Work together to survive the devastating Dinosaur horde in huge, endless environments.
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Data de lançamento: 15 Abr, 2013

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3 de Outubro

ORION + Crowdfunding (October 2016)

#ORION is gearing up to launch a massive crowdfunding campaign that will offer a wide variety of rewards and packages, both digital and physical! This event is scheduled to begin on October 7, 2016 and run for 60 days.
#Orion #Crowdfunding #Kickstarter

A Sci-Fi MMORPG Shooter featuring Open Galaxy Gameplay and Exploration on Unreal Engine 4! Featuring Dinosaurs, Robots, Cooperative Gameplay, PvP, Online & Local Gameplay and more!

We all want the ultimate space game. If you've been let down or lied to by other Space games, we are here to remedy this.

We are committed to creating one of the best games of all time and this is courtesy of an extremely skilled team and also our community who we interact with and participate with as much as possible.

When it comes to ORION, it's not about if you'll receive it - but how fast you'll receive it!

We hope you are as proud as we are with what we've accomplished in Year One.

Travel across multiple Planets & Moons with your friends!

Fight against devastating enemies including ROBOTS & DINOSAURS in cooperative gameplay!

A variety of competitive PvP modes with Kills granting store credits and experience!

Swap between First-Person, Third-Person and Top-Down perspectives at ANY time during Cooperative gameplay!

Socialize in beautiful hubs including Space Command Centers, Elemental Moons, Complex Cave Systems and Sprawling Cities!

Collect Loot & Gear along your journeys!

Forge Resources into Gear and other items.


A variety of Side Objectives, Weekly Challenges and Daily Challenges to earn store credits, unlock loot crates and earn new gear!


Track your accomplishments with detailed player statistics and overviews!


Compete with others across a variety of ranks and skills!


Millions of possibilities, including: Armors, Hats, Helmets, Weapon Skins, Shaders, Tracers, Effects, and more!


Decimate your enemies and experience over-the-top violence, gore and gibs! (Can be disabled via gameplay settings).


Take the violence to another level with extreme finishing moves and fatalities!

We will continue to add additional Local Co-Op experiences as ORION continues to grow and evolve!

The majority of Trek Store items can either be bought outright or played for as a variety of in-game systems grant you store credits, including the resources you collect, all PvP kills and bonus missions, achievements, daily challenges, weekly challenges and more! Our store is cosmetic-focused with no pay-2-win!

Pets help assist you in collecting resources, items and gear! Acquire a PET and never be alone again.

Every Player will start with one FREE StarShip. This will be your tool to travel the stars (with your friends) and to explore Planets and Moons!

Become the best Pilot and challenge your friends and foes in a free-for-all dog-fighting game mode which rewards store credits and experience for a variety of gameplay and objectives!

Meet interesting characters! We're going to add a significant amount of NPC A.I characters to the game that will include vendors, faction leaders, visual ambiance and larger-than-life characters!

The Faction Module will allow you to support Legion, Reign or to remain as a Privateer.

Customize your Weapon Loadout per characters, including Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Item Kit and Grenade Type!

Create anything from within your imagination alongside your friends. Build, Break, Destroy and Survive!

Discover and Index over one hundred unique spiritual creatures called Celestials, or CEL's for short! Travel to a variety of moons to locate the rarest ones!

We support Virtual Reality and will be constantly releasing new experiences within The ORION Project with aims to support multiple VR platforms!

We had a few hiccups along the way. Everything is a learning mistake. This is no different than any other person and the only thing we deem important is how you take it from there.

We've invested years of time and money into our communities and products and we do it because we appreciate any level of support but also because we truly love Orion and will see it through regardless, no matter what.

Everyone is absolutely loving working on Orion and we're all creating the most amazing and enjoyable content in the history of our team.

We want to add more, we want to do it quicker and we want to keep pushing this game past the limits that we initially set back just in December 2015.

We had attempted to do a crowdfunding back in 2014, however that was before we had any playable prototype and was mostly based on the core idea and artwork. This was not a success.
We had attempted to do a crowdfunding back in 2015 WITH a playable prototype. This event failed BUT we still honored ALL Backers with rewards AND released the product on time!

We are willing to work night and day for you, for years. Whether it's investing or simply telling a friend, any little action can snowball into the biggest of possibilities.

We know that because we are examples of that and illustrated this on our first game, ORION: Prelude:

We can only create the game. We need your help to share it.

So we've launched a massive ORION crowdfunding campaign that will offer a wide variety of rewards and packages, both digital and physical. We love ORION very much but we also love the industry in which supports indie endeavors like ORION and constantly fight for it and the gamers that create it.

We want to do so much more with The ORION Project and the focus of this Crowdfunding campaign is to boost production speeds as we approach the massive Version 2.0.

We want to afford existing developers more time, we want to bring on more talent and we want to release content even quicker than we already are.

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10 de Agosto

F2P Is Live!

