Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Today we’re shipping a significant update to Steam Client, with new features and improvements to the Steam Desktop experience. This includes:
  • Updated Steam Client notifications, with additional settings allowing you to choose which notifications you'll see, and where you'll see them
  • Visual and usability improvements in dialogs, menus, fonts, and colors - including screenshot manager, achievements, and more
  • An overhauled in-game overlay (accessible via Shift+Tab), with an updated design, new features, and more customizability
  • New notes functionality with rich text formatting, image pasting, and offline functionality. Multiple notes can be saved per-game, and they are accessible via the in-game overlay, desktop client, and Steam Deck
  • New pinning functionality - panels from the in-game overlay can now be "pinned" (with adjustable opacity) so they are viewable while in-game
  • Updated controller configurator is now part of the overlay when a gamepad is connected
  • Mac & Linux versions of Steam have been updated to enable hardware acceleration
In addition to these features, a good portion of the work we did in this update went into significant improvements under-the-hood, including changes to how we share code across Steam Desktop, Steam Deck, and Big Picture Mode.

Read more about the update and watch the announcement video in the blog post here.

Other changes:

  • Display an error if the user is trying to log in anonymously in the client. This mode is only supported for steamcmd.
  • Uninstalling a game no longer displays a modal dialog
  • Fixed "Manage Storage" button opening the storage settings page
  • Fix soundtrack cover art not appearing in content management panel
  • Fixed popup menus opening at the wrong DPI in multi-monitor mixed-DPI configurations.
  • Fixed some context menus opening incorrectly when the opening window is maximized.
  • Fixed in-client link to support FAQ detailing Windows 7/8/8.1 end-of-life.
  • Fixed login refresh dialog not showing in overlay when a game is launched by a second Steam session while a game is running
  • Fixed issue where viewing app properties caused the Steam client to be unusable
  • Fixed download rate limiting not working in some cases
  • Fixed error when navigating the game list with arrow keys and landing on a category header.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on store or community links in a news post within the client would not navigate to the website
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if toggling bandwidth limits while a game download is in flight, or if cloud syncs while a game download is in flight.
  • Fixed issues in sign in UI when switching between entering a Steam Guard code and entering a backup code
  • The game is ready for preload & game released spotlight in the library will no longer show for users who own the game through family sharing
  • Fixed close button on the Update News dialog starting at the top of the dialog, then moving down to the bottom when the content loaded
  • Fixed category capsules overflowing into the app details page when the window is very narrow
  • Added new Achievements popup accessible from the game details page
  • Fixed "View Updated Items" context menu items in the Downloads section for games that have updated Workshop items
  • Moved 24hr time setting from Friends & Chat to Interface
  • Stopped forcing 12-hour clock display if the user did not explicitly select the 24-hour clock. The default is locale dependent.
  • Fixed incorrect UI state when a game is purchased while the user is in a timed trial
  • Updated URL for store checkout process.
  • Added a tooltip to "Other" section in storage settings to explain what it contains
  • Fixed occasional crash when toggling a game's favorite status through the play bar on the game details page.
  • Added a setting to let a user decide whether Ready to Play should include streaming and whether the local computer should be the default in details. This defaults to true on desktop and false on Steam Deck.
  • Fixed game list unnecessarily flickering to top when selecting a game that's in a collection.
  • Fixed artwork modal sizing height based on screen width, fixes close button being off-screen on taller images.

