game)
6. Great cartoonish graphics remniscent of old games such as XIII.

What's not that exciting ?

1. A little more length of the game would have been nice.
2. While the number of quests are nice , it would have been nice to have achievments for some more of them too.
3. Although I think that a lack of map is no way detrimental for this particular game, some gamers might think otherwise.

What's to hate ?

Nothing :) No major flaws.

Costume Quest will bring out old memories in you, even if you live in a region where Halloween is not that big of a festival/event. All those childhood fantasies of wearing a make-do costume and pretending to be a bigger robot/ninja/whatever-you-liked is what forms the premise of this game. Evil monsters are here with a sinister plan to rob the world of all its candy!! Your sister, who dressed up as a candy for halloween is abducted by them too. Hence starts your quest to rescue her. You get many costumes along the way, which turn into their big sized fantasy counterparts when you are in battle mode. Some of the fun ones include a burning fire attack Scarecrow, a Pirate that can summon ghost ships and even a glowing Unicorn to heal! You also meet friends along the way to help you in the quests, eventually increasing to a party of 3.

Though this game is short, but it does not feel so as it has adequate amount of quests and in game story to keep you attracted for a lazy weekend of playing. There is the main story to follow, the addon DLC, trading cards (in game not steam) to be collected and even battle stamps to be bought with all that cany you collect ! Last but not the least. it rewards you as well with not that difficult to get achievements.

The game is open world, with a linear flow, yet is not pushy at all. Humour is present and its of the pleasant kind, not the very obvious or cheesy just-for-kids type. So full marks there too. Battle system is turn based with a system of quick key presses to get the most optimum attack once u have selected your options. Battles are easy for the most part. Later bosses require a little strategy, which while keeping you sufficently involved in the story, are easy enough not to deter the calm flow of the game.

In all, a recommended buy. Do not hesitate if you get it on sale.
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Postat: 24 octombrie, 2014
Every year around Halloween I have to pull this game out and play a little. It has a wonderful sense of atmosphere that really does define Halloween for a young child. The world is a bright, colorful, slighty scary place full of surprises. In the game you have to explore the area for candy, solve a few puzzles, and battle a few monsters. There is some rpg aspects in fact that you level the party, you can buy power-ups with candy, and the choice of costumes. The idea of combat is great as your costumes come to life, each wih a special ability. In reality, the battles tend to be a bit repetitive and button mashfasts. Still, I always look forward to each new costume to see its animations in battle.
Overall, I highly recommend this game just on charm alone. Its got great artwork and the game mechanisms work for the most part. I even like the soundtrack with its spooky sounds interpersed with children's laughter. The humor is great too, you can view this game as a satire on American culture.
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Postat: 25 octombrie, 2014
Costume Quest is a cute game where you are the brother or sister (Depending on whom you picked) and during trick or treating your sibling gets taken by a troll monster thinggy. So, in all great games you must go rescue them! It isn't easy but not hard, I was running about for about 20 minutes a little lost ;D But other wise epiccc graphics! It also had a pokemonish styled battle thing which I actually dislike. It's a fun game where you can just go trick or treating, you ever get sweets or you have to battle! :Poverall, a very cute and detailed game. I would buy it for the halloween season / if its on sale!
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5 din 5 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Postat: 12 decembrie, 2014
A pleasant surprise. They really captured every aspect of Trick-or-Treat that I have missed from my childhood. At a $1.99 you have no reason to pass up this gem of a game.
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Postat: 10 octombrie, 2014
Costume Quest is a cute little game worth goofing around with in October. Once you get into it, it's pretty fun. I find myself really eager to try out whatever new costume I come across just to see its special abilities.

Combat is pretty much nothing but quick time events, which is somewhere between disappointing and frustrating. Each costume has its own different take on the quick time event though, with some asking you to get timing right, some asking you to hit a button before its too late, and some asking you to mash keys. It does keep it interesting I suppose. At least defending is always the same thing.
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Postat: 20 octombrie, 2014
Costume Quest isn't a bad game. But is it worth playing? In my opinion - unless the Halloween theme truly appeals to you, not really. Sadly.

The thing is, you'll master the game's turn-based combat mechanics in the first hour. After that, the only challenges will be the occasional boss battles. Every other battle will just be a chore of waiting for it to be over, because there pretty much is no way for you to lose or have to develop a certain strategy. And as fun as the different costumes animations are to watch (the attack animations, especially that of the eyeball costume, are absolutely the high point of the game), after a while it just feels boring; despite the combat being spiced up by mechanics like having to push the correct button at the right time to do the most damage.

Apart from that, there isn't much gameplay to be had here. There's a decent enough minigame (bobbing for apples), and in the DLC (freely included) there is a little maze puzzle, which is hardly challenging, but entertaining enough. The rest of the game? Walking around and exploring every nook and cranny of it's world. Which is a charming enough world. It's a shame, really. The whole concept of the game is just really cute, the designs and attack animations of the costumes are as previously mentioned absolutely wonderful, and the dialogue is at times pretty amusing.

But it just doesn't cut it. The game is boring and repetitive (it has 4 areas, and your tasks are the same every single time) and all the charm in the world doesn't make it interesting to play. There is promise there - the final boss fight had some challenge, and it took me a few tries to find the best strategy (which combination of costumes would be most useful to help me win) - but the fact the game doesn't ever really live up to that promise just makes it all the more disappointing.

The game will probably provide a good time for players who are not looking for a challenge, or players who just haven't had a whole lot of experience with turn-based RPGs yet; or simply young players. Everyone else? There's better stuff out there.