ORION: Prelude is Free-2-Play!
Dinosaurs, Jetpacks & Mechs
PvP, Co-Op,& Dueling

All we want now is for you and all your friends to have as much fun as possible. No pay walls, no pay 2 win, no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t no gimmicks. The whole game for free as was + brand new Year 4 Update content.

Our new game, The ORION Project will also convert to a Free-2-Play model on August 25, 2016 to celebrate the game series 16th birthday. You can learn more about The ORION Project here:

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“An instant classic.”
Steam Review

“Best transformation of a game I've ever seen.”
Steam Review

“I am completely addicted.”
Steam Review

Acerca deste jogo

'ORION: Prelude' is an indie Sci-Fi shooter (FPS/TPS) that seamlessly blends together incredible visuals and addictive combat. It puts you and your friends together into intense, cinematic battles using some of the most incredible weaponry and amazing vehicles in which you must work or compete against one another to accomplish mission objectives, explore giant worlds and survive the devastating Dinosaur Horde.

In addition to the return of the adventurous, survival-based cooperative gameplay and retro-inspired Arena Combat, 'ORION: Prelude' features massive, Open World Cooperative and PvPvE.

*Previous version names include ORION: Dino Beatdown (2012) and ORION: Dino Horde (2013).

Supporting up to a variety of game modes, including:
  • Survival (Objective)
  • Slaughter (Duration)
  • Rampage (Playable Dinosaurs)
  • Prehistoric (Custom Variable)

Supporting up to 10 players and offering 2 game modes:
  • Conquest (Cooperative - 5 Players)
  • Vital (PvPvE - 10 Players)

Supporting up to 10 players and offering 3 cooperative game modes:
  • Free-For-All (Deathmatch)
  • Elimination (Stealth)
  • King of the Hill (Territory)
  • Gun Game (Ladder Climb)
  • Instagib (Twitch Reflex)
  • Vital (Open World)

Supporting up to 10 players and offering 3 unique game modes:
  • 1v1 Duel (4 Playlers - Tournament)
  • FFA Duel (4 Players - FFA)
  • Team Duel (5v5)

Key Features:

  • Open World Gameplay
  • Cooperative & Competitive Gameplay
  • Dueling & Melee Combat Gameplay
  • 1st Person / 3rd Person Hybrid Gameplay
  • 15 Game Modes
  • 50+ Weapons & Gear
  • 30 Augmentations (Mutators)
  • 20+ Multiplayer Maps
  • 7 Vehicles
  • Full Weather System
  • Persistence & Player Progression (150 Levels)
  • Class-Based Gameplay & Player Loadouts
  • Statistics & Leaderboards
  • Lobbies, Matchmaking & Server Browser
  • Player Store (Cosmetics)
  • Rewards & Unlockables
  • Real-time Dynamic Day/Night Cycles
  • 10 Dinosaurs (All Playable)
  • 250+ Steam Achievements
  • 12 Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Big Picture Mode Support
  • Bots & Offline Play
  • Tutorial System
  • SDK & Steam Workshop (Custom Maps)

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS:Windows Vista SP2 32-Bit
    • Processor:AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHZ / Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 MB Graphics Memory (SM3)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:8 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9 Compatible
    • OS:Win 7 / Win 8 (64-Bit)
    • Processor:AMD 4-Core / Intel 4-Core
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB Graphics Memory (SM 3)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:8 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9 Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Praticamente positivas (27,951 análises)
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22 de 24 pessoas (92%) acharam esta análise útil
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6.5 hrs em registo
Publicada: 31 de Março de 2015
Esse é um jogo para quem gosta de desafios descompromissados. A ideia é bastante simples: armas, raios, jetpack, dinossauros e muita luta. Tudo o que você precisa fazer é atirar nos inimigos e tentar manter-se vivo o máximo de tempo possível.
Visualmente, o jogo é bonito. As texturas até são comparáveis com jogos como Call of Duty e Battlefield. Os tiros de laser brilham na tela e os dinossauros são gigantescos em relação aos humanos. Já os cenários são bem desenhados e passam a impressão de que foram os humanos que invadiram as belas paisagens repletas de praias, montanhas, campos e obviamente, dinossauros.
A trilha sonora é empolgante. Em meio ao som de disparos e explosões, é possível ouvir um fundo musical épico que deixa embalar a aventura e deixa o jogo mais divertido.
Um dos pontos interessantes do jogo é que ele mistura elementos de primeira e terceira pessoa. Quando você joga do lado dos humanos, a câmera é controlada como em um FPS. Já ao optar pelos dinossauros, o game fica em terceira pessoa. Com isso, o título se torna mais dinâmico e desafiador.
O ruim é que não tem história alguma e não é possível jogá-lo sozinho. A falta de um modo história faz com que ele se torne um pouco cansativo. Não que isso seja ruim, mas seria interessante saber um pouco mais sobre como foi que as duas raças se encontraram. Também seria interessante se o jogo oferece mais modos de game e de batalha multiplayer.