Friends & Chat
  • Fixed issue where "Invite to Play" was not available in the Friends List for some games (e.g. CS:GO)
  • Fixed issue where going idle would cause Friends & Chat to reconnect when offline
  • Fixed chat tabs sometimes overlapping window controls if a lot of tabs are open.
  • Rearranged and reworded several items on the friends list context menu to make them more clear.
  • Fixed the friend menu causing a black bar on the underlying chat or group window in some cases.
  • Improved performance of the interface in the overlay when animated Steam avatars are enabled

Big Picture Mode
  • Removed support for -oldbigpicture command-line option
  • Fixed some styling issues in the Quick Access Menu > Friends List
  • Fixed some issues with notification toasts appearing in the wrong location in multi-monitor setups or with different DPI settings
  • Apply text filtering preferences in Guides in the Overlay
  • Removed soundtracks from All Collections since it has its own tab
  • Fixed an issue where two settings pages could be visible at once
  • Fixed the switching of monitors when going in/out of BPM at start up
  • Fixed overflowing friends list when sharing a screenshot
  • Expand the hitbox of buttons in the footer to make them easier to click
  • Fixed showing notifications in the Big Picture Mode game overlay
  • Improved performance of dual trackpad typing in the Virtual Keyboard
  • Fixed crash when after funding the Steam Wallet when attempting to make an in-game purchase in the Overlay
  • Fixed issue where the Main Menu and Quick Access Menu stopped working after selecting a custom startup movie
  • Any button press will now cancel the Wake custom startup movie
  • Fixed a black screen freeze when clicking on a store widget within a news post
  • Changed game invitations to show the launch option dialog instead of using the first option in the list. If the user has selected an option and asked to remember it, that option will be used instead of showing the dialog.
  • Fixed issue where selecting a group chat showed an endless loading throbber until another chat was selected
  • Added support for Mouse4 (Back) as B button in the interface
  • Fixed opening the "Reorder controllers" dialog in the main Big Picture Window when a game is running
  • Search will now return tags in addition to games. You can search for categories like "Free to Play" or individual tags like "survival" or "zombies".
  • Enabled additional toast notifications that were previously only visible in Desktop mode
  • Restored display of Special Offers in the What's New section of the home screen.
  • Fixed a navigation issue in the Quick Access Menu showing the last section, instead of the Performance section, when selecting the Battery icon in the header
  • Fixed inability to click on Steam notification toasts (eg. wishlist, comment).

Steam Input
  • Increase responsiveness of the "Joystick Deadzone" visualization
  • Gyro As Joystick can now optionally output to Left Joystick
  • Fixed Gyro's Left/Right Stick Deflection Modifier not working
  • Fixed Modeshift bindings not being removable when viewing the command on the input
  • Fixed a case where hitting the "apply configuration" button before a configuration preview was loaded could select the wrong configuration
  • Fixed a case where an autosave could get lost while editing
  • Fixed the DualSense configuration preview not showing Mute button bindings
  • Fixed bug causing DualSense triggers to only read as 0/100%
  • Fixed error when viewing a configuration in the "Search" tab of the config browser
  • Added several missing Steam Link App virtual controller-specific settings to the configurator
  • Added new config export path that works while offline. In personal configuration dropdown the options are now "New Personal Save", which is this new option and "New Sharable Personal Save", which uses the existing Steam Workshop backend.
  • Filter the configuration export options based on whether the device is connected to Steam/Offline
  • Fixed some flashes when adjusting sliders in the Quick Settings section of the configurator
  • Fixed moving right in the mode settings page not jumping to the appropriate settings sub-page
  • Fixed turning off the Dual Sense Edge controller
  • Added binding listener dialog that lets you bind inputs by hitting a mouse button, keyboard key, or gamepad button
  • LED Color/Brightness Action reinstated as a bindable action. Find the Action settings inside the Game Pad tab when selecting an action binding (available on controllers with LEDs only)(except Switch Pro).
  • Fixed cases where alt-tabbing between the stand alone instance of the desktop configurator and a game would not update the in-game layout
  • Added missing inputs to the "Listen" dialog
  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly opening the configurator to the same config could cause edits to not stick
  • Fix Right Trackpad Click in the controller binding listening page being bound to Left Stick Click.
  • Ongoing rumble is now interrupted when switching away from the app that requested it.
  • Reduced maximum individual SIAPI rumble requests from 10s down to 3 seconds.
  • Fixed crash on macOS when using a PS4 controller
  • Updated Controller Summary page so that it scales better at different sizes
  • Added mouse position dialog to configurator w/ support for transparency to the game or using your screenshots for position
  • Fix rotation settings when binding Gyro to Mouse output
  • Nintendo Switch Pro and JoyCons Gyroscopes now have sensitivities that are roughly equal to all other controllers as we step toward a Natural Sensitivity Scale (i.e. real world rotations result in roughly the same in-game output, regardless of controller used). Steam Input sensitivities on SwitchPro and JoyCon configurations will be automatically updated to compensate.
  • Fixed Joystick Dead Zones in Calibration Screen triggering a controller-specific default to be used when a game was launched, instead of the value specified, if the value was less than 2048.
  • Fix for gyro Smoothing settings not updating when switching to shifted modes.
  • Fixed detection of the Steam Virtual Gamepad on macOS.
  • Gyroscope as Joystick/DPad/Buttons/Lean were using yaw correction-to-the-average-heading, causing subtle drift over time, especially in games which involved a lot of turning in one direction (driving games, flight sims). This was also used in GetMotionData (Steam Input API) affecting titles which used the sensor fusion quaternion for aiming. The correction toward the average has now been removed.
  • Deferred Sensor Fusion: Accelerometer correction (i.e. pitch correction from gravity sensors) for these modes is applied opportunistically - when the controller is rotating fast, or the controller is stationary (determined by stationary noise tolerances in the calibration page). This reduces noticeable "ouija effect" during fine aiming in our experiments. Note, none of the above gyro changes affect "Gyro As Mouse", which only uses Gyroscope readings, not Accelerometer.
  • The top allowed noise threshold for gyroscope in the Gyro Calibration page has been increased 3 fold to allow abnormally noisy gyroscopes to pass the drift correction/calibration process.

