Affettali, bruciali, cuocili allo spiedo e lanciali via - non importa come, gli orchi devono morire in questo gioco fantasy d'azione e strategia firmato Robot Entertainment.Impersonando un potente Stregone da battaglia con dozzine di letali armi, magie e trappole a portata di mano, difendi ventiquattro fortezze da un'infuriata schiera di...
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11 ott 2011

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22 giugno

Steam Summer Sale: Orcs Must Buy!

Break out your flip flops and sunscreen, War Mages. The Steam Summer Sale is here, and there are deals on all Orcs Must Die! games, DLC, and bundles!

Now is the perfect time to pick up an Orcs Must Die! Unchained Hero Bundle or Starter Pack at 50% off. If you haven’t given OMD!U a try yet, or haven’t played recently there is an orc-load of new content to check out, including Sabotage and Chaos Trial game modes and a ton of game updates and improvements.
The classic games are also on sale at 67% off, and you can get the entire franchise bundle for a deep discount as well to complete your collection.

We’ll see YOU at the rift!

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19 aprile

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is now available!

Robot Entertainment today announced that their hilarious action tower defense game ORCS MUST DIE! UNCHAINED is now commercially available! Players can download the game from Steam or directly from

Orcs Must Die! Unchained takes the award-winning Orcs Must Die! action tower defense gameplay to a whole new level with 3-player team-based gameplay! But don’t get cocky, because the stakes are higher, the traps are bloodier, and the invaders are even more ravenous. You’ll need to bring your A-game and a couple of the biggest orc-haters you can find!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is set in the familiar world of its hilarious fantasy predecessors, years after the finale of Orcs Must Die! 2. With dozens of new rifts and worlds beyond them, heroes have come from far and wide to wage all-out war for control of these magical gateways. In the years since Orcs Must Die! 2, Maximillian and Gabriella have done their best to rebuild the once-mighty Order.

  • Killin’ Orcs and Smashin’ Dorks – Orcs Must Die! ’s classic white-knuckle witch’s brew of action and strategy returns, letting players team up with their friends to lay waste to millions of new invading monsters!  Build an impenetrable gauntlet of traps to hack, grind, flatten, gibletize and incinerate foes before they charge into the heart of the rift!
  • It's Definitely a Trap The only thing better than building traps for murdering minions is building more traps! Play to unlock traps, then upgrade them to be even deadlier. Players cover fortresses in gleeful torture devices and engineer a variety of hilarious and violent ends for invading minions. Customize a strategy for every battle. The hordes are no match for the powers of elements and physics!
  • Real Action Heroes Are you mage enough to defend the rifts? A wide variety of unique and powerful heroes with deep gameplay options offer a plethora of painfully creative ways to stop orcs in their grimy tracks. Old friends Max and Gabriella return to fight alongside a cast of new heroes like Blackpaw, Hogarth, Stinkeye, and Bloodspike. Whether players prefer might and majesty or scum and villainy, there’s a hero for every type of orc-slayer around.
  • Your Favorite Ways to Slay Survival mode lets players murder their way to the top of the orc pile in 3-player co-op defense gameplay that every Orcs Must Die! fan will love. Weekly Challenges and Daily Quests give players the chance to unlock extra traps and upgrade parts. Long-time favorite Endless mode has returned in Orcs Must Die! Unchained with expanded 3-player co-op. All new Sabotage mode sets up two teams of three to troll each other with spells and bosses in an action-packed race to the highest score.
  • All New Sabotage! – Gamers ready for a trap-snapping, spell-slinging, ogre-spudging good time can look no further than Orcs Must Die! Unchained's new game mode, Sabotage! This fast-paced mode is a totally new way to play. Players assemble a team to defend their rift, but at the same time another team is playing on the same map in some… spooky… alternate dimension or something. These other players can distract your team with spells, minions, and huge bosses to make you lose rift points. But of course, players can pay 'em back by doing the same! The team with the most rift points at the end of the match wins.
Orcs Must Die! Unchained will also be available on PlayStation 4 later this year.

Click below to read the detailed patch notes and give us your feedback!
Patch Notes & Feedback
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“Not since Lemmings has a game so seamlessly mixed engaging mechanics, humor, cuteness, and gleeful cruelty.”
90/100 – PCGamer
“Orcs Must Die! embellishes your devious side, encouraging you to devise clever ways of fulfilling the command of the title.”
9.0/10 – Editors’ Choice - IGN
“I was pleasantly surprised by just how good Orcs Must Die! is, and I think you will be, too. Welcome to the new standard in ACTION TOWER….”
4.5/5.0 – gamespy

Informazioni sul gioco

Affettali, bruciali, cuocili allo spiedo e lanciali via - non importa come, gli orchi devono morire in questo gioco fantasy d'azione e strategia firmato Robot Entertainment.

Impersonando un potente Stregone da battaglia con dozzine di letali armi, magie e trappole a portata di mano, difendi ventiquattro fortezze da un'infuriata schiera di nemici bestiali, compresi pipistrelli infernali e naturalmente una gran quantità di orribili orchi. Combatti i tuoi nemici in una campagna ricca di trama e fornita di molti livelli di difficoltà, compresa la brutale modalità Incubo!

Arrostirai gli orchi in crateri di lava, li spiaccicherai con una trappola dal soffitto o li congelerai per poi frantumarli in un sol colpo? Non importa quali armi o trappole tu scelga, fare strage di orchi sarà uno spettacolo!

Caratteristiche Principali

  • 24 Fortezze da difendere – Tortuosi passaggi segreti, torri altissime e enormi saloni hanno tutti bisogno di uno stregone da battaglia per essere protetti
  • 6 Armi e Magie Ammazza-Orchi – Da balestre e lame ai poteri magici degli elementi
  • 19 Letali Trappole e Aiutanti Feroci – Scegli da un'enorme varietà di trappole, comprese frecce nei muri, spuntoni nascosti, lame rotanti e pietre infuocate oppure chiama i rinforzi per farti aiutare nella distruzione dell'orda di orchi
  • 11 Nemici Diversi – Fra cui Pipistrelli infernali e ovviamente un enorme branco di brutti orchi
  • Fitta trama per la campagna single-player – Difenditi dagli orchi in tre atti per scoprire il misterioso potere dietro ai loro incessanti assalti
  • Continui miglioramenti – Sblocca trappole più potenti mentre procedi nella campagna
  • Rigiocabilità elevata – La “Modalità Incubo” e il sistema di ranking ti spingono a giocare e rigiocare anche dopo aver completato la campagna
  • Punteggi e Classifiche – Gareggia con i tuoi amici per il titolo di Miglior Ammazza-Orchi!

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo:Windows XP, Windows Vista o Windows 7
    • Processore:2GHz Dual Core
    • Memoria:2 GB RAM
    • Grafica:NVIDIA GeForce 6800 o ATI Radeon x1950 o superiore con 256MB VRAM
    • DirectX®:dx90c
    • Hard Disk:5 GB di spazio libero
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