[After a bunch of "unhelpful" ratings, I edited the review to hopefully sound a bit less opinionated and a bit more informative.]
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Postat: 7 noiembrie, 2014
A sweet little seasonal game that, despite infuriatingly repetetive QTE-based fights with unskippable animations, may just be able to keep your attention for long enough to remain enjoyable throughout.

I'm not from a culture where Halloween is celebrated much, but the design and mood of the game made me kind of regret that I never went trick or treating as a kid, which of course speaks all the more in Costume Quest's favour.
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Postat: 6 octombrie, 2014
oh, i never made a review.

cute dialogue, good art, jrpg combat with little qtes a la Super Mario RPGs, no random battles, pretty easy. some character customization by way of interchangable perks (stamps) and costumes. however, your leading party member will most times be using the sole costume available with heelie skates in order to go faster (allegedly fixed in sequel as all costumes will have heelie skates).

starts to drag a little towards the latter third, but it's still got everything else going for it. i mean, it's my favorite jrpg.
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Postat: 1 martie
This game tries to give you an insight on the kids’ imagination at best time possible: Halloween trick’or’treating, with all the costumes and funny games (until someone loses an eye, and oh boy they do!). And it is designed just right to do so. Game also offers a solid amount of exploration, a few side quests and some level-upping to do. All of those would make me definitely recommend the game, and for those qualities I do, but the repetitive and unnecessarily combats make me not. Because there plenty of repetitive unnecessary combats, and I cannot recommend only half a game.
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Postat: 2 ianuarie
Costume Quest - unusual game with RPG and quest elements in the entourage f Hellowen and cartoonish design.
Gameplay is divided into exploring, collection and fighting.
Here the protagonist turns into a powerful robot that solves all the problems of apostates.
Overall, not bad. Fans of the genre can take on any given day.
Beginners of this genre - at sales.
Costume Quest - необычная игра с квестовыми и RPG элементами в антураже Hellowen и мультяшным исполнение.
Геймплей делится на брожение, поиск предметов и сражения.
Здесь главный герой превращается в могучего робота, который решает все проблемы с супостатами.
Игра не поддерживает русский язык, поэтому минимальное знание английского необходимо.
В целом неплохо. Фанаты жанра могут брать в любой день.
А новички - по скидкам.
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Postat: 10 octombrie, 2014
Halloween is the only holiday I observe and this game is a ten hour love letter to it. It's about candy, monsters, children's imagination and friendship. But mostly candy. It plays like a JRPG with some timed button presses during combat. As you change and aquire new costumes you'll get new abilities, some of which can be used for exploration. There's also the typical DoubleFine humor and charm.
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Postat: 5 ianuarie
costume quest is a pretty neat rpg done in the spirit of halloween.

i must say this is a great rpg for gamers new and old.
there is no item managing that hardcore rpg games have which means young and old both can enjoy this game without worry of having to run back to the store.

there is a store in game though which has battle cards with varying effects u can use equip each charecter with 1 card swappable outside of battle. healing wise there is none other then in battle so no worrys of dieing from being unprepared.

one of the toughest parts about this game is prob the boss battles aside from that the trying to get every defense and attack perfect by pressing the right button.

also to talk about the battles pretty simple just attack and defend before the enemy hits you u try to press the correct button if hit the correct one critical attack and in defense better defense or a dodge and if right card equiped counter.

after 3 turns ur specials charged which they are pretty nice addition. but do not take the game lightly u can lose battles if ur not careful. but there is no such thing as gameover in this game it just places u in the area right before the battle <3

also to note there is a varity of costumes which u have to find the parts to make them each comes with a special ablity which is pretty neat. oh and there is special ablitys for some of them useable in the field which adds to the fun.

now if u like rpgs that arent that tough yet still fun give costume quest a go as its worth a play and i would say a replay <3 oh and did i mention candy? TONS OF CANDY!

so grab costume quest and help stop the evil witch and the monsters from stealing all of the candy before its too late and halloween is ruined! ~ will be updating after finish the dlc quest grubbins on ice that came with :3

just finished the dlc grubbins on ice make sure u collect every costume before playing it and load same slot u finished in, as u will have all of the orignal costumes then ^w^ its like costume quest turned christmas quest. basicly the same gameplay new areas and new costumes and areas. also do note finish costume quest then the dlc as seems it leads into game 3 ^w^
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8.2 ore înregistrate
Postat: 27 noiembrie, 2014
A amazingly fun game for kids to adults. reminds me of the old school rps of my childhood.
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Postat: 20 decembrie, 2014
It's a cute game. It's fun. The art style is nice. The writing is funny. I will admit that the game is fairly repetitive, but I think it is worth playing. It's fun.
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Postat: 28 noiembrie, 2014
One word: "AWESOME".

That's just because I can't spell out that Supercalifragisomething word though. That and I'm too lazy to look it up.

I could not stop once I started the game. Costumes that turn into the real deal, a really cool excuse to hoard candy (Costume Quest: "Saving the World One Candy at a Time"), and an adventure with little to no adult supervision? Who wouldn't want some of THAT for even just a single night? Count me in! Hygiene-wise, the whole rummaging garbage bins and picking up candy from dirty floors was kind of questionable, but I'm guessing nobody gives a ♥♥♥♥ about these things. Candy is candy and it's love.

By the way, I 've never tried trick-or-treating. I know, I know... I had a really boring childhood. This game made me want to turn back time and give it a try for even just once though. But then again, who said only kids get to trick-or-treat? I'm adding that to my bucket list.
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