Steam Deck
  • Fixed issue where a game's specific uninstall UI was not visible
  • Added support for notification types shown in the Desktop Client and Mobile app: Wishlist, Trade Offer, Steam Turn, Help Request, Major Sale, and Comment.
  • Added a bell icon to the header when there are new notifications, and a green indicator to new notifications in the notifications list.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the steam client from immediately reconnecting to the steam servers when resuming the system from sleep.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when the OS audio server restarts.
  • Fixed a case where the per-app Steam Play compatibility tool override dropdown would not appear.
  • Fixed 'Delete Proton Files' not cleaning files that contain : in the path.
  • Fixed a crash when steam fails to connect to the pulseaudio server.
  • Added a 'Compatibility' tab to Settings where SteamPlay settings can be changed.
  • Steam will now use the system's global scale factor as configured in KDE settings. Specifically org.gnome.desktop.interface/text-scaling-factor.
  • Added a commandline switch to override the window scaling factor: "-forcedesktopscaling ".
  • Dynamically update the UI's scaling factor when the KDE system scaling setting changes.
  • Fixed issue preventing locally installed tools from being used as default steam play option.
  • Fixed issues with listing and adding flatpaks as non-Steam shortcuts.
  • Fixed Steam Linux Runtime compatibility tools not being installed to support a title in some cases.
  • Known bug: Enabling hardware acceleration on Nvidia GPUs may cause Xorg to crash. On this platform hardware acceleration is disabled by default, but it can be enabled Settings->Interface or by opting into the beta branch.
  • Known bug: dpi scaling may not work correctly when hardware acceleration is disabled.