Contudo, embora apresente alguns probleminhas, o jogo oferece uma boa dose de diversão ao misturar elementos de shooter com dinossauros sedentos por sangue.
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7 de 8 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
3.4 hrs em registo
Publicada: 26 de Fevereiro de 2014
I never knew about this game before its free weekend, and when I saw it I thought "Hm, Dinossaurs, mechs and shooting? This seems cool!", but then I saw the trailer, and all I could think about was "they want us the have.. pitty on them?". I mean, i never saw anyone doing it so agressively like these guys. "The game is way better" or "metacritic score is wrong", everything. But I decided to give it a try, and I bought it for 0,99€.

All I can say is that it was worth it. A lot.

The game is very cool in an overall prespective. The graphics are very colorful and beautiful, nothing exceptional, but good. The optimization is not the best thought. The scenarios are awesome! It's like we are in a dinossaurs world with futuristic weapons, mechs. tanks, etc.
The gameplay is quite good. Nothing revolutionary, but fits very well in the game. There's a lot of weapons, upgrades, and above all, lots of dinos! Nothing is more scary and stressfull than when you are on your feet and have a T-Rex trying to kill you!
About the servers, there aren't a lot of them, but when I was playing, they were always full, so, forget about the empty servers! (Worry about full servers..)! The community is good, they really help each other (this is a "wave" game, where you need to act like a team), and act like a true team.

So, all I can say is, buy this damn game. This is way better than Primal Carnage and Dino D-day, and trully deserves a chance!
Oh, forgot to mention, theres a lot dlcs being added, with new maps, weapons, dinossaurs species... all for free!
Help the producers of this game to gain the merit they deserve! From what they say, they completely reconstructed this game since it came out (it was a piece of garbage), and they are working their asses to make this game even better! I would buy this game for its original price!

Dinossaurs, mechs... What do you want more?

Graphics: 8/10
gameplay: 7/10
Mechanics: 8/10
Originality: 8/10
Multiplayer: 9/10

Overall: 8/10
Achaste esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
9 de 12 pessoas (75%) acharam esta análise útil
39.5 hrs em registo
Publicada: 22 de Fevereiro de 2014
aproveita promoção tá muito barato e o jogo é ♥♥♥♥aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Achaste esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
5 de 6 pessoas (83%) acharam esta análise útil
5.5 hrs em registo
Publicada: 23 de Fevereiro de 2014
Massa o jogo...
Achaste esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
5 de 6 pessoas (83%) acharam esta análise útil
2.9 hrs em registo
Publicada: 9 de Maio de 2015
• Its Like "ARK" But You Have More FPS ❤ •
Achaste esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
9 de 14 pessoas (64%) acharam esta análise útil
17.0 hrs em registo
Publicada: 11 de Fevereiro de 2014
this game like halo
Achaste esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
3 de 3 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
9.2 hrs em registo
Publicada: 23 de Fevereiro de 2014
Its a cheap game where you may spend some hours playing, so i think you should give it a try
It can be very funny when u play it with friends, but it can be enjoyable if you play solo.
Dont expect this to be a game where you will get like play 500 hours and keep playing it witouth getting bored.
As you play more you will have more advantages wich i like.

Should you buy: Yeah
Final Rate ( 0-100) = 60
Achaste esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
4 de 5 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
0.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 22 de Junho de 2014
funny game for its price (1,09€)
Achaste esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
2.2 hrs em registo
Publicada: 11 de Janeiro de 2015
Se você for jogar com amigos compre. É diversão garantida.
Achaste esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
23.9 hrs em registo
Publicada: 23 de Junho de 2015
Just like the trailer says, the game went from zero to hero :D
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Publicadas recentemente
0.3 hrs
Publicada: 19 de Setembro
Sinceramente lixo lixooooooooo nunca me arrependi tanto com um jogo barato
não recomendo mesmo pôdre!!!!!!
Taylor (Sreal)
4.3 hrs
Publicada: 9 de Setembro
o jogo é bom, '-' mas eu não comprei ele pra acabar ficando F2P, sorte que foram só 2 reais, prejuizo amenizado...
Aquele Boss
1.5 hrs
Publicada: 4 de Setembro
paguei por este jogo e não recebi o dinheiro
0.7 hrs
Publicada: 28 de Agosto
Jogo fixe mas no entanto gastei 1€ para agora o jogo estar free...Quero o meu dinheiro de volta! :(
0.2 hrs
Publicada: 18 de Agosto
BUGS BUGS BUGS e Mal Optimização!
12.1 hrs
Publicada: 15 de Agosto
good game
Herp (Youtuber)
0.8 hrs
Publicada: 15 de Agosto
GaV1sCoN |
9.3 hrs
Publicada: 13 de Agosto
14.5 hrs
Publicada: 21 de Julho
ahahahah noobs quem não recomenda são mesmo noobs este jogo é o melhor de todos!!!!!
e sabem que mais?
15.3 hrs
Publicada: 18 de Julho
The developers are awesome, because they didnt give up, they improved the game