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Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed game images being truncated by a couple of pixels in shelves and collections

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed issues related to switching between two apps that use shared cloud storage, such as Terraria and tModLoader
  • Fixed issues with library storage of collections and shelves caused by frequent deletion and regeneration of collections and shelves
  • Avoid overly-aggressive reconnection attempts after server resets

Steam Overlay
  • Fixed Steam Overlay not rendering for some DirectX 12 games.

Steam Input
  • Fixed "Controller Configuration" not showing up in the Manage Game context menu
  • Fixed Unity games not seeing controllers at startup

Remote Play
  • Greatly improved VAAPI hardware decoding on Linux
  • Fixed touch control settings not being saved in the Steam Link app

Shader Pre-Caching
  • Fix a crash triggered by having a large number (>64k) of cache files

  • Updated linux runtime 'scout' to 0.20211207.0: add support for webp in SDL2_image
  • Fixed the starting directory sometimes being incorrect when launching devkit titles
  • Cleanly report an error if a devkit title is configured without a command line
Client Update - Valve
Note: This update was re-released on November 23rd with the following additional fixes:

  • Fixed intermittent steamwebhelper crash

Steam Input
  • Fixed rare crash when loading controller configs

Original Changes

  • Various fixes and improvements related to connecting to the Steam servers

  • Fixed a rare crash/black screen loading library pages

  • Fixed a blank screen when loading some announcements

  • Fixed a case where the in-game overlay appeared in some CEF based game launchers in a broken manner

  • Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 84.0.4147.105

Steam Cloud
  • Greatly reduce pre- and post-game sync time for apps which have hundreds or thousands of local files managed by Steam Cloud

  • Replace use of some Windows APIs which have been deprecated and may cause errors on Windows 11

  • Fixed issue causing “Unknown” or very-old file timestamps in the Sync Conflict dialog

  • Fixed files not being downloaded on app Install when it had previously been installed on the device

  • Fixed files not being re-downloaded if deleted by the user or some other process outside of the game

Steam Input
  • Improve handling of offline mode by moving locally edited configurations to Steam Cloud. You will now get cloud conflict dialogs when launching a game or opening the controller configuration screen rather than losing changes

  • Add new Steam Deck glyphs to Steam Input API and visually update the existing glyphs

  • Fixed a crash related to Steam Remote Play

  • Fixed issue that could cause some controllers to stay in “guest” mode where they aren’t allowed to export configurations

Remote Play
  • Updated macOS input and audio drivers for M1 hardware

  • Added support for VA-API hardware encoding on Linux (can be disabled by turning off AMD and Intel hardware encoding in the Remote Play advanced host settings)

  • Added support for DMABUF PipeWire capture on Linux (requires 32-bit libgbm.so.1 and can be enabled by launching Steam with -pipewire-dmabuf)

  • Added support for capturing up to 4K using PipeWire

  • Fixed rare crash when streaming a game from a Linux computer

  • Fixed streaming audio from Intel Mac that has been upgraded from macOS 10.15 to 11.0

  • Fixed a rare timeout starting to stream from a Linux computer

  • Fixed crash after a short time when streaming a game to a Linux computer with hardware acceleration

  • When sorting a collection by Steam Review, group the games by category (Overwhelmingly Positive, Very Positive, etc) and remove the banners from the bottom of the items

Big Picture
  • Fixed launching games when cloud save updates are pending

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent certain lossless audio files from playing correctly through the built-in Steam music player

  • Fixed SteamInput driver installer on M1 hardware blocking game streaming

  • Fixed minimize/restore buttons not working on some Steam Client windows

  • Updated scout and heavy runtimes: Improve compatibility with recent Let's Encrypt TLS/SSL certificate chains

  • Added initial support for games using CEG DRM through Proton

  • Fixed a console window erroneously appearing while launching CEG games. (needs latest Proton Experimental)

  • Fixed crash at startup with some experimental versions of Mesa

Shader Pre-Caching
  • Reduce memory use when processing shader caches

  • Improve performance and reduce disk I/O when updating Mesa caches on Linux

  • Reduce the number of rendezvous signals needed to establish a typical P2P session

Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed Library being unresponsive after startup on machines with thousands of installed games
  • Fixed some incorrect URLs used for game news links

  • Fixed issue causing error such as: "appmanifest_570.acf / Disk write error"