Remote Play
  • Fixed the remote player getting "host busy" dialog after the overlay is dismissed
  • Show MB/s instead of KB/s in the bandwidth rate settings.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added "End of Life" alert for Windows 7/8/8.1. Steam Client support for these operating systems will end on Jan 1st, 2024 at 10am. See here for additional details.
  • Fixed crash when clicking links in Compatibility Mode alert dialogs
  • Reduced CPU usage of the Big Picture Mode window

  • Added "End of Life" alert for macOS 10.11 ("El Capitan") and 10.12 ("Sierra"). Steam Client support for these operating systems will end on September 1st, 2023 at 10am. See here for additional details.
  • Fix Steam Overlay crash in some games using Metal graphics API

This client was re-released on May 30th to address the following issue:
  • Fixed an issue in the library causing the game released section to accidentally display for users who added the Street Fighter 6 demo to their account. This section of the library should only display when a game that you have pre-purchased is ready for pre-load or has released and is now ready to play.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Note: This client update has been re-released to fix the following:
  • Fixed issue that prevents users from removing accounts from the account selection UI.
  • Fixed issue that causes the account selection UI to appear when refreshing sign in information.
  • Changed the system tray to show the launch option dialog for applications with multiple launch options (unless the user has checked the “don’t ask me again” checkbox.)
  • Fixed game beta success/failure and dropdown not updating when opting into a password-protected beta branch
  • Fixed Big Picture Mode not opening when Steam is set to launch on startup when configured as the default mode
  • Fixed a regression in ISteamHTTP talking to servers with ALPN TLS extensions but no HTTP/2 support
  • Fixed an issue with non-Steam game controller configs not loading properly
  • Fixed an issue where switching games in the controller configurator could show data for the previous game after making an edit

Local Network Game Transfers
  • Added new feature that allows Steam users to copy existing Steam game installation and update files from one PC to another over a local area network, without having to download and install from a Steam content server on the internet. This reduces internet traffic and can speed up installs or updates.
  • Steam users have control over who files can be sent to: self only, friends only, or everyone. The default setting is self only.
  • More info about this new feature can be found here

  • Added UI that temporarily replaces the "What's New" section of the Library when pre-purchased games are available to pre-load or install and play
  • Added UI at startup for account selection
  • Added a "sign out" option to the main menu that removes credentials for the signed in account from the machine
  • Fixed a crash when the OS is notifying Steam that it should shutdown
  • Improved performance of games when using Steam Workshop APIs
  • Refreshed the profile games page with a new style and improved performance
  • Fixed crash for some uses of %command% in shortcut launch options
  • Fixed quotes surrounding shortcut exe and paths
  • Fixed "Steam Library Folder" dialog showing in Downloads settings
  • Fixed soundtrack cover art, artist, and track information not appearing in Additional Content section of app details
  • Fixed some actions that should have opened external applications, such as a URL in your default browser, that were instead doing nothing
  • Fixed a crash loading the standalone controller configurator
  • Fixed another issue blocking download of precached shaders

Big Picture Mode
  • Improved performance in Big Picture Mode when using Nvidia GPUs
  • Fixed issue where the old BPM on-screen keyboard would appear at the same time as the new BPM virtual keyboard
  • Fixed issue where user could not re-enter a context submenu after backing out of it
  • Fixed issue where incoming chat messages would not be delivered properly while in-game
  • Reduced flashing in background when scrolling through games on home screen
  • Game invites in the Quick Access Menu will now default to opening a context menu to accept the invite rather than navigating to the chat tab and having to hit "Accept" there.
  • Added ability to retrieve Steam Runtime System Information for Linux devices
  • Improved UI responsiveness when reconnecting to Steam
  • Fixed the appearance of jumbled UI that could happen for a second or two when starting Steam
  • Removed unclickable area at bottom of the library
  • Fixed the ability to rename collections, which was instead being interpreted as navigating the app grid
  • Added "Turn Off Steam Link" to the Big Picture power menu
  • Fixed crash when in a voice chat
  • Fixed crash when authorizing a microtransaction purchase in the overlay
  • Fixed the Play button stealing focus when a game is launching
  • Fixed "Find games to play with friends" not working in Big Picture Mode
  • Constrain the width of settings, chat, and other non-grid based views when on larger monitors
  • Fixed the screen remaining blurred after a "What's New" post was dismissed
  • Fixed some issues where a game window was not focused properly after launching it on Windows 10 or 11.
  • Fixed an issue where Steam was not focused properly after exiting a game
  • Fixed misalignment of loading throbber after logging in.
  • Fixed universal search not applying mature content filtering preferences

