Client Update - Valve
Note: This update was re-released on September 28 to update and fix localization entries.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Games to Play Together
  • You can now add Friends as a filter under Advanced Filtering in your Library. It will show games you have in common.
  • Right-click on any user in Chat or your Friends List to Find Games to Play Together and it will auto-populate your filter while also applying the Multiplayer tag.
  • Right-click a Group Chat header to do the same with smaller group chats or voice channels (8 members or less)

  • In-game purchases on Mac and Linux will now use the updated purchase approval dialog
  • Reduced network usage at startup
  • Fixed issue causing games which are currently updating to not change to playable when going into Offline Mode unless Steam is restarted
  • Fixed link to downloads page not appearing at client startup if no downloads are ongoing
  • Fixed input of characters using AltGr on Windows in the Steam Login dialog and Steam Chat and web browsers in the Steam Overlay
  • Fixed community broadcast pop-out and closing of the mini-player view
  • Fixed client update dialog sometimes failing to display update notes
  • Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 85.0.4183.121

Remote Play
  • Greatly improved capture performance in Vulkan games
  • Fixed Remote Play launch hanging when the remote game had a cloud sync pending
  • Fixed black screen when streaming to a Linux computer

Steam Input
  • Steam no longer ignores PS4 controllers when DS4Windows is running, allowing DS4Windows to remap them normally
  • Added support for the Hori Fighting Stick α
  • Added support for Kinvoca Joy-Cons controllers
  • Default the names of generic gamepads to the device name reported over USB
  • Fixed not being able to press the mic button on PS5 controllers
  • Fixed displaying the name of Nintendo Online NES controllers
  • Fix an issue where Switch controllers could show up w/ a duplicate device
  • Fixed issues w/ Alt-Tabbing via Guide Button Chords
  • Added experimental support for PS3 controllers on macOS
  • Bring various bug fixes from the Steam Deck beta branch to fix those while streaming from the Desktop client
  • FlickStick Upgrade (inherited from CS:GO)
    • New angle snapping options for initial Flick-Turns (None, 180, 90, 60, 45, Forward Deadzone Angle).
    • Tunable Forward Deadzone Angle.
    • Rapid consecutive Flick-Turns will be fully respected (the previous Flick-Turn was interrupted in the last version)
    • Flick-Turn Duration becomes a tunable smoothing factor (low pass filter), instead of a fixed duration. The time to complete a turn is relative to the size of the angle being turned.
    • Flick-Turn is smoothed based on how far the stick is thrown past the inner deadzone, for a less "surprising" Flick-Turn threshold.
    • Sensitivity Setting becomes "Pixels Per Revolution" (This setting was previously pixels per half revolution).
    • Sweep rotation sensitivity and smoothing can be tuned independent of Flick-Turn.
    • More gradual rotation when stick is partially-thrown

Steam Overlay
  • Fixed web browser crash when loading certain blank URLs

  • Fixed incorrect placement of "Restore Window" button when client window is maximized

  • Fix entering characters in Steam Overlay that use an AltGr key sequence
Client Update - Valve
Note: This update was re-released on August 30 with the following change: Reduced network usage at startup.
Note: This update was re-released on August 19 to fix an issue with Steam Chat window handling.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Steam Library
  • Fixed library crash when opening certain game news items
  • Fixed a library pause when a new screenshot is taken for a game with a large number of screenshots

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed persistent “Steam Cloud out of date” message for some apps which do not have Steam Cloud fully enabled

Steam Input
  • Improved support for the Nintendo Online classic controllers
  • Added support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers, both individually as a mini-gamepad and combined into pairs

Remote Play
  • Fixed a rare freeze when using the on-screen keyboard in the controller overlay
  • Fixed left and right thumbstick movement leaking through to the remote side when using a PS4 controller in the controller overlay
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed resource usage of chat and web browser in Steam Overlay when hidden
  • Fixed playback of certain game preview videos in Steam Client
  • Fixed a case where Steamworks API calls could be briefly blocked by Steam client log file operations leading to micro-stutter in some games under very specific situations
  • Fixed the Steam Overlay not working with Vulkan 1.3 applications
  • Fixed crashes with Vulkan games using VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed issue causing some users to be unable to disable Cloud Sync for their account.
  • Fixed for app launch stall if there are sync conflicts but Cloud Sync is disabled for the game or account

Steam Input
  • Added support for Nintendo Online classic controllers
  • Added support for the Qanba Obsidian and Dragon Arcade Joysticks
  • Added support for the HORI Fighting Stick mini 4
  • Show firmware update dialog for DualSense(tm) Wireless Controllers on Windows
  • Enable improved rumble emulation on DualSense(tm) Wireless Controllers with updated firmware
  • Fixed the "Your other games" section in the desktop version of the configurator not showing results
  • Fixed incorrect controller configuration loading when starting a Remote Play stream

Remote Play
  • Fix showing incorrect Steam Cloud Sync Failure for remote games

  • Fixed resource usage of chat and browsers when Steam client is minimized/closed

  • Fixed Steam Overlay not displaying in some Metal games

  • Fixed Steam Overlay "Force Quit" not working for some native Linux games
  • Fixed some games being unable to create desktop shortcuts
  • Fixed the Steam client triggering "split lock" warnings
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Note: This update was re-released on June 7 to fix some regressions in Remote Play.