  • Fixed checking for execute privileges when picking a Steam Library folder location
Client Update - Valve
Update: this release has been rolled back to the October 6 release to address an issue launching games which use Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC). When that issue is resolved, we'll update the client again to pick up these fixes.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Remote Play
  • Fix black screen with PipeWire capture under KDE plasma

  • Fix checking for execute privileges when picking a Steam Library folder location

Steam Cloud
  • Fix issue causing extra work on reconnect to Steam
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • When Steam detects a game file has been corrupted, it will now try to reuse as much of the corrupted file as possible to save bandwidth when downloading correct data for that file
  • Fix bug causing slow reconnect to Steam after resuming from a system suspend

Remote Play

  • Automatically install the audio drivers on Windows when streaming starts if needed, pass -skipstreamingdrivers on the command line to disable them
  • Pipewire desktop capture available on Linux, launch Steam with the -pipewire command line option to enable
  • Fixed Linux games seeing multiple controllers when Steam controller configuration support is enabled
  • Fixed Linux clients not getting any controller input once streaming starts
  • Fixed using multiple PS5 controllers connected via the Steam Link app

Steam Cloud

  • Fix infinite retry loop for failed background file downloads
  • Increased the allowed upload time to enable transferring large save game files for users who have limited upload bandwidth


  • Reduced sizes of Vulkan pre-caching datasets by splitting and versioning them according to Proton versions and graphics driver capabilities. As a result, the datasets will start from scratch after updating.


  • Add OS support for macOS 12 “Monterey”
  • Fix browser user agent causing some web sites to misidentify Steam Overlay web browser
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Stop automatically navigating to the game details page when starting a game
  • Fix occasional black screens or errors in the library when launching a game through the Play button in the store or a shortcut.
  • Fix black screen in move app content dialog in case no available other drive was found
  • Menu items View/Library and Games/View Games Library will now navigate to the library home page instead of just switching back to the library tab at whatever position the user was previously.

  • Fix "remove from queue" button on scheduled items not updating the lists to indicate that the item has been moved to unscheduled.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Stop displaying a demo banner in the header for certain titles that are not demos.

  • Scout runtime 0.20210906.1:
  • Improve compatibility with deprecated environment variable setting SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulse (steam-runtime#452, steam-runtime#459)
  • Use readlink -f instead of realpath for better compatibility with Ubuntu 14.04
  • Improve handling of OSs that do not install zenity
  • Heavy runtime 0.20210907.0:
  • Add libcups.so to the runtime (steam-for-linux#8031)

Steam Input
  • Fix an issue with analog controls in Dynasty Warriors 9
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

New Downloads Page
The downloads page in the Steam client has been replaced with a new implementation and has been visually redesigned for clarity and ease of use.
  • When a game/update is actively downloading it will now display the total progression completed for the download or update. Previously the progress bar would only display the downloading content progress but not the disk allocation process which would make an update to appear completed when it was not.
  • Any partially completed downloads/updates in queue now will show a faded progress bar and percent completed next to it to clearly display its current state.
  • A new (i) icon next to the game's title will reveal a tooltip displaying the types of content that is included in that update. Types consist of: Game Content, Downloadable Content, Workshop Content, and Shader Pre-caching. This icon only appears if the update is not solely game content.
  • The download queue is now fully reorderable using drag and drop.
  • The context menu for the actively downloading item now includes an option to launch the game when the download is complete and an option to suspend download throttling (if enabled) for the duration of that download.
  • The "View News" button is now a "Patch Notes" link that will open an overlay to the most recent relevant patch notes for the game. This will only display for games that have entered patch notes into the new event system. The patch notes link will only show up on updates, not fresh installs. For workshop updates, a page of subscribed items ordered by update date can be accessed by selecting "View Updated Items" from the context menu.

Storage Management
The storage management section in the Steam client has been replaced with a new implementation.
  • Updated Steam library folder UI for easy content management across multiple drives
  • Allow mounting library folders on read-only drives
  • Allow removing empty library folders on fixed drives

  • Updated Steam library folders dialog to better manage various game content installed on your drives
  • Game counts in various places in the UI will no longer include Tools unless the Tools filter is selected in the left column.
  • The Recent Friend Activity shelf has been removed.
  • Fixed some errors for users whose account name was the maximum length.
  • Fixed duplicate events appearing in the app detail activity feed
  • Added "Patch notes" and "View subscribed items" to context menu on downloads page for items for which those options are relevant
  • Removed demo banner on hero image for some things that are not demos
  • Fixed a library crash when right clicking on certain kinds of multiple selections in the game list
  • Streamline new library folder creation during game install
  • When starting a tool (like SteamVR), do not automatically navigate to its details page
  • Change display of bits per second from "b/s" to "bps"

