Client Update - Valve
Mar 14, 2012
A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the Steam menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

- Display certificate status when viewing secure web content (thanks to Paul Mutton).
- Updated web engine to newer version of Chromium Embedded Framework.
- Added ability to set homepage for overlay web browser via settings dialog.
- Added support for "about:blank" for the Overlay Web Browser home page.
- Added filter for friends list.
- Added session playtime and total playtime to the overlay.
- Improved product key activation process in case CD-key was previously registered.

- Addressed file upload errors related to uploading mods via Skyrim's Creation kit.
- Fixed game properties dialog cutting off tabs for some games.
- Fixed hardware survey not prompting for new Steam installs.
- Limit tooltip height for workshop files.
- Fixed regression showing tooltips/hover state when the mouse is over a Steam window but occluded by another applications window.
- Fixed regression disabling font smoothing in web views in prior beta update.
- Fixed client hang when launching games or starting/pausing game downloads.
- Fixed cases where "Error 16" would be displayed when downloading some Skyrim Workshop files
- Enabled limited html5 video and audio support in the web control.
- Fixed tooltips on Web pages sometimes displaying incorrectly.
- Fixed jumps when scrolling using arrow keys in the web control.
- Fixed crash when using cut and paste in the web control after changing the logged in user

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