Steam Input
  • Added support for the Sony DualSense Edge controller including support for remapping of the rear buttons.
  • Added a loading throbber when waiting on Steam Cloud to update
  • Improved the latency of querying the workshop in the Configuration Browser and fix issues with configurations popping-in or opening the wrong tab because results weren't fully received
  • Added a loading throbber that shows while the Configuration Browser workshop query is running
  • Fixed PS5 edge settings leaking into PS5 controller
  • Fixed Steam Link app mobile touch gyro not working
  • Fixed crash exiting deadzone visualization
  • Fixed the physical input visualization only looking at the first connected controller
  • Fixed rumble for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers
  • Added support for the Razer Wolverine V2 controllers
  • Added the ability to reset the device input mapping in new Big Picture
  • Added the ability to install and uninstall the Windows Xbox Enhanced Features driver to the new Big Picture controller settings
  • Updated the Windows Xbox Enhanced Features driver with the following changes:
  • Added support for Xbox Series X controllers connected via the Xbox Wireless Adapter
  • Fixed delay detecting hotplugged USB controllers, occasionally causing duplicate controllers in Steam
  • Fixed interference with the Victrix Control Hub after the driver has been uninstalled
  • Fixed Logitech F310 controller input on macOS and Linux
  • Added mapping for DualSense Edge Wireless Controller on Linux (note that advanced feature support require Steam to be able to access the /dev/hidraw* devices)
  • Fixed unintended inversion of Gyroscope Roll Axis on Steam Deck
  • Added some optimization around DualSense adaptive trigger effects interaction with the Bluetooth stack

Steam Deck
  • Move advanced HDR options to Developer Settings
  • Streamable games are now included in the "Ready to play" game filter, though the default action is still to install them locally.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some Demo apps that store files under the full-game App ID from uploading to Steam Cloud from Steam Deck devices
  • Stop prompting users to register for Steam Deck rewards if they have chosen the "Ignore Forever" option
  • Fixed some transparency issues with the background in the in-game overlay.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Reverted back to old Game Info dialog that is accessible from the Friends List
  • Reduced startup time for users with tens of thousands of games in their library
  • Fixed a cause of Steam library, chat and Big Picture Mode browser windows showing all black or not rendering.
  • Fixed crash when opening Steam store
  • Fixed crash on startup when an internal Steam browser window fails creation
  • Fixed Steam library becoming unusable after applying a controller configuration

Big Picture Mode
  • The Virtual Keyboard in the Overlay now remembers its last position
  • Added F11 as a hotkey to toggle between windowed and fullscreen
  • Added alt-enter as a hotkey to exit Big Picture Mode
  • Added fast jump by letter to BPM library
  • Added settings for initial location to show keyboard on desktop and in Steam overlay
  • Added settings option to enable/disable UI sounds
  • Removed UI that prompted users if they wanted to participate in the Steam Deck Verified program when in normal BPM
  • Report a Bug in the Quick Access menu now links to the Big Picture discussions instead of the Steam Deck discussions
  • Fixed Chord Hint Screen remaining shown after holding the guide button to turn off a controller in some scenarios
  • Fixed Big Picture Mode window not re-opening from double-clicking or selecting system tray menu options
  • Fixed Big Picture Mode window not displaying properly due to web GPU acceleration being disabled
  • Fixed issue where exiting Big Picture Mode would log out of Steam Chat
  • Fixed small movement of Virtual Keyboard when pressing shift in some themes
  • Fixed Control-1/Control-2 hotkeys not working on Linux