Friends List
  • Fixed issue with the Friends List not loading correctly
  • Fixed group chat notifications dialog being scaled down within the window

  • Replaced taskbar notification area icon for Windows
  • Fixed “Uninstall Game” dialog blocking UI in case app is still downloading
  • Fixed crash when attempting to delete some screenshots from the Steam Cloud
  • Improved support for OpenXR applications.

Remote Play Together
  • Fixed remote player's controllers not being detected or not getting input if they connect while the Steam overlay is up
  • Fixed crash when closing Steam after using streaming or remote play together
  • Fixed being unable to stream a game if it needs updates
  • Fix loading / saving settings for users with non-ASCII characters in their name

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed a sync issue due to one client running without a connection to Steam when files are changed from another client

Steam Input
  • Further reduced CPU usage of Steam Input, especially in Steam Input API games
  • Added support for the current set of PowerA Xbox Series X controllers
  • Fixed handling Xbox Series X controllers when Xbox Extended Feature Support is enabled

  • Fixed Steam Overlay displaying at wrong resolution in some games
  • Fixed incorrect identification of current OS version as "Catalina" in Steam Library compatibility label when running macOS 11

  • Fixed regression causing too many open file handles error during downloads of some games
  • Library pinning process is significantly faster at startup after runtime updates
  • Restore compatibility with NixOS (steam-runtime#431)
  • Make /usr/share/nvidia available to the container if using the NVIDIA proprietary driver, so that app-specific profiles can be applied (steam-runtime-tools#73)
  • Silence most LD_PRELOAD warnings
  • SDL 2.0.16 now available in sdk and runtime
  • Fix web views incompatibility with distro host freetype (steam-for-linux#7935)

  • Added detection of HTC Vive Pro 2 and a prompt to install the Vive Pro 2 Driver
  • Fixed bug that prevented Steam from counting some USB-connected headsets when gathering data for the hardware survey. In general, the sampling of SteamVR sessions should have caught most of these cases, but this could have resulted in some undercounting.
  • Fixed game hitching that happens to some users when USB devices are inserted or removed
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed files being deleted from some games which have /../ path fragments in their AutoCloud configuration

Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed temporary UI hang when a game quits in some circumstances

  • Fixed crash writing to closed files

  • Fixed duplicate events appearing in the app detail activity feed

Steam Input
  • Added support for the Share button on the PowerA Fusion Pro 2 and the PDP Xbox Series X Afterglow controllers when Xbox Extended Feature Support is enabled.

  • Added support for the Amazon Luna Controller

  • Added support for the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition controller

  • Added experimental support for the Amazon Luna Controller connected via Bluetooth

  • Improved performance when there are many P2P connections

  • Fixed bug causing NAT traversal to not work for 64-bit applications on Linux

  • Reduced route flapping and excessive sending of rendezvous messages for P2P connections

  • Improved performance of P2P connections

  • Fixed Screenshots dialog not showing that a screenshot has been successfully uploaded

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed persistent SteamVR file conflict

  • Increased log detail regarding Steam Cloud file conflicts

Remote Play
  • Added an option to change the overlay hotkey (by default ESC)

  • Fixed host crash when ICE negotiation is not enabled or fails

  • Fixed video resolution streaming to iPad Pro

  • Fixed crashes when on a WPA3 wireless network

  • Fixed crash during startup while performing auto-login on some systems (steam-for-linux#7813)

  • Initial fixes for excess memory usage downloading shader depots

  • Updated scout LD_* runtime to 0.20210630.0

  • Updated libXi to be compatible with newer SDL and Steam (steam-for-linux#7874[github.com])

  • Improved Nvidia Vulkan ray-tracing support (make sure /dev/nvidia-uvm is created)

  • Updated the client_beta branch of soldier container runtime (supporting Proton) to 0.20210629.0

  • Soldier client_beta branch has several security related library updates

  • Soldier client_beta branch has improvements to Nvidia Vulkan ray-tracing support

  • Added mapping for the PS5 DualSense controller

  • Fixed games not running until after file integrity is verified

  • Fixed default shortcut creation for certain games


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