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A true reincarnation of the legendary series! The Almighty has turned away from Nevendaar and its denizens. He is busy thinking about the fate of the world. Above Nevendaar, rent by perpetual wars, a new star flashed out. What will it bring with it? Who will claim its great power? Immerse in the struggle of four powerful races!
Utgivningsdatum: 14 Feb 2014
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A true reincarnation of the legendary series!
The Almighty has turned away from Nevendaar and its denizens. He is busy thinking about the fate of the world. Above Nevendaar, rent by perpetual wars, a new star flashed out. What will it bring with it? Who will claim its great power? Immerse in the struggle of four powerful races!

"Disciples III: Reincarnation" offers a revamped and enhanced version of "Disciples III: Renaissance" plus the addon "Resurrection" with all new features, a revised battle engine and all new graphics.


  • Unique visual style and magnificent gothic atmosphere with new graphics, new features and an enhanced battle system
  • Dramatic and intriguing plot, written by Ekaterina Stadnikova, the author of the most successful Disciples-themed novel “Precious Blood”
  • New combat and magic system. Dozens of new global spells
  • Totems and flags in the inventory will change the balance on the battlefield
  • Aquatic spaces with majestic ships and terrifying bosses
  • Over 180 hours of gameplay. Four different factions, 27 large detailed missions, over 70 new side quests, significantly extending the main storyline
  • Over 200 new objects on land and sea plus 13 new neutral units.
  • Multiplayer in hot-seat mode and over the net. Engage neutral units and get them to fight on your side.
  • Gaming editor to create your own campaigns.


    • OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: video card NVidia 6800 GT or higher with 128 MB video memory
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
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Do not buy this game if having access to the editor is important to you. It requires a cd key, which steam will not provide. Attempting to get a cd key from them results in them informing you that the game doesn't come with a cd key and then, if you keep going despite the clearly copy/pasted 'support', telling you that you have to deal with third party support.
Upplagd: 28 Februari 2014
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I think the positive reviews are mostly due to extremely lowered expectations from the previous disciples iii releases. Although improved, still no comparison to the original titles. There are some good points about the game, but in general progression is extremely slow, fights are repetitive and not rewarding (in terms of XP but also artifacts are boring). There is no AI, more or less you fight only against natural groups of monsters.
Upplagd: 29 Mars 2014
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Highly recommend this game. For those who disappointed with Renaissance and Ressurection, this game is nothing like those 2. The developers made very good revisions and improvements before they go down, and it really worth it. The biggest issue is game balance, and it can be easily adjust through modding as the game is very customizable, and you dont need to be a computer geek to learn to mod. There are plenty of mods in the forum that fix game errors, bugs, and imbalance, and bring in new elements to game play.

The only real downside of the series is the discontinuation of the Mountain Clan. I hope that the game will generate enough sales so that it can be continued, and our favorite Mountain Clan can see the light of day.
Upplagd: 26 Mars 2014
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Reincarnation, indeed. It feels like the game was reborn. Visually, it's the same. Internally, it's a new game.

It has become more complex, more complicated in terms of combat: party-to-party battles are more diverse, action-filled, and enjoyable now. RPG elements grew a bit stronger, being felt more distinctly than before. But what's the most important, endless bugs that haunted the players of original Disciples III: Renaissance are now fixed. Maps are loaded instantly, parties are never teleported to the city they have last visited, bottomless treasure bags with hundreds of potions inside are gone, a party can now enter the city (and not just stand next to it), game doesn't randomly crash anymore...

Playing Disciples III has finally become a pleasure.

If you had painful experience with the original game, never hesitate, get this. Troubles are gone in this edition.

If you are new to Disciples, then I'm telling you that this is a step-by-step strategy slightly influenced by RPG genre. It tells a story of several races fighting for dominance in the world of Nevendaar. Each of these races has their own goals, but their paths are constantly crossing, resulting in fierce battles. Control the resources the map has to offer, make small parties of soldiers where every fighter has their own unique skills, choose the way they will progress by means of building certain structures in your capital, and fight numerous foes to gain experience and treasures (including new weapons, armor and other stuff for your character and other party leaders). Some people say that it resembles Heroes of Might and Magic; of this, I cannot tell anything, because I never played the latter.

So, this day has come: I can now recommend Disciples III. So great to see this wonderful strategy series getting what it truly deserves.
Upplagd: 22 Februari 2014
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Someone needs to give the team/person who worked on this version of Disciples 3 and give him the money he needs to finish the game properly. Dwarfs are missing, I know the history on how the developer went bankrupt and all, but here is an example of a team/person who knows how to develop this series. Sad that good franchises end this way. I hope someone will continue this one. Reincarnation is great, but could be much better if this would have been the first one out instead of the prior ones before this.

If you are new to the Disciples series get this one and not the others and you will enjoy it, well worth the current price. If you are a long time fan well it is not Disciples 2 but, as I you may come to like this version of Disciples 3. Worth the price to try and see.
Upplagd: 20 Juni 2014
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This game is what you could call the "definitive" version of Disciples 3. It takes a lot from the first two iteration of D3 and revamps it to make something that is actually enjoyable to play.

The biggest problem with original D3 is that it tried to be as close as possible to Disciples 2 in some parts and something completely different (mostly a HoMM clone) in others. The result was an inconsistent, bipolar mess that was neither a proper successor to D2 nor a good rival to Heroes franchise. Not to mention buggy.

D3:Reincarnation tries to reconcile the two dysfunctional aspects of the earlier D3 games, and, in my opinion, succeeds in doing so.

For those who never played Disciples 3 before: this is turn-based strategy game in the vein of Heroes of Might and Magic. You start with a capital city and a hero, and your job is to recruit an army, explore the map, gather resources, capture new cities, level up yourself and your army, and eventually defeat whatever is the boss of that map particular map.

What sets this game apart from HoMM, Eador and similar games is the fact that your "army" consist of only a few characters (the actual number is determined by your hero's leadership skill, but caps at six), each of whom gains experience and levels up independently. For that reason it feels more like leading a party of characters in an RPG, than leading an army in a strategy game.

This impression is enforced even further by the inventory/equipment system for heroes.

Characters don't die permanently unless your entire army gets wiped and can be revived by potions, spells or by paying money in a controlled towns. After gaining three levels, a character "upgrades" to a more powerful class, granted you built the appropriate building in your capital. Some characters have mutually exclusive upgrade paths, allowing you to customize your army composition to better suit your play style.

When playing single player campaign, your hero retains the levels and equipment from the previous map, but the army starts from square one.

This version of D3 includes 4 playable factions and a campaign for each of them. Campaign themselves were redesigned from the earlier versions and now include water traveling. Character stats were also changed substantially to better fit the new hex-based combat (earlier versions just took the stats system from D2 and tried to make it work in a completely new combat system, with not so stellar results).

Overall, this version of D3 takes all that was good in previous versions and reworks the rest. If you have an interest in this genre, and weren't irreversibly scarred by earlier D3 versions, you should find this to be a very enjoyable game. It may not be Disciples 2, but I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
Upplagd: 14 Februari 2014
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