Steam Input
  • Fixed some inputs not showing up for the Steam Link App Touchscreen controller
  • Fixed several instances of Left Bumper/Trigger glyphs having the wrong background image
  • Fixed issue where a Team Fortress 2 Steam Controller startup sound was missing
  • Fixed some issues with Nintendo switch gyro drift calibration
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Replaced launch option dialog with new UI that includes a checkbox to remember the user's selection - this selection can be changed in game properties
  • Changing download regions no longer requires restarting the Steam client
  • Further optimizations to load times for users with large game libraries
  • Fixed intermittent browser crash when closing Update news dialog
  • Fixed the controller settings tab not showing up in the game properties menu
  • Fixed DLC hover on game details page being cropped
  • Fixed several issues related to popup dialogs being sized incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with duplicate streaming dialogs appearing on Mac & Linux
  • Fixed background images on a collection on the app details page not being clipped correctly

Big Picture Mode
  • New Big Picture Mode has been made the default experience. For compatibility purposes, old Big Picture can be accessed by using the command-line option "-oldbigpicture". Note that this functionality will be removed in a future update.
  • Added support for switching the primary monitor on Windows in Settings -> Display -> Preferred Display
  • Added an option to start in windowed mode under Settings => Display => Big Picture Mode => Windowed
  • Added pinned notifications for new inventory items, trade offers, async game turns, moderator messages, offline chat messages, and help request replies in Quick Access > Notifications
  • Added up/down cursor keys to onscreen keyboard, press shift then left/right cursor to use
  • Added ability to move the standalone & overlay keyboard
  • Added option to turn off controllers when exiting BPM
  • Added setting for controller idle > turn off timeout
  • Added a quick guided tour for new Big Picture
  • Added notification when a Xbox controller is plugged in, but the Guide button is disabled (which prevents bringing up the Steam main menu and other functionality like chords)
  • Allow onscreen keyboard to be activated while in New Big Picture Mode and Steam window is not focused
  • Implemented Steam Controller dongle pairing
  • UI Digital Navigation Key Repeats are faster
  • Show icons for partial/full controller support, VR Support, or Mouse & KB only support in Library when a game portrait is focused or hovered
  • Center the navigation column in the Overlay vertically to match the rest of the main menu
  • Detect focus shifting away from the BPM window faster and reduce instances of navigation going to BPM after starting a game
  • Cursor is now hidden when in gamepad-navigation mode in Big Picture
  • Various fixes to make the UI scale better in higher resolutions
  • Fixed some issues completing purchases through some payment providers
  • Fixed a rare crash exiting BPM
  • Fixed a case where disconnecting a controller while navigating would not cancel repeating movements
  • Fixed the new Big Picture Mode overlay being incorrectly sized when the monitor is set to display scaling other than 100%
  • Fixed overlay scaling when resizing game window
  • Fixed issue where a browser opened by a game was sticking around after closing the overlay
  • Fixed launch options dialog not closing when cancelling game launch
  • Fixed issues w/ digital navigation getting stuck on text boxes when using a physical keyboard
  • Fixed some issues using the virtual keyboard Paste button outside of a web context
  • Fixed issue where the virtual keyboard would continuously be made visible after exiting a game
  • Fixed issue viewing the hardware survey web page after submitting results
  • Fixed the "Start in Big Picture Mode" setting not updating
  • Fixed issue opting in to some game beta branches
  • Fixed Big Picture window being incorrect size when moving it to a different display with win+shift+arrow key
  • Fixed problem where setting certain library filters in Big Picture Mode could cause those games to become hidden when switching back to desktop
  • Fixed an issue with detecting game windows on Linux
  • Fixed "a" and "c" keystrokes on the app details page triggering an animation