Remote Play
  • Greatly improved desktop capture quality on Windows, now supporting variable framerates
  • Fixed crash on Windows when the stream resolution is changed
  • Fixed streaming connections failing after Steam has been restarted
  • Fixed Remote Play Together dialogs occasionally not resizing correctly
  • Fixed color quality when streaming from Linux to Steam Deck

  • Fixed game install/update failing for Steam libraries installed on a filesystem that does not support preallocation (e.g. ExFAT, FAT32)
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Improved client reconnection logic to prevent excessive reconnect attempts and to prevent synchronized reconnects among different clients
  • Fixed a crash at startup on machines with certain older video drivers

  • Fixed flickering in activity feed on app details page when clicking on the same game in the game list
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Note: This update was re-released on May 12 to fix an issue installing some demos.

  • Fixed Steam Chat, game properties and certain other browser popup windows not rendering initially on Windows
  • Updated currency format of wallet balance in Russian ruble and South African rand
  • Improved currency formatting in a few places including the Steam Wallet balance display to better match the way those currencies are displayed on the store

  • Greatly improved performance when opening app details for games with lots of DLC, like Rocksmith 2014
  • Fixed mini-profiles not showing on hover in Friends Who Play section
  • Added Steam Deck compatibility options to dynamic collections

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed failing to backup/restore game files on user change or app-compatibility change in some cases where the game file location and the Steam backup location are on different volumes
  • Fixed case when a local file timestamp changes, but the file itself is unmodified, so that we don’t create a file conflict unnecessarily
  • Fixed condition causing unknown file timestamps in Cloud Conflict dialog, and fixed the dialog to display “Unknown” in any remaining cases where the timestamp isn’t available
  • Fixed sync error for games which have converted Cloud-saved files into directories
  • Fixed Cloud sync for some games with slightly malformed cross-platform Steam Cloud sync settings
  • Fixed to no longer leave game saves in place from previous Steam users for most games that use the AutoCloud feature. This behavior was considered the safest path, however it gave the appearance that game files were getting shared/colliding between Steam accounts. Now, those files will be moved (instead of copied) to the safe local backup location Steam uses when the account changes.

Steam Overlay
  • Fixed corruption on some Vulkan applications on Intel Xe GPUs

Remote Play
  • Open the on-screen keyboard if the game calls the ShowGamepadTextInput() Steamworks API while streaming to Steam Deck

  • Fixed a bug causing servers using FakeIP to not be listed in the server browser
  • Fixed a bug which could cause poor performance and asserts if packet loss was extremely high

  • Fixed cases where install preallocation would create larger files than necessary

  • Fixed an issue where updating graphics drivers would re-download media pre-caching files
  • Fixed the file picker extension filters not appearing when selecting Library custom art
  • Fixed adding non-Steam shortcuts with spaces in the path
  • Added home and mounted drive paths to the file picker quick bar
  • Added the ability for the file picker to remember the previous location when selecting Library custom art
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Remote Play
  • Fixed washed out colors streaming D3D9 games

  • Fixed some game launches becoming stuck due to Cloud sync error dialogs not being shown
  • Added the '+' back into the Create New Collection button
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed missing or non-localized text in some dialogs
  • Fixed occasional crash when navigating to collections in the library
  • Fixed display of pending gifts in notification menu

Steam Input
  • Fixed PS4 controllers on macOS
  • Fixed Bluetooth Steam Controllers when Xbox Extended Feature Support is enabled

Remote Play
  • Fixed streaming from a Windows PC to a Mac

  • Fixed steamwebhelper crashes on certain installs
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added cloud status to game details screen
  • Game list will now show cloud status icon and progress % for app when syncing / cloud error
  • Game details screen will now show disk space required for games that are not installed
  • Fixed screenshots not showing up for non-Steam games
  • Fixed shelves and viewing collections imported from tags containing percent symbols (%)

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed file conflict that can result from the first time playing some games on a device that has existing Cloud files from another Steam user
  • Added sync status to App Details page in Library
  • Added manual retry of Cloud sync for an app by clicking the above status if failed
  • If disconnected from Steam on game exit, queue sync for next time we re-connect
  • Fixed to properly track file changes for games which use AutoCloud when playing offline
  • Improve game launch process when offline (remove most instances of long timeouts)
  • Updated sync failure / conflict dialogs

Steam Input
  • Fixed loading custom controller names, PS4 lightbar, and other per-controller preferences
  • Fixed PS4 controllers not working over Bluetooth when Xbox Extended Feature Support is enabled
  • Improved handling of changes to controller calibration, rumble on/off settings, etc when offline
  • Enabled gamepad support for the ASUS ROG Chakram mice

Remote Play
  • Fixed controller connection issue with Remote Play Together on Windows
  • Fixed Steam clients occasionally not reconnecting to each other after being restarted
  • Don't automatically try to stream games from Steam Deck if they are available
  • Game controller input is paused while the streaming client is not focused

  • Fixed a bug preventing a client from making a second P2P connection to the same server

Shader Pre-Caching
  • Fixed games using proton to always download shader caches immediately when installed
  • Fixed to ensure that stale shader cache data is deleted on GPU/driver changes
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Steam Input
  • Fixed XINPUT_KEYSTROKE input for Steam Input controllers
  • Fixed an issue where Victrix Pro Fight Sticks could lose input after rebooting the PC

  • Fixed downloads failing on some systems due to max open file descriptors too low

  • Fixed a bug with long-running clients such as dedicated servers having P2P connectivity problems due to using an expired certificate

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