Duas personagens únicas e um total de 4 ilhas e 16 níveis para explorar, Tobe's Vertical Adventure vai trazê-lo de volta à era do 16-bit.
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Data de lançamento: 18 Jul, 2011

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Recomendações de Curadores

"Old-school passion funneled into an unironic little nod to character-driven spelunking titles."
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“Fantástico Jogo de Plataformas em estilo "Mergulho em Cavernas". Dois jogadores? Ainda melhor!” - Xbox Hornet

“Tobe’s Vertical Adventure é um joguinho divertido que traz recordações dos velhos tempos em que se jogava o antigo Mario Bros na Nintendo original” - XBLIG News, Reviews & Previews

“Se queres um emocionante joguinho de plataformas com demasiaaaada fofura para o seu próprio bem, começa a transferir esta pérola!” - The Indie Game Magazine

Acerca deste jogo

Tobe's Vertical Adventure é um jogo de plataformas indie e retro, protagonizado por Tobe, um jogador altamente dedicado que foi forçado a participar numa caça ao tesouro pela sua namorada materialista, Nana. Este duo de cabeças grandes irá viajar para a frente e para trás nas cavernas em ruínas à procura de tesouros enquanto resgatam animais fofinhos, fazendo-te gritar "kawaii ne?" ao longo de toda a aventura. Com duas personagens únicas, um total de 4 ilhas e 16 níveis para explorar, este jogo levar-te-á de volta à era 16-bit.

Características principais:

  • Várias horas de ação em plataformas clássicas ao longo de 16 níveis em 4 ilhas diferentes
  • Joga como Tobe ou Nana, cada um com um enredo e um conjunto de movimentos diferentes
  • Joga em modo Cooperativo com um amigo, como Tobe e Nana
  • Beleza retro com gráficos 16 bit
  • Assiste à história do jogo através de pequenas cenas e desbloqueia as músicas e desenhos colecionáveis

Requisitos do Sistema

    • SO:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processador:1.8GHz
    • Memória:512 MB de RAM
    • Gráfica:128 MB, Shader Model 2.0
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Disco Rígido:200 MB de espaço livre no disco rígido
    • Som:Placa de som compatível com Direct X9.0c
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Publicada: 21 Março
Don't want to read much:
+ Platformer
+ Looks nice
+ Cheap (when on sale)

- Bad Controls (imprecise)
- Button colors/labels ingame do not match with xbox controller (the one tobe seems to hold)
- Flow interrupting "cutscene" in every level
- No two controller coop, just controller/keyboard (title supports only local coop)
- Tiny resolution
- Unable to exit the game with the controller

I usually enjoy platformer, especially short and independet ones with great music.

I don't really care for the graphics, although I have to say Tobe's looked pretty appealing to me on the screenshots.

However nice graphics cannot make up for broken control mechanics, which are in my opinion the most important part of any platformer.
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38 de 57 pessoas (67%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 13 de Janeiro de 2014
Dispite the Vertical aspect of the name, there was also a lot of horizontal travel as well. Pretty much a 2-for-1 deal.
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18 de 23 pessoas (78%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 6 de Agosto de 2014
The game is really cute, but as far as I'm concerned that's the only thing it's got going for it.
+ Cute, nice looking art style.
+ Straight forward easy to understand gameplay

- Awkward, stiff and clunky controls which add frustration and more difficulty than there should be.
- Only supports use of one gamepad at a time, meaning that in co-op someone has to use the keyboard which controls are even worse.
- Local co-op only.
- Unforgiving gameplay (could be a positive, depending on your opinion)

Tobe's Vertical Adventure is a cute game with really awkward and broken controls, which on sale might be worth buying but I would recommend spending your hard earned money on something else.

Thanks for reading my review, have a great day!
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5.4 hrs em registo
Publicada: 19 de Outubro de 2014
This is probably on the very tame side of negative, but negative it is nonetheless.

My main problem with this game comes down to the controls; they're very stiff and clunky and even 100%'ing the game I'm still not quite sure how everything works. Wall jumping in particular is a pain but really there's just a lot of weirdness here.

The neat thing about this game is the way levels start you off going down, then hurry you back upwards with more paths unlocked. It's actually generally pretty clever level design and only a few levels really spoil this by forcing you to wait for an obstacle to be out of the way.

That being said it's also fairly glitchy and clipping through walls/platforms is not an uncommon occurence. Not a huge hindrance but it's there.

The music and graphics are fairly standard 16-bit type stuff, nothing really special.

The control scheme is also quite awkward and if I ever thought directly about which button to press I'd always end up pressing the wrong one. It's just strange.

This probably isn't a "bad" game but it's not one I particularly enjoyed, it's a very "meh" game more than anything. It's also really short, 16 levels that can be completed in a few minutes each. Probably not really worth it for the price, that's also a part of my rating here. Honestly it's possible to have some fun with this game but it's not a high-quality experience even still.
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Publicada: 12 de Janeiro de 2014
Tobe's Vertical Adventure is a retro platformer built around modern ideas. As the titular Tobe and his would-be girlfriend Nana, you embark on a quest to loot every island you come across and making off with as much gold as you can carry. A simple plot for a simple game, it sets up Tobe's most interesting feature.

Each level is structured like that of a cave, starting you off at the top and forcing you to make your way down to the treasure somewhere at the bottom. When you finally get your prize, the cave begins to collapse opening new paths and sending you scrambling for the surface before time runs out and you are trapped under the rubble. It's a cool mechanic that I haven't seen other games do, and works well given the somewhat nonlinear level design that lets you choose from several different paths going both downwards and upwards. Being able to run off one side of the screen and pop out the other also allows for more creative traversal, which is the game's strongest asset.

But aside from this much of the game is rather clumsy, especially in terms of controls and movement. Essentially you move as a mix of Sonic 2's underwater levels with the original Prince of Persia's acrobatic hijinks. Tobe can run up walls, slide under gaps, and dangle from hanging branches, whereas Nana swaps the wall climb for a double jump. This sounds great on paper would work fantastically with the open level designs, if only the characters controlled with any consistency. Button presses register only part of the time, your jump is terribly weak which makes scaling walls frustratingly unpredictable, and movement as a whole feels like Sonic plodding through a muddy swamp.

The second problem is the game is alarmingly short. I completed all 16 levels in just over an hour, which for the price feels quite insufficient. Theoretically you could double this time if you plan to play through with both characters, but they play so similarly I don't believe it to be worth doing so.

All the while I was playing I couldn't help but think how much Tobe's Vertical Adventure feels like a flash game awkwardly dressed up as a full game and put up on Steam as if players wouldn't notice. If it wasn't for the terrible controls I could still recommend it at sale prices, but unfortunately they ruined my enjoyment of the game and I wouldn't feel right advising others to purchase it. I'm quite disappointed to have to say it too because the level designs, art and music are not half bad, but a platformer with bad controls is like a sandwich without bread. It just doesn't work.
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