Steam Input
  • Controller configuration browsing screen can now preview configurations and the selection processes now previews then applies instead of directly selecting the configuration
  • Added a search tab to the controller layout browser screen
  • Added direct navigation to controller inputs and modes from the preview screen
  • Added upper grips as an option for mode shifts
  • Added support for the Armor-X Pro gamepad in PS4 mode
  • Added a specific XBox Elite layout preview page
  • Added a specific Switch Pro layout preview page
  • Added support for the ThrustMaster eSwap PRO Controller Xbox
  • Show controller settings in app properties game for non-Steam games
  • Gyro Calibration Rework: Calibration Calculates an anti-drift value as normal, but also records Gyro and Accelerometer noise while stationary, so that Always-On Auto Calibration (toggle to enable) is more discerning, and should only recalculate anti-drift when on a stable surface
  • Controller configurator now groups commands if they are attached to the same input
  • Changed controller mode sliders to default to larger step sizes that match the old BPM interface and added footer button to switch to "fine adjustment" mode with smaller step sizes
  • Reworked the layout of the mode settings page to show more content
  • Generate Steam Input API origins for some virtual menu modes that were missing them
  • Handle errors better and fix some cases where configs would no longer load
  • On larger screens combine the keyboard and numpad tabs of the choose binding screen
  • Remember the last active tab in the choose binding screen and open to that instead always using the tab w/ the current binding value
  • Improved Layout Preview for Nintendo Switch Joycon Left/Right/Pair
  • Filtered Mode Shift button options to only show available buttons based on the controller type
  • Nintendo Switch SL/SR buttons now show up as Bumpers for single Joycons or Grip buttons for a JoyCon Pair
  • Joycon individual/pair Gyro now displays and functions properly
  • Fixed an issue with the Joystick Deadzone sliders having delayed input
  • Fixed an issue w/ enabling Gyro for Switch controllers
  • Fixed long delay at startup when the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard is plugged in
  • Fixed the Logitech G29 controller showing up as a gamepad instead of a wheel
  • Fixed the XBox layout preview page layout having some incorrect items and missing others
  • Fixed issue where Steam Controller joysticks would have unintended input during Steam Button chords
  • Fixed long delay at startup when Razer keyboards are connected
  • Fixed crash with games that use "Windows Gaming Input"
  • Fixed issue w/ Joystick Deadzone visualization not updating
  • Fixed some cases where some languages could have text overflow in choose binding screen
  • Fixed chord activator options for XBox and XBox Elite controller types
  • Fixed Capture button icon not being displayed for Joycon Pair
  • Fixed the Switch Pro Layout Preview not showing the gyro

Remote Play
  • Fixed audio crackling and loss when streaming from Linux

  • Fixed a crash on Linux in libaudio
  • Fixed crash when taking screenshots through the overlay
  • Fixed closing non-Steam shortcuts via the overlay when two or more are running
  • Fixed some errors causing the Library not to render properly

  • Fixed close button on macOS Steam login window
Client Update - Valve
Note: This update was re-released Jan 26 to fix redeeming purchased game content.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

New Big Picture Mode
  • Fixed gamepad focus issues in Steam store
  • Fixed footer buttons sometimes not appearing in Steam store
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed display of the Update News and other popup dialogs w/ GPU accelerated rendering disabled
  • Fixed size of content in Update news dialog when running with Windows text scaling >100%

Steam Input
  • Change the "add command" and "add subcommand" options to take you directly to the binding screen
  • Fixed an issue introduced in a recent update to the old Big Picture configurator causing the names of new virtual menu bindings to be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed controllers being treated as Xbox One controllers by default when defining their layout
  • Fixed the L3/R3 buttons not being detected for some third party PS3 controllers
  • Added Left and Right Stick Deflection as an option for Gyro Activation Buttons. Stick deflection is no longer considered a part of "Touch" (Cap Sense) on SteamDeck.
  • Fixed rumble for Switch Pro Controllers attached over USB

New Big Picture Mode
  • Fixed display of the new Big Picture Mode window with w/ GPU accelerated rendering disabled
  • Added confirmation dialogs for the power menu options to restart and shutdown your PC
  • Fixed a case where switching Virtual Menus w/ an action set, layer, or modeshift could cause them to stop working in the new Big Picture Mode overlay
  • Fixed crash when touching gift or new inventory item notification
  • Fixed "show password" toggle to show/hide the password
  • Fixed On Screen Keyboard no longer showing when requested by the game or Proton
  • Fixed an issue where context menus would not properly highlight focused items
  • Fixed crash when exiting a 1-on-1 voice chat
  • Fixed an issue where notification toasts would fail to appear

Remote Play
  • Fixed getting the wrong personalization (colors, etc.) for streaming PS4 controllers
  • Fixed streaming Bluetooth controllers not turning off

  • Fixed overlay causing crashes on some native games (Borderlands 2)
Client Update - Valve
Note: This update was re-released to fix a browser crash on Linux.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

New Big Picture Mode
  • Updated Big Picture is now available for testing. You can read more about it in this blog post. Modify your Steam client shortcut and add -gamepadui on the command-line to automatically start Steam in the new Big Picture Mode. Alternatively, pass -newbigpicture to start in Desktop mode and have access to the new Big Picture Mode at any time.

  • Reduced client startup times for users with large game libraries
  • Fixed issue where launching a game would take longer to start if there was no network connection
  • Fixed VR flags not showing up in app details for some games
  • Center the popup controller configurator window when viewing controller layout
  • Fixed circular download progress indicator being broken in game entry list
  • Fixed downloads page crashing when starting in offline mode
  • Downloads page now properly responds to online/offline status
  • Updated “Steam News” popup dialog (again)

Sign In
  • Fix a case where if the sign-in UI had cached credentials which had become invalid, it could get stuck and not accept valid credentials thereafter
  • Fixed an input focus bug requiring an initial click on the sign in UI before you could type your username or password
  • Fixed issues with dragging or closing the sign in window, and related display scaling issues, on computers with nonstandard desktop scaling
  • Fixed an edge case in handling of invalid cached credentials affecting reauthentication
  • Fixed issue with sign in refresh UI when the user had already signed in once during the current session.

Steam Input
  • Gyro Enabling: The "Touch" option is now available to controllers which do not have capacitive touch sensors - Moving joysticks out of their deadzone now counts as a "Touch".
  • All controller types can each now optionally choose to use a Nintendo-style layout. This flips the A and B button and X and Y button universally in Steam and in games.
  • The Xbox extended features driver has been updated for Windows 11
  • Fixed hang when the Amazon Luna controller rumbles on macOS
  • Fixed issue with the touch binding in As Mouse mode releasing before the end of a swipe

Remote Play
  • Fixed occasional long hitches during Windows desktop capture
  • Fixed glyphs for third party Nintendo controllers while streaming

  • Fixed issue that caused some OpenXR app images to not appear properly in SteamVR
Client Update - Valve
Note: This update was re-released later in the day on October 18th to help reduce the number of server calls made by the client.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added a section to display a rollup of new DLC and other game content that has been released since you last visited a game's library page. Once visible, this section will automatically hide after a short period of time.
  • Rebuilt how featured game news is displayed on library game pages. It is now displayed as a featured post at the top of the activity feed to improve readability and reduce the required work for game devs. The entry is shown for a short period of time before returning to its chronological spot in the activity feed.
  • Updated the presentation of the new DLC added to your account section on library game pages.
  • Changed how major updates are displayed in the library activity section to make them easier to find.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

New Steam Sign In UI
  • Now enabled for all users
  • QR Code sign in now available
  • Read this announcement for more details

Sign In UI
  • Fixed username and password fields flashing briefly at the end of a successful sign in
  • Fixed automated login with credentials provided on the command line
  • Fixed Steam Guard code input accepting and potentially submitting with invalid characters
  • Fixed confirmation-based mobile sign-ins not successfully approving login when client asked for Steam Guard code instead
  • Added explicit messaging for failures related to too